I apologize that this may be rough. I wrote it once, without editing, except to glance for major spelling or vocabulary mistakes. I am so busy fighting on craigslist, and trying to make a living, that I just don’t have time to spend editing.

Distort, distract and deceive and win the war.

We have to look at all that is happening and wonder why.

What is the big deal of being called racist? Call me racist. Who cares. Who have I used, exploited or extorted? Nobody. So, according to dementocrat progressive liberals etc., not exploiting, using or extorting another is the new definition of racist? Great, almost all of America is racist, then. I am proud to be racist.

Why the attention? Anyone who lies and lies, as does the whole dementocrt party and liberal media, does so for reason, or reasons, most unknown.

If it is not clear that biden and the dementocrats intend to rule with an iron fist, then you have not been paying attention to, or have no idea of, principles.

“Truth will always prevail”, as George Washington stated, “where great pains are taken to bring it to light.”

But, the massive effort by dementocrats and liberal media to prevent truth from prevailing seems to be winning? Why such effort, though?

Liars know to distract from truth. Liars know that a simple mention of a truth or related truth often sparks thought and questioning.

The effort to lie has an insidious purpose. It is all a distraction from what is happening out of sight, and sometimes apparent.

There is only one nation that could field an army big enough to control Americans. China has at least four times the manpower of America. The ratio may even be more when we consider that America is divided and the invading hordes, invited into our country by treasonous dementocrats, have loyalties to their benefactors, dementocrats.

Is it far-fetched to think dementocrats have totalitarian rule as their goal?

How can it be far-fetched? Is it far-fetched because of a simple cliché, “it will never happen in America”? Or it just cannot happen in our free country.

America is in lockdown now, without the covid scam.

Our capitol is an armed camp, keeping We, the People out.

The dementocrats slaughter and attacks on Kavanaugh should be a warning to us all that they will kill. Clintons have a body count of more than 80 dead following their rise and corruption. There is absolutely no accountability in the dementocrat party or its apologist lying liberal media.

If the dementocrats could have they would have socked Kavanaugh and all those supporting him, in jail. Like Epstein he could have been found dead.

I have been threatened with death scores of times. Do you, dear fellow citizen think there are not people in this country who will kill, you, for what they want? Is it possible a party built upon slavery, lies, and hatred for anything outside their dementocracy attracts only liars and modern slavers? Income tax without representation is slavery. The numbers show Americans do not want to pay for almost 90 percent of the biden fake stimulus.

Is it possible the fake stimulus is a distraction? Do liars and thieves know what to steal and how to distract? They have to know, and keep quiet.

What should also be a red flag for Americans is the waste of the “stimulus”. Debt for nothing is a major part of the debt stimulator.

We, the People, outside of the dementocracy and ruthless libelous media, have been chained t a debt we do not want, and that is the purpose. It is slavery. It is coming.

The slavers of the past who kidnapped Africans and others, had a journey, a process of turning people into slaves and making money.

The dementocrats and libs, the bolshevik agent provocateurs attack We, the People because someone made videos as Qanon.

I wrote about the fallacies of Qanon years ago. It was a simple deduction.

The cancel culture of eff bee, tuh weeder, and Hugh toob cancel serious conservative, republican and constitutional communication, but anon was allowed to post and communicate fallacies because it was a distraction and net.

The saying goes, “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” It has at least two meanings. One interpretation is obvious: having full possession of something is a real possession while two or more hopeful or planned possessions, in reality is nothing.

The other interpretation is that a bird caught, can attract other birds, that will also be caught, in the net in the tree. What is the net?

Oh, you birds did not see the net, in which you are captivated.

Oh, right, you were distracted by the noise and landed voluntarily in the tree that the captors own and control.

The Dementocrats own and control, colluding with international globalist bolshevik marxists, Washington, the IRS, more police and military forces than we think, the complete control of force of law.

Where does that put you? Let us leave this nation and go somewhere for safety. The dementocrats have locked down America and are bringing more people in, for a reason, not to be nice to them.

If the Dementocrats had any sense for or goal of being nice, kind, considerate, just or caring they would have spent our money bringing these invaders here safely. They did not and care not in the least to help children: children sacrificed for dementocrat totalitarian profits and gains.

The real goal, I cannot say. It goes back to Ancient Babylon, Khazaria, the invading bolsheviks that slaughtered 30 million Russians.

But if you think there is no reason or no sinister goal in the minds of the totally uncaring dementocrats, you are insane and a coward.

To invade America Americans need to be grossly distracted. The enemies of America are those who are putting Americans into debt and taking possessions without representation: the democrats.

We need very little to surrender American sovereignty. The masses, 95 percent of Americans rolled over when the governors colluded with fake science and corporations to create a scamdemic.

Like the bolsheviks, the assault was on the middle class (small business and entrepreneurs. How many died? Who investigated?

Like the “civil war” the attack was on agrarian self-sufficiency and land-owners. The bolshevik slaughter eliminated the Russian land-owners, kulaks.

Again, is it far fetched to think the dementocrats will not bring to America help, or the appearance of help? Is it far fetched to think the Chinese military could not possibly arm itself, communism being so devastatingly inefficient? Is it possible the Chinese military can be armed with American military equipment?

What kind of landing would the Chinese need?

A beachhead is needed, distraction and clear path to the beachhead.

The enemy must be moved from that beachhead at the right time, whether a week or a day is required, distraction, deception and invitation are necessities.

The Pacific, South China Sea has seen an increased amount of military activity. America has a number of fleets in the area. Where is the Chinese Navy? How big is it, really?

Are there troop carriers in the South China sea?

Is it possible China has a build up of troops in Africa, where China has been expanding?

Is it possible the Chinese military has already secured a beachhead in D.C.?

Is it possible a confrontation in the South China sea, in which China would and could sacrifice an almost infinite number of men, would be a massive distraction while the dementocrats invite Chinese troops to the Washington Beachhead, on the opposite shore of expectation, D.C.?

The scenarios are innumerable but one thing we know, the dementocrats have no use for representation, or the majority of Americans. We know the dementocrats have no concern for people. We know the dementocrats lie, cheat and steal, and sell American sovereignty for next to nothing gained for We, the People.

We must wonder if our military will prevent a takeover of America or go with tyranny. Is it possible that all the forces needed to send American military might against We, the People has already been marshaled?

Am I speculating, letting my imagination get the better of me to think that someone in America would attempt this insane invasion and take over?

Is it mere speculation to think liars and cheats, who lie and cheat to avoid work and make fantastic gains, will do as much as possible while lying to you; looking you in the eye while plotting to take what they want from you? Have you ever been amazed that someone is so brazen as to lie and steal from you?

We have all experienced it. We looked at the results and asked ourselves, “how could I be so stupid?”

Liars lie for reason. Liars distract for reason. Liars and cheats make unbelievably sincere claims and efforts, to deceive and distract.

If we could see the gains they have in mind, we could stop the ravaging. But that is the key to theft.

A new theft today is stealing people’s homes.

Numerous new industries have risen. Home title security and computer security have quickly become necessities.

Do thieves tell you they are going to steal your home? Do thieves do it all without you knowing? Isn’t that the goal, the means?

The lies are the smoke and fire is not revealed.

The distractions are fake fires while the real fires smolder until the blaze bursts upon unsuspecting victims.

Am I lying when I say America is not a democracy and was not established as a democracy? America is a Constitutional Republic. That is no lie. That is as solid a truth to this American self-governing representative republic, as ever could be truthful.

Where does the “democracy” start and whose is it?

The district of criminals now is their district, and reminder of what I have been saying for years. Their democracy is theirs, and we are excluded and refused. The undeniable reality is that they have a beachhead in Washington with military control. It is their beachhead, from which We, the People have been denied. We have been denied access to our government while they have created their democracy.

Learn to speak Chinese and hide your firearms, tell nobody.

We are already registered, well those dumb enough to be distracted to join the NRA. It takes only a small detachment of lawyers and police to raid the NRA head office, easily done under probable ruthless false accusations, and registrants can be slowly, individually rounded up, accused of anything, and nobody will come to their rescue.

We have not only been physically divided, but mentally buy dementocracy and the corrupt, evil liberal media that makes it impossible o know truth, and grant to each other, presumption of innocence.

Good luck America.

Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?

Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?
I apologize for the spelling of bolshevik and other words. Craigslist refuses to publish articles with certain words.
I am certain I have stumbled upon something that the deep state, the globalists and the international tyrannies do not want known, about themselves.
Wow. How many times have I written that there is nothing to dem/lib arguments?
Now bowl-shev-hick-dick proves it.
The point I made was not so much the actual definition of floating, or ignorance, but that dem/libs cannot make a point because they have no honor or decency; leaving them totally lacking and an accurate definition by their characters, of of propaganda and deception.
What kind of scum attacks another for no reason, blatantly admits no real reason or offense; just hates? We use all kinds of words and terms to describe people who lack decency and honor. But, that is not the point. Calling the totally dishonest and dishonorable names such as scum and sick, distracts from the reality. The reality is that there is, and always has been, a percentage of any population that manipulates, extorts and bullies others for the sole purpose of plunder and exploitation. This point; this verity; this truth is the underlying problem that the masses will not identify and accept.
Hatred is only one point dem/libs prove over and over, with every substance-less attack on truth and others they make. They believe they distract us from the reality of their hatred by calling it something else, social justice, for example, and attacking the innocent.
Bowl-shev-hick-dick actually tries to make the discussion about the meaning of a couple words, openly avoiding the real points. The underlying principle; the principle being avoided is presumption of innocence. Those who intend to rule with an iron fist do not want the masses to have presumption of innocence and, hence the masses cannot know about it.
In America we are all considered innocent until proven guilty. The dem/libs are constantly trying to turn justice around; flip flop it to suit party needs. Dem/libs seek that absolute power and control that is uncontested and ruthless when needed, over others. It is tyranny, murder and genocide; all with nice names to fool the masses. It is all the evils perpetrated by any evil empire, monarchy, or despotism, but veiled, until recently.
The attack on anyone always begins with an attack on truth surrounding that person.
There is only one “side” in this contention that communicates lies in every breath the players breathe, and there is only one party that has as its goal the ignorance of the masses, by deceit and fabrication: all done to enslave the same.
The democrats and liberals do not only propagate misinformation deception and fabrications, they are so invested in misleading and deceiving everyone in every single issue and action, they are propaganda, being deception through and through. This depth of dishonesty is not a few lies in some topics and discussions. This is significant because it means nothing they say or write, or communicate in any way, is true. They simply cannot afford for a sliver of truth to spark the masses curiosity. They must completely hide their true designs on the human race. They “are” deception because the only way to totally suppress all their hidden, subversive, and homicidal designs is to completely deceive and lie. So, being deception, hatred, and dishonesty, all parts of overall propaganda, they must be taken for what they are, and their words presumed dishonest and deceptive.
They have had to invite and internalize pure deception in everything they do and say because a slip exposes contradiction and the ensuing chance listeners and or followers would investigate, learn and abandon.
Dem/libs must, by necessity, live and breathe deception and, hence, propaganda because they cannot allow for an iota of truth to be known and circulated amongst people the dem/libs intend to rule, ravage, rape and plunder.


So many lies by dem/libs. So many lies all in one post. Pictures, drawings cartoons: any kind of fabrication does not make truth. Is that all the dem/libs have? Not much more. The central democrat party committee for propaganda sends their agent out on weekends. These posts are repeats. I have refuted and corrected every lie and fabrication in this post already, and the asshole reposts trolling, for weak-minded and ignorant victims. He/she/it makes numerous claims that are totally false. One was that republicans filibustered numerous times. ONE TIME, TED CRUZ!

READ about it in the liberal media, go back and look at the liberal news casts. The liberal news NEVER reported the innumerable filibusters by the democrats, nor did they report that Harry Reid left over 200 bills submitted to the Senate by the republican congress, sitting on his desk. Bills to “help” Americans the democrats ignored. If you, dear reader, can find Ted Cruz’s filibuster, and it is so bad, then all the republican filibusters must surely be recorded in the media. Besides Ted Cruz’s filibuster, I dare you to FIND ONE.


Rush Revere propagating truth.

I wonder what “right wing” means to idiot liberals. I wonder if the masses know what propaganda is.

To propagate an idea, from any viewpoint, is to spread propaganda. But we have accepted an implied condition: that propaganda is the propagation of misinformation, hate and fraud.

So what propaganda is Rush Revere propagating? Is liberal hate directed at the socialist experiment of which the pilgrims engaged, that DID NOT WORK? Is the liberal hate directed at the truth of the failure itself? Maybe the liberal hatred is directed at those who study history and try to learn from it.

I invite that liberal hater of American traditions to identify one lie Rush propagated: just one lie.

I did an experiment. Over the years I captured and experimented with 1,000 ferrel cats. I fed them different things to see what the optimal diet for wild cats would be. I discovered that feeding them monkey food, bird seed, and vegetarian diets were not good. In fact the control group,100 cats fed meat, did just fine while the bird seed, banana, and broccoli fed cats died. 

I had a horrible 90 percent failure rate. What should a scientist do at this point? Should a scientist force feed cats bird seed, bananas and broccoli, stating boldly that the said diets were better for cats? Should I lie? Should I concoct studies that show ferrel cats fed bird seed, bananas and broccoli were good for ferrel cats? Should I do what global warming “scientists” do today, go back to the original numbers and change them to suit my desired outcome? Global warming scientists today are going back to temperature recordings of decades and more than a century ago, and fudging the numbers. One can just see the dimwits at work, ‘Hey, let’s change this, and drop that, raise this and voila, temperatures have risen 30 degrees in the last century. Oops, too much. Hmm, let’s not raise 1897 winter temperatures to summer extremes, Looks bad.’

Hmmm, 900 ferrel cats died. How do I fix that? Oh, they were half dead already, I pretend

But the problem is worse than that. Liberals are willing to use force of law to change science to politics, for their gain and the “progression” of science as found in the liberal/progressive democrat political class.

Let us not forget that those who lie do so for a reason. Those who lie to We, the People, do so to deceive We, the People, for an insidious agenda.

The libs, for their gains they dare not reveal, would have us, We, the People discard reality. It is all done at our expense and the liberal/progressive/democrats care nothing for those that suffer from bogus science and propagation of misinformation.

It is quite possible the writer is nothing less than an agent sent out by the dem/libs to propagate hatred and fear for truth and history. Again, let us not forget that hatred, fraud, lies, and propagation of all deception is designed to create and instill fear. 

When dem/libs propagate their hatred for the white male that has basically delivered the world from the dark ages and eternal tyranny, people do actually see white slavers. Are people afraid of the big bad white slaver still? Is it obvious that propaganda, to create fear, works?

But where is the fact? Where is one lie in any of the Rush books? Notice, dear fellow Americans, that rat did NOT identify one thing, but surely propagated hatred. What do we call ignorant hatred? Liberal! What do we call ignorance? Religion? “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, ….as the scriptures state. This clearly defines liberals. It does not define progressives or democrat party politicos. They are evil, using dumb libbies.

The “writer” attacked Rush with evidence of nothing. How can nothing be evidence? Yet the libbies want We, the People to trust their lies that have no evidence, while We, the People see the evidence, ALWAYS, to the contrary. It is amazing, but propaganda (fear of the unknown and un-proved) works. Time and time again, every tyranny in the history of the world started with an attack on truth, an attack on good people while the evil, merciless rulers were idolized. It is an absolute truth that liberal no-minds want smart people to ignore and jump into the quicksand. How can “people”, libs, be so STOOOOOOOOPID?

Are these “people” so moronic they think Americans will fall for that? It takes so much lying, fraud and fabrication to convince people that faith is more substantial than fact history and truth. but that is the liberal fantasy land we have come to recognize, the one that tells us Rush Limbaugh’s truths are lies but there is no evidence and nothing proffered as a valid argument. That is blind hatred for “being”. No crime, just hatred for being something that libs cannot control and exploit.

As Dennis Prager has stated, “those who are merciful to those who are bad, will be bad to those who are merciful.” And liberals are cruel and “bad” to honest, decent people, such as Rush, and they are merciful to those who are bad. How can liberals think they are smart? There is no evidence.

This is liberal progressive experimentation at work. Liberals expect We, the People, in a country educated in a far superior manner regarding OUR self-governance system, to abandon truth and foundation for their descent into ignorant fear. What fraudulent morons, but propaganda works as long as it is not challenged!

More to follow. Again, I challenge any liberal dimwit to provide one example of a lie in any of Rush Limbaugh’s books. I challenge the liberal imbeciles to provide one example of a lie I told, or tell.

America is a Constitutional Republic, very different from a democracy or monarchy. Dear readers, fellow Americans, study and learn the differences. Read the Bill of Rights, YOUR, OUR Bill of Rights designed to keep cruel and merciless government from oppressing and exploiting We, the People.