The post being critiqued was published on Boise Craigslist, POLITICS, on October 7th, 2020, but originally it was a response intended for Craigslist only. Craigslist has shut me down while dem/libs have ease posting lies and fabrications. As a rule when I intend only to post on CL, I do not save the original post. Occasionally it is reposted and I can find it, but for now, I have quoted parts of the original post where possible, in my commentary, and that will have to be enough to give a clear idea of the propaganda of the bolshevik left.

“Is anyone safe?”

What a coward. What a moron.

Is anyone safe from falling glaciers?

Is anyone safe from car accidents?

Is anyone safe from armed burglars?

Is anyone safe from the “flu”?

Is anyone safe from a rabies infected bat?

Is anyone safe from an earthquake?

Is anyone safe from a tsunami?

Is anyone safe from cancer?

Is anyone safe from walking across the street?

Is anyone safe from stroke?

Is anyone safe from an invading army, from China, brought in by the democrats?

Is anyone safe from rape by an invading Mexican gangster, brought in by democrats and progressive/bolsheviks?

Is anyone safe from oppressive taxes that cause suicide?

Is anyone safe from California fires caused by poor (democrat party) management and laser strikes on homes, in which forest is not burned? See youtube videos.

Is anyone safe from drowning?

Is anyone safe from a boating accident, roller blading and breaking a leg or neck?

Is anyone safe from dying due to COVID. YES, about 99.999 percent of all who contract COVID, live just fine. It is less lethal than the flu. Check Sweden, and get some honest NEWS. Your sources, like bolshevik-dick here, are lying and fear-mongering, to manipulate YOU.

Is anyone safe from a cough, chemtrails spewing barium, aluminum and other metals, by the deep state that dem/lib marxist progressives support?

Have you noticed “NEWS” conferences about a week after unbelievable air traffic, of no flights, spewing chemtrails?There is a correlation. I have been following it.

Is anyone safe from a wheel rolling down a hill and hitting you?

Is anyone safe from a dog attack, a cat, a canary, a raging chimp?

Is anyone safe from a zombie apocalypse, funded by George Soros?

Is anyone safe from a pyramid falling on your eye?

Is anyone safe from pooping their panties? Democrats, liberals, progressive marxists aren’t.

Is anyone safe in a democrat state or city where antifa and BLM have been invited, by democrats and corrupt fake republicans (Gary Herbert) to riot and kill?

Is anyone safe from dying?

Damn it. Didn’t the democrats promise.

Stupid fucking coward. Get out and live, like the nuns would if the bastard political pigs did not maim their rights to life, liberty, and prosperity.

Fucking bolshevik lying piece of shit. Life is scary. Don’t manipulate these people to be cowards because you are.

The most significant fear we should have: Is anyone safe from democrats and deep state progressive marxists?



Original Craigslist html:

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So what if he made that comment, “Grab them by the pu__y”? Was it for all America to hear? People talk.

Have you heard the banter in women’s change rooms? A girl-friend of mine, some time ago, was quite explicit in describing the disrespect for men most American women openly share with each other, in expected privacy, The corresponding language of some is quite offensive. So what? Don’t listen.

The rest of the hate-poster is a list of lies.

Maybe bolshevik-dick can show us a newspaper clip or police report. All this “information”, if it were true is public knowledge. No?

Would a person trying to convince another of something not use all information and means available to change another’s mind? Are dem/libs so dumb they don’t know, or are they dishonest, trying to manipulate others in ignorance?

You see, dear reader, the tactic has no substance and no integrity.

Backing is a general term for providing a source, a witness, or document.

Propaganda discards this need and pursues an emotional, disconnected course to manipulate.

Propaganda means propagating information but inherent in the definition is the condition that the information is misleading, false or deceptive.

Did President Trump collude with Russia, for example?

Is this not the claim democrats and some republicans, the entire liberal media complex and others, have made for years?

Russian collusion, Russian collusion, Russian collusion, sounds like the grumble words actors use to make the sound of a mob.

Is the propagation of misinformation the goal of the comic-strip post, “Trump’s American Values”, or is it real and truthful reporting? Did someone search and find these things, and then report, or did someone begin by writing a list of things fro shock the senses? It seems the latter takes precedence when one checks the veracity of just one claim. What are the crimes, again?

Russian collusion is one such accusation. Is it a crime?

What if it had been Canadian collusion? Is collusion the offense or is Russia or Canada the offense? Can the author of the comic strip please explain what offenses each accusation represents?

Why is the accusation made in such a generalized word, Russia? Can “Russia” witness or provide evidence? Do the democrats know this? Do they know Russia is a very big and complex country? it is fraudulent, and goes against one very important, major “value” of American life; a value that is inextricably connected to justice? Do the democrats know what presumption of innocence is? Of course they know. They have been hiding behind it for decades, maybe centuries. It is part of our American tradition that we presume the best of each other, all being part of one society working together one way or another.

We do not build this country, engaging in commerce, trade, and culture for the benefit of the economy. The economy is inanimate. We do not work together, enjoin in military and long-term programs for military institution rather, wo organize ourselves into a collection of resources for legitimate self defense, for selves and each other.

We do not salute the flag, sing anthems for the sake of the dirt or the shores that define American soil, rather we respect the flag as a collective reminder that it represents We, the People, and the values and traditions that allow us all to live in collective self defense, justice and presumption of the best from each other.

With what part of Russia did President Trump collude? Did someone see him over there, in Siberia, colluding with the vast forests? Was he talking to trees? Who saw what?

Did he collude with the dirt? Did he collude with the water surrounding the Kamchatka peninsula? Did he collude with Moscow, and what part, the spires, the cats and dogs, somebody? Was this evil, dastardly collusion accomplished by nothing with nobody over nothing that happened that anyone witnessed? Was he even there?

Did he talk to someone, maybe an ambassador? At least he did not kill one of his, our own, like Barack and Clintons did: Ambassador Stevens.

Let us look at the loose, the mentally dysfunctional communication skills and composition. Without an object the subject does nothing. In fact, without an object, the action of the subject does not exist. For example: I went. If I did not go somewhere, basically I did not “went”. Is it a lie if I mention I went, nowhere?

President colluded, the anti-witnessing goons proclaim. With whom did president Trump collude? Did President “went”, or collude somewhere and with someone? When and where did he go, and with whom did he collude?

If the conditions are not met that he went somewhere and that he colluded with someone, not a bag of dirt in Siberia, then the collusion claim is a lie.

This explains the whole of democrat party democracy. Somebody did something even nothing was done to anyone, but democrats want blood. It is a different presumption to presume guilt without evidence. It is more cynical and devastating to proclaim the results of a crime, without evidence oil a rime, yet democrats constantly do it, relying on the ignorance of cause-and-effect challenged, and deductive-reasoning-void well wishers hoping without evidence of reality, for gain from nothing. The gain can only be accomplished after this lack of reality is bypassed, by theft, plunder and ravishment. Welcome to democrat party democracy, and liberal la-la-land just-us.

Is it a lie if there is no evidence of collusion? Can anyone define collusion and state how it is considered and where it is notarized a crime?

Four years of democrat and liberal media accusations and witnesses; witnesses  not even remotely witnessing anything, exposes distinct dem/lib fraud, if not a complete lie. It is all to propagate a lie that  a fabricated result of crime proves there is a crime.

Through four long years of dem/lib accusations, we never heard from a witness who actually witnessed something. Democrats did not present a single witness and some republicans jumped into the child-id democrat parade of silly clowns of the liberal media/democrat party circus.

For the purpose of endorsing a product, would it be wrong to identify someone as an Olympian who never participated in the Olympics? Unless the Olympic Commission cared and sued, it might only be a financial waste of money to pay for such buffoonery, but democrats have done it for four years, and still bother, harass and accuse President Trump and try to trick We, the People with the major missing link, a witness.

The tradition of presumption of innocence is under the democrat/liberal/progressive boot. This unique American tradition is drawn from centuries-old development of justice. American justice is American culture: legally, legitimately, and ethically connected with law. It is this very unique and liberating tradition democrats, liberals and marxist/progressives attack.

You, yourself, dear fellow American, democrat or republican, liberal or libertarian, would demand your right to be presumed innocent if you had been under the same four year long attack, for just one day. And yet, democrats have not one whit of sense for the rights to presumption of innocence in their four year long hatred. Democrats cannot find one day of preponderance for the institution of justice and equality before the law. Dem/libs cannot find a scintilla of cognition for the near-sacred tradition of each and every citizen in America who has an undeniable irrefutable right to live free of oppressed, unjust, burden of guilt.

The democrats paraded democrat political clowns before the American representative republic, and they do it every day.

They know their charges and accusations are fraudulent, but they hope the cruel and self-serving disparaging will eventually blossom into information, as opposed to misinformation. They know misinformation does not become information, just as they know that cartoons do not one day come to life. Or do they know this?

Lies, accusations and attempted applications of guilt without trial and evidence, does not continually stack up and magically come to life as real, but dem/libs, played by the puppet master marxist progressives, do not care for the sanity and minds of themselves: their own slip into hate-motivated insanity of cause-and-effect, presumption and justice.

A list of accusations, as fabricated in the “poster” cartoon, backed by nothing and no object of the subjective offense or crime, makes empty accusations to be known lies: dem/lib, progressive/marxist propaganda.

We see in that comic strip 40 offenses. Some are offenses. Some are accusations of crime.Some are things like business loss that happens to all kinds of people. Some of the things in the list are outright silly, and cannot even be taken seriously for the character assassination attempt, and nothing else that they are: hate.

Let us start with the accusations:

Grab them by the p___y: one event found offensive by those who hate so much they discard American tradition, they claim offensive in others: presumption of innocence.

Was, is it a point made: a point for a crime? No, but let us give it half a point for offensive: .5

For other points of an argument, let us break down each accusation, avoiding presumptive, evil generalities:

Child rape accusations: 0

White supremacy/incessant condemnation of it: 0

Dishonoring Gold-Star families:   0

Birther conspiracy: started by Hillary Clinton, Trump wondered, so what? 0

Other attempts at points of argument (40):                                                 all:  0

Character assassination over life events: 3 disavowed.  0

I count, of 40 things listed, 36 that could be offenses, and crimes but have ZERO evidence, ZERO backing, ZERO credibility, and invoke the American tradition of presumption of innocence because there is no evidence.

So, the agent provocateur made 40 accusations, 36 of which could be offensive or criminal, but credulity is given .5 for only one accusation, one point the agent provocateur, bolshevik-dick, is right .5 of 36 claims, or 1.29 percent of the accusations.

Is this the kind of sense and honesty you want ruling you?


Dear Democrat, do you realize that democracy excludes you from the representative process?

I listened to a number of biden/democrat party supporters. I am shocked at the sheer ignorance of democrat-oriented people.

Okay, so I stop my disgust and just report what I heard.

One young man reported he was amazed at “…the attack on our democracy by Trump.”

Is he aware that the democracy in the democrat party is not his?

Another young male listed a number of offenses, claimed they were crimes, such as demagoguery and disrespect for “our representative democracy.”

Again, is this fellow aware that the democracy that democrats vote is their democracy because it is their meetings and congregating? What on earth is a representative democracy?

The two words are totally oppositional.

Democracy is personal involvement in decision making for those involved. A plebiscite is a large scale invitation by politicians to allow citizens into the politicians’ vote, acceding some power to those outside the democracy.

Representation, on the other hand, is primarily the opposite. People vote for, and expect, their representatives to do as they have asked. The asking part is not seen as part of the representative process because it is not reported by democracy mongering liberal, anti-representation media.

When does the liberal media speak of representative process and individual rights? Never?

RESPONSE TO BOISE CRAIGSLIST POST: Re “Trump is the biggest driver of COVID misinformation.”

Re “Trump is the biggest driver of COVID misinformation.”

What study is that, liar?

Really? Was it President Trump who did daily “COVID” press conferences for, what three months, with specialists in the CDC, etc., etc., etc.? Or was it Biden? Maybe Kamala Harris, the Clinton crime syndicate, Newsom, Cuomo the killer? Maybe it was Michael Obama, or his husband Barack Obama sin laden? Maybe the people most informative was the whole democrat party, while they spent all their waking hours trying to impeach and remove President Trump, as they lied about everything?

Is that dufus, bolshevik-dick really that stupid?



It is so laughable, and so lacking in intelligent cause-and-effect, and sense, I just cannot deal with the immaturity and child-id ethical-retardation of lying liberal agent provocateurs of the left-wing extra he mist party.

What a maroon. ‘What a mal-a-maroon’, as Bugs Bunny would say.

Is that bolshevik-dick the same bolshevik that claimed we are approaching a zombie apocalypse? Is it the same moron-mutt that said zombies were going to only be able to order brains, for food, through Amazon? How stupid can a self-induced droning, dementocrat get?

Is that the same simp that pretends he/she/it is not a high-school dropout, barely able to formulate a complete sentence with proper hominyms (your, you’re, too, to, and two)?

What moronic proclamation to try and pass off as intelligent: does not even pass the sub-intelligent, dog-bark test. Welcome to dem/lib la-la-land. Woof!

LIBERALNEWSREVIEW RESPONSE TO CRAIGSLIST POST OF OCTOBER 1ST, 2020, “Trump and Melania test positive for Covid-19”

We apologize that we cannot reference the original post.

Re: “Trump and Melania test positive for Covid-19”

YAY! You see they are human, and not super-human, like so many libbies think.

Bolshevik-dick, the lying marxist moron, tried to turn this into propaganda. Then the dick claims he/she/it, archon mongrel, is praying for OUR President.

What a laugh. You cannot even give this bolshevik mutt credit because he/she/it is copying and pasting from the dementocrat “think”-tank comintern in the east.

It goes without saying that everything dick wrote is a lie.

So, sure, they both tested positive. Who cares? Is everybody testing positive for the “flu” Wait, what, no tests for “flu”?

The flu is much more deadly than COVID. Wait, what, COVID is a strain of the “flu”? Wait, what, more deadly?

See how the bolsheviks do this. Dick claimed it is a “…stunning development.”

What is so stunning about getting a flu? What is so stunning about 60 million Americans getting so-called COVID, especially when I have shown that it is possible only one in 16 is actually COVID? The bastards have to twist everything. So, the fake scientists of the CDC and departments of health all claim this virus is infecting so many people. Compared to what? How many people get infected every month with the flu? How many people last year, in the same month tested positive for the “flu”?

I could go on and on about the emotionally manipulative rhetoric the dem/lib agent provocateurs try to create, but get tired. I have more commentaries to write and publish, and I have to go to work some time today.

“The revelation had implications for the President’s health”, dick, or think-tank mutts, claim. No! End of story. Go back to hell you twisted bolsheviks.

If president had a rally here tomorrow, I would go.

CRAIGSLIST POST, ON OR ABOUT OCTOBER 1ST, 2020, “Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns.”

Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns.

President Donald Trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, threatening to shatter a tradition that lies at the heart of the democratic process in the US. There are serious concerns among scholars that Trump is putting America’s democracy in mortal danger. Combined with Trump’s relentless disinformation campaign, celebration of violence against journalists, and incitement of armed militias, historians and election experts warn that the president is mirroring the behavior of despots that the US generally leads the way in condemning before the world.

When asked whether he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power earlier this week, Trump suggested ballots would be thrown away.

“We’re going to have to see what happens,” Trump said when asked whether he would accept the final results of the election. “Get rid of the ballots and…there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation.” Trump has given the country myriad signs that he will not concede under any circumstances, placing the US on the precipice of a political crisis the likes of which it has never experienced before. The president has repeatedly pushed the bogus assertion that the expanded access to mail-in voting for the 2020 election — a move designed to protect vulnerable people amid a pandemic — will lead to widespread voter fraud.

Top experts on democracy have been warning for years that Trump exhibits authoritarian tendencies. But their consternation appears to have ramped up significantly as Election Day draws closer and Trump essentially signals that he plans to do whatever it takes to stay in power. The clearest parallel is that Mussolini was prime minister of a democratic coalition government from 1922-1925. During that time, he slowly chipped away at democratic institutions, insulting the press, using violence against the left, joking that he would be in office for 20 years, establishing a militia and a legislative body (the Grand Council) loyal to him. Trump has spent the past four years eroding democratic norms and institutions at an astonishing rate.

This is the way dictators come to power.


I can hardly wait for sleepy joe, my hero, asleep at the wheel but miraculously cognizant and aware of his surroundings (his basement, except when handlers let him out to chase sticks in the park); when he proves he is a worthy candidate for president.

The media tried to back-peddle Joe’s issues.

Why will Joe not have his ears checked for earpieces? Let me quote 1,000 politics-as-usual dem/libs, “what is he hiding”?

It was leaked (apropos word for Depends-advertisement Joe), that Joe requested a break every half hour. Why does he need a break every half hour and, why, when compared to President Trump, can Joe not stay in the fight for 30 measly minutes?

What will sneaky, sleepy Joe do when negotiating with Putin, or anyone? Will Joe run away, sneak off for a nap in the middle of strict negotiations for peace?

I am looking forward to a new presidency, however. Joe would make the world apology tour #2. Joe could visit many countries and apologize for being part of Barack’s team of adventurers who did not give money to their countries’ governments, like Barack did for Iran. How much was it, hundreds of millions, or billions, or Brazilians? Kidding.

There were many enemies of the United States that did not benefit from Barack’s good nature and support. They are mad. Joe will need to make amends to many countries, but he already has a good start, benefitting Chinese and corrupt Ukrainian governments. Of course Joe will deny and make claims of opposition, but you can check, if you have courage and a brain.

Joe will have his own apologies to make. His apology tour will require two parts: two trips to each country.

The first will be for meeting with leaders, briefly, before rushing off to the bathroom for a quick change or, luckily, making it to the commode in time.

The second part of his tour will be apologizing for the messes he created and wafted in the various leaders’ general directions.

Joe goes out twice a year: once for a good time, the second to apologize. But, will Joe remember?

We all know Joe will be the right man for the international affairs job, having been in bed with the Chinese for decades, making his son, and himself, rich.

I can hardly wait to hear reports of sleepy Joe “resetting” relations with Russia, like Hillary’s super-duper successful popamatic reset button she pulled from her kindergarten bag of children’s toys, in her childish attempt to impress an adult. Hillary, using toys and silly plastic “tools” met with an adult who had the right attitude and purpose. Hillary intended to meet and discuss, on a child’s level with another on an adult level, relations between two nations that should have dealt with a world pandemic, ISIS. You see the democrats, egomaniacal misfits and miscreants, cannot look at themselves objectively after the fact much less in preparation or predicting results. The cannot see clearly how foolish and childish they are.

I can hardly wait to see Kamala fulfill Joe’s handler’s international globalists’ banker/gangsters’ wishes, and surrender our rights to an even farther distant, unrepresentative, politics-as-usual unknown government.

Looking good, Joe.

Has anyone been around him? There is a reason he is locked in the basement. He stinks and he cannot keep his filthy hands off children.

I can hardly wait for the traveling comedy routine, international in scope, that Joe will lead to many countries. I imagine Joe’s news conferences and photo shoots will be as funny as his gaffs in America, with added variables for even more humorous situation comedy. He will be a larger, international, traveling sitcom.

Let us hope the leader of the historically-free world, does not step off the jet before the stairs are moved into place. Let us hope Joe does not thank the Chinese for contributing to his son’s wealth, when it was more the Ukrainians who put underserved money into Hunter’s bank account. Will the Chinese sever relations with America if Joe forgets where he is, while chamelion will not know China is a country.

It should be a real concern that ventriloquist-dummy Joe, and sub-intelligent, laughs-at-others’ misfortunes, Kamala, will offend leaders of nations, and their respective peoples by ignorance and dysphoria? 

Well, it is not funny, actually, laughing at a senile fool. We laugh at the morons behind the scenes who have placed poor old bonkers Joe in that horrific position.

In spite of elderly abuse by his wife and the democrat party, Joe is responsible for his own misadventures.

What would motivate someone to make such a fool of himself? Maybe lots of cash is forthcoming, from China? Maybe Joe was threatened?

I still maintain that Bernie is not down and out as a candidate for the democrat party nomination for dictator-in-chief. The democrats have the bolshevik/progressive tactic down quite well: shock and chaos. They could change the day before, cheat and then sue for the presidency. Well, with Bernie, chances for a win will be reduced. But, we know they have numerous tactics hidden from the public, and President Trump, they think.

I do still maintain that the democrats and bolshevik/progressives behind the scenes have numerous tricks up their sleeves. The biggest and best of all, distraction, sleight of hand, by providing a clear and present buffoon, and hated psychopath, while something else more insidious threads its way through politics-as-usual, facilitating unobserved electoral tampering.

Nobody, with a brain, who wages war the way war is waged, by killing truth and flip-flopping reality with fantasy, would be so dumb to engage the enemy on enemy’s terms. The democrats and liberals, not particularly genius, but directed and somewhat smart, know this simple principle. Does anyone think they are so indignant and haughty to not adjust?

The scenario could play out in numerous ways, but in all variations, the democrats have won. They, at least, believe they have everything covered. But they are not smart enough to predict much more than the manipulative media propagates, being deceived by their own egomania.

In my other articles I have expressed a belief, by studying rallies and other variables, that the democrats have, at best, 27 percent support, but appear more numerous and powerful than the general population believes or could understand. An application of scientific methodology is required to understand it all, and I explain in my commentary. Sorry, but almost nobody in our society has an understanding of scientific methodology, having all things done for them by s-called experts.

However, this dumbing down process directed at We, the People has placed democrat leaders and manipulators in the same state of misguided delusion.

Democrats have the politics-as-usual machinery in place to win elections, but they themselves, cannot learn. Adaptability has been washed from their minds too, along with the washing of vocabulary and communication.

The trick is to win but make it seem that it was close, the never-failing split down the middle, with a definite superiority.

Again, chaos and shock in reporting and follow-up polling is employed to let the machinery know where and how many votes to change.

In 2016 the democrats, the progressive machinery behind the scenes, had polling information at their disposal and knew how many republican/Trump votes to eliminate. It was too easy. The vote counting machines are deep-state, politics-as-usual operated, always connected to expanding democrat party government, covert and overt. We learned in the Clinton years that a specialist could sit in front of one of the computers and pull up votes, and change the count, and nobody could check.

The problem with the democrat/progressive machine is the democrats think they are smart. In 2016 they did not trust their own polling and believed they had the right amount of cheating already managed. They made mistakes and did not eliminate enough votes. The apparent shock was not due to surprise at losing, as much as it was surprise an failing to cheat accurately.

That, besides the reality that the democrat/liberal support is a delusion, is why the democrats lost the 2016 election. They got smart, to a degree, in the 2018 election, and added another variable, post-election discovery of votes. Six republican-won seats in California were stolen after the fact: after the count: after the election had been decided. Nobody challenged.

But, in spite of democrat party and liberal/progressive cheating, the democrats always miss something.

I wonder if President Trump does not have the cheating democrats covered.

Biden boasted he and the democrats already have 400 (or is it 600) attorneys ready to litigate the election should Biden, mysteriously lose. Surely, when contemplating fighting an enemy, as Trump surely sees the democrat machine and puppet Joe, a tactically oriented general, will recognize that the machine will distract while practical, tactical efforts occur out of public purview and, hopefully, out of Presidential knowledge.

But President Trump won the 2016 election, astonishingly: astonishing at least to those who cheated and thought they surely had the means of determining the win.

What did candidate Trump do then, what is he doing now, and what has he done for this election cycle?

Surely he can do nothing the media can identify and take to the public. If I can identify the tactics a President could use against enemies, I could say it in one term, a cliché: ‘fight fire with fire’. President Trump could only use the means that the dem/libs and progressives have built: the deep state, to beat the deep state. The deep state survives because the general populace does not know or believe it exists.

If Trump has commandeered the deep state, or infiltrated to some degree, few know it. If he has used the deep state, politics-as-usual, the deep state cannot report on itself for fear of exposure, and serious retaliation.

We can see what the establishment, politics-as-usual media is doing. They must overwhelm the public with positive messages for the deep state representative, while attacking the opposition. Two fronts of of overwhelming the public and polling, or testing to determine public perception of just about every aspect of the campaign. Polling is one part of feedback gathering and collating needed to adjust, in case the establishment needs to cut out its own cancerous elements.

I am certain President Trump has already taken measures to protect the integrity of his impending, unassailable tactics. Genius. And we may never know.

When he wins, and the democrats are speechless and cannot do what they threaten, we will know something covert must have surely happened. Another cliché to apply: the dem/libs, progressive/bolsheviks behind the scenes are already ‘beaten at their own game’.

If there is one thing the dem/libs, hampered in part by democrat political sub-intelligence, fail to learn, is that others, including President Trump, can adapt.

They key to survivability is not survival of the fittest, as the saying goes. It is survival of the adaptable.

The basic factor in controlling and fooling populations is destroying scientific methodology, which underlies and encompasses everything, even topics, issues and seemingly irrelevant things. Political science, per se, is not a course of study or discipline. Political science is science applied to politics: observing change and adapting to change. Democrats main problem is they think they are so smart they can change science and/or overpower nature.

Scientific methodology is everything, especially in political science. Cause and effect, stimulus-response, test and measure, pretest and test, isolation of variables and using control groups and collating data: all these things are part of the scientific process of observing, measuring and identifying reasons for change.

Without science, without understanding scientific processes, man is incapable of adapting.

Destroying scientific process of learning and adapting, for the general population, the outside of democracy citizenry, is the goal of international tyranny. Progressives, by controlling schools and social messages; through democrat party (politics-as-usual) and progressive/bolshevik misinformation machinery have been waging war on We, the People for decades.

By controlling all avenues of information movement, progressives behind the scenes limit it, dilute it and slash it, rendering it uninformative. The bolshevik/progressives behind the scenes control almost everything, basically, by design, and have reduced the sharing of information to a trickle so that emotion is left to exploit. This organized attack on We the People, leaves the masses fearful and incapable of adaptability: leaves the masses vulnerable, weak and unsurvivable.

RE: CRAIGSLIST POST, “trump’s war with US vets”

Re: “trump’s war with US vets”

click here

Isn’t it amazing how dem/lib facts are not facts? It is one of a number of tactics liars use create fake credibility. Sometimes these statements are near impossible, bold, if you will, to provide a shock. Liars’ statements are never backed and are pressed with an ensuing narrative as if the original statement were true. All that follows is attached to a fabrication, and what follows sometimes seem logical until one dissects the original statement.

Liars then use the accepted conclusions to “prove” the original fabrication truthful or fact.

Bolshevik-dick has done it again. He/she/it wrote, “The facts about Trump’s support of the military and Veterans:”

State the facts and win the case: a simple postulate for successful trial attorneys, and something this country is built upon. We, Americans, in this Constitutional Republic, self-governed by individual Bill of Rights, do not convict on hearsay, rumor, or fabrication. Facts are everything and the only thing to prove guilt. It is an impossibility to prove innocence, and we, judicially  and  neighborly, do not require proof of innocence. That flawed ideology is bolshevik, marxist, communist, tyrannical. It is totalitarian no matter what it is called.

A fact that someone may have offered an opinion of something another said or did, is not a fact. It is not witnessing. It is discarded in court, and in American tradition and public opinion: except where tyranny tries to flip-flop justice and truth.

Marxists, bolsheviks, progressives, the backers of the democrat party and some republicans, are trying to claim facts are lies while their empty claims are fact. This twist is dead wrong and dead wrong in American traditions, and legal equalities. It is dead wrong when we talk of and defend our rights and the rights of our neighbors and fellow citizens. This is America. We respect the flag because we respect our fellow citizens that the flag represents. 

Bolshevik-dick made numerous claims and backed nothing. A fact is not a fact until proven or shown correct. And therein is an apparent flaw, however, fact and truth can be, and must be scrutinized. The lie is in the propagating of untruth based on assumption. It is a trick tyranny of all sorts makes, relying on the ignorance and blind faith of fools. Tyranny, the dementocratic, left-wing fanaticism fabrication machine, relies on your inability, laziness or blind trust and faith to misdirect you from seeking fact and truth.

Every single one of dick’s claims is a lie or fabrication, or a pretense built upon another lie.

Where is this so-called war on US vets? It would seem that a war has battles and winners and losers of battles. How many battles, or attacks has President Trump made on US vets? None? Maybe bolshevik-dick can reference one attack that is not a fabrication.

You see, dick made a claim that it is a fact that president Trump said something about vets of WWII. Scores, literally scores of witnesses have refuted that claim, and one person, in a court of law or in American traditions’ court of public opinion and justice before the law,  does not over-power or supersede the testimonies of scores. In fact, if dick even tried to claim Woodward was correct and only two refuted, then the two outweighs the one, and we all accept the one, Woodward, as either mistaken or a liar. In fact we presume even Woodward’s innocence, believing he may be wrong as opposed to being a lying piece of rat feces.

But bolshevik-dick is a full-fledged liar, a fabricator of hatred for our traditions. OUR American traditions are OUR laws and justice. Our traditions derive from our self-governing system or representation and equality before the law. Justice and rights are our traditions. This is the American culture and this is why American culture is under attack.

The progressives, bolsheviks and marxists in reality, know that our freedoms and rights are the American culture. They know that if they destroy the culture the rights and freedoms, and guarantees from totalitarianism, no matter the name, will be lost from the world.

We, Americans know we have a back-up, “our day in court” because equality before the law is guaranteed. This seemingly insignificant cliché is foundational to freedom and equality before the law. We can be judged by our peers as opposed to being judged by monarchists, tyants’ agents or biased politicians. This is one of many traditions inextricably connected to our system of self-governance and our Bill of Rights. This is only one tradition the bastard bolsheviks are trying to destroy. It could well be the end of American justice and all that the Bill of Rights and this grand Constitutional Republic guarantee.

The progressives behind the scenes, bolsheviks and marxist maniacs, wage this war against our American culture, traditions, and freedoms through their political puppets, the dementocratic party, liberal institutions and the corrupt, banker/gangster controlled media.

The power of Constitutional Republic, married to a guaranteed Bill of Rights, is so stable and forceful, benefits of it as found in the only country on the face of the earth, spill over to other countries. This, too, is what the bolshevik/marxists and dementocrat globalists are trying to destroy.

Everything that follows from dick’s opening “fact” proclamation, is built upon the lie that dick is presenting fact. Everything that follows is erroneous and worthless.

If you, dear democrat/liberal supporter, want this process of equality before the law discarded for someone you irrationally hate, based upon “fact” of liars who lie that facts are factual, then you will get the same treatment because the institution of presumption of hatred replaces presumption of innocence, undermining all cross-sections of American tradition. In essence, you are cutting your own throat.

The attack on American culture is an attack on American tradition which in turn is an attack on freedom and justice for all. Have I backed and explained this well enough for you to begin your own liberation from ignorance? Will you now find and read the Bill of Rights, your rights? Will you further educate yourself beyond doubt and above trickery by reading “The Federalist Papers”?

The expanding totalitarian system is designed to weed out dissenters so that only a small percentage gain from the fruits of their own labors and the seized labors of others, while the vast majority is reduced to slavery. One day you will disagree with something the new rulers will institute, and you will be presumed guilty. It is coming faster than you think.

Bastard politicians such as governor Herbert of Utah, and his cadre of bolshevik agents working together, in shifts and tag-team tactics; execute a compartmentalized bolshevik plan to destroy the middle class economy. They are attacking you, bringing in centralized government, private police forces, to slaughter YOU.

BLM and antifa have been welcomed by bolshevik herbert, wilson, dunn romney, mcAdam, and the other traitors to We, the People.

As I have stated numerous times, war is deception. Those who purposely deceive a nation and population, are waging war. It is time we recognized this and rose to the enemies’ attacks. They are waging war on We, the People. Hang them ALL!

Some citizens will claim civility; that voting the bastard politicians (as opposed to representatives) out of office will work. Liars cheat, cheaters lie, and the two go hand in hand, all part of the deception of war against We, the People.

The election is rigged so that a small part is obvious while the deeply rigged and destructive part goes unnoticed, attention deflected by democrat/liberal deception, distractions and distortion.

We have two obvious governments in America. One is dementocrat party democracy which serves itself. The other is what serves the rest of the We, the People of America: Constitutional Representative Republic.

I will be portrayed as a radical. It has been presented that my words are less than significant because I do not have a radio program, or write for reputable publications, making money selling articles, commentary, op-eds and books. It is suggested that the representative government/process will survive if only we get republicans and conservatives to vote. Pure baloney.

The dementocrats have already won otherwise they would be careful how they present their tyranny to the public. They have been cheating for decades, plying right now, better than ever, war in the form of distraction and deception to hide deep state, democrat/progressive vote counting and vote eliminating mechanisms.

Sure, the talk show hosts can relegate my words and cautions, opinions admittedly, to radicalism or conspiracy theory. Does their theorizing about my opinions research and commentary make them conspiracy theory theorists? Is that better or worse?

It is true. I am radically centered in Constitutional Republic, the balanced middle of left-wing extremism: totalitarianism and right-wing extremism: anarchy. I am extreme a radical centrist: a balanced middle radical.: hardly extreme between two extremes and certainly not radical by definition. I am the most sane and truthful of both sides: never calling the balanced middle conservatives and republicans, by the foolish distortions of the tyrannical left, what the so-clled conservative and republican talk shows and reporters call the right. Constitutional Republic is the balanced middle, and that is my radical conservation.

I am in the war and they are onlookers and wishers only, deceiving themselves from the truth that American factions are waging war on America, and they themselves.

The vote count is done. If “we” have not seen the effects of that in California in 2018, when the democrats “found” ballots that turned every one of six republican-won districts over to dementocrats, then the blind are asking to be blinded further.

I fight right here.

If BLM and/or Antifa comes to my city. I will be in the streets, behind the rabble, watching and waiting. At least one of the marxist murderers-in-training will be taken out with me, if I am taken out of action: my further contribution.

Sophists, afraid to speak the truth, pontificating in their ivory towers behind their gilded microphones, continue to propagate fallacies that the elections, rife with cheating, produce representative results. Idiots or cowards?

John Jay contributed the least to the Federalist Papers because he was injured in a protest, in the streets, risking life and limb.

Jay and Washington are my role models, worthy of emulation, while microphone warriors of pretentious hopes and fancies of fair elections, from the absolutely unfair, are a waste of attention.

America’s heroes, true fighters, are unheralded by todays’s cowering, silver-tongued microphone warriors bleating, ‘get out and vote’.

Vote, yes, vote in a corrupt election scam and hope, beyond hope and reality, for a representative outcome In a democratic illusion.

I wonder where George Washington would be today? Would he be hiding behind a microphone in a studio, telling us the election will change everything, or will he be in the field, fighting, with me? Gorge Washington is the convenient hero of cowards today, truly. The microphone warriors, tough in comfort and praise for words, while We, I, challenge everyone wearing a mask. I have worn a mask 6 times in the six months lockdown. GO TO HELL, liars and cowards, National Governors Association tyranny.

I am still not convinced Trump is of the people. Has anyone heard of dialectic advancement? This marxist tactic can be divided amongst participants.

President Trump, if he is not in cahoots, fails at more than half of his promises (2 miserable justices), and placating republic-oriented and conservative traditionalists, with a good show.

I have stated I am not certain Trump is not part of the good show while marxist bolshevism, eugenics and genocide marches, grows and seizes control. He looks good while marxist tyranny rampages.

Cowards beyond cowardice: talk show and media celebrities, filling their pants when they contemplate telling truth, that we are at war.


Do not be surprised if President Trump does not win the election. The democrats have gone to many extremes to discredit opposition and garner attention, failing to give a single reason why their non-existent ideals should be considered planning.

Democrat campaigning has been cruel, deceptive and disconnected. With every radical statement, empty promise, attack, fabrication of social issues and evasion of real issues, democrat politicians are not only losing support and votes from democrats, they do not seem to care or worry.

The lies and attacks from every democrat politician worries me less than their apparent lack of concern for alienating and losing voters. If they are not worried, why?

The liberal media openly reports this and does it with airs of moral superiority, as if the outcome will prove they are right and in ethically superior. Why the bravado?

It is like the media reports on a football team traveling to the big game together, in a bus but the team does not have the star quarterback. The media, in this anecdote, is totally focused on the bus, the team in the bus, and the attitude and boasting of the team and support. The media goes to great lengths reporting it as if the apparent disadvantages do not matter, and that the necessities will not impact the unquestionable win by the incomplete team.

The democrats are not only missing their quarterback in Joe Biden, who lapses in and out of lucidity, reality and thought, but they are missing equipment and other constants.

How could any team get on a bus without shoulder pads, helmets, and the starting quarterback? How could any team show confidence in themselves when lacking so much? How does a team even begin a single play without a quarterback? It is impossible to think this team, so lacking in parts and mechanisms, could effectuate a single play, yet somehow, mysteriously and hidden to all by the media, the team has confidence and claims win. What variable in the equation is withheld from the public in the case of the football team, and the democrat party apparent incapacities?

In both cases, the real and anecdote, the cajoling, talking and interacting with confidence is exerted because they know the quarterback is already at the arena and the full team staff and equipment is also waiting for them. 

The anecdote is apparent, real equipment, a defined position in a quarterback, and support while the democrat party reality is that the public does see Biden’s numerous incapacities.

In the case of the democrat party recessive functionality, in their minds and boisterous proclamations, they have already won. What variables are waiting for the democrats that makes them, like the football team, seem to be so full of confidence in spite of so much insufficiency?

You, dear democrat party supporter, might read my commentary and think I am delusional, that the democrat politicians are not lacking or openly supported by a biased media helping them cover up. If I am lying, please, read on and give yourself justification and proof. If I am not lying, you had better know because truth, maybe providing rational opinion only, just might give you enough information to know you are being deceived to be used. Either I am your best friend at this moment, giving you information to make a rational decision, or I am using you for some mysterious reason, as I claim the progressive/bolsheviks behind the media focus, are your enemies.your best friend and tying to save you. Read on, for your own sake.

What do democrats have that we do not see? That question is only significant when I have convinced you they have abandoned many political tactics and traditions while employing tactics that have proved to produce failure. They are on the bus without a quarterback and equipment. Does that not raise questions in your mind?

The democrats are on their way to the big game without a complete staff and lacking full complement of equipment.

It is illogical that the other “team” thinks it will not be an easy win. One simple, irrefutable variable is that Biden is senile and incapable of sustained energy for anything. He does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving one year, let alone four, as president. Do you not think this systemic democrat party deception will not go unrewarded with the alienation of at least some, if only a small percentage of democrat voters?

Surprisingly, the unprepared “team” is confident, even boosting and drawing attention to their own incapacities: lack of plans and non-existent logistics implementation.

All this distraction occurs with the help of the media. What does the team have that is being hidden by the distractions of the media chasing the bus and providing a flowing focus on the non-essentials, emotions and action itself?

Surely there are democrat voters who have looked into Biden’s collusion with Ukrainian companies and the Chinese government, and have abandoned the democrat party. You, dear reader, may not believe that but would prefer to remain your own worst enemy, lying to yourself, unit you look into opposing views and find the oppositional views have accurate sources. 

Is it possible some democrats have abandoned the party due to violence and rioting in democrat-controlled cities and states? Have you not seen the connection or do you think some of your American neighbors and fellow citizens can be sacrificed for something? What would be the gain? If violence grows will it not come to you?

Why is there no social interest news regarding democrat voters of continuing, or waning, support of the party in cities hit by rioting? Why is there no coverage of how supportive and loyal democrat voters are in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis? Why is there never really any truthful reporting of democrat support?

How many thousands of times have we heard the latino vote goes to democrats? How many times have we seen proof, a news report or picture showing latinos voting in numbers? If it were true would the media not want to propagate the news that latinos are loyal democrats? Who says it is true without an attempt to show the veracity of the claim?

The liberal, democrat media never parades before the public any video of massive latino turnouts at voting precincts. We are never shown buses of latinos or blacks showing up to vote democrat. Non-existent means non-existent votes. The support for the democrat party is a fallacy.

I have estimated that, at best, 27 percent is the real popular vote for the democrat party, but they are loud and thus appear more numerous than hidden numbers and non-existent footage proves. The democrat party is the new bolshevik party: bolshevik meaning, in Russian, minority.

Actually, bolshevik was the bravado of marxists claiming, like media chasing the bus, that the marxist minority was the majority. The bolsheviks of 1917, lost the election, and still gained control of government, beginning a 70 year reign of terror that saw an estimated 30 million Russians murdered by “loving”, “caring”, “serving”, marxist leaders.

The democrats exert the same boisterous, boasting, bravado today, having less support than they would have We, the People, the foolish talk show hosts, and the cowardly republican representatives believe.

Think about this democrat sophistry for a moment. Why are dem/libs so boisterous and assertive regarding support? Why so loud in proclaiming presumption and support?

We are subjected to never-ending polling to predict results dem/libs want. There is democracy involved in actually promoting another “side”. Democrats are void of democracy.

We are bombarded with near absolute deceptive polling, all politically biased to one side. It is all fraught with error. Polling is not much different than modeling, the perfect fabrication for all the wishes and fantasies dem/libs live and propagate.

The polls, after all, did predict a massive win for Hillary resulting in a revelation that the democrat party polls were, still are, grossly inept and full of failure to report. The excuse was that republicans got a better turnout to win, while also claiming Hillary won the popular vote.

The fact is the democrats failed to learn. The liberal media, democrat party invested, reported such fraud it swept them into their own delusion, and they failed to adjust the fabrication of votes enough to win.

There was a degree of adaptation in the 2018 election. Democrats improved their post loss flip-flop to steal six seats from Republican wins in California. See my commentary.

Dem/lib polling consists of loud and bold statements but polling by a biased group can only be biased, and that is the premeditated deception. Who claims polls are correct and accurate, those who report constant and near absolute perfection of one “side”? Is that not suspicious?

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, greatness is not boasted or self-proclaimed, and yet, that is all the democrats have: focus on the claims and fantastical intents without the capacities, people or tools to effect anything. Greatness, or accuracy in reporting, is reported by others. So the democrats and their liberal media boast of their own greatness, and that, in and of itself, is suspicious, if not representative of weakness of character.

How many times have we heard or seen a liberal media person acknowledge good research or ethical reporting of a journalist on the other “side”, never? Never is impossible and yet it is rampant with those who boast and shout loudest, make the most bombastic claims, focus on the immaterial and silence the goodness that the other “side” may execute or, even failing, stumble upon.

In reporting, accuracy and honesty, according to dem/libs, exists from one “side”, theirs. Liars lie, boasting and proactively presenting information because they know they have no truth to back their claims. Will some democrat party supporters abandon simply due to offensive, inaccurate reporting, knowing the real one-sided attacks represent deception and dishonesty? Yes.

There are small cross sections of democrat party supporting Americans who have abandoned and will abandon democrat party support. Some will leave because Joe is senile and Kamala is terribly unlikeable. Some leave because they see deception and contradiction from one sentence o the next. The disingenuity is apparent and many ex-democrat party supporters have expressed derision and switch.

Sometimes we hear of ex-republicans switching as well. But most, if not all, are agent provocateurs, feigning sincerity and objectivity. What exposes the fraud is that they can never admit a reason for remaining with the republican “side”. They literally cannot find a good thing that kept them in conservative association, except for sophist, emotional fabrications. No talk of weighing one set of principles against the democrat/bolshevik list of dogmatic pretenses. Never is a word heard regretting abandonment of Constitutional Republic or Bill of Rights guarantees. The real issues they must avoid because honestly brings attention to long-standing democrat/liberal lies, such as America established as a republic and the founding fathers soundly rejecting democracy for the fraud it is.

One can immediately tell a fake republican who calls radio talk shows. Not a single negative comment about the democrats but the republican side, they claim to abandon is everything evil. They try, but the fraud is irrefutable.

. It is almost funny listening to pretend ex-republicans attack their pretend former party affiliations. They are like children with cookie crumbs on the faces, telling the adults they did not sneak cookies from the jar. Such childish disconnections and dissonance makes them embarrassingly obvious.

Generally speaking, dem/libs have unbridled hatred, that cannot be hidden, and there is almost nothing decent about the real character of republican constitutional self-governance they can mention in a positive manner. They know nothing of it and care not to know, seeking self-aggrandizement and gain at the expense of whomever they can bully, extort and exploit.

My favorite example of democrat, liberal and progressive deception is the uncontrollable urge these frauds cannot control, of claiming they have some regret leaving but cannot mention a single positive thing they regret losing. To these frauds there is nothing they understand as true representative government and freedom, and thus they cannot even fake lying about their regrets.

Some will abandon democrat party support because Joe is corrupt and a child molester (search the videos). Some will leave because of Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier, corruption in FISA courts. Some will leave because they have seen that Pelosi and Schumer are so full of hatred and deception, and AOC and the mob is so hell bent on communist control, they fear the bolshevik originating suppressed anger will easily burst into violence: violence evidenced by democrat politicians’ and liberals’ words.

I am sure I could make this list so much longer if I were to go back to my notes, commentaries, news and reports. Could fractions of a percentage for so many reasons to abandon add up to major loss? Yes. Do democrat politicians and progressives know this? Yes. Do they appear to think about or concern themselves with it? Why not?

Is the bolshevik democrat party really the majority? Does the boasting, bravado and aggressive posturing represent the power of a majority of support? 

Do the weak attempts to bolster themselves and their position expose the weaknesses of a minority of support amongst We, the People. That is my contention.

Does the loud, abrasive, incessant attacking of republicans truly expose the lack of confidence of a large voter support? Does the boasting bravado and childish attacking expose the democrats as the minority? Surely their polls tell themselves more than we know.

The democrats give us the evidence themselves, attacking and lying about everything. You may be a democrat supporter and believe nothing I have written, or, if you are still reading, something may have caught your attention. Will you be your own friend or foe and find the truth?


I tried to get COVID.

I knew it would find me if I just exposed my weaknesses. Is it under that rock? Is COVID hiding in that chemical solution of soap at the dental office? There it is, behind that fence, lurking, watching, plotting.

I went to a Trump rally. No such luck getting COVID or COVID signs and symptoms. I went to a BLM/antifa riot. No luck. Still healthy.

 I visited two friends who work in hospitals. They both told me anything that resembles COVID or flu symptoms is reported as COVID, and I did not get COVID, or the flu. DANG!

I decided to trick the virus. It seems to hunt the weak-minded so I pretended to eat garbage “food”, fooling myself and the virus, that I was not health conscious and as a result, not healthy.

I ate a bag of chips, a candy bar, pretend granola with soy oil and other chemicals. I over-indulged with a very large white flour pork and bean burrito. I drank a soda.

Throughout the day I did not drink my regular gallon of distilled water. I did not have my regular 5 or more servings of vegetables.

That same evening I sat on my butt: no exercise, not even mild, and watched television. To further the dehydration I drank half a bottle of wine.

Next morning I woke up with a slight headache, lungs were aching and magically, I had COVID. It must have been in the wine, the pork, or maybe  transmitted through the television, like so much fear that inundates our lives by democrats and progressives. 

I thought of going to a doctor to confirm my cause-and-effect challenged deductions, but since I had a dental appointment, I figured I would get my temperature and blood pressure tested at the dental office.

My temperature, with a slight COVID death sentence, was 98.4. Holy viral crap batman, I am .2 degrees below normal human body temperature. That COVID is a killer.

I am over 50 so I need to make sure I wear a mask next time I do my competitive swimming workout, and next time I play hockey because, as we all know, COVID thinks, sees and knows all, like cancer, involved in a fight to kill, you. Do viruses, like COVID and “flu”, and cancer wear protective equipment in these fights?

COVID was lurking, because Fauci, Birx, Dunn and departments of “health”, separate and independent of governors, magically knew each others’ goals and directives, were pushing to trick COVID and save us all.

COVID did it, knowing, and bombarding us. COVID-aligned media, to convince us to surrender to the reality that COVID is in a hunt for, not just our lives, but our souls, again, magically promoted by the same agendas, all in the fist-fight for our very souls

COVID with governor dictates where authority is not theirs is the sinister, diabolical agent of misinformation and, hence, physical realities of clandestine dangers.

Because the politically motivated governors association, ignoring real science (you know, scientific methodology) said so, COVID was the socialist/marxist entity that brought America to its economic knees.

I knew where and how I contracted it. I was down town, walking along 100 south, headed west. I know it was lurking around the corner, just waiting for me. It knew I had evaded the hunt and resisted the propaganda, fear-mongering, and anti-science manipulation, so it had to get me. It realized I must be made the example. That COVID just knew where to go. It must have been following me, and watching my moves because it caught me unawares. It might have also been more involved, chasing me into an ambush. Wow, this virus, with no brain, non-living, sure is smart, because it listened to Fauci, Birx and the political anti-science bolshevik National Governors Asociation..

If COVID attacks working Kulaks (small business owners); if it wreaks havoc on an economic system by locking down living; if it lies and coagulates into an unelected governing dictatorship (NGA), it is a bolshevik construct, but that is the genius of COVID. It has everyone fooled to think it is not a “flu” virus and deadly as the “flu”.

I wondered how a national body of anti-science “doctors”, Fauci and Birx, and their media, made the connections of a pretense of scientific methodology and governors stealing and thrashing OUR lives, to COVID thought and computation. Back to my story.

The next day, after my dental appointment, I went to work. I usually drink at least a gallon of water throughout the day. This day I enjoyed my usual cup of coffee and then, typically, worked in the heat. I had a swim workout later in the day and hesitated because it might help cleanse my soul of COVID thought control. I am a flyer, butterfly is my event. I eased up on butterfly and my workout.

That evening, without herbs or drugs, or chemicals, or viruses in other meds, I felt fine. COVID and I had come to an understanding.

During my self-induced COVID contraction, my lungs ached for about half a day. I thought about what others verbally regurgitated and decided my lungs ached the same as well: like I was breathing glass.

I exaggerate, though. My lungs felt no worse than years ago when I regularly suffered from “flu” symptoms.

The exercise of 8/26/20, reminded me of a similar event of 2008, when I conducted an experiment. I overindulged in the Christmas season; for just one day. Same results, same cure, and I learned. Have you ever learned by scientific methodology? Do you, dear reader, fellow American, distracted by celebrity politics, even know scientific methodology?

Luckily, for me, and those who listened and investigated for themselves, over a decade ago, I made the connection of “flu” signs and symptoms to the over-indulgence season: Thanks-giving to New Years day. That year, after feeling “sick”, I ceased my sub-nutritional, empty caloric intake.

If you had learned cause and effect, no longer taught in science classes; if you had learned stimulus and response, again washed from our minds by blithering emotional dem/lib/progressive black mail; if you had learned to actually learn, rising above silly, manipulative, regurgitation of dem/lib/bolshevik fear-mongering, you might be able to see the absolute corruption of Fauci, Birx, the American governors and other celebrity politicians, all lying and fabricating to exploit YOU.

Well, I am over my COVID episode. I tricked COVID and it ran away, like all dem/lib/progressive ailments and mental aberrations. I am amazed that COVID was tricked into ceasing its attack on my life and soul. I am stupefied that COVID is so politically oriented to dem/lib/progressives, but that bit of knowledge is what saved me. All I needed to do was pretend to join the marxist/democrat movement, and COVID relented. Funny how that COVID, what a funny guy, knew, or so easily accepted, that I was actually a democrat in disguise.