It is just too easy. Liars lie and it is easy to discern.

It just gets easier to see the lies when two things happen: 1) you must get a foundation of truth. Yes, there are absolute truths, at least as far as the human mind can accept. For example. The sun always rises in the east. It has for thousands of years and we all know it. This means we can accept that it will do the same for thousands of years in the future. The foundational truths I speak of often are quite simple and a spring board for seeking more truths and knowledge. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic. There is only one self-governance system ever created that has a guaranteed Bill of Rights for the individual. Dementocrats and progressive/liberals constantly push family as the unit when it is not. A family is made up of individuals, all who have individual unassailable rights, until they, we, he or she gives them up. It is happening now.

2) You must ask questions of everything. An exercise to increase intellect is go to a book store. Pick a book, start reading. When you find something that intrigues you, or something you do not know or understand, put down that book and find a book on the new question. When talking with anybody ask questions. A liar is always caught with three lies. At best the liar can answer three questions but must always return to the original answer, the original lie. A good liar can answer the original question with the same answer but makes it appear to be a different answer. Liars know it is a trap. I do it all the time on see elle and other sites. The dementos never answer the first question. They never post an answer because they open themselves to more questions by further lying. Never, I kid you not, has a dem/lib agent provocateur (particularly bolshevik-dick) written a post in reply to one of my questions.

Regarding your search for truth you must do the same.

We have been conditioned to seek 30 second answers. It is mentally stifling.

A good discussion always leaves one seeking answers to new questions.

Why did the founding fathers despise and reject democracy? Next question? Who says they did?

Where can one find these answers? You, yourself, must find these answers. Read a book, “The Federalist Papers”, to know the fundamentals of your government, your experiment into self-governance.

A few things you may not have heard: self-governance and “The Federalist Papers”, your start to your freedom, your liberation.

Ask Janet Yellin, should we be forced to travel this globalist corporate tax route, what globalist Bill of Rights we would have. Better yet, read your bill of rights. Ask questions of it. What rights are you willing to surrender for a corporate global entity ruling YOU?

This globalist rule by anti-representation is the goal and has been the goal for over a century.

Get with it or you lose your rights. You must fight every assault on your rights because one loss of even the seemingly most insignificant right leads to a bad habit of acceptance, rule, and worse, dare I say.

I have studied this progressive attack on our rights. The dementocrats have mirrored the bolshevik take-over of Russia.

Read my articles. Go study your own curiosities, and be bold.


To those who think they are liberal
Bolshevik-dick (sovereign parrot) promised he/she/it would take its toys and go home and never return. More bolshevik, childish promises to get his/her/its own way, promises worth nothing?
Liberals do not have opinions or principles.
If you are a liberal or of a democrat party demeanor, tell me the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. If you do not know; if you have to look it up, then you do not have your own opinion or thought regarding this gross deception. You have regurgitated dogma. You, my dear fellow Americans of the democrat party/fascist preference, cannot have an opinion in ignorance: nobody can, even though the democrat party “leadership” tells you so.
Bolshevik-dick (sovereign parrot) and the other liberal liars present a poor argument for every issue, then they throw tantrums, lie, and use tactics of a few sorts to manipulate compliance. It is extortion. Tactics, ploys and lies are not opinions. Tactics and ploys delivered with unrecognized fabrications and empty promises create ignorance in the trusting, unsuspecting followers. Liberal leaders lie incessantly to manipulate Americans that will not learn on their own.
So, for those who think sovereign parrot has a valid argument or made a few points, consider your lack of knowledge, and who uses it against YOU.
When a democrat voter reiterates arguments of others but does not know the principles, that democrat party supporter must at some time wonder from where the information he or she reiterates comes. Regurgitating memorized talking points does not make anyone intelligent. Regurgitated talking points do not offer opinions. Reiterated hatred in ignorance makes one a political puppet to liars and frauds, such as sovereign parrot.
Read, my fellow citizens, the Bill of Rights. Read the Constitution, please. Read the Federalist Papers so you know why the founding fathers despised and rejected democracy. When you know more than your potential captors of the tyranny-wing, lying liberal left, you will have YOUR opinion, not someone else’s verbal vomit.