What team has the biggest fan support: Skyline High School football or the Dallas Cowboys? Hmmmm, how could one tell? That is a tough one to figure.

I watched the news and CNN reported that Skyline football has bigger support, because they had 700 followers at the last game. The Cowboys only had 45,000 fans in attendance.

MSNBC reported that their poll of the Dallas Cowboys and Skyline High school football, shows Skyline has 51 percent of voter support. Rallies, I mean game attendance, means nothing, apparently, to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and NBC.

CNN polled 700 Skyline High School students and found 65 percent would vote for Skyline High School football team as their favorite team.

CNN and MSNBC did not comment on refusing to report Dallas Cowboys Football record breaking game attendance and consistent attendance over 40,000, for 25 years.

It is impossible to imagine that Hillary received a little over 50 percent of total voter vote.

If hillary could not manage to draw numbers over 1,000, except in 3 rallies, in which she barely enticed over 1,000, while Candidate Trump maintained more than 15,000 attendees through 87 rallies, it is impossible that these massive numbers do not make a massive difference in voter support.

Biden did worse and yet the hate stream media reports Biden ahead, as if Skyline High School football was inexplicably, but realistically ahead of Dallas Cowboy football fan support. The illogical; the sheer stupid fabrications of polls that poll nothing, should leave all democrat party supporters running from the insanity of democrat party hegemony and its whore, the hate-stream media.

Bye the way, what would that ratio be?

If we took the bare minimum of 15,000 at 87 rallies for a total attendance of 1.305 million people, and compared that number with a generous rounding up of over 1,000 at, as I recall, 35 rallies, her total attendance was 35,000. These numbers are in different universes, but somehow, mysteriously, mystically, magically and necessary real, Hillary’s 2.68 percent popularity translates to 50 percent in the election, just like Skyline Football magically (with help from mystery-makers media) magically made a high school football team more popular than  a professional football team that draws millions of fans on television in addition to filling the stadium.

How stupid does hate-stream media think We, the People are? 

I ask myself daily, how can any democrat or liberal, given the sheer absurdity of every claim democrats and liberal media make is distraction, deception and deflection; how could anyone accede credibility where none exists in a sane, existential world? Are dem/libs insane or so lost in liberal la-la-land they cannot escape to reality, dragging a whole nation into the quagmire of pretend logic and the resultant misdirection to embrace their own destruction?

When someone lies to me, especially in my own home, they are immediately out the door. But somehow, again, mysteriously, there is a near 50/50 split in America when the numbers show a small fraction on one end and a massive tsunami of support on the other.

There simply is not s snowball’s chance in hell that Biden is ahead in any real count.

The manipulation serves a number of purposes, cheating and stealing.


I tried to get COVID.

I knew it would find me if I just exposed my weaknesses. Is it under that rock? Is COVID hiding in that chemical solution of soap at the dental office? There it is, behind that fence, lurking, watching, plotting.

I went to a Trump rally. No such luck getting COVID or COVID signs and symptoms. I went to a BLM/antifa riot. No luck. Still healthy.

 I visited two friends who work in hospitals. They both told me anything that resembles COVID or flu symptoms is reported as COVID, and I did not get COVID, or the flu. DANG!

I decided to trick the virus. It seems to hunt the weak-minded so I pretended to eat garbage “food”, fooling myself and the virus, that I was not health conscious and as a result, not healthy.

I ate a bag of chips, a candy bar, pretend granola with soy oil and other chemicals. I over-indulged with a very large white flour pork and bean burrito. I drank a soda.

Throughout the day I did not drink my regular gallon of distilled water. I did not have my regular 5 or more servings of vegetables.

That same evening I sat on my butt: no exercise, not even mild, and watched television. To further the dehydration I drank half a bottle of wine.

Next morning I woke up with a slight headache, lungs were aching and magically, I had COVID. It must have been in the wine, the pork, or maybe  transmitted through the television, like so much fear that inundates our lives by democrats and progressives. 

I thought of going to a doctor to confirm my cause-and-effect challenged deductions, but since I had a dental appointment, I figured I would get my temperature and blood pressure tested at the dental office.

My temperature, with a slight COVID death sentence, was 98.4. Holy viral crap batman, I am .2 degrees below normal human body temperature. That COVID is a killer.

I am over 50 so I need to make sure I wear a mask next time I do my competitive swimming workout, and next time I play hockey because, as we all know, COVID thinks, sees and knows all, like cancer, involved in a fight to kill, you. Do viruses, like COVID and “flu”, and cancer wear protective equipment in these fights?

COVID was lurking, because Fauci, Birx, Dunn and departments of “health”, separate and independent of governors, magically knew each others’ goals and directives, were pushing to trick COVID and save us all.

COVID did it, knowing, and bombarding us. COVID-aligned media, to convince us to surrender to the reality that COVID is in a hunt for, not just our lives, but our souls, again, magically promoted by the same agendas, all in the fist-fight for our very souls

COVID with governor dictates where authority is not theirs is the sinister, diabolical agent of misinformation and, hence, physical realities of clandestine dangers.

Because the politically motivated governors association, ignoring real science (you know, scientific methodology) said so, COVID was the socialist/marxist entity that brought America to its economic knees.

I knew where and how I contracted it. I was down town, walking along 100 south, headed west. I know it was lurking around the corner, just waiting for me. It knew I had evaded the hunt and resisted the propaganda, fear-mongering, and anti-science manipulation, so it had to get me. It realized I must be made the example. That COVID just knew where to go. It must have been following me, and watching my moves because it caught me unawares. It might have also been more involved, chasing me into an ambush. Wow, this virus, with no brain, non-living, sure is smart, because it listened to Fauci, Birx and the political anti-science bolshevik National Governors Asociation..

If COVID attacks working Kulaks (small business owners); if it wreaks havoc on an economic system by locking down living; if it lies and coagulates into an unelected governing dictatorship (NGA), it is a bolshevik construct, but that is the genius of COVID. It has everyone fooled to think it is not a “flu” virus and deadly as the “flu”.

I wondered how a national body of anti-science “doctors”, Fauci and Birx, and their media, made the connections of a pretense of scientific methodology and governors stealing and thrashing OUR lives, to COVID thought and computation. Back to my story.

The next day, after my dental appointment, I went to work. I usually drink at least a gallon of water throughout the day. This day I enjoyed my usual cup of coffee and then, typically, worked in the heat. I had a swim workout later in the day and hesitated because it might help cleanse my soul of COVID thought control. I am a flyer, butterfly is my event. I eased up on butterfly and my workout.

That evening, without herbs or drugs, or chemicals, or viruses in other meds, I felt fine. COVID and I had come to an understanding.

During my self-induced COVID contraction, my lungs ached for about half a day. I thought about what others verbally regurgitated and decided my lungs ached the same as well: like I was breathing glass.

I exaggerate, though. My lungs felt no worse than years ago when I regularly suffered from “flu” symptoms.

The exercise of 8/26/20, reminded me of a similar event of 2008, when I conducted an experiment. I overindulged in the Christmas season; for just one day. Same results, same cure, and I learned. Have you ever learned by scientific methodology? Do you, dear reader, fellow American, distracted by celebrity politics, even know scientific methodology?

Luckily, for me, and those who listened and investigated for themselves, over a decade ago, I made the connection of “flu” signs and symptoms to the over-indulgence season: Thanks-giving to New Years day. That year, after feeling “sick”, I ceased my sub-nutritional, empty caloric intake.

If you had learned cause and effect, no longer taught in science classes; if you had learned stimulus and response, again washed from our minds by blithering emotional dem/lib/progressive black mail; if you had learned to actually learn, rising above silly, manipulative, regurgitation of dem/lib/bolshevik fear-mongering, you might be able to see the absolute corruption of Fauci, Birx, the American governors and other celebrity politicians, all lying and fabricating to exploit YOU.

Well, I am over my COVID episode. I tricked COVID and it ran away, like all dem/lib/progressive ailments and mental aberrations. I am amazed that COVID was tricked into ceasing its attack on my life and soul. I am stupefied that COVID is so politically oriented to dem/lib/progressives, but that bit of knowledge is what saved me. All I needed to do was pretend to join the marxist/democrat movement, and COVID relented. Funny how that COVID, what a funny guy, knew, or so easily accepted, that I was actually a democrat in disguise.


Bill and Hilary lolita express trips: pedophilia, discovered by NYPD.

Unbelievable. Where is megyn kelly, matthews, chris hayes, rachel mad-cow, mika brzszszszkinszzkiiii, whatever that pig’s name is? Where are the journalists, reporters, researchers uncovering the filth and crime and graft and beastial lives and treasonous lies of the clintons and obamas? Where is arianna huff and puff, that filthy salote? Where is the whole damned liberal media?

Yes, obamas! They are cut from the same socialist/eugenecist/egomaniacal mould as the clintons.

Such filth never investigated by the filthy pig, liberal media

Obama used an alias email name to hide his involvement. How many times did obama travel on the lolita express to have sex with underaged boys?

One of her staff referred to hillary as an “egotistical psychopath.” another described an incident, “That was the most awful and terrible…and racist display- such a profane meltdown…”

Hillary claims steadiness, temperament and judgement but comes apart regularly. Crooked hillary fears the gallows, another aid revealed this, “If that (f_)cking bastard wins we all hang from nooses.” Clinton is a steady, reliable, leader” Attacking and berating her own staff?

And of course she is totally honest. If she lies to the media in the biggest fraud ever heaped upon Americans, she will surely need to continue with the deception, and who do the lies affect? We, the people, like the four murdered in Benghazi.

Wow, that was a packed meeting, at least 150 people, maybe 200, while Trump fills arenas with 15,000 and more.

I would estimate the clintons have about 4 or 5 percent of the vote, no more.

And blacks voting democrat? Not a chance.

In this youtube video, the first protester to speak is black.

Liberalnewsreview link

The questions we must ask ourselves are who else will fold and who is most culpable amongst the democrats and liberal media?

I say we take them all, including weird dave, utardia, editor-predator, the muslim brotherhood advisors in the whitehouse, obamas, chelsea clinton, all the liberal media, including megyn kelly,  and put them in jail. The 10 percent that come up with the best stories and truths of the others and the innumerable conspiracies, get 25 years in prison, NO PAROLE, AND THE REST GET THE GALLOWS!

Let the crap hit the fan….

If that bastard obama does anything except sneeze, we take the white house by force and hang him in the whitehouse yard, and have a picnic, a week-long celebration, and burn that Whitehouse administration to the ground.

NEVER again do we subject ourselves to such tyranny.

The commander in chief is appointed by OUR congress, after we have terminated graft and corruption, and only in time of war, declared by We, the People THROUGH OUR representatives.

No more political parties and a return to the proper placement and function of the Senate: that dem/libs destroyed 100 years ago.


As of October 28, 2016, Hillary has participated in 34 rallies, only seven being attended by over 1,000 people.

Trump, however, has had 87 rallies, 80 of which have been attended by OVER 10,000 people.

How about that poll you lying traitor to Americans, Megan Kelly!

This represents an estimated 18,000 in total attending hillary’s rallies

87 Rallies for Trump with a low estimated average, 1,305,000 people.

That is a ratio of 72 to one, 72:1, in favor of Trump.

How is that for a poll Megan Kelly, you archon, you psychopathic traitor.

Even if we take the average for a Trump rally, a conservative average at that, and impose it on an equal number of rallies as clinton, we come up with a ratio of 510,000 supporters to hillary’s 18,000.

How about that poll Megan Kelly you archon alien, psycho rat!

The ratio for an equal number of rallies is 28.3 to one. 28:1, in favor of Trump.

Where is this massive, nation-splitting support for clinton?

How about that ratio for a poll you salotte alien invader, Megan Kelly!

The polls and the lying liberal, left-wing extremist media have absconded with OUR language. The lying liberal media reinforces a negative narrative daily, and nobody has corrected their fraud.

It is NOT a case that Trump needs to win this or that state. He has already won. The flip of the narrative is that hillary has a chance: slim and next to none. One in a million, like Dumb and Dumber, ….”so there’s a chance?” Too funny, Hillary has less of a chance but the dem/libs have lied so well, the majority believes the fraud.

The narrative the lying liberals use is that Trump has a chance. The flip, the truth is hillary is behind, and always was behind.

The media has switched the perspective in a massive lie. Told enough any lie is believed. The lie is not that Trump is behind in a few polls. The lie is not that Trump must win this state or that state. The lie is not that Trump is the underdog.

The lie is not that Trump has a chance if….

The lie is not that Trump is behind.

The lie is that Trump is disadvantaged at all. The rhetoric, the truth of this race is not only flip-flopped, twisted and co-opted by the lying liberal media, Megan Kelly being one of the top agents of misinformation and treason. The truth is the situation is reversed, but the degree is totally constructed, from nothing.

Not only is hillary behind, but hillary is not even in the race. She never was.

Those disenfranchised democrats that supported Bernie supported him because he was, in their eyes, anti-establishment. The truth is that he was not, Sanders being an agent of international globalist communism, but to his supporters he was anti-establishment. These people hate hillary and everything she stands for.

They are Trump supporters now. Where is the media?

I have seen posters and signs, “NEVER HILLARY”.

Where there is a movement “never Trump”, there is a greater movement and undercurrent of hatred for hillary for being a corrupt politician, for being a clinton, for stealing from Americans, for building a hypocrisy unmatched in the history of America, and for cheating to eliminate bernie.

Where are the polls showing that, you rat-pig, lying gutter filth Megyn Kelly!

So, please, could someone point out where hillary has any support?

For any liberal media “person” to try and present hillary as a candidate even in this race is an assault on the senses and sanity of humanity. Megyn Kelly and the lying liberal dogs, contributing to the biggest fraud in American history should not just be ashamed of themselves, they should be in jail. The scope of this fraud is unbelievable and the potential is that of a greater slaughter and genocide the world has seen, and I, We, the People, can only hope the perpetrators of it, the liberal media and democrat party, get their reward for inciting violence and murder of Americans.

It might be prudent to stop this before it gets out of hand.