So many lies by dem/libs. So many lies all in one post. Pictures, drawings cartoons: any kind of fabrication does not make truth. Is that all the dem/libs have? Not much more. The central democrat party committee for propaganda sends their agent out on weekends. These posts are repeats. I have refuted and corrected every lie and fabrication in this post already, and the asshole reposts trolling, for weak-minded and ignorant victims. He/she/it makes numerous claims that are totally false. One was that republicans filibustered numerous times. ONE TIME, TED CRUZ!

READ about it in the liberal media, go back and look at the liberal news casts. The liberal news NEVER reported the innumerable filibusters by the democrats, nor did they report that Harry Reid left over 200 bills submitted to the Senate by the republican congress, sitting on his desk. Bills to “help” Americans the democrats ignored. If you, dear reader, can find Ted Cruz’s filibuster, and it is so bad, then all the republican filibusters must surely be recorded in the media. Besides Ted Cruz’s filibuster, I dare you to FIND ONE.

It is very dangerous territory when citizens are attacked for opinion.

It is very dangerous territory when citizens are attacked for opinion.
I have asked scores of times for a liberal, a democrat agent provocateur, or progressive to present a crime Ted Cruz or Rand Paul have committed.
One only has to read the attacks and fabrications by liberals and democrat agents to see the attacks are for opinion, preferences, and principles.
I, myself, am attacked daily for no real reason. Have I lied? Have I negotiated arms deals with America’s enemies? Have I posted gross and sick pictures of people engaged in things that should be kept private? Have I lied about the liberal “writers” and those who post vicious and cruel lies? Have I done what the liberals do? Have I been a proponent of late term, outside the womb murder? Have I tried to silence the free speech of others (dead babies included)? I don’t need to flag liberals. I want them heard. When they write and speak such hatred for no reason except hatred of others’ opinions I want readers and fellow Americans to see just what these so-called humans will do to other Americans if they cross them or do not capitulate.
There comes a point in anyone’s life when the force of sacrifice and imposition is just too much. Few will be complete fanatics for another’s cause. As staunch as they were some of Hitler’s “friends” and allies tried to kill him. So it is today. All the vile and disgusting hatred and lies directed at republic-minded citizens, by dem/libs, reveals their lack of compassion and decency for others, and this hatred from liberals is what I want Americans to see.
Where is the offense Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have committed? Did they destroy OUR documents, emails? Did they sit idly by while four Americans were killed?
Did they take American’s money and give a trillion dollar stimulus to the unions, corporations and international bankers, as did obama and the clintons?
Have either republican candidate flagrantly lied about keeping one’s doctor?
Rand Paul and Cruz are guilty of opinion, in the liberal mind. I have committed no crime. I have made accusations based on research and study. I have studied history, German history specifically, from a German perspective.
My offenses are as follows. I have speculated and opined. I have theorized and commented. I have studied and concluded. I have compared and contrasted. I have compiled and written. I have read and rebutted lies and fabrications, and pointed out my observations and thoughts.
Yet, liberals on CL want me quiet and call me names that do not fit. The anger, hatred and suggestions for violence against myself and others is reminiscent of NAZI tyranny. Liberals have lobbied to punish people for opinion. That is CLEARLY THE NAZI/COMMIE lifestyle, death-style.
If liberals get in power heaven help us.The democrat party is not a political institution, it is religion, and their god can do no wrong. Liberals are in power to a very large degree. They want absolute power.
When opposing opinion is more criminal than actual crime, a state of tyranny exists. And so it is with liberal, democrat party NAZIs.