The bastard governors have locked down mankind by fear and extortion. We, cowering in place have locked out humanity.

When I refer to the governors as bastard governors I mean it literally. Whose spawn is the National Governors Association? Do these bastards represent We, the People, even in an unusual, maybe not clearly seen or understood way? From where do they get their ideas and for what purposes do they make policy?

If not at all representative of We, the People; and it cannot be shown that there is a sliver of input from We, the People; then we must assume these bastard representatives are influenced, led and represented by other, clandestine forces. Hang them all!

Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?

Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?
A million so-called claims of a million staffers resigning is equal to zero, about the real value of anything a dem/lib claims.
One name is all we ask. Can bolshevik-dick give us one name with a quote, without lying, of course?
No? Providing substance to dem/lib claims has NEVER happened.
People beware, the bolsheviks, global tyranny embedded in the democrat party, will slaughter two thirds of America to rule the other third. They work with the U.N whose outright, bold, bodacious goal is to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. That means that 14 out of every fifteen people have got to be eliminated. Bill Gates and other so-called public personalities are big advocates of global genocide.
The goal is to reduce America to less than 100 million.
Take a look around you. Watch 2 out of every three people you see, be killed, by the bolsheviks, social justice warriors, antifa and other groups of destruction. Beware!
The invading treasonous bolshevik-dick to our board, here, in Boise, is not unusual and the agent provocateur is not a warrior for justice. He/she/it is not a conscientious citizen. He/she/it is not a friend of democracy, representation or fair and decent rule of law. Bolshevik-dick is not a friend to fair treatment for all found in presumption of innocence and innocent until PROVEN guilty. The bolsheviks in America, known as progressives, would do here what they have done in other countries for centuries, presume opposition guilty of political crimes, and murder hundreds of millions.
Bolshevik-dick is one of many agent provocateurs, paid to sow hatred, fear, misinformation and flip reality so the good people of the nation are eliminated and the evil ones rule with impunity.
We are witnessing an increasingly violent and growing body of citizens whipped to near frenzied states to kill. We see it already, everywhere. We have not yet experienced the violence and destruction antifa and the subversive progressives and bolsheviks are trying to create because we are a divided nation. The division, however, is a matter of misinformation by the bolsheviks who rule the subversive entities such as the liberal/communist mainstream media, the CIA, NSA and other fascist/communist agencies. Everything in OUR government and non-governmental ruling bodies has been infiltrated and almost completely commandeered by the subversive, globalist tyrannies. America is close to a fall.
But America has a few aces in our hand and this is what keeps the antifa fascists, and the backward-progressives at bay. These enemies of We, the People; enemies of our governmental self-rule, want violence. They want to be able to send out their “justice “ warriors to kill the decent people of America. They would slaughter millions, right now, if they could.
There is a fire point where civility breaks down. The globalist bolsheviks behind the scenes are pushing countless, funded groups to action, but these groups are cautious, and rightly so. The aces, so to speak, in Americans’ hand are numerous and stronger than the globalist banker/gangsters care.
The globalists; the bolsheviks, communists and fascists (really, all the same) care not if millions of their own soldiers are killed. They have the recruitment system in place and they care as little for their followers, whom they consider useless eaters, as they care for their political enemies: also useless eaters. We re witnessing it every day: so-called social justice warriors committing crime and being allowed to to continue. They commit crime against Americans, and are allowed, helped, watched and aided by certain subversive, police forces and institutions of “justice”
All this is the definition of fascism. Antifa, is fascist.

The dem/libs duped them all.

The dem/libs duped them all.
The “amazingly intelligent” radio talk show hosts, Rush, Savage, and Levin, were all misled from real crimes, committed by the democrats and liberals, to innumerable distractions.
The dem/libs never intended for Mexican and muslim invaders to vote because they don’t. One would be hard pressed to find a news clip of a Mexican, an illegal invader, voting.
I personally know many Mexicans: not one has ever voted.
The propagation of misinformation was, and still is, the key tactic employed by dem/libs who know Sun Tzu’s, and others’, tactics of war.
Make no mistake: the democrats and liberals are at war with We, the People. They are using, and have used successfully, Sun Tzu’s principles.
The first principle we see is that the democrats and liberals have attacked the plans themselves.
Kavanaugh was a plan in the making. The idea of attacking a plan is the easiest assault. It is preemptive in many ways. Attacking a plan, plants doubt.
Sun Tzu’s words: “Warfare is deception.”
Deception is warfare. He or she who deceives, wages war.
The best way to defeat an enemy is to help the enemy defeat himself. Attacking a plan plants doubt the enemy entertains at first, then expands.
The purpose of the so-called Honduran invasion and heavy, heavy news coverage, is to distract. It is one of a long list of many distractions. Distractions must be continual and of numerous varieties to capture and hold attention. Sun Tzu’s words: “Therefore if able, appear unable. If active, appear inactive. If far, appear near. If near, appear far.”
The Honduran situation, the invading army, appears “far” because it was created far to hide the near, active, hidden danger.
The fraud; the deception, is that the invaders elect democrats.
Democrats have not won elections in decades. Indeed, the swamp creatures, the politicians of the unrepresentative branches of government, have propagated so many presumptions, most could not believe or even entertain the oppressive, overwhelming lies and deceptions.
Totalitarian rule must be built upon totalitarian deception. Are we not amazed at the total ignorance of the apparent masses of democrat voters?
We saw a glimpse of scarce democrat support during the 2016 presidential campaign.
A simple reality is that Candidate Trump, at the time, was amassing 20 to 30 times the number of supporters, voters, and electors.
How many Mexican invaders could we count at Clinton “rallies”? Why no democrat-biased media campaigns of Mexicans and Muslims voting? Could it be they did not vote, that the claims of democrats obtaining illegal invader votes were active while the actual voting was inactive? Inactive, or ineffectual, reality, as opposed to dem/lib claims, there was and is an active something, hidden and unknown, until now.
Surely the media did provide scant examples of Mexican support and other dem/lib claims: always organized for but never connected with Clinton rallies. That, alone, makes one wonder if the invader rallies carried credibility for media claims.
We, the public, were witnesses to innumerable claims by the media, and we were slowly brought along to believe the reports. It happened because the masses cannot believe that someone could lie all the time. It is the dichotomy one side has fabricated.
However, we witnessed, time and time again, and still witness it at Trump rallies: scores of thousands of people in support of something, but NOT Trump. Trump is and always has been the representation of something.
Stop, please, and think about that.
If we are led to believe that the tens of thousands represent a mere 50 percent of the voting population, we may be fooled already. It is a given, a full admission by the mechanisms of the opposing party, that roughly half of America votes republican. If hundreds of rallies rallying thousands of supporters represents approximately 50 percent, then three rallies of barely over 1,000 cannot possibly represent the other fifty percent of the voting citizenry.
The formula is the same formula in use by those who claim the democrat “side” is determined by the same variables even though the formula does not produce equally consistent results.
Wikipedia reports Candidate Trump delivered 187 rallies while there is no list for Hillary or Bernie. Combined the democrat variable for the same formula approaches zero, really if the tallying people and mechanisms cared not to tout a terrible loss compared to the Trump masses.
The average attendance at Trump rallies was 6,460, top estimates being 29,000 and 25,000 while Hillary was lucky she had over 1,000 attendees at a maximum of three rallies.
There is no formula for that failure to draw crowds, especially when Clinton could not produce a variable for the formula dem/libs themselves use.
It was the dem/lib media overwhelmingly announcing that Trump supporters represented approximately 50 percent voting support, while the dem/lib media fell silent on the obtuse impossibility that near non-existent numbers at a fraction of the number of rallies somehow, magically produced approximately 50 percent voter support for the democrats.
Democrats claim Trump supporters put him in office, “…speaking to his base…”, as the media proclaims, while claiming non-existent democrat voters almost put Clinton in office.
If “…speaking to the base of supporters…” translates to approximately 50 percent for Trump, then “speaking to the democrat base also represents a percentage of voters supporting democrats.
The ratio, according to the numbers, is about 30 to one in favor of Trump. Is it possible the Clinton campaign really, only “spoke to a little over three percent of the voting population? Quite possible given the overwhelming Art of War Tactics the democrats and liberals needed to employ.
If large numbers at rallies, according to dem/lib media “reports” put Trump in office, then that should translate to an equally identifiable factor in determining the so-called and approximate 50 percent that voted for Clinton, and other democrat politicians. Where is the evidence of anything close to 50 percent support for democrats? It cannot be found nor fabricated. The dem/lib media did not try to fabricate that discrepancy. Empty dem/lib algebra and claims were inactive while the reality of the shattered formula was active.
The dem/lib media actually cannot lie completely, although they would prefer it. They admitted, and still do, that candidate Trump and President Trump spoke and speaks to his base, at these rallies. Was Clinton speaking to her base? How could such a small, near non-existent base for Clinton translate to almost 50 percent?
We are constantly reminded that the women’s vote went to Clinton and almost always goes to democrat politicians. Where was it then? It was at the bigger rallies, for Trump.
We are constantly told that Mexicans and blacks vote heavily in favor of democrats. We are constantly told democrat politicians represent the minorities. Does low minority turn-out at democrat party rallies magically represent 50 percent or does it represent low voter support for democrats. Surely, irrefutably!
It is assumed dem/libs do tell truth on occasion, and that is completely erroneous.
Sun Tzu’s principle, “If they have advantage, entice them.” Who is enticing with crazy claims and false attacks, in everything they do and say?
We are in the first stage, the political stage, of war, moving into more dangerous stages, right now, even on the very eve of an election.
Sun Tzu’s principle: “The political war must first be won before the military campaign can succeed.”
The dem/libs have employed Sun Tzu’s principle of distraction in this political stage of war: deception.
We must realize that the democrats have the vote-counting mechanisms in their control, in a manner, and that they have had them in their control for decades. We could consider these logistics as part of the deep state. This is the active while the inactive, again, is the apparent acquisition of new voters, who do not vote.
The dem/libs long ago invaded propriety and honesty in the representative process, transforming and disfiguring it to suit their political campaign.
Invaders do many things. One is they invade to take-over land and space. The act of taking is theft. Taking over, to use a phrase the invaders have used for decades, is to take. It is to take that which does not belong to the takers.
Why do democrats propagate this crime against the nation and the people of this nation?
Stop! Who relinquishes control and who does not not. George Washington is the republican star of relinquishing control while the democrats are seeing it, from YOU; from We, the People.
Why does anyone try to gain control of anything, referring to the vote-counting mechanisms? Think about that for a moment.
Consider a baseball team that gets control of the scoring mechanisms. We all know why. We call it many things, one being, ‘having the umps in the pocket of the team’. Anybody, any organization that seeks a subversive, cloaked acquisition of counting mechanisms, seeks to cheat. It is for the primary purpose of taking that which does not legally and fairly belong to the takers. But why do takers, take?
The mental aberration is that the taker knows the taker cannot acquire honestly and legally that which the taker wants.
There is no way around that reality.
While the democrats and dem/lib media have been organizing and presenting crazy, what has happened out of public purview?
Sun Tzu’s principle: “Therefore a wise general will strive to feed off the enemy.”
The republicans, conservative talk show hosts and politicians, have been feeding the enemies’ plans for years by speaking to their crazy and enhancing the subversive dogmas the totalitarians behind the scenes have presented. The fundamentals: Constitutional Republicanism, self-governance, representative permission and accountability, and economic freedom, have been inactive, until now.
If democrat party voters and supporters would honestly look at the crazy, outlandish statements of their own “leaders”, Pelosi who acts like she is suffering dementia, and Maxine Waters who speaks to incite violence, they would see what republic-oriented and conservative citizens see, crazy. Are these two democrats, for example, really crazy, or are they exhibiting distractions to hide something?
Sleight of hand in the political arena (not the representative forum) is a trick the dem/libs use continually.
We have been bombarded with three main frauds. We have accepted three main frauds.
1 dem/libs have a basic misunderstanding of realities but generally tell the truth.
2 dem/libs have convinced the masses, even some in the republican party, that republican and conservative is right wing. It is not. Conservative means to conserve that balanced middle the founding fathers established, on the true scale: left is totalitarianism and right is anarchy.
3 Democrat politicians get roughly half the vote, sometimes a little more to win elections and sometimes less, to their losses.
We, the conservatives, the balanced middle, are occasionally stunned and cannot believe the whacky things the democrats and liberals say and do. They have us chasing their tails. Dem/lib crazy, unprincipled and illogical words and actions give us an overwhelming amount of discussion topics, and it occupies our time, efforts, and attention, by design.
What has happened while guards at the door of public purview and opinion, have been preoccupied with the media marionettes of distraction dancing “far” down the hallways away from the guarded doors of reality?
Comments from the dem/libs are purposeful distractions. There should be no doubt their comments and events have captured our attention.
That is a dangerous state in which a nation should not find itself trapped.
What happens while we watch the building burn? The arsonist stands beside us, watches with delight, and sneaks into the night to collect insurance money the next day.
America is burning to the ground, so it appears.
Sun Tzu’s principle is as old as time. It is a trick so useful and easy, the Three Stooges employed it for their slapstick comedy:
Curly presents his hand at his own waist, then circles his other arm behind his back, up and over his shoulder to hit Moe. As Moe is looking down the other hand comes from above Moe, out of Moe’s field of vision.
“Generally in warfare, if (you or your forces are) equal, be able to fight.” Dem/libs never debate, they never stick to a topic. They do not fight because they are not equal: their plans are not equal, being weaker. They know it and employ correct principles of warfare.
“Generally in warfare, if weaker, be able to avoid them.” Dem/libs have mounted massive campaigns to avoid the principles, attacking plans and isolated individuals.
“Generally in warfare, if fewer, be able to evade them.” Again, massive misinformation campaigns, actually using their enemies’ resources, to evade. How many times have we heard republican politicians and so-called conservatives in media and talk radio argue in favor of democrat party and international liberal dogma, that America is a democracy?
The talk show hosts “get it”. What the talk show hosts mean is they believe the democrats do not understand, and the talk show hosts and hostesses spend valuable time explaining to those who fully understand sleight of hand and deception. Nobody can be as stupid as the democrat politicos pretend to be. It is sleight of hand. It is Sun Tzu’s and Clausewitz’s tactic of distraction and deflection.
Imagine an army wants to invade a country. It plans to cross the border of a neighboring country at a certain point on a certain schedule. But, the army announces plans to invade at a certain point on a certain day so the defending country can mobilize and destroy. That is the most fool-hardy tactic an army, or political party could employ. There is absolutely no deception in that, except if the army’s tactic is inactive, or a ploy.
The best tactic is to win the political/misinformation aspect by feigning an attack; leaking false information for a location and date, and attacking another point three days before the leaked date.
Leaking information, spying, is a tactic of all aspects of the war. We have seen dem/libs employ this for years, to distract.
To apply this great tactic in deflecting attention is to attack a border, with an army that was never intended to reach the border. The defenders mobilize, spend the nation’s treasury, contributing to the loss they create for themselves: numerous principles engaged.
How would we describe the Honduran, mostly military-aged men, army moving to very specific locations?
What is the hidden “active” while the inactive, far, feigned attack captures our attention?
The dem/libs are cheating right now, and have been for weeks, to steal, to take-over, TAKE the election.
The Honduran, inactive, invasion is genius: diabolical.
The dem/libs, like the word :”bolshevik” are a small minority. They have feigned large and looming because they have employed all Sun Tzu’s principles: particularly attacking the weak with bigger forces.
Sun Tzu’s principle, “Generally in warfare, if ten times the enemy’s strength, surround them, has effectively been employed by the dem/libs for decades. To attack a smaller, weaker enemy, simply find one not aligned with others, Kavanaugh, for example. The democrats always unite their forces against individuals, appearing to be more numerous than they really are.
The question nobody is asking is what are the dem/libs doing behind the inactive distractions?
The numbers show the democrats have, at most, half of the claimed public support of the voters (25%). In another I wrote article I estimated Clinton had, at best 27 percent of the popular vote. Later I reduced it to approximately 17 percent.
Hillary, at best managed to entertain three rallies with attendance over a thousand, while Trump consistently filled arenas. An average of 6,460 per event, times 187 events, all over the country, involving different people at each and every rally, accounts for 1,208,020 supporters while Clinton and Sanders together cannot show any rough, meagre estimates.
Where is this massive democrat wave? Is it hidden in the respective nothing?
It is non-existent but we believe it is something because of sleight of hand, distractions.
WE, the People, need to physically invade the vote-counting mechanisms and take the count ourselves.
We need to physically take and do, NOW!
The next phase the dem/libs will employ, already planned and in execution now, is the seizure of Congress by force.
Beware! This series of events, and election, mirrors the bolshevik seizure of the Politburo, and subsequent slaughter of Russians and others for decades.
We care not if the few democrat party voters go crazy and whine. We, the People have a commitment to even they themselves, to assure no take-overs, no coup, no fraud ,and no intended genocide.
In my ten years of fighting dem/libs on craigslist and other public forums, of the thousands of claims I have personally investigated, I have yet to find a truth a dem/lib political agent has told. That represents totalitarian deception and distraction.
Totalitarian force cannot be obtained without totalitarian deception, and that is the warfare democrats, liberals, and the bolshevik media complex behind the scenes (and openly), have been waging against We, the People.
There was no Russian Revolution. It was a bolshevik invasion, the same we are witnessing in America NOW! They changed their identities to progressive.
The bolsheviks had, as a primary goal, the elimination of Russians to the count of 30 million people.
What do you, yes, YOU, think the bolsheviks want to do with Americans who have thwarted totalitarian rule ing America for centuries?
Is 100 million eliminated enough for the blood-thirsty dem/libs? No, the dem/libs account for, in my estimation, at most 20 percent of American population, leaving 80 percent guilty of resistance to totalitarian bolshevik/dem/lib/progressive rule.
This means 80 percent, in bolshevik/democrat/liberal minds, can be ruthlessly and justifiably eliminated. This includes minorities.
Please, read. Read The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, YOUR rights.
Search the roots of antifa. It goes all the way back to the bolshevik invasion and the attempted invasions of all countries, including America during Woodrow Wilson’s (democrat) presidency.
We must do more than vote. We must watch the vote counting, even where not possible.
Make representative, self-governance a reality in spite of deep-state, fifth column, subversive democrat party hegemony. Be there, be everywhere.
Our reticence and fears will be our elimination.
It is critical NOW. It is critical now more than ever before. The progressives/bolsheviks are poised.

Regarding the liberal/democrat party fantasy world. Republished from6/10/15

Regarding the liberal/democrat party fantasy world.
The illegal alien issue is another example of liberals lost in la-la-land.
I will forego my consistent claim that liberals purposefully hide their evils behind ignorance. I have claimed for years that it is impossible that liberals are as stupid as they appear. But I set that argument aside for the moment and speak directly to the issues and the facts liberals ignore, in an effort to reveal the folly and lack of logic in their own arguments and claims.
The issue is that foreigners are invading America. Dem/libs erroneously call it immigration.
Foreigners, without permission of those who own the country, that is We, the People, are being aided in breaking law. This makes those that aid and abet the law-breakers also breakers of law. Just taking republican majority into consideration, the law breakers and invaders are not here by consent of We, the People. Taking overall American wishes into consideration, the invaders and aiders and abettors are a tiny minority. Either America is a democracy and majority rules or America is a republic, and the representative process is required.
Who is illegally bringing foreigners into America? Bringing unqualified, unwanted, and undocumented people into America is illegal. It is that simple, and further illegal when We, the People say no. WE HAVE SAID NO!
The progressives/liberals, sponsors of world tyrannies and genocide for well over a hundred years, are aiding an invasion of America. It matters not if the people entering this country are children, or decent people. The system, OUR system of keeping OUR culture of representation and legal self-governance, free of undermining and destruction, is being attacked and destroyed by those that claim kinship with democracy and a love of fellow beings. Nothing, considering the assault on OUR wishes alone, could be further from the truth.
The dem/lib aiders and abettors do NOT have a love of Americans, or respect in the least. They do, however, have an alliance with collaborators of the elitist, political class: their partners in treasonous crime. Even in this statement, love cannot be factored in because haters of the American majority and American representation and culture, love nothing.
Under just conditions in America (and any country), according to legal and lawful collective defense under-written by We, the People, immigrants are invited after they have applied and been determined qualified. Who has skirted and is currently skirting this legal and lawful process? Skirting any legal process, violating the law, makes any perpetrator in violation of the law. Why have democrats turned against Americans and how have they done it with impunity? Where is OUR judicial branch?
Foreigners are not invited unless invited by We, the People. Where is the lawfully required representative process in any of this tyrannical mess that We, the People are refused? Representation, key to the American Constitutional Republic, is almost extinct.
Naturally, justly guaranteed, We, the People are represented in all governing, often, as in many cases, after-the-fact, but it is our wish after the fact to allow certain, qualified people into America. That is the legal and lawful fact and process. There are quotas We, the People, through representation, have decided and these quotas and all attendant laws have been grossly violated: rendering OUR unified collective defense also violated.
Obama and the democrats, and now some of the republicans, are in violation of this process and OUR laws, and hence in violation of We, the People, rendering our security a matter for the politicos, protected from illegal invasion, as a weapon wielded against We, the People in an extortive manner. Criminals are being invited into OUR country by those that claim to operate in our benefit, while breaking OUR laws that define and solidify OUR collective defense.
The liberal fantasy of just this issue has many tentacles of deception, all given false credibility by presumption based on clichés and long-standing media fraud.
Why do We, the People not have access to “protection” under the law (collective defense) that the politicos have?
The underlying fraud and danger is protectionism, presented as benevolence. 50 years of the so-called progressive/liberal/democrat party war on poverty; fake benevolence, and there is more poverty now than ever in America. So-called progressive/liberal/democrat party benevolence has NOT been benevolent. It has done the opposite acting upon all out of the political class. To clarify, the political class is not the representative class. The political class is the subversive government, the un-representative, anti-representation government that makes laws in a democracy separate and independent of We, the People and our representative process. It has protected democrat and liberal politicos and their corporate allies, and the illegal invaders for decades: unknown, unidentified and unaccountable to the majority of Americans. The majority in this case is not the political majority we have been conditioned to accept as a representative majority. The majority of which I speak is almost all of America except “law-makers” in the underground government, maybe one or two percent of our overall population.
The latest protectionist fraud claiming benevolence for We, the People is the Fast Track Free Trade bill.
Simply put: free is not free when regulated. It is a simple principle: any thing that has added scrutiny loses a degree of free. For example: I went to the farmer’s market. A fellow was selling honey. I traded him honey for some peas. When government decides how much money I make, or that there must be an exchange of a common currency (money), our freedom to trade “freely” is greatly reduced. There is a free agreement between the honey producer and myself, and when another entity is injected, that entity draws off my production and the honey producer’s gain, and his production, and my gain. It is forced upon us, and we do not want it. There is a cost involved, which is not the bye-product of democrat/liberal/progressive governing, rather, it is the goal.
Governing siphons off production. It is the necessary evil the founding fathers spoke of. It is the necessary evil that needs to be controlled, or it controls the producers.
Take notice that the word producer is never associated with government. Government produces nothing, creates nothing, and invents nothing. Government taxes production, invention, and creation. Even good government, small government costs money, and that funding cannot come from government that produces nothing, creates nothing, and invents nothing.
Trade is not creative. It trades production of two producing bodies or entities. Government, traditionally regulates trade in favor of the citizens over foreign entities. Obama and the administration are reaching into trade where they should not be. He, alone, acting in a dictatorial fashion, is trying to assert his influence in areas the presidency is not allowed. We need no fast track on anything. Fast track is haste, haste is waste for some and gain for others. Who gains?
The fake anti-corporate Obama has friends in the highest places, and the biggest corporations in the world will benefit. Google, Microsoft and others.
This is a clear indication that America truly has been transformed as Obama promised, into a fascist/communist/democrat party tyranny.
Fulfilling America’s needs is the sole purpose of immigration. It is a function of government and therefore falls under the representative process We, the People already control, except where control has been usurped by aiders and abettors of invasion and subversion. Simply trying to circumnavigate OUR Representative process, in this or any department, is subversion, and thus a degree of treason can be attached. This is the legal distinction we, and The Law, identify as aiding and abetting an enemy.
It is NOT America’s role in the world to provide anything to anyone else.
This is not to say we provide no care or contribution to the rest of the world: America does more that any other country. America does more per capita (excluding Sweden only), and more in sheer volume and financial aid than any other country.
Why, if dem/libs are so interested in minorities, do they not invite Buddhists from China or Japan? Why are there no caravans of Daoists or Seventh Day adventists from Australia?
Why no caravans of indigenous peoples of Myanmar, suffering genocidal attacks from a tyrannical government?
Immigration is a function of OUR representative process. Immigration is a function of a government agency under the control of the general government, OUR government, except where commandeered by the subversive political class of the underground government. True immigration, as a function of government, is truly a function of We, the People. It is not done to provide aid, finances, or charity. Immigration is not a function of “sharing the wealth” or any form expressed by the underground political class that claims it is “sharing the wealth”.
Who has been trying to convince we the People that “sharing the wealth” is a function of OUR government? Who has been trying to convince We, the People that unless we surrender OUR sovereignty and wealth, we are not good and decent people? Who has tried to convince We, the People that we should seek to be world citizens? Who has been telling these lies and propagating these frauds that undermine OUR collective defense?
The answer is that those living in liberal la-la-land, the political class; the subversive class that forces We, the People to charity at OUR expense and risk, is the same class that grows filthy rich and builds walls to protect themselves. We, the People gain “nice” self-aggrandizing nothings from the libbies and democrats who contribute only that which they steal, by subversive governing, from We, the People.
In fact the subversive governing, and aiding and abetting of invaders is extremely detrimental, virtually hatred of We, the People.
Competition for jobs drives wages down, keeping all America working at a slave labor rate and, most effective for tyranny’s continued grip, begging the underground anti-representative political class for relief.

The republicans have done everything! How dare that fraud, Obama

The republicans have done everything! How dare that fraud, Obama, try to suggest that fulfilling representative obligations is not right and good for America. Some republican representatives have represented the will of We, the People. That is the core of doing what is right, and it is exactly the “something” We, the People want! Obama does not speak for anyone because the minority moved over to the democrat side, as evidenced by the last two midterm elections in which democrat politicos were kicked out on their asses in record numbers.
I could end there because this unique system of self-governance is everything.
Nowhere in the world, nowhere, at no time, has a system of self-governance existed with a Bill of (individual) Rights to keep all men, all citizens free of government sponsored, initiated and executed oppression, tyranny and genocide.
If the republican representatives did nothing, and that is what We, the People want, then the republican government did EVERYTHING!
There is no argument that lying dem/lib “writer” can make. All that is left for dem/lib “writer” to do is lie and fabricate that somehow, magically, government is supposed to “do” something to be proper and effective. This time around OUR representatives did what WE, THE PEOPLE wanted.
But there is more to rat-morals “writer” from the central democrat NAZI party politburo than is obvious.
Why do dem/libs lie? They lie because they have no viable, beneficial truths for Americans and America.
The lies are as follows.
Rat-soul writes, “…100 days….”. That is the crux of an argument that the republicans have done nothing?
Obama has been in office for almost 2300 days. The unemployment rates are higher, so he has not accomplished putting, “…Americans back to work…” The inequity of incomes has worsened, especially amongst democrats and their friends (Solyndra, Chinese Bankers etc.), so Obama Sin Laden has not accomplished “share-the-wealth”. The racism issue has grossly exacerbated, but pigs and liars that owe millions in taxes (Clintons and Al Sharpton especially), are exempt from sharing their wealth and are allowed to verbally attack and issue threats against other races.
Barack, muslim brotherhood, Obama has not accomplished taxing the rich. Americans have died while Obama, bastard president and hilly-billary watched them die and ordered stand downs. Obama failed, or refused to accomplish justice, equality before the law, and not even the least of three: a modicum of fairness. I could go on and on with everything.
Why does dimwit agent provocateur 1313 have such a hatred for truth? How can Americans stand to be around such a vile and filthy rat? Nobody that hates America with such deep, dastardly disdain would have friends if people around that pig knew just how much he/she/IT lied.
Here are the lies:
Sex trafficking bill had nothing to do with a tea party representative. It was held up by democrats when they had the senate, and then obama vetoed it for months.
Got to laugh, “Robert’s Rules of Order…”? No such segment or “Doodley Squat” What an asshole! Find that bastard, Everybody that he/she/it lies to gets to punch him/her/it in the thigh, for a massive charlie horse (see Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary procedure sections A, S, S)! What a dimwit. Does retardo think people will believe the silly little fabrications? Yes, sadly, that is the point. Ignorance rules when not challenged with reality. The dem/libs live in la-la-land because tyranny’s traitors lead the ignorant to slavery.
Dick-head then lists numerous things pointing fingers at the first 100 days of republican majority, while incriminating the democrats for the same failures for six years, or 2,190 days, approximately 22 times as long. Republican failure is about 4.5 percent of the gross failure of democrats.
Which is more incriminating, failure in six years or a slow beginning of 100 days? But it was not failure in six years. It is outright, blatant destruction of America. That is treason! My gawd, the sick and twisted gall of that rat-filth to judge republican representatives for 100 days while ignoring 2200 days of lies, fraud, and treason, is just too difficult to describe.
Who does that bastard think he/she/it is, to lie to Americans as he/she/it does? This is unbelievable. There is absolutely nothing truthful in anything “writer” has written. In fact it is worse than that. Fabricator, agent provocateur 1313, goes to great lengths injecting ideals that do not belong. Government is not established to do anything for We, the People. We do it ourselves. The law is OURS. Representation is how we keep the law. But the checks and balances are regularly undermined and destroyed by dem/lib lying pieces of rat-filth!
Hang that traitor with the other traitors, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Matheson, Hatch, Feinstein, the Clintons, all the liberal media, and the U.S. Caliph for muslim tyranny: Obama sin laden hisseff.
Is “writer’s” last sentence a joke? What republican, or any person believes that? How stupid can a dem/lib be? Not even that stupid. NO! This is propaganda and hatred, very similar to NAZI propaganda, from the central democrat party Reichstag.
So, why did the founding fathers hate and reject democracy? How did the founding fathers identify and institute Constitutional Republic? What are the differences?
Why do liberals lie about the very foundation of this great American Republic? Do they hate America and Americans so much they will tell the most egregious, sick lies? So it seems.
Read, my fellow Americans. Read OUR, YOUR Bill of Rights that keeps We, the People free.
READ the essays found in the book, ‘The Federalist Papers”, and know what the founding fathers knew about tyranny, and what they GAVE US, WE, THE PEOPLE, to check and thwart tyranny by any name, and live free.

Very good points libby rat-brain made, brent is blah blah blah…., brent is blah blah blah….., and brent is blah blah blah.

Those are all very good points libby rat-brain made, brent is blah blah blah…., brent is blah blah blah….., and brent is blah blah blah.
So what if brent is anything? Why do libbies not address the facts and points of the arguments?
That hatred, for no reason except libbies hate, will surely convince any conservative/republic-leaning American to join the democrat cause.
The truth is that pictures with fabricated captions provide no evidence or proof of anything. The libbies cannot mention history because it exposes their hatred for truth and principle. To hide their fraud they attack people personally and mislead Americans from truth and fact. They cannot, for example, explain why the founding fathers rejected democracy for the tyrannical fraud it is.
Jeb Bush, out? YAY! But who says so, a lying libby? What gives these dimwits any credibility? Is it opinion, like my points have at least the same, opinion? They write as if their opinion counts but mine does not: only if readers accept it. The liars can lie and fabricate all they want. If nobody believes it, it is moot. Read all views, my dear fellow Americans, and believe none until something real and truthful sticks.
For example, why do libs refer to and identify America as a democracy when America was founded as a Constitutional Republic? Why do libbies ignore and avoid speaking to the issue that obama has acted in a treasonous manner releasing enemy combatants?
That’s it, an attack on me? What points or argument does that prove? Like third graders they write a sentence of a cliché, attach it to a (twisted) cartoon, or picture out of context, and call it an argument. WOW! Such childishness from the left is nothing new.
Michael Savage, Rush, Dennis Prager, all the conservative talk show hosts and hostesses hit the nail on the head when they speak of the childish, immature liberals and liberal arguments. Promising a “million bucks for a ride when you get me there” is the depth of liberal representation: NOTHING IN THE REALM OF REALITY!