The democrats have already impeached and won the 2020 election, part one, rough copy

The democrats have already impeached President Trump and won the 2020 election.

Silly me. Maybe not.

War is deception. War is the not the extension of politics, as some believe. However, if war is deception then politics leading to war is also necessarily deceptive. It follows then that those waging deceptive politics have a larger goal, deceptive war. There is not a nation in the history of the world that was mentally prepared for war without political campaign. Unfortunately, in speaking of politics, I open this discussion with a presumption that I neither like nor support. America, as some believe, is not a political system. Along with many established thoughts and beliefs, we have been conditioned to believe this fraud.

The “body politic”, according to Aristotelian philosophy, is “a group of persons politically organized under a single governmental authority”. A political party therefore is a single body of people organized into a single body. The redundancy is purposeful. It is meant to identify that America was founded to prevent party and, hence prevent politic, referring to the original context of the word. Politics and party politics is therefore, the same thing. Both are hegemonous and deadly to representative self-governing.

America is a Representative Constitutional Republic, no mention of party or politic. We are so accustomed to “party politics” that we have lost that part of our historical identity that knows anything, by any name, that organizes into a body within the governing body, is a step towards  tyranny.

Please, keep that in mind through this commentary because the topic of discussion necessitates referring to the current situation as politics, when I am trying to identify politics itself as the enemy to true representation. I will add that one party in out two party system is inherently political while the other has, as its foundation, anti-party, anti-group, representative self-governing. One party is built on a foundation of established frauds and goals to break individual freedom through politics: organized groups or cartels for concentration of power. The other party remains partially true to republic principles, in general, in spite of corrupt politics often ruling representation.

It is just as the founding fathers published for the colonials to see, that democracy always deteriorates to tyranny. This is evidenced by the city state, Athens, the acclaimed seat of democracy, deteriorating to tyranny during the Peloponnesian War, into ruthless genocidal attacks on Athens’ allies. Democracy is a group voting on issues for the group. Just as democracy deteriorates to tyranny, representative self-governing, under attack by politics, for centuries, has deteriorated to politics. The “political” system has bludgeoned and eliminated the representative process that so many sacrificed so much to leave us. Politics is unrepresentative rule. Please make that critical distinction that there is a world of difference between Ruler Law and Rule of Law.

The attack on representative government, politics, is war against We, the People.  Politics is anti-representative. Politics is war on representation. Politics-as-usual is accepted conflict against We the People and representative freedom. Politics-as-usual is an organized body of people: by definition, politic. Both are devastating America even as I write this.

Politics and politics-as-usual is the same thing. We have been conditioned to accept a slight degree of war against our rights and freedoms believing that politics is a necessary evil. That is one of the biggest frauds the war on truth has established. Government, not politics, is a necessary evil and it was designed in America to guard against groups, small, or as large as party.

So, we must change the language to change the reality. One party is fundamentally, party-politics, politics-as-usual, Ruler Law, in essence while the other party is broken and less organized, leaving numerous individual representatives to represent one and only one entity: the constituents. This broken truly representative function is the ideal. Grouping, collecting, organizing is a step towards tyranny. We see it in committees in congress right now. A small committee has managed to usurp power over all politicians and representatives and the constituents they fail and refuse to represent, placing party above people. It is simply done by being part of the group, the organization of individuals called party.

The republican party still has as its primary goal, representative self-governing, in spite of corruption of politics. Many in the republican party are anti-political, anti establishment, and anti-fraud in the war waged on truth. This degree of necessary evil, having a governing body with power to organize resources and execute the will of the majority, with constraints against itself is instituted to protect individual rights. This constraint and organization of resources, not people, is the extent of the necessary evil the founding fathers tried to perpetuate. Party and group were the forces of tyranny the founding fathers recognized and worked to prevent.

Politics itself is the culprit of discord and hegemony in congress today. Again, some are politicians as a rule while others represent constituents. Those who wage this war against we the people, using politics, are those who lie and must lie. How are these liars identified? Do you care or are you so immobilized by dogma, fear and establishment party politics, that you will not allow good information and truth, if and when it is presented, to settle in your mind?

If you are a supporter of the democrat party, refusing to entertain that party and politics are the same things, and that both are unrepresentative, I ask, which party is the culprit and source of assault and destruction? If you are an ardent democrat party supporter you must ask why you support politics-as-usual. You may say the republicans do the same thing. You would be wrong. Many in the republican party support republic, the balanced middle. Did you, dear reader, know that the founding fathers balanced tyranny, totalitarian government, on the left, against anarchy on the right? Do you realize this is the original delineation? Who has told you that republicans and “republic” itself is right wing? Who has been lying to you for decades, if not for over a hundred and fifty years? Is this true? Would you please find out. Please, do not believe me. Please find  and read, for your sake, The Federalist Papers.

Politics, anti-representation is waging war cloaked as accepted politics-as-usual. Politics, itself is organized war on representation. This open war that so few recognize as war, is the topic  of this commentary. One party still has a vein of representative governing while the other party wages war, being political and anti-representative to its core. 

Those who currently wage war on truth itself, do so to degrade representative processes to politics, centralized self-serving democracy. It could be understood better by comparison. Just as nutrition can be boiled out of carrots rendering them mush, individual value is roiled out of representative self-governance rendering it valueless, political mush.

We see it right before our eyes but have no idea that we have been robbed because the political language has replaced the language of representation. It was and is being done purposely.

Party is politics.  Politics is the devalued …this says a lot about those who thrive in the political realm, avoiding the representative principles. Party is politics, and where we see party first, we see the mush of devalued, unrepresentation in a handful of a few politic-agents, seizing democratic control of the full and total-representation, self-governing body.

One reading this commentary so far must surely see that I am going to great lengths to identify correctly the terms and words We, the People in general have accepted as reality in political fraud.

My definitions and clarifying strides are meant to change your thinking immediately and for good.

The fundamental principle, destroyed by two centuries of propaganda, is that democracy is the highest form of politics. Presumed as commendable is that the democrat party is the bearer and harbinger of the presumed greatness of democracy. Both are dangerous fallacies and should reveal a purposeful movement to tyranny.

What has kept America free and prosperous is not democracy, rather self-governing in spite of efforts by politics, groups working together to gather for themselves, power. Democracy-mongering is a pretense designed to seize control of all Americans and America. These real and growing attacks on representation, self-governing, and truth itself, is the result of a party within a party, waging the first stages of war against all Americans proxied through disenfranchised congress.

Yes, it is hard to believe until you, yourself, dear reader, take control of your knowledge, find the truth of the founding of America, and apply the original principles and terms to the war in congress today.

Yes, it is war. I caution you, dear readers to not shirk from this war. It is first stage of a premeditated war to eliminate most of the world’s population (see the United Nations’ charter). I admonish you to have courage. This stage is much easier to survive, fight and win, than a total seizure by politics, subverting representation.

Seizure  of governing by that exclusive democracy of democrat politicos in elite committees, include seizure of our rights. It also includes seizure of arms of centralized politics and the various police forces that will certainly be sent against dissent. It is inevitable that these forces will be sent against democrat party supporters and liberals. What is the rationale? Tyranny wants control and must have total compliance. Totalitarianism surely follows as the centralized governing body shrinks and fears resistance.

Bastiat, in his essay, “The Law”, identified one simple reality that plagues mankind: most men will live off the labors of others. Tyranny, totalitarian rule, wants gain. Totalitarian rule not only wants it all, tyranny must have everything. Even a little in the possession of resistance, as history shows, can bring down big centralized government. Just as totalitarianism begins with total assault on truth, freedom and liberation from oppression begins with liberation of language and speech. This is the war waged in congress. One side changes language to change reality while the other “side” (actually the few in the balanced middle) struggle to maintain clear communication of principles.

Who, which politic (party) has paraded hearers of hearsay before the public claiming rumor from the grapevine is witnessing? This destruction of a representative principle, guarantee of rights to a fair defense, is politics. It is party first, or simply, party.

Is ‘heard-it-from-the-grapevine’ witnessing truly witnessing? Who flouts this  principle, and for what?

You, dear reader, have been accused by someone who did not witness a crime, or you committing a crime. Then you are refused access to cross-examine the liars, the heard-it-through-the-grapevine witnesses and furthermore, are refused your right to present real witnesses in your defense. Tell us how this practice, this politic, is health for a representative system. Is your hatred, ignorant misinformation, blinding you?

Totalitarian rulers, tyrants, understand total control of money, economy and populations begins with total control of communication, speech and language. Tyranny knows it starts with politics, or that politics is the weapon of the assault on truth in the bigger theater of war. Tyranny knows politics is the weapon to undermine and eliminate the language of freedom and, hence freedom itself. Politics is the attack on speech, words, and ultimately truth, waged by a handful today as they attempt to seize control. It is their pretentious defense of our constitution, that they commandeer as their own, by creating the crises that require them to defend it. They have assailed the realities of the principles of our constitution, controlled the language in the political war, to wrench principles from it and replace them with political dogma. In this process they proclaim themselves defenders of fake, added constitutional principles as representation is almost totally eliminated: accomplished in open and unrecognized destruction, by their treasonous fraud. It is open politics-as-usual, politics.

I have avoided pointing fingers for a reason. You, dear reader, need to know the truth, and only you can find it for yourself. It will not be easy but it will be easier than watching friends and family be executed.  This is not dramatic manipulation. This is the reality of the goal of someone, a handful of a body politic. 

Someone is politicking to deceive. Again, politics is deception, an attack on truth to win the impending campaign. Sad, but this is the nature of mankind. Some will lie cheat and steal to exploit others, and some will take this further, planning to win with impunity by manipulating others to do the fighting, killing, incarceration and dying. Who, or what, is antifa?

As one party openly, executes politics against the innocent today, they are also trying to establish Ruler Law, the small cadre of a committee politic inside the greater body of the democrat politic. They are also trying to give themselves power to execute physically whomever they want. This is the power all tyranny must have.

This final push for physical, violent control can only start with the perceived head of the resistance, President Trump, being removed one way or another.

I have stated an opinion numerous times that if possible the democrat politic would have assassinated President Trump long ago. Make no mistakes, however. It is not the function of the democrat congressional politic to eliminate  its acclaimed enemies, except by public and media assassination. We witness the political war while the violent war prepares its campaign, free of public purview. The democrat politic is allied with the deep state politic and deep state forces that do dirty work behind the scenes.  

In this battle for total control of congress they have actually claimed to be defenders of OUR Constitution, that they are destroying. They claim to be defenders of the presidency itself, while attacking functions unique to the presidency. We are so far down the road to tyranny one must consider that the final push against the last man standing was orchestrated to bring us to this unusual scenario. The circumstances of this battle for congress is only unusual in America but we are quickly becoming accustomed to the democracy of a handful seizing control and controlling the constituencies and constituents of all.

The President is not the sole defender of our rights. He is portrayed in this manner by the enemies of the principle and reality of separate governing bodies. The founding fathers Established separate governing bodies because divided and constrained government is safe government: representative government is divided government. President Trump is also presented as the leader of the resistance and the breaker of established politics: party first hegemony. This portrayal is purposeful. It elevates him so that his destruction has greater impact, for all.

Destroying the President’s rights to a Constitutionally guaranteed defense destroys the same for all. He is thusly perceived because this assault is politics establishing a place in our minds as acceptable rule, and vulnerability to the democrat politic.

Why are only a handful of representatives resisting tyranny? Politics has supplanted representation because in the minds of almost every person in America we have replaced representation with the enemy’s language of politics. We have been conditioned by politics to live a life from a politic perspective, by our own, unknown subversion, dissonating representation by compliance.

The democrat politic assaults OUR constitution because the goal is to subvert individual constitutional rights of predetermined subjects: all except the newly emerging 2%, the democrat/liberaal politic. The democrat politic has predetermined that all but one to two percent of the population, themselves and co-conspirators, is unworthy of freedom and rights to life, liberty and property. This number, we know is determined by variables known to elite and the politico class, and also because we have been conditioned to accept that there is two percent of Americans who deserve to be stripped of their wealth. The democrat politic, including liberal media, has declared so. What we do not understand is that the democrat/liberal politic, the emerging new political class, plans to replace the wealthy two percent with themselves, 

There is much that tyranny, politicos, and elite know that the masses, We, the People, do not know. The disparity is astounding. We, the People of the masses find it hard to believe rulers and politicos use knowledge against us.

Tyranny knows there is a movement of rights, a transfer of loss and gain. If you lose your rights to security by firearms possession, someone gains superior rights to firearms security.

If you, dear democrat party support, make a claim for relief or help, and it threatens the self-serving democracy; the handful who legislate their own gain, at your expense, you will be the next enemy. That is and always has been the goal of the fundamentally totalitarian group; the politic known as democrats. Politics supplanting representation has been the goal from the beginning of the democrat conspiracy. It was planned that representation should deteriorate to democracy so that tyranny can be instituted. The two main elements of winning a war have been forced upon Americans in this final putsch, this final coup and we have been dragged along in political ignorance for almost two centuries.   

We have a constitutional, representative republic. Party politics could be more accurately described as party or politic. The words mean the same thing. To say party politics is redundant whereas party in and of itself qualifies as politics is, depending on the goal, the preparatory stage for winning a military campaign or war.