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BBB from BBB

Biden’s “build back better (bbb) can only happen when the bolshevik biden bastards (bbb) destroy everything We, the People built when President-elect Trump got out of the way of OUR economy nd our freedoms.

In reality, the economy and the country belongs to the U.S. Government, who stole our country from us in 1871 with the Organic Act, creating an alternate government to subvert our government of the Republic of the United States of America.

But, we are taking back our country. Burn the gold-fringed flags of the dementocrat banker/gangsters’ U.S. Government. Remove their gold-fringed flags from all the court rooms and federal buildings, burn them and replace them with OUR flags: Red White and Blue. We will default on illegally imposed debt, and eliminate all the problems biden bolshevik bastards bulit.

I have said it before, and say it again: the biden bolsheviks, connected through treasonous accounts and international banking with global tyranny, could only look good, building back after they purposely set about to burn America to the ground if their plan necessitates, and then destroy our lives through chaos and surrender.

These filthy dementocrat bolsheviks had no qualms destroying our lives, seeing people die, suppressing truth of “covid” vaccinations killing by the thousands, so they could look good before the next election. The bastards all need to pay for their crimes against humanity, US, We the People! Come and get me you filthy treasonous pigs!


Juan Williams, moral retard of the century, just cannot stop presenting the dumbest disconnects to ever plague reality and mankind. It is hard to describe the absolute, the totalitarian, the near-perfect stupidity and moral depravity of this goat liar.

Just look at him. The epitome of stupid looking, and integrity-stupid to think anybody falls for his unbelievably stooooopid lies and fabrications.

Today, November 2nd, 2021, I received a twitter email highlighting an article juan wrote.

I did not even bother to read it, juan is so morally retarded, that his reputation as the snake of all time, precedes him/it.

The headline is enough to just hit that moron again.

It was juan, commenting on Fox News’ anniversary, like other reporters saying he was the opposing view but he believed everybody had respect for him.

How delusional is that bloody moron?

Nobody liked juan. Nobody had or has respect for juan, He is a liar. Juan lies so much his crap does not know how to escape his cause-and-effect-retarded body, spewing, most often from his ugly yap.

Everyone on The Five hated juan, because he lies and lies and lies and hates and hates, and presents the most ridiculous stupidity in the world, even dumber than creepy, sleepy, drippy joe, and tamara Gump holder.

I cannot say enough negative about this lying piece of rat crap.

This buffoon….so stupid!

So the headline is, “Juan Williams Likens Parents’ Rights’ To White Supremacy”

Where on bloody earth does that simp get that connection? Notice dip-twit williams never explains his ghastly, sub-intelligent theories. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, he is laughed at, despised and corrected almost right out of the studio every time the lying simpleton opens his ugly, spewing face. Second, he cannot tell anything real even to make a decent lie out of a total fabrication.

Where, is white supremacy in America? Where is white supremacy in parents caring for their own children? NOWHERE except in williams’ spew-filled, ugly head!

Do American blacks defend their children? Are they white supremacists? How utterly, bone-headed retarded can anyone get, to make a claim about parents loving and protecting their children? This attack on decency and individual rights by moral-reject williams is the grossest and most deceptive hate in America, playing the ultimate dummy to get away with the most egregious hatred. Beat that piece of rat feces.

I will be the first to punch that ugly, useless dementocrat sack of shit in the face for lying to America for all these years. He is worse, even, than tamara Gump holder, who whined that she got caught in her lies by hannity, every day.

She bemoaned her lot for being the whipping boy, so to speak, every time she got caught lying. She is trailer trash. Listen to her talk. You can take the trash out of the trailer, but the self-aggrandizing trailer trash queen, gumpy, cannot get the trash out of her head, vocabulary and tone.

Williams is worse for lying, hating and deluding, and trailer trash mentality.

Williams’ lies are not only more egregious than everyone in the world, even butt-head bolshevik biden, but he represents the absolute stupidity of dementocrat elitists, bolshevik progressives, and the dumbed-down morons antifa and BLM have tricked into risking their own lives for dementocrat tyranny.

Cry-baby yuan had me kicked off twitter because I critiqued his lies. Bolsheviks cheat and anyone who lies as much as cchhhhhuuan cheats as much.

Juan is the consummate liar and hoaxer.

I remember my friend’s mother telling my friend, as a new, young auto driver, that keeping the tank full of gasoline resulted in better mileage. I remember both of us laughing, trying to not embarrass his mother, but it was so ludicrous, and bloody stoooopidly obvious, we could not help ourselves. Juan is a thousand times dumber and deceitful, being the epitome of outlandish stoooopid, and this escape of reality, today, to ensconce hatred, is just another of thousands of examples of juan’s hatred for America, Americans, truth, freedom, honesty, integrity, and love. Truly Juan is a hater of all that is good, and a liar trying to destroy everything he/it hates. Juan is a devil, a satan worshiping, in deed, asshole of the century. Hang the traitor!

It irks me that chchchchchuan lied and was paid so much over the years for lying and dividing this country. I have written at length regarding juan’s place in the bolshevik takeover and impending genocide, and he should be hung, like all the lying dementocrats. I will place the noose, and pull the lever.

Go to hell juan, you lying collection of rat feces in a sack!


We are being divided and attacked for a reason.

Divide and conquer in Latin is divido et impero.

Correctly translated it means divide and command… or divide and control.

Control means and implies many things. We only need look at modern history to know what the democrat/liberal progressives have in mind for America.

If it is not obvious there is an attack on the white race, then you have your head in the sand and will be controlled by those you think “love” and “support” you. Read the Communist Manifesto to know that the first rule of conquest is to get your enemy to drop his defenses, as Americans have. Actually our defenses were dropped for us by a traitor in the whitehouse: a communist monster who has no authority to do almost everything he has done. He should be arrested, taken out behind the wood-shed and shot, and then impeached.

White American males have been so conditioned they will not fight except amongst themselves.

I might add that we can include non-gangster blacks with whites. Call us all black males or all white males, or just Americans, it makes no difference. Call me a black male. I don’t care. I am American.

Am I defending the white race? Yes. Is there something wrong with that? Fools and liars will try to imply that I am defending white privilege. I have no privilege except that which all Americans have, privilege from God (or a thought of a supreme being) who grants rights from his infinite resources, that no mortal can morally wrest form another.

In fact whites are subject to greater scrutiny and more stringent law than others. The double standard is well known. All it takes is for one to go to divorce court and see how white males are presumed incapable of love, honesty, commitment and a fulfilling relationship. White males are presumed the worst in America by comparison with nationalities and by direct attack. 

Notice how the media makes homos, mexicans, middle easterners and arabs to be superior peoples. Notice how these “minorities” are presumed good while white males are trash. Watch the movies and television. Take note that polliwood (political hollywood) movies and the sub-intellectual sitcoms, in every movie and every episode, show it is okay to criticize and ridicule, and slap and beat white males. And then others laugh.

White males are presumed the opposite of what history in the United States of America has recorded.

But I am not, in actuality, defending any race. I am defending justice and rule of law.

It just happens that whites in general are under attack. Mexicans and muslims have been invading America, brought in by a treasonous, perverted, muslim infiltrator, Barack, Obama sin Laden.

The injustice is that illegals should be back in their country trying to establish rule of law: democracy, if you will, in their own countries.

Instead foreign invaders are infecting America and Americans with their sick and twisted law that does not work in their respective countries.

Why is this happening? It makes no sense, until one realizes that the masses of the world’s population, are quite illiterate and ignorant, and easily used and exploited.

Do any of the invaders know what a constitution is? Do any of the invaders know what a republic is, and the differences between republic and democracy?

Do any of the invaders know just how the founding fathers of America decided upon a Constitutional Republic? Do you know?

READ, my fellow Americans, and be free.

Read “The Federalist Papers”. Read the Constitution, the Preamble, and the Bill of Rights and you will know how unique and amazing America is, and how the ignorant invaders and their aiders and abettors of the democrat party and bolshevik progressives have seized upon justice and acquired the funding and organizations to destroy freedom in America, and the world.

Read and you will understand how the invasion and arms build-up cannot be anything but organized and dictated by those at the top; those in influential positions, none other than obama sin laden, his muslim advisors in the whitehouse, and the democrat party and liberal media.

Resistance is necessary, and begins by arming one’s self with knowledge to counter the propaganda war waged now; waged in preparation of the inevitable war, slaughter, and planned genocide.