Lying rat,
Romney is
a saboteur,
delivering UT
submission to

This means people of Utah are being prepared for slavery and slaughter.

People need to learn to look at what others do, not so much what they say. Romney abandoned, never adapted, any true conservative or republic-oriented principles. How on earth, except by allowing cheating deep state mechanisms to help him register votes he did not get, could this filthy slug of a lying rat get the republican vote and then get elected?

This crime is egregious. That filth, that scum, that treacherous, lecherous sub-human archon that lied and lies constantly, should be hung for all to see. I proffer that the traitor is arrested and given the same presumption of guilt he gave President Trump. Wait, it cannot happen. President Trump was innocent, being accused by witnesses who witnessed absolutely nothing, while Romney’s treachery is public knowledge.

You have to ask yourselves, how does a rat-crap-brain, slug with morals of an outhouse beneath a whorehouse, live with him/her/itself?

Romney is not human, and should be treated like a rabid, dangerous dog! What a sick, utterly sickening disgusting piece of rat-feces that fraud bolshevik is!

Do you understand that Romney sees him/itself as a superior being to all of those to whom, he lies? Do you understand that he, like so many other politicians is waging war against We, the People, and it is either him or millions of us?

How can you not see that when someone lies to your face, claims to be one thing and sabotages your hopes and faith in him, that rat has no regard for you or anything yours. This includes those you love. It is war against those you love. Romney openly wages war against those you love!

Hang that bastard archon filth!


Romney is
no republican
He is a lying
swamp rat

It is hard to imagine someone could be so bold and dishonest as Romney, lying to all of mormondom and Utah, to sabotage our representative process to replace it with bolshevik globalism.

Yet, we see Romney, that filthy deep state, swamp scum, pretending to be of a republic-oriented nature only to implement democrat-hate policies against OUR president and OUR Constitutional Republic.

It is bad enough that filthy rat continues to lie, every day with every rat-filth comment and claim that comes out of his filthy yap, we have to be reminded by the commandeering of his senate seat that he lied and cheated from the very beginning to acquire it.

What you, my dear fellow American, do not realize is that this is war. War is never accomplished, won or properly engaged and waged without first winning the political campaign.

Why do these rotten, lying, old timer politicians keep running for positions when the monsters should retire? I do know the answers to this but it is for another commentary.

We are at war. Romney, the filth, Herbert, Mendenhall, Hatch, jimmy-boy Matheson and their spouses have all contributed to this attack on We, the People by waging the war on truth.

Hang them all!

Government shutdown? YES, YAY. Shut down the swamp

Government shutdown? YES, YAY. Shut down the swamp the dem/libs live in.
The anti-democracy democrats ARE the swamp. They hold the mechanisms in their power to govern without representation.
How is it possible that 15 seats in the last election were lost to republicans, and suddenly more votes were found that ALL gave enough votes to the democrats to win? It is impossible unless democrats have tricks post ad hoc, to steal elections.
A ratio is established when votes are tallied but amazingly that ratio changes drastically in favor of democrats when they lose elections and mysteriously discover more votes, after losing. These mysteriously discovered and changed votes are 100 percent supportive of democrat party politicians gaining seats. These votes are discovered to not represent the ratio of known votes and voter support. The ratio, to sway original votes sometimes in the tens of thousands, must by simple math, be a massive avalanche of votes, every time, in favor of democrats. IMPOSSIBLE without cheating. welcome to the swamp.
Shut down the swamp! We, the People want it drained. Investigate the lost elections! We, the People want it.
DRAIN THE SWAMP! We, the People want it.
Keep up the draining, President Trump!