RE: “Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent?”

RE: Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent.

Why won’t “writer”, who I know personally, answer questions about the little girl that was found raped and murdered in “ writer’s” neighborhood?

I refer to this “writer”, agent provocateur, as bolshevik-dick because he/she/it (not really human), is living and propagating tyranny using bolshevik invading and control tactics. But he/she/it is suspect in some serious crimes. Why won’t he/she/it answer questions? Must be that he/she/it is guilty. There, case solved. Refuses to answer then we all presume he/she/it is guilty.

I know to you tough dem/libs it’s a feather in your caps, but I only have a few questions.

Why won’t you dem/libs answer questions if you are not guilty? Where was obama and clinton when Ambassador Stevens was killed? Who issued stand down orders? They will not answer? They must be guilty: treason. Hang them.

Why did obama go ahead with “universal” health care when he knew it was going to destroy and divide America?

We have thousands of questions you dem/libs refuse to answer. Why will you not answer questions if you are not guilty?

This dem/lib rhetoric is quite a flip-flop. Dem/libs want investigation and jail without trial, investigating a person when there are no crimes. At the same time they want to ignore a real investigation into real crimes, they have committed.

Why won’t you answer if you are innocent? Lock you up!

Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about Russian collusion, with the DNC? Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about hillary cheating berinie? Lock them up!

Dem/libs, media particularly, seem to know more about collusion, than anyone else. Is that because the dem/libs were, and are involved?

Lock them; lock you up!

Dem/libs seem to know more about non-existent Trump offenses. Or, is it that they are simply presuming guilt? Presumption of innocence serves dem/libs, even though their guilt is obvious. Such a sick and twisted flip-flop of reality and justice is typical of the bolsheviks everywhere they have invaded and slaughtered millions: Ukraine holodomor, the killing fields of Cambodia, Mao’s slaughter of an estimated 60 million Chinese, INNOCENTS.

I hope dem/libs are ready to receive the treatment they have been giving a duly elected president, OUR president.

You, “writer”, bolshevik-dick, I hope you are ready to be presumed guilty because you are going to get what you deserve, what you have been dishing out to others: innocent others.

You only fool a very small percentage of Americans. I mention this for the millions not sure if the 50/50 split is real, and how it can exist for decades. It does not: it is all a massive fabrication. It is another tactic of bolshevism.

The bolsheviks had, at best, 27 percentage of the “popular” vote in 1917. They lost and did what the “progressive” bolsheviks in America are doing today, trying to make the innocent pay and give themselves, the guilty, powers above the law they violate.

Ironically, the word bolshevik means minority.