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Did you hear it? We have been classically conditioned to another loss you do not recognize.

In the NEWS, August 25, 2022, the report is that Judge Reinhart ordered the affidavit to be released with redactions. The “NEWS” reported Reinhart stated that “…government has provided enough evidence to execute the warrant.” That the government had met the burden of proof.

The Government?

Do you remember watching the television law shows? Do you remember how it was the people, not government, prosecution. “The people rest their case.” The people have met the burden of proof or the prosecution of the people rests.

Do you see it. It is government against we the people, whomever the government decides, and it is now open because the majority of Americans are ignorant of reality and history. Thanks go to the bolshevik teachers, teachers’ union and bolshevik/progressive dementocrats and U.S. government unrepresentative organizations.

Who, for example, instructed the biden bolsheviks to hire more IRS agents? Who, what person, what “citizen”, what freeman of the republic asked for more government scrutiny of fellow Americans?

Not a single person wants to pay more taxes, but the biden bolsheviks have no thoughts for Americans. Is it clear yet?

Who asked and who do the biden bolsheviks represent if not one single American?

The people seek an injunction”, or “the people call such and such a witness”.

This action of prosecution for the safety or the people of America is by consent of the governed, therefore the proper execution of the law, OUR law, is that we, the people prosecute and officials, not government, acts in our behalf.

This is bloody evil, as usual.

Do you remember that the courts represented we, the people?

You can see it and hear it in the stupid television programs, but in real life it was even more pronounced.

Government represented the people. The term that has remained in our vocabulary, for centuries is “consent of the governed”, meaning we are totally represented and it is not government that is represented by the law.

But, not today.

The illegal, illicit, U.S. Government law openly represents and defends government against we the people, against whomever the government and its agencies decide to defend and prosecute.


Original publication on SLC Craigslist, June 15, 2016, in response to a post by Utardia, a “writer”, regurgitator of marxist/liberal climate dogma and deception.

Part two, applying science to compare and contrast a democracy versus a constitutional republic.

Do we need to define “rational”?

A witness to anything helps clarify and also helps debunk. Clarity, truth is the goal.

When we look at the Constitution and the Amendments we find standard for many things.

A standard establishes common communication. Standards in science, must also be established otherwise we have no comparisons, no observations, and nothing obvious. Without the obvious and irrefutable, the burden of proof of science is not met, and the doubt rules.

It must be so because everything at any given point is based upon and operates around established truths: truths that for the moment seem to explain and predict.

Real science does not ask people to adjust to something not proved or unreal. Science does not, for example, ask people to prepare for dragon fire that does not exist, and the same is prevalent in all science, including unsubstantiated, standard-less global hoaxing.

Why do We, the People, have a Bill of Rights? Is the Bill of Rights for government? Government is a thing. It is a thing, like a tool, used by We, the People. Government, in America, a Constitutional Republic, is not a tool for politicians to use. The Bill of Rights establishes, quite clearly, that the amendments require burdensome effort to change. OUR traditions and OUR working laws, today, now, cannot be changed without due proof of necessity.

The burden of proof is that law requires authority; authority granted by We, the People, NOT government, to prove need.

Take the right to be presumed innocent before the law. This simple amendment: this one in particular, establishes that the individual is supreme. The Rights in the Bill of Rights, are for the individual, not a conglomerate government collective of rulers.

The burden of proof, wherein guilt must be proved without doubt, is what sets every single person in America in the same status before the law. So none, in any position, can suppress the law, and create a slave, or a slave class by extortion of law.

The burden of proof applies in all things in a free society.

Realistically, there are few truly free societies in the whole history of the world, but we can see two from which We, the People, can draw experience and guidance.

The Magna Carta, an Anglo origination in 1215 England, was the beginning of a freedom the world had never seen. It was a freedom for all peoples, not just a political class. In fact it was designed to oppose and control a political class.

You could call monarchy, dictatorship, and oligarchy, a political class. No matter what the pretentious name, a political class is a ravaging organization exploiting, using, and killing slaves itself, themselves, create.

We, in America have not fallen into slavery. Slavery has been thrust upon us. Slavery was created by diabolical, psychopathic “people”. Every single democrat politico in America, is a psychopathic monarchist. Heavy claim, but to actually join the democrat party one must surely know the democrat party is involved in a push for dictatorial oligarchy. Nobody falls into slavery by default. Nobody falls into a position of being a slave owner or master, by mistake either.

The second I know I have ill-gotten gains, taken by force or legal force, is the second I know I have unjustly profited by someone’s efforts. That is theft: it is slavery.

The burden of proof in science, is no different. It is meant to prove beyond doubt, that something is true.

How can one be sure of truth if it is not proven beyond doubt? The foundation for rationality is truth beyond doubt.

A scientist is required to make a claim of suspected truth.

I believe, for example, that coffee makes one jittery. I make a claim, called a thesis or hypothesis. A hundred, a thousand people can refute my claim, and do so rationally. All they have to say, is they don’t believe it. Their opinion is valid as opinion. A million people can refute my claim and my claim is nothing, yet.

If I were to take these million people, subject half of them to drinking one cup of coffee in the morning, while half get no coffee, and then I measure and quantify the observations, collecting them into obvious results, then I have exercised scientific methodology.

In this case where utardia claims I need to provide proof when it is he/her/it that makes the challenge against established science, utardia misses the establishment of reality, as usual, and thus remains in a state of suspended reality, refusing to change to the obvious.

I am not required to bend to fantasy while already living in established reality.

But this is the fraud the dem/lib/progressives continually try to ram down Conservative America’s throat.

I have no burden to believe a single thing utardia or any of the global hoaxers, I mean warmers, claim until I see rational measurements, results taken from the obvious and irrefutable.

We have no results of anything until something is done to produce results. Making a model does not qualify. Making predictions without measurements does not qualify.

I can claim europeans have large noses. How do I measure large? Is “large” a comparative? If so, what is the standard upon which I decide to employ? Is my standard rational, or noticeable, measurable?

If I claim europeans have large noses, is it logical I describe how much bigger they are? Is it logical and fair that I describe bigger? Is bigger longer, wider, taller, more sunk in the head?

The burden of proof is all mine.

All the sophist pretenses by dem/libs, utardia sub-intelligent dog, for example, pretending to be smart, does not provide a shred of evidence and certainly meets no burden of proof, or even a simple claim or theory to precede finding and proving the hopeful obvious. The dem/libs have never made it to the first stages of science: theory, hypothesis and intelligent claim.

Who are the dem/libs trying to deceive?


Original publication on SLC Craigslist, June 15, 2016, in response to a post by Utardia, a “writer”, regurgitator of marxist/liberal climate dogma.

The burden of scientific proof rests with the prosecution. There is two basic results of science: proving a theory or hypothesis, or failing to prove a theory or hypothesis.

Utardia, that dimwit lying crap-superstar, claims I need to provide proof. Is that proof of a negative? Is that proof that where I stand exists?

A tradition is immovable until it is movable, by something new, and obvious. Global hoaxing, I mean warming, is magnificently NOT obvious, except to dictatorial goons making big bucks off others’ fears, and obvious to bogus scientists extrapolating something from clearly NOTHING. When I say nothing I mean no data, no pre-test, no post test, no control group, no measurements, but lots of polluting and “reinterpreting” standard, immovable data.

It is all a fraud, a lie based on imaginary demons and fire breathing dragons, heating up the world. Where are the dragons other than the nether reaches of political scientists’ ever-augmenting ethereal interpretations of imaginary science from cosmological shock troops?

I might add that all those innumerable “climate scientists” do not exist. There are writers galore, political puppets who quote each others’ papers and stories of studies.

“The oceans will rise by 20 feet by the year 2015”, 144,000 Witnesses of Jehovah will be taken heavenward in 1918, I mean 1933, I mean 1975, I mean 1999, I mean okay who is this Jehovah guy”? “The climate system will kill millions by 2012”. Pictures of moose dying, deserts and dead fish on the shores all cause world-wide stench by 2010”. Obama will turn back the rise of the oceans by shear will power.

Some will argue he did it. Then why do we need anything else? Why do we need political exertion, taxation and subservience to the democrat party and liberals when obama can do it all?

Come on people, the oceans have not risen, temperatures have dropped. It is colder today, it cools off at night, and summers are shorter. Fewer people die from heat waves today than they did 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

We stand on solid ground of tradition. Somebody designed a thermometer well over a century ago, and that same thermometer is the standard.

What is the standard?

Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level, and freezes at 32 degrees. There is no change in that. That is the standard. Who will challenge that? Who would even think that this fact is not one of the world’s most reliable templates? 

Why do global hoaxers, I mean warmers, even attempt to change these standards?

We can always make new thermometers at the boiling point, and and it is still the standard because it is still the boiling point and we design and change OURSELVES to that fact.

Global hoaxers, I mean warmers, have been trying to change We, the People, and reality to their inconsistent and shifting predictions. They have no standards because they are sloppy, pretentious, anti-science comic-cons. Where is the data?

Data is not data unless it has a standard and a means of measuring preconditions and new, or changing conditions. This is science, the beginning of science.

How do we measure time? We measure it by change. We make a 24 hour day of a time frame between sunrise and another sunrise. We don’t dictate that we want 24 hours in a day, and make the planet rotate different. But that is the approach global hoaxers, I mean warmers, have taken.

We do not look at the sunrise and try to slow it down so we can have 25 hour days. That is ludicrous. It borders on insanity if not full blown lunacy. But that is what global hoaxers, I mean warmers, are trying to do with no data, no pre-test, no post-test, no measurements, and no sea level markers. They have not even tried to present this simple experiment because it is a failure every time.

Surely, somewhere along the way, maybe 10 years ago, maybe 20 or 30 years ago, someone, a real scientist, must have surely stuck a stick in the water and measured ocean levels regularly to show ocean-level rise. Why has no scientist presented this data? Would this data be irrefutable if it could be found to show a rise in ocean levels? Absolutely, and I would concur. But there is not one single reference to a stick in a rock anywhere? Absolutely nothing! NOAA, for example, has absolutely nothing that represents a stick in a rock, or anything an intellect could imagine and design to measure change.

So, I ask, are oceans rising? Surely it must be obama that stopped the rise, with just his word.

How much did it rise before he made the promise? ZERO! That was a  pretty safe bet for him, was it not.

It must be zero, otherwise dem/lib politico/scientists would have shown us. NOTHING!

The burden of proof is always on the upstarts, the new science, the new theories and hypotheses.

I am a cop, standing in the middle of the street, directing traffic. Who will argue that traffic flows at my standard, stable, already existing presence?

It takes a pre-test to assert the variables for the study, and it takes measurements of some sorts (maybe time lapse of driver response due to traffic officer’s directions, as compared to time lapse when traffic officer is not present).

You see, dear reader, the burden of proof is not only on the new science, or new theory or new hypothesis to show a change, but it is a heavy burden to first show the standards by which change will be measured and then presented as illuminating.

There is nothing obvious in dem/lib global hoaxing, I mean warming, except the raging lunacy of pseudo-scientists fabricating fear and catastrophe from lunatics’ imaginations, all done for money.

It is not my burden to provide truth to an existing science. The burden of proof, in science and almost everything, lies solely with the party making new claims or challenging established thought and tradition. The burden of proof lies with those trying to show change. Science is change, measurable change. If it is not measured there is no data, no measurable change and, hence, no science.

Global hoaxing, I mean warming, is the new claim of change, without a shred or attempt to show the change.

I see it this way. When I was a boy, some days when I would arrive at home after school I would walk in the door and smell baking. Imagine I walked in the house, and my mother says, “do you smell that?” Smell what, I ask. “The baking bread, she replies.” No.

“Well, I smell it and it is good”, she claims. Hmmm I do not smell anything.

“No matter”, she says, “will you wash the bread pans please?”

What bread pans? “The ones I baked the bread with”, she she says.

Ok, I guess you see bread pans.

“Of course I do”, she emphatically states, “right there on the counter by the sink.”

Okay, I believe you. Here I am, washing bread pans.

When I am finished washing imaginary bread pans, I sit at the kitchen table and my mother then places an empty plate before me and says, “enjoy the freshly baked bread”.

Okay mom.

In this anecdote, would you think my mother had lost something? Why do global hoaxers try the same with you and I? Are they insane or dishonest?

Global hoaxing, I mean warming, has the burden of proof, and that is why it fails so miserably. There is not even an attempt to provide pre-test conditions, post-test, hypothesis. My mother could have placed store-bought bread on plate, and tried to convince me she had baked it. Without the pre-test conditions: aroma of freshly baked bread, used bread pans and flour on the counter, I am not convinced. The global hoaxing, I mean warming, community, that does not exist except in papers by writers, tries the same. They show nothing with which a comparison, or change can be made.

I come home from school occasionally to the smell of freshly baked brread, and that is a change from the day before, and many days prior. Where is the change in the global hoaxing, I mean warming, claims?

Do we remember our science projects in grade school? The lab paper had a section for observation.

Today’s global hoaxers, I mean warmers, cannot even present “observations”. They make all kinds of claims and protests. Well, they try to present observations but any so-called observations I have investigated are always observations of something else, they claim is connected to itself. They present fear, based upon imaginary dragons fabricated for pseudo-scientists’ financial gain; fabricated by monster-imagining writers.

After the fact observations are nothing if there is no pre-fact observations. The global hoaxers never provide pre-test observations, only claims.

Where are the observations, measurements, standard by which change can be observed?

How can global hoaxers, I mean warmers, make observations without anything to observe, and how can they draw conclusions without anything to observe taken from nothing presented? There is an incredible lack of connection in all this global hoaxing “concluding” without establishing and observing.

Did the morons, for example, observe dying polar bears? Where?

Did the boneheads observe a rise in the sea level of the stick in the rock on the shore? Did the rock move? Did the boneheads move the rock? Who would do such a grievous assault on science, fact and truth itself? Liars, with a political motive. Welcome to global hoaxing!

It is not my responsibility to prove another’s theory wrong, it is the party challenging established thought and tradition that is responsible for proving truth and credibility of his or her claims and theories. Until he or she provides data, measurements, clinical and or laboratory work, the theories remain theories.

The change of scientific belief is not a fact until it is actually factual. All the global hoaxers have is fear, fabrication, and quoting other’s fears and fabrications: all for money.

The NOAA site is a fantasy of global hoaxers, I mean warmers, continually augmenting fear from fear, and from third party fear and fabrication. It is easy to see when they start talking in circles.

Science is proved, often, when scientists and the free market are convinced. I have used the invention of the rifle as an example.

When rifling was first theorized and explained, denying a better flight by a rifled bullet compared to a musket ball was accepted. That is science. After obvious proofs and evidence: observations of rifle accuracy compared with musket accuracy, denying rifles provide a better, more accurate flight, was considered rifling denial. The deniers did not last long. They were killed in the battle lines because they refused to adapt to the science: the proof by observing pre-test and post-test. They refused to change their views to fact and reality.

It is logic retardation that dimwit utardia tries to present nothing to the public as a rational argument. Global hoaxing presents observation-less observations: unsubstantiated claims.

Again, where are the observations? Where are the obvious results, of something, anything, even attempts to lie or deceive?

We are not asking for fear mongering, predictions, models or quotes from others without the necessary facets of science. We want observations and the obvious, nothing else will do. We want IRREFUTABLE science.


Originally posted as a commentary on Craigslist, 7/22/16.

The burden of proof rests with the prosecution.

That is a simple principle of freedom. Without burden of proof the responsibility of those in authority anyone with authority could make a claim or accusation and the defendant is presumed guilty. ABSOLUTELY NOT IN OUR AMERICA.

We have rights before the law, the authority. We are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

So it should be, too. Imagine a monarchy that increases ]taxes, and hires press gangs to recruit (kidnap) men and boys for the king’s armed services so the king can get rich while others die. This verity is a sad and sick part of English history.

Imagine resistance to the king’s dictates. Without a presumption of innocence anyone that opposes, even voices a contrary opinion about the king’s dictates can be accused by the king, or the king’s corrupt authorities, and the accused is punished for no proof of crimes committed.

The prosecution of a new idea; a claim of science or pseudo-science, is no different. This principle of proving something has been a principle of science for as long as science has been considered and established as a means of discovery.

The burden of proof rests with those making new, bold, or opposing claims.

The global hoaxers, have never even begun the process and want opposing views suppressed.

The burden of proof rests with those prosecuting new science, and there is nothing the global hoaxers have given us except a christmas wish list to eliminate opposition.

The lines were carefully drawn to place those who oppose dictatorial powers, that is presumption of guilt before the law, at the discretion of corruption in government (particularly the democrat party), and those who oppose the new democrat party witch craft, global hoaxing.

All things are connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Obama has muslim advisors in the whitehouse, adding to this global hoaxing attack on presumption of innocence.

There is nothing more evil regarding the innocence of people, anywhere, than shariah law. Monarchies have come and gone. The story of the king declaring himself the progeny of deity is a repeat story from history. With that “authority” comes power of life and death. How many innocent people, accused by a whimsical kingdom, have been murdered, is a mystery, perhaps a huge number, but nothing compared with the slaughter of opposing views and nations of shariah dictatorship.

Global hoaxing is just one of many evils used by shariah promoters against We, the People.

Beware, my fellow Americans. The dictatorship in the whitehouse and democrat party is flexing its muscles in creating legislation against those who oppose the global hoaxing anti-science. It is kingly; a false deity connection; an assault on presumption of innocence in America and the world. It is intended to aid the rulers of the world, including the United Nation’s world cabals, in reducing the world’s population to one billion, by war, and dictatorial gencide.

What stands in the way is America, and America must be subdued, the internationalists know, before slaughter of other nations can commence.

The global hoaxing is not so much a science movement as it is an attempt to secure authority’s silencing of opposition to absolute rule by evil “people”. Presumption of guilt is the big tool, and the goal, and the means of securing safety for evil rulership that wants immunity for its own crimes.

Shariah and global hoaxing, all tools and tactics of tyranny, no matter what age or century, are always connected. 

Shariah law is even more deadly, murderous and genocidal than the Chinese communists and communist Russia. The political entity, islam, is responsible for more deaths, murder and genocide than the tyrannies I just mentioned, combined.

It all starts with presumption of guilt, declared by dictatorship.

The global hoaxers are connected with the muslim brotherhood, the traitors in the whitehouse, the traitors of the democrat party, including the clintons, and the liberal media.

So, the burden of proof is not required to defend the status quo. The burden of proof, in this instance, is even more important left where it should logically be, with those presenting new” theories. Global hoaxing is a theory only. When it is proven it is new science, to a degree. I add this because there are so few absolutes in this world, science is just one of them. That is the reality the global hoaxing and muslim dogs are trying to destroy.

Along with global hoaxing presumptions goes the practice of presumption of innocence. That is the goal, not global warming.

The burden of proof always rests with the scientists prosecuting a new theory because knowledge is not easy to acquire. When fake or fabricated knowledge is forced upon others, for example god and king together in any monarchy, people die en masse. Why are the democrats, liberals, and muslim advisors in the whitehoue so forceful regarding this global hoaxing anti-science? Is it because they worry about the environment? If that were true then would they not, themselves, cease to drive, cease to fly, stop burning resources that add to the heat of the planet?

You see, dear readers, the hypocrisy is no small issue. The hypocrisy reveals the truth of the promoters of anti-science suppression and presumption of guilt, directed at the masses; directed at We, the People that have rights the elitists want.

This is a very important principle to understand. Kingly rule, whether it be an oligarchy or monarchy, always seeks absolute control, and it is accomplished when king can decide who is guilty, without protection of law; without protection of equality before law.

Absolutism, totalitarianism is murderous, no doubt. One of the tools, probably the best managed tool is presumption of guilt, and that is what shariah and global hoaxing seeks, working together with traitors in OUR country: obama, clintons, the democrat party and the liberal media.

We have them outnumbered at least 1,000 to 1, yet they rule OUR world. Why, is not the question. It never was. We are stuck at the question why because liberal/genocidal maniacs have commandeered the discussions. How, is the first question and how do we eliminate them, is the second question. I already know the answers to both. I voice my opinions and solutions, and that is why they attack me with such focus.

How they rule is presumption of guilt against We, the People and presumption of innocence for authority, clearly guilty of heinous, murderous, and plundering crimes.

Dictatorship, tyranny, democracy, monarchy all have prosecutorial systems wherein the authority assumes infallibility, and prosecutes without proof, without science, without fact.

Global hoaxing is more than just a discussion about saving the planet.

Global hoaxing is a subversive attack designed to eliminate presumption of innocence in America first, and then the world.

Any court can issue warrants for arrest for obama or any unelected official that prosecutes presumption of guilt against We, the People; against any individual.

It is the hidden principle of global hoaxing, not proving the prosecution of mere theories, that is the goal and danger. When the global hoaxers, liberals and progressives behind the scenes, have established global hoaxing, they have established the real goal of presumption of guilt for We, the People. When that is accomplished, society as we know it, safeties and securities for We, the People, are gone. That is the transfer of wealth, the real wealth the global rulers want. They want OUR rights to life and liberty. they want the power to inflict death. They want a transfer and transformation of living life to propagating death through the transfer of authority. It is always the goal of tyranny, democracy included, to transform powers of life to their control: power of death.

Forget the why. It is unimportant. The tragedy is not why, it is how, and it is being done right before our eyes.

Muslims have attacked and killed Americans, and there is no prosecution of the guilty. The power to live life, given in the Constitution to the masses, has already been transformed to the power to terminate life. That is real power.

Not why, but how, is the question. “How” opens the mind to seek how to stop it, and we already know.

Why obama is evil, traitorous and successful is not the question. How he accomplished this reveals how to stop him, and end his reign of terror, and then we will understand why, while he hangs for his crimes.

A simple arrest of any one of the criminals of the establishment’s good old democrat party will start a collapse of the house of cards, and we will know why.

We need only one judge to issue a warrant, and one state to seize control of the reserves and national guard, and issue drafts of the militia. Texas has the numbers. Florida has the numbers. Any state can issue a warrant and arrest obama (or any one of the democrat traitors), charge them with treason, and use military force to hold. We may inject ourselves into a bigger problem, but the bigger problem grows every day we procrastinate.

Obama has the Chinese military ready, at anchor, now. He sold America to the Chinese bankers for an excuse to invite them to invade to “secure” their loans, trillions of dollars of unauthorized servitude given to foreign powers, by the traitor-in-chief. He has, and had, no authority to do that, and will be punished.

This burden of proof in the case of anti-science global hoaxing is more serious contention than We, the People realize.

Global hoaxing is connected to the muslim dictatorships and other globalist powers: used to destroy individual, American sovereignty.

It is quite revealing that the efforts to suppress my opinions and voice, has two prongs of attack: one is the obvious political force trying to destroy republican/conservative/constitutional law principles, and the other is the subtle attack on presumption of innocence, which ultimately, by design, will be the beginning of totalitarian judgement, making for totalitarian rule.

Utardia and star-twit/the editor/traitor/buffoon, both attack with these two main facets. They are inseparable.

Dear readers, go back and see how oppressive these topics are. Look at how forceful the “writers” promote and propagate the ideals. They are connected by the sources. It is irrefutable.

The two monsters propagating totalitarian lies and hate, bombard us with fabrications and propaganda regarding the two topics ad nauseam. That is the telltale sign.

Find the filthy dogs and prosecute them for treason.