4th Metropolitan officer dies of suicide.


This is a dementocrat coup, using all bolshevik tactics of fraud, lies, threats and murder is fully underway.

Why would four metropolitan officers kill themselves? What did they see or do that made them regret living? Are they hiding truths of something that might explain murder.

I have maintained from day one that it was a riot and the only entities in America rioting are Antifa and BLM.

It is insanity to think BLM and Antifa were not at the capital. 500 riots throughout the spring summer an fall of 2020, and a golden opportunity for destruction and chaos could not have possibly been overlooked by the bolshevik armies BLM and antifa.

All you have to do is wonder. Maybe you do not believe Antifa and BLM ere involved in riots in 2020. Maybe you heard of the “mostly peaceful protests” the liberal la-la-land media has propagated, but have you looked? Do a search for “protester sets himself on fire” Watch the violence. The capital protests would be the perfect storm for Antifa and BLM.

One would have to be completely cause-and-effect retardded to think these marxist goons would not take this opportunity for destruction.

But nothing recorded except “peaeceful protests by President Trump supporters magially, without temporal possibility, creating havoc and mayhem.

It is all impossible as the lying liberal media has propagated, along with the presumptuous dementocrat we-the-politicians’ democracy.

I am making this statement, that these officers were killed by the dementocratt bolshevik progressives. These entities all work together, media suppressing innumerable truths of collusion and propagating innumerable fabrications of guilt by the innocent.

The dementocrats, Pelosi led, have created guilt by political party and media by changing language.

There was no insurrection. There were protests. Have the demented democrats defined insurrection and given an example? The dementocrats have stated their accusations without challenge hundreds, thousands of times in the media,  created guilt by media, but not once have we heard a single caused given an opportunity to publicly defend him or herself. This is evil.

Ashli Babbit was shot and killed by a Capital Police Officer. No presumption of guilt attached to the police officer as there is with every black person, drug addict and criminal in process. All videos and reports, everything about the Ashli Babbit killing is systemically suppressed. How do you like that word systemic now?

The officer received rewards for killing an innocent woman and the wrongful death lawsuits ensuing now are not reported by the media and Pelosi and the other bolsheviks have issued no praise or condemnation for the cop, and now concern or regret for the dead woman is forthcoming from the dementocrats either.  It is all so very evil, and smacks of Soviet styled coupl, killing witnesses about to break silence.

What have we heard from the families of the dead Capital officers? Nothing.

 Where are the dusicide notes admitting unendurable regret for doing something, anything?

Nothing that would be considered normal is evident because evil suppresses truth: pelosi, dementocrats, corrupt media.


Let us turn the tables on the celebrities who use presumption for their gain.

I believe NBA stars are inherently evil. I believe NBA stars who market themselves and their goods to the communist Chinese are inherently evil.

Does the world, America, BLM and antifa agree? Will these thugs hit the streets to riot and “protest” that The Chinese Communist government is inherently evil and all associated with them, LeBron James, are inherently evil, and should be defunded?

A presumption of guilt in America is about as offensive to thinking and fair Americans as turkey made with soy. Thanks-giving soy turkey and apple flavored pressed vegetable products, substituting for apple pie, is less offensive than the dashing of presumption of innocence We, the People, of America, afford to each other in keeping ourselves free and government under control.

We must remember that all genocides, oppressions, ruthless and cruel tyrannies and forced labor and rule of all kinds has come from organized government.

NAZI, Soviet communism, Maoist communism, the Killing Fields of Cambodia with 1/3 the population slaughtered, all these by organized, uncontrolled government.

I presume LeBron James to be evil, bringing an uncontrolled evil government influence to America, removing, especially from his “mind”, presumption of innocence for all Americans, including those who wear a badge and carry weapons in defense of others of James’ fellow Americans; also including his self and his family, friends, and associates.

Lebron can go to commie China for his presumption of innocence, make a mistake and see how far his commie butt-kissing goes, from a Chi-comm camp.

Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”

Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”
Is that lying piece of rat-crap, bolshevik-dick musing, supposing, presuming, creating false reality through his/her/its unfettered hatred for We, the People and OUR government, including OUR legally, lawfully, duly elected President? Is that moronic hate-spewing lying piece of rat-crap trying to inject an idea that President Trump is somehow, magically, mysteriously, secretly confused? How does that bolshevik manage to jump to that sick and twisted, mentally deranged presumption with absolutely no evidence except the “wondering of a sick and hate-motivated dem/lib mind?
Does that filthy moron have any evidence for the claim he/she/it makes or is that rotten sewage-flotsam trying to create a false reality with YOU?
To what purpose would it serve anyone to believe that President Trump is confused about anything? It only serves those who lie about it by fabricating hate-motivated lies and manipulation. Lies serve only those who lie.
How does it serve the manipulators? It motivates the masses to a breaking point where violence is used against the honest, decent citizens of the country being subverted. That is the purpose, subversion, murder, slavery and genocide. The purpose for the demented lies of the tyranny-wing leftist agent provocateurs, like bolshevik-dick, and others is to manipulate you to do their dirty work so they get to live a life of oppression, luxury and leisure, at YOUR expense.
Notice the rat wonders, presumes that President Trump “…must be confused…”.
President “must be” confused? Why, because a lying,manipulative moron says so?
Bolshevik-dick is a liar when we see openly that he/she/it is attempting, right before our eyes, to make you believe President Trump is confused, despite a total, complete, absolute void of evidence.
Why does the bolshevik slug assume that particular thing and not something else? Why does that filthy democrat party/bolshevik whore not wonder why slut clinton and her treasonous host are not confused by principle?
Her words on the death of Ambassador Stevens, “At this point what does it matter?”
How about a principle that it is her job to keep our ambassadors safe?
What a perfect example of lost-from-principle that witch Clinton is.
bolshevik-dick is using tactics bolsheviks have used to enslave and murder millions for decades.
Find that filthy pig, Find that cowardly piece of rat crap for me, and I will gladly bite the bullet and beat that scum.
Oh, I just did beat that slug, again, right here.
Publius/brent/thirdoptbybrent/liberalnesreview: 3,799
Bolshevhik-dick/utardia/moo-stank: zero, 0, nada, nul, kein, zilch, ZEEEEEEEEEEERO
Lying libby losers.
Beware, my fellow citizens, sub-human scum who would manipulate YOU to violence and self-endangerment, would do worse TO you. These filthy socialist/bolshevhik monsters are not your friends, especially when they would have you hate your friends and trust those who lie to YOU.

Brett Kavanagh as a 15 year old boy.

Brett Kavanagh as a 15 year old boy.
Imagine a 15 year old boy, please, for the sake of reality and presumption of innocence, for all, including your own 15 year old boys.
Ladies, men, mothers and fathers, please imagine this situation for what it was.
Brett Kavanagh, at the alleged time of the alleged crime(s), was 15 years old, if we are to believe Julie Swetnick’s testimony.
Imagine this is your boy, please. Imagine your son or duagther, for that matter, in high school spending time with college aged adults.
The fist question you must ask, is why are college aged adults spending time with your boy or girl?
Would you say, dear reader, and fellow American, presumed innocent before proven guilty, that your 15 year old son or daughter is a boy or girl, not a man or woman?
Imagine your 15 year old child, going to parties and engaging in anything illicit or suspicious. Would you know?
That is a very significant question so I will ask it again. Would you know what your son or daughter were doing at parties?
Would you know where your girl or boy were going? Would you find out?
I am, in no way, trying to implicate Brett Kavanagh’s parents in anything with this series of questions. The questions are for you to consider the impossibility of Swetnick’s claims.
Consider further the impossible setting of said parties, 10 in total, Swetnivk suddenly remembered, in time to help democrats destroy a potential conservative addition to the Supreme Court. How convenient for Swetnick to remember just at this time, especially since she was coached for a week by a team of liars, I mean lawyers.
A quick preponderance before I carry on with my setting: why was Swetnick working with attorneys and not psychologists, or drug counselors?
Oh yes, Swetnick is to be credited correctly, if we are to continue with this dissection. She is noted, by her own family, as a drug user and sufferer of addiction, but that is a story someone else has already exposed.
My comments are for you, dear democrat party supporter. My comments are not necessarily for liberals. You must realize that democrats and liberals are very different creatures.
Imagine your child at 15 years old. Swetnick claims she was at 10 parties where Brett was. How could she know he was at 10 parties if she cannot identify and say he was at one, and what he was doing?
How can she claim 15 year old Brett, a boy, was at one party if she cannot name another single person at any of 10 parties? Who was Brett with? How did he get to these alleged parties?
He must have gotten there somehow. were they on campus and if so why is a 15 year old boy on campus? Were these parties ing dormitories, or frat house, and if so how did a 15 year old boy get into restricted areas?
Did Julie have anything to do with Brett’s alleged involvement in using drugs,m drinking, traveling as a minor to and from these houses?
Was Julie bringing girls to theese parties? Was she involved in a sex trade?
You can opine or attack me for trying to turn this against the victim. Brett was a 15 year old boy. Not an adult and someone was responsible for his condition and access to drugs and alcohol. Who? Why does Julie not remember who was getting the drugs, alcohol and girls?
Again, where were the parties and what adult, child abuser was getting drugs and and alcohol for Brett, if it happened?
Why did Julie and her liars not take this matter to the police? Is she and her liars afraid the police would naturally investigate Julie’s apparent, not alleged, involvement in contributing to child delinquency? Are swetnick’s attorneys afraid Swetnick will be investigated as accomplice? She should be, and so should they.
Sure, I am turning this from a 15 year old boy to an 18 year old woman, hardly a victim for attending 10 parties and saying nothing about another person who surely must have contributed to the delinquency of a 15 year old boy.
The democrats, you democrat ideology supporter, have to stop and think. What crimes would you have your child charged with if adults were druggging your child to get him to lewd acts?
You, dear democrat readers, backed by your liberal instigators, must surely realize a 15 year old boy, influenced by an 18 year old college woman is not himself. What crimes did Julie Swetnick commit in attending and contributing to these alleged parties?
Are we, are you, dear democrat parent, sure you want your boy and millions of other boys, like Brett Kavanagh presumed guilty of alleged crimes potentially fabricated by the real perpetrator? Do you want your boy, or any 15 year old boy, presumed guilty while adults were in the room, the house, at the alleged parties?

RE: “Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent?”

RE: Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent.

Why won’t “writer”, who I know personally, answer questions about the little girl that was found raped and murdered in “ writer’s” neighborhood?

I refer to this “writer”, agent provocateur, as bolshevik-dick because he/she/it (not really human), is living and propagating tyranny using bolshevik invading and control tactics. But he/she/it is suspect in some serious crimes. Why won’t he/she/it answer questions? Must be that he/she/it is guilty. There, case solved. Refuses to answer then we all presume he/she/it is guilty.

I know to you tough dem/libs it’s a feather in your caps, but I only have a few questions.

Why won’t you dem/libs answer questions if you are not guilty? Where was obama and clinton when Ambassador Stevens was killed? Who issued stand down orders? They will not answer? They must be guilty: treason. Hang them.

Why did obama go ahead with “universal” health care when he knew it was going to destroy and divide America?

We have thousands of questions you dem/libs refuse to answer. Why will you not answer questions if you are not guilty?

This dem/lib rhetoric is quite a flip-flop. Dem/libs want investigation and jail without trial, investigating a person when there are no crimes. At the same time they want to ignore a real investigation into real crimes, they have committed.

Why won’t you answer if you are innocent? Lock you up!

Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about Russian collusion, with the DNC? Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about hillary cheating berinie? Lock them up!

Dem/libs, media particularly, seem to know more about collusion, than anyone else. Is that because the dem/libs were, and are involved?

Lock them; lock you up!

Dem/libs seem to know more about non-existent Trump offenses. Or, is it that they are simply presuming guilt? Presumption of innocence serves dem/libs, even though their guilt is obvious. Such a sick and twisted flip-flop of reality and justice is typical of the bolsheviks everywhere they have invaded and slaughtered millions: Ukraine holodomor, the killing fields of Cambodia, Mao’s slaughter of an estimated 60 million Chinese, INNOCENTS.

I hope dem/libs are ready to receive the treatment they have been giving a duly elected president, OUR president.

You, “writer”, bolshevik-dick, I hope you are ready to be presumed guilty because you are going to get what you deserve, what you have been dishing out to others: innocent others.

You only fool a very small percentage of Americans. I mention this for the millions not sure if the 50/50 split is real, and how it can exist for decades. It does not: it is all a massive fabrication. It is another tactic of bolshevism.

The bolsheviks had, at best, 27 percentage of the “popular” vote in 1917. They lost and did what the “progressive” bolsheviks in America are doing today, trying to make the innocent pay and give themselves, the guilty, powers above the law they violate.

Ironically, the word bolshevik means minority.