Mass shootings increase.


Under President Trump there were seven mass shootings. Terrible indeed.

The last five presidents, excluding President Trump:

Ronald Reagan: 11

G.H.W. Bush: 12

G.W. Bush 20

Bill Clinton: 23

Barack obama: 120

Under biden, America is on pace for 540 shootings.

Welcome to your bolshevik squeeze play.

The Biden administration released felons, violent criminals into the population.

Pressure from within the population and pressure from the administration down, squeezing Americans between a rock and a hard place, nowhere to turn for relief, as planned, and government steps into the chaos it, they, have created, to offer solutions that benefit those who have already been purposely compromised.

The solution cannot possibly be designed to benefit the victims because the cause was designed to take law enforcement from the same.

There are a number of methods of counting mass shootings. I have found sources that compare the same parameters. My numbers do not include international incidents.

The raw numbers, however, of total deaths due to multiple shooting events produce a stark, startling  reality.

Although an individual’s chances of being killed in a multiple shooting are very slim, slightly higher than being hit by lightning, under the Biden squeeze play an individual’s chances of being killed in a multiple shooting are almost five times as high.

Your chance of being killed in a multiple shooting are five tomes as high as getting hit by lightning.

Your chances, under your democrat/bolshevik president, of paying 50% more for gasoline are 100%: you already are.

Your chances of higher taxes, no matter what tax bracket you occupy, are 100%. Inflation is taxation.

Your chances of getting killed by an illegal alien, under the Biden squeeze play, has more than quadrupled.

Your chances of experiencing food and gas rationing are 100%: you already have, especially living on the east coast. Was it only last year the squeeze play deep state, independent of the Trump Administration, engineered food shortages such as chicken, eggs and water? We have been promised tougher times by squeeze-play joe. Would this include more non-violent crime such as burglary, cyber fraud and extortion? We have already seen it all with the shut down of the east coast pipe line.

Are you expecting security from foreign invasion? Already dashed with invasion of drug cartel flooding America with deadly drugs. Are you expecting safety and security in the public schools? With increases in drugs, invading drug agents in the schools, your children’s security and actual. Education are being increasingly compromised:

Your chance of losing your home to cyber theft increases with squeeze-play joe’s misdirection of attention to social issues pertaining to micro cross-sections of Americans, while ignoring and exacerbating major issues: illegal invasion, drugs and human trafficking.

If you are expecting an administration concerned for human rights, ask what happened to the rights to freedom of speech for your republican neighbors. How would you like it if the republicans under President Trump did to you what dementocrats and squeeze-play joe have done and are doing?

If you expect transparency in your new federal government would you like to know how many children have died and regularly die in transit to the US border?

Are you under some utopian delusion that the trip from central American countries, paid for by the affluent, not broke peoples of those respective countries, is safe? Transparency is the obvious concern for those who want truth of the real crimes: child trafficking, child-rape and murder.

Your chances of being influenced, disturbed, by the vilest of sub-human exploiters has increased ten fold, in my semi-informed opinion.

Your chances of experiencing a good and decent family life are slim to none. Under the Trump Administration and adherence to traditional American values (guaranteed freedoms), your children just might turn you into the squeeze-play joe thought police. Forget a relationship with your grand- children. The bolshevik squeeze play focuses on separating generations and “state” raising children to serve “state”. Heaven help you if you get in the way.

Your chances of experiencing retirement have already been compromised. Super inflation, already rearing its ugly, squeeze-play joe head, has already dropped the value of your money.

Super inflation could eat your savings in one year, to nothing. Look at history with out-of-control, squeeze-play joe styled spending in Germany (Weimar Republic), Venezuela, Cuba, and others.

Your chances of living a life free off invasion by other countries has already been compromised and successfully attacked. The pipe line shut down was engineered executed by agent provocateurs in America. Why did squeeze-play joe and his administration make no efforts to find and prosecute the perpetrators of a shut down of a huge portion of America? The next shut down will disable American forces that could strike at invaders from the sea, landing in the private biden/dementocrat port and beginning the military campaign against, YOU.

How on earth could the American supremacy in technology, in almost every field and discipline be so easily comromised? Impossible unless aided by those who know the American systems.

The squeeze-play joe administration is already in collusion with the Chinese communists, planning an invitation to invade, with open ports and grounded air and absent navy. There can be no mistake that the Chinese communists have been investing in west African countries to bring Chinese invasion forces closer to America. Bidens and the dementocrat are involved.

Your chances of being duped into surrendering your rights are 100%.

Your ignorant fear and compliance to fake-science of the “covid” scam, shows your continuing susceptibility to further extortion and manipulation.

One series of questions to get you thinking: How many people do you know who had the flu, over the course of their lives, who continued to play sports, attend school, go to work, and do so without being sick? How many have done the same with the “covid” scare? How can non-sick people be sick? How did politically sick become the standard?

Christian attackers, abortion, massacre. Original post, refused by craigslist, 6/13/16

That is funny, by utardia, the democrat party political agent assigned to utah. The fraud admitted he/she/it goes by numerous aliases and lives over 2,000 miles away. He/she/it has threatened me by email numerous times.
Unbelievable, though, the bolshevik poster actually called it “…five examples of Christian terrorism…”.
The Knoxville shooting was not perpetrated by a christian. Is that moron so stupid he/she/it forgot that the parameter he/she/it presented included “christian”? Apparently the idiot cannot remember what a christian is and what victim means. What a moron.
Which campaign of ”terror” against abortion doctors, is utardia talking about? Is he/she/it referring to Kermit Gosnel, in jail for killing living babies, and potential mothers who “visited” Gosnel’s clinics? Or is the agent provocateur referring to…., oh, there is nothing. The fraud; the liar fabricated something out of nothing, and could not even provide one name.
So far, utardia, is ZERO for two.
The 1995 oklahoma bombing…too long ago. That was before Clinton, war criminal, slaughtered Serbians and Bosnians in an illegal campaign of terror. Maybe asshole utardia better mention there are international law suits against the clintons for war crimes.
ZERO for three.
Is utardia, a zero, or a lying piece of rat crap? BOTH!
Everything the democrat party Ku Klux Klan did?
The Ku Klux Klan considered blacks 2/3 of a person, and wanted it to stay that way. Today muslims, democrat brotherhood muslims, consider infidels (non-muslims) only 2/3 of a person. Is that slavery? Who, what, again, is the party of slavery and slavery terrorism? Do I need to spell it out? D, e, m, o, c,…
A reign of terror against abortion doctors….what a laugh. Is that idiot aware that abortion involves killing children? Find that nut and expose him/her/it for the democrat party political agent of propaganda he/she/it truly is.
ZERO for four.
The massacre at …whatever.
I know nothing about it but I am sure if the details were known I would remember and be able to point out utardia’s fraud. I am sure we would see utardia/weirdicus/star-twit using great rhetoric to describe a misleading claim.
“Massacre”. Oooooh, so scary. Who got “massacred”? Who got killed? Who started the fight? Were federal agents of tyranny involved?
Lying loser utardia could not give a single detail, like the complete lack of details of abortion terrorism….coming to a hospital near you. Eight million dollars this weekend, and 30,000 dead babies.
This is not funny. This rat attacks truth itself because destroying truth is to win the propaganda war and, according to many military analysts, winning the propaganda war is a necessity when preparing for war.
So, the dem/libs pull out all stops, even to the point of ignoring the fact that a muslim dog attacked and murdered OUR fellow country-men.
Maybe these people are not “fellow country-men” to utardia, dog-piss breath? Who is that filthy fuck, then?
I will not bother looking at #5 because at best weirdicus can only hit 20 percent correct: obviously pretty good for dem/libs. I wonder if asshole uses words like massacre for the “mysterious” terrorism against baby killers, or if he/she/it uses “massacre” to describe one million American babies murdered every year? It is genocide, a concerted assault on the black community. Is that a massacre? Blacks are being dumped, by obama hisseff, and replaced by mexican and arabic scum. It is genocide against blacks.
How about some honest perspective from these lying liberal gutter filth?
Do these pigs not hate being called names? Do the pigs not hate being the names they are called? The money, from OUR lost trillion dollar stimulus, must be good, for them.
So, I presume, and probably correctly so, that utardia/baby-killer/innocent blood drinker, is wrong (lying) about #5, making him/her/it ZERO for five.
Anybody care to check out #5 and report?
I just remembered. #5 shooter was not a christian either.
ZERO for 5!
What a loser. Nobody could be such a perfect loser without trying. What was dip-twiticus trying to do then? Was the gutter rat trying to mislead you, the readers, We, the People? Was agent provocateur 13, trying to mislead Americans from safety of their true friends into the arms of those that exploit and murder: dem/libs propagating tyranny? Need I answer that?