What happens when GM contributes to a loss of new car production, and there are not enough cars? This is the beginning of a socialist/marxist/bolshevik loss of services spiral that ends in a subjugated, waiting and pleading for relief slave population.

It is all a tactic to give power over YOU, to the president. Like I have mused and wondered for years, he is one of them. The outright, obvious, treasonous efforts by democrats, liberals, and subversive republicans (Romney) has made me wonder if Trump is a cardboard cut-out establishment enemy. I found it interesting that, all along, he attacked the swamp, verbally a ubiquitous generic enemy, no better than Osama bin laden (oops- Obama sin laden), covid-19 squirrels and Russian collusion.

The governors “shut down” We, the People on the fears of a poorly predicted ghost.

Michigan has shut down people’s abilities and capacities to buy seeds for planting food. This is everywhere. Destroying people’s rights to live is just part of the art of ruler manipulation to extort compliance. Some people live on restaurant and bar food. They are starving.

The governors have seized control where nobody has watched and noticed they were building an organized front against our rights and very lives, while President was engaged defending himself from overt democrat party and liberal media attacks.

Anyone who claims to give you something, or anyone who gives you something, with force of law, such as legislated authority, can take it all back. You are now subject to the whims and moods of a dictator, you are a subject.

While governors tread a thin line, we are ready to hang them for treason. There is an ignition point and the authorities are waiting for it, then Trump will “open” the economy.

All these years the way Trump has helped America was to get out of the way. All through this administration Trump has been under attack, sometimes ruthless attack, dangerous attack, life-threatening attack, but acts and operates as if he is not worried. There were times through these three years that normal people wondered if Trump’s life were under threat. So how did he survive? Surely, if they could, there is not a single democrat or hate-stream media “person” who would not have him, so we think, removed for mental reasons. Pelosi went nuts at times, threatening, and Schumer actually threatened President Trump and a new appointee to the Supreme Court.

How is it that threats, lies, fraud, subversive treasonous activities and obtuse hatred and attack goes unreported by hate stream media and impunity is available to the haters in chief, Pelosi, accosta, CNN MSNBC, Schumer et al?

This economy and the hatred, and the unauthorized power governors have seized, Trump’s apparent safety from attack, Trump’s opening the economy through three years, Trump’s apparent ability and constitutional authority to “open” the economy, are all connected.

First point: What made the American economy grow and “open” these last three years? Was it Trump opening the economy? No. Was it Trump getting out of the way by removing regulations? YES!

Through this stupid stimulus Trump did not veto, the democrats, liberals and bolsheviks behind the scenes in the establishment/swamp government added liberal/marxist/bolshevik gains that put all “Trump’s” works back 20 years. It is as if he had not been around for these last three years, as planned, and he allowed it.

What would it take to “open” the economy? Would it take a presidential decree or law, vetoing governors? Would it take Trump giving our economy back to us, so he could take it back whenever he wanted? Would it place our economy and rights to work and live in his hands? Would a decree of something, instead of what has worked for three years, place subjective powers in his hands? Would that make us subject to a supreme ruler who has his state agents controlled, voluntarily and by predetermined tactics, in the hands of a supreme authority?

We go back to work for ourselves.

There is no epidemic, by any real measurements and standards. There is, and never was, a pandemic, by any definition.

You, cowards, are cutting your own throats giving power to them by dealing with them.

We go back to work because we decide. If you are fearful of a fake epidemic, stay home, but support us who want to work.

Pelosi has warned us that there is an inherent infrastructure problem. When did this word, infrastructure” start being used? The word became popular with politicians, seizing control of utilities. It is fascism by regulations. Ventilator acquisition, hospital beds and hospital purchases and construction have all been under state government control for years.

Governors, mentally deranged Cuomo especially, refused all these necessities for which there is a great need, is now begging for federal help, to give the central authority power over states, through governor submission. Cuomo and Herbie have lied and lied and lied, all along.

What we do is not assemble and protest.

The only thing we can do is ignore them and go to work.

I am working. I have told my customers I am still ins business. I will get no money  from the Federal government, and I do not want my business and success subject to edicts, dictates, “openings” and easing. My success will not be subjective, subject to anyone.

You, dear fellow citizen, can do that if you want. You are a subject as it is, moving slowly to being a slave, closer with federal aid. Good luck when the day comes and you have to admit you contributed to the economic fealty to another nation or, worse, the slaughter coming upon America.

By definition there is no epidemic. By definition there is no pandemic. By reason, there is no covid-19. Somebody has gone to great lengths to convince We, the People, that there is a pandemic, easier than convincing us that there is an epidemic. But if we believe the lying liberal media, and the fools going along, then we can believe there is a pandemic, almost everywhere except here, all the hundreds of thousands of “heres” across the nation. 

There is no epidemic except in liberal and democrat party strongholds: strongholds of propaganda primarily.

If we look at the definition of epidemic, there absolutely is NO epidemic in Utah, Wyoming, California, 95 percent of China. There ini epidemic in New York

Pan, the prefix, means all, total, complete. There is no epidemic everywhere. All, total, complete does not define this so-called epidemic, rendering the spotting hotspots of liberal/democrat party epidemics extremely rare, almost absolutely inapplicable and thus, not pandemic.

But, there is a reason and timing for this fake virus. How many people have gardens?

Andy pooper reports California claims grim blueprint for life after covid, reopening.

Nope. If you accept their subjectivity you move closer to being a subject, a slave, and death.

Death, too much to believe?

Many states do not allow purchasing of garden seeds. Shut downs, cessation of services, and America’s national debt called in, and there is no money, and absolutely no sovereignty. No money going to out of work Americans, no food and we find ourselves fighting each other, not the tyranny that has deceived and extorted compliance.

Pelosi and the democrats plan to remove services, electricity, communication (internet and meetings), and petroleum products for heat, cooking, and transportation. The infrastructure, we are told, is compromised. If Trump were to actually be one of us, he would simply remind Americans that the governors do not have authority to seize control and stop Americans from our sovereign rights. If we want to die working, good. It is our choice, and with no epidemic, there is no justification for oppression.

A simple declaration by Pelosi and the rat-brain lizards of the democrat party, who plan to give Americans help but have already dumped the hispanics they claimed for years they loved, shows they are not human. People working under the table pay no taxes, and will receive no federal money. In a way, incidentally, they are being elevated above We, the American people by their abilities to work in spite of challenges. It is the plan of rulers, not rule of law. All public utilities, utilities We, the People paid for, are under siege. The plan is seize control of more utilities by default, by pretenses that we need a supreme authority to reorganize and distribute utilities because strain and crisis: rises created by lying governors, politicians at all levels, and the corrupt marxist/bolshevik/progressive media.

Protests do not do much. Protests, against politicians dictates and edicts, give power to politicians.

Power is found in truth, a long as we action it. There is no covid. There is an attack on the masses of the world. We, the People of America, and OUR Constitution are the only blocks to total world domination and genocide.

The New Olympians, as the behind-the-scenes-rulers consider themselves, want to and, will without remorse or hesitation, eliminate seven billion people. If they could get away with outright slaughter, they would. The Constitution, stronger than YOU, or anybody thinks, is only one of two things standing in the way. We do not bow to magistrates, political pigs, rabid governors or traitors of any name and party.

We go to work.

I worked today and so can you. Just go, take power from governor dictates by ignoring the bastards and political whores. Herbie is a filthy, lying pig, and should be hung.

We need a justice department that seeks justice for the crimes of the clintons, pelosis, obamas, all democrats and some fake republicans.

We all have the “power to do something, to stand up, and be counted”, by the rulers who have their minions take notes, send the police to eliminate you behind public purview thus conquering, and killing. Go ahead, do what “they” promote, stand up, be noticed, noted, marked, and eliminated. This message brought to you by the ad council, a central government tyranny propaganda institution, spending your, OUR money against We, the People.

Go to work, get together with your neighboring businesses and file lawsuits, file class action suits against herbie himself, and those who have lied to deceive and destroy your businesses. Herbie lied, not a thing; not a government. Herbie lied.

Or we will be fighting over scraps, while rulers take the real spoils.

Go to work. Some police officers will support but most will take the side of tyranny. Police are hired for their capacity for submission to authority. Police forces today are filled by numerous anti-social personality disordered candidates. The mental aberration Test, MMP3…something (I forget), identifies those with low moral character easily moved to gain in spite of ruthless dictates from authority.

So if you are a police officer and think you are above the simple minded capacities of rabid dogs, you had better make up your mind now to serve We, the People or serve politicians, rulers and genocide. That is where this is all going.

The people of America would be, and are, stunned, shocked and in disbelief that anyone would dare try to eliminate a whole country, especially this one, OURS, that we are so good nobody would want to take out a glowing light for all mankind. Evil does not care! You, me, We are an impediment to the New Olympians’ rule and leisure.

There are innumerable people in the world who would slaughter every person in America if it guaranteed the one major barrier to world rule were eliminated.

This leads to another topic nobody has mentioned.

It is not only unconstitutional but sick and twisted, evil to the core, to make innocent people pay for crimes of others. In fact in America, under the only truly fair justice system ever devised; America takes that principle so far that if there is ever a chance law or justice will make an innocent pay, the guilty is allowed to go free.

The same principle applies. The innocent never suffer for the crimes or challenges of others.

Economically, scores of millions of people are suffering for the “crimes” of a few who get sick and run to authority for subjective “help”.

To clarify, the suffering of some by an augmented, non epidemic, questionably existent virus, does not give government the authority to inflict and make anyone else pay pay in any way.

Herbie can go to hell. We are going back to work!

Monday, April 20th. Just go back to work. The first thing you do is you talk to staff and tell them the situation. Have meetings with your neighboring businesses and staffs. Work this as a block organization. You surely will need to inform your staff that if something happens, and suddenly you decide to change your mind, over the following days, it is because the authorities have threatened you. This will give them power to know. This power of knowledge translates to support for friends, as opposed for submission to authority.

Organize by streets or blocks, but get together and be prepared for all to contribute to a fund to sue the bastards stealing your, your employees’ and your friends’ and families’ lives. This fake epidemic; this seizure of power, is a step to genocide, YOURS!

If the police come, sue them as well. Sue everybody so the courts are flooded and justice knows we will not comply. Will you comply with your own death? Maybe, a sacrifice. But if you know your sacrifice will protect those you love and serve, then do it.

I am no hypocrite. I have put my life on the line for years. No details, but writing this should show that I am willing to speak truth, for you. My words do nothing if I do not live what I preach. I am broke, have no retirement fund or sources because I have written and resisted for over 20 years. I have been self-employed and refused to be part of master-slave relationship. I have fought the evil, the lying liberal agent provocateurs on craigslist. I have written no less than 5,000 articles and commentaries. I barely know how to make my site organized and working, but have spent tireless hours writing, editing and fighting.

Go to work! Tell the authorities, the lying politicians in the process of stealing power through your submission and surrender of authority; tell them by your actions, to go to hell, and be prepared to fight.

If the police decide to side with unjust authority, that is the problem of the individual, too bad. By submitting to evil, any and all police know, if they have half a brain, they are also putting their own lives in jeopardy. People are people, they, We, will rebel.

Trump is playing a part and We, the People are giving him authority and power through submission to governors’ unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral dictates. Hang them for treason!

Where is our “leader” cleaning the swamp? Trump never was our president.

If Trump wants to prove he is a president of the people, he will tell Americans to ignore governors’ dictates and go back to work. He will rescind all congressional give-aways to organizations and causes unrelated to the covid stimulus, all ultimately unwanted by conservatives and republic-oriented citizens.

If Trump wants to actually show he is a president of We, the People, he will clear the justice department, firing immediately swamp creatures, and begin investigations, like democrats have done for decades, on corrupt people, with arrests and punishment for treason.

Clintons should have been in jail, and would have been either in jail or swinging from a gallows, already, if Trump had delivered on his promise to clear the swamp.

Even with an unbelievably honest and conservative champion of republic principles, Trump did nothing for justice. This alone should be a clue to who and what he really is.

It has all been a ruse, a scam, a ploy and plot to turn republic-oriented citizens into slaves to an idea, easily destroyed. The trick, finally discovered and employed by those who intend to cleanse the world and rule with totalitarian control, is to find the right pied-piper to lead republicans, conservatives, and freedom oriented Americans to a mass grave.

If Trump were truly a president of We, the People, he would do what he has done for three years, get out of the way, eliminate obstructive regulations, and side with the rights of We, the People to self-determinate, work and live. Is that what he is dong? 

If you are republican or conservative, be prepared to chase principle no matter who is the source, and be prepared to oppose, resist, and fight tyranny., no matter who or what.

You had better know who your friends and foes are. You had better be ready to look at what others do, and not what they, he or she, promises to do; who delivers on promises and he or she who talks and fails or magically cannot deliver, is not your friend.

How on earth, dear republican/conservative fellow citizen, if Trump is a brawler, a president of We, the People, a fighter to clear the swamp, but has not done it, why?

The so-called brawler offered no resistance, no fight for the bolshevik/marxist/democrat party pretense of a stimulus. Why not? What does trump say and what does he do? Two different things?

You are giving subjective power to a person who has not delivered, when he could have. You have succumbed to the most evil bolshevik/marxist democrat party rule, imposed upon us all by delivering marxist/bolshevik totalitarianism and rule, delivered by President Trump himeslf.

Either wake up, take back your lives, go to work, be prepared to fight, or die.

Watch a movie, a Russian made movie called, The Checkist, 1992, to see just how democracy works. READ! Read the letters to colonials at the time of the break from Britain. Read The Federalist Papers to know why and how we have a Constitutional Republic and how your rights, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, came to rule America. Read and see the differences between what tyranny promises and what representation does. Read and rediscover our friends, and enemies.

Hang Herbie, Romney, Mcadams, Hatch, Mattheson, Cannon, Leavitt. Hang them all for treason, their contributions o destroying OUR representative processes of self-governance. Hang them for lying, cheating, corruption, stealing and subversion: all part of conspiracy to kill. Do not run away because I used that word conspiracy. There is a reason evil has propagated a fear about it. Evil conspires.

Investigate these traitors’ wives for knowledge of treasonous activities, and apply justice.

Go to work, your best way to prove you want life over the death these lizard-brain beings have planned for you, in a hundred ways these traitors to We, the People offer.

Go to work, unite against governments, kingdoms, principalities and evil by any and all names: “nice” socialism, democracy, and outright marxism/bolshvism/progressivism.

I, myself, expect they, the authorities, will come for me soon. I hav legal backing but a fake crisis propagated by a fake epidemic will be the claim tyranny uses to convince me they are justified in suspending of my rights. I will not go along, and I may be gone but you have power of truth now.

Be vigilant. Learn to discern. Be prepared to drop your idols, Limbaugh, Levin, others. They have all deferred and submitted to propaganda they know originates with deceptive, dishonest evil sources, the liberal media. I ask once more: how on earth can Rush, Levin, Hannity, Ingraham, Praeger, that silly punk and the sub-intellectual second rate Shapiro; how can these dummies attack, dissect, and expose the lies of the lying liberal hate-stream media for so many years, yet suddenly believe and defer to a sudden streak of honesty from sick and twisted “persons”: accosta, hayes, mad-cow, don lemon, and hundreds, if not thousands, of others?

If you know the story of the frog and the scorpion, tell us Rush, Chris, Larry, Mark how do the scorpions of the media suddenly transform and become frogs? How can these liars and incorrigible frauds and enemies of humanity, still openly showing their hate for a duly elected president, be frogs in one thing?

How on earth can these so-called intellectual leaders and heroes believe for a second that liberal media suddenly acquired morals and ethics, and is telling the truth about covid deaths, covid infections, covid origin, and the Chinese sources of “truth? How on earth can these people think for a moment that the lying liberal media; the media propagating and promoting removal of a duly elected president,; how can these “smart” people actually believe the lying liberal media, sub-human reptilians, suddenly got honest? 

This is it. Fight or die.

Stay at home and die? Suffer through starvation, and die? Suffer through thirst and die? Suffer through poisoned water (fluoride and other chemicals) and die? Suffer through fake epidemics, submit to forced “vaccinations” (stupid pharmakaia dogma to begin with), and die? Suffer through investigation, interrogation and torture, and die? Suffer through accidental infection, forced medication and vaccination (see Global Environmental Energy Technology and Paul Pantone, in SLC), and die mysteriously of a fake epidemic. 

Fight, say no. Go to work. NOW!

A protest is seen by authorities as a step towards violence directed at authority.   If you protest against authoritarian measures you are protesting that particular authority. I t takes almost nothing for authority, one that lies, for example, about a non-existent epidemic or measures to protect from a non-existent epidemic or pandemic, to single out individuals and arrest them secretly when they least expect it: at home.

It takes nothing in this age of technology to identify, isolate, and sequester individuals without legitimate right to organized self-defense (see Frederick Bastiat, The Law), and then harass, arrest or threaten compliance.

Why show your hand, so to speak?

If you want to resist you must employ Sun Tzu’s principle of feigning weakness in strength. Go to work. If you simply go to work and the police show up, to force you to comply with an admonition, you can easily refuse and refute with a simple claim you have a right to work. Do not make any overtures that you are resining or that you are protesting. Be prepared for court and get your employees behind you.

If it appears that all you are trying to do is work and live, the presumption that you are resistant with potential force, by showing it in protest, is seldom perceived.

A paranoid ruler might presume that, however, and we see this in ruthless totalitarianism. We still have tactics we can employ to fight tranny’s next moves, one of which is ruthlessness. Is it not ruthless enough already that there are tens of millions of American lives compromised by ruthless lies and fake epidemics?


1,000,000 cases of fake covid, 10,000 deaths, or whatever.

1,000,000 cases of unemployment and cessation of livelihoods, 20,000 deaths.

Consider this, while it is on my mind. Ruthless seizures, ruthless oppression, ruthless force of medication and vaccines and treatments with poisons administered to kill resistance to authoritarian measures, accompanied by lies to make inevitable covid death appear from murder. There are sick people everywhere ou live, everywhere you go who will kill innumerable others for gain. How is it possible there are none in politics?

Just as rats and vampires have association so do ruthless politicians have the same associations. Do not fool yourselves that these liars “love” or respect you. YOU!

Go to work. That’s it. Be prepared in advance. Call your neighbors in advance, meet with them. Feign compliance by wearing masks (they do little anyway).

Go to work! Open for business. Engage with others, There is no epidemic. Herbie lied from the very beginning, employing a sub-intelligent ploy to create a fear from nothing.

A man died. He was 80 years old, sickly and near death for years prior. The news article lied to deceive because the writers knew the real news would not be alarmist enough to manipulate your compliance to subjective rule. There are other points in this fake covid death that are covered in my other commentaries.

Go to work, engage in social intercourse, discourse and activity. Openly live and refuse to submit to self-isolation and social suicide.