There are things that must be done to prove President Trump is what he says he is: 1) must not abandon our presidency to communist, marxist Chinese agents biden and harris, and the deep state globalist/marxists in collusion; 2) justice for criminals of the obama and clinton administrations, arrests and charges laid, immediately; 3) elimination of unrepresentative IRS and immediate arrests for violating constitutional law that did not legitimize IRS and federal income taxation; 4) criminal investigations with or without Barr, into FI, CIA, NSA, and IRS collusion, and immediate arrests; 5) charges laid for innumerable crimes of murder, assault, battery, and violating constitutional rights by those who swore oaths to protect; 6) media arrested and tried for treason; 7) arrest, imprisonment for sedition and other violent crimes of all antifa and BLM members and leaders, for inciting violence and criminal activity, while they await trial, under prosecution, for treason; 8) no committees, no distractions, no appointments but, instead, immediate arrests and charges for innumerable, publicly known crimes, including media fraud and sedition; 9) arrests and charges laid against democrat party members who violated oaths of upholding the constitution, who threatened, extorted and made false accusations. This includes every single federal democrat politician and numerous republicans such as Willard Romney, Governor Herbert, and others.

It should be realized none of the above was accomplished by Trump, making America a banana republic, again.

We hired Trump for justice. Justice, punishment for injustice, is a deterrence. Deterrence is the most important aspect of punishment. It sends a message to others contemplating crime.

Justice above all is the mark of a civilized nation.

We elected Trump to clean the corruption and just-us from the Justice Department, and motivate Justice to act in behalf of We, the People.

Draining the swamp is a cliché for justice.

Ending establishment politics is a cliché for justice.

Ending politics-as-usual is a cliché for justice

Making politicians accountable is a cliché for justice.

Stopping insider trading is justice.

Ending party politics, restoring representative government, is justice.

Ending the misinformation, stopping the liars from lying and manipulating, is justice.

What is MAGA? Is MAGA, make America great again, a booming economy without justice so fascist/bolshevik corporations can spy, censor and seize our wealth?

Is MAGA a great workplace without free elections to secure the fruits of our labors?

Is MAGA a lower tax base across the board while non-governmental organizations (NGOs) ravage and legislate without representation?

Is MAGA lowered tax base and rates while independent IRS increases audits, threatens, seizes property without constitutional processes, and extorts compliance and the wealth of We, the People?

No, MAGA is nothing without “Justice for All”, justice before the law; equality before the law. MAGA is injustice without justice across the board, and this is the Trump success, failure to secure justice for anyone, anywhere.

I had hoes Trump was an actual man of the people, but the facts glare.

I still hope for the best, that President Trump retains the presidency We the People won, and then finally gets justice, firing Barr, and thousands of others. Was “firing” people not Trump’s Hollywood legacy? How could he fail so miserably when that is his strength?

What will be Trump’s legacy now? Will he be left alone if he leaves office? If he is, we are clued that he was one of them all along, absolutely avoiding the common denominator, the fundamental principle of all aspects of making America great: JUSTICE.

Will Trump’s legacy be a good president? If Trump abandons our presidency, will the media cease their attacks and universal maligning, proving the media played the charade with Trump?

What will Trump’s legacy be, that he went along in secret or that he tried, was hated, but served the vast majority, 75 million voters? If Trump has no legacy of justice, he has no legacy.

I wonder if legacy is something he really cares about? What is in it for Trump? Was he let in on the secrets of the Priesthood of Moloch and the bolsheviks?

I know the secrets. It would take you, dear readers, 10 years, too late, to discover what I know. And I am not telling you.

I know the means to the alternatives, but who deserves it?

We, the People secured absolutely no justice from Trump’s efforts. It is almost as if that was the plan. It was executed very well, according to plan?

Barr did nothing. Three Supreme Court appointees did nothing. In fact they joined the progressive bolsheviks in deflecting and promoting corruption and centralized government.

We wanted obama and clinton investigated for their crimes in Benghazi. We wanted obamas, clintons and bidens investigated for spying on Americans. We wanted justice: MAGA.

Let us face this reality, that in spite of all the talk of Trump working for We, the People, and making America great, he did not, absolutely did not make America safer or secure. How could he be apparently so successful in so many areas, in spite of media propaganda, but media, completely hateful of Trump in all things, manages to be soft on Trump’s failure to make America safe again (MASA). Trump failed at making America just again, (MAJA). He totally failed at a lot of things better, as if by plan.

If Trump magically maintains the win he and We earned, and continues to avoid making America just again, we will know we have been deceived by the biggest fraud the global underworld has ever executed.

We wanted the clinton crime family activities arrested and the criminals to pay for their crimes. Did Trump, at the beginning of his campaign, not mention Hillary will not be in the whitehouse, she should be in jail.

Did America, the dwindling moral majority; the honest and patriotic citizens not delight in the thought that the clintons might pay for their crimes? Damn the ignorant minority, crime is crime, whether the media acknowledges or deflects.

Trump protected the clintons by appointing progressive/bolshevik supreme court justices, wearing conservative/republic-oriented clothing and then covering it, overpowering all decency and pretenses with black robes of the moloch priesthood. Why were Barr and his puppet attorneys not fired by the master Human Resources innovator and cleanser: Trump? How did Trump allow so many failures and rejects of OUR constitutional republic skate free of scrutiny and arrest, make wealth and deals behind the scenes, but provide not a scintilla of justice for We, the People.

Nobody can say Trump is a failure. He was very successful at distracting from the real goals of MAGA: justice.

We will have no justice in our future because none was sought for these last 12 years.

We wanted the obamas and all their hypocritical allies and colluding ravagers to stop, and pay for their crimes. We wanted traitors barack and hillary to pay for their crimes of killing American citizens, Ambassador Stevens, for example, but only one of many.

We, the People wanted the censorship, hatred, and deep state government, media and massive corporate collusion stopped. It is literally the definition and execution of fascism and marxism, and it all got worse, in spite of talk of MAGA.

If Trump lets that maoist puppet, biden and his puppet whore, the genocidal maniac harris take office it will be the biggest injustice heaped upon Americans, and will lead to the slaughter of hundreds of millions. I have been saying all along the tactics used by democrats, progressives and liberal media mirror tactics the bolsheviks used to slaughter 30 million Russians, Russian citizens.

The democrat/progressive/liberal goals and marxist/bolshevik/fascist goals are the same, spoken in nice words of rights that are not rights; generosities that ravage the population; freedom that forces obeisance to ruling democrat party oligarchy and marxist subversives; employment opportunities that denies rights to work; politicians serving themselves legislating their own gain and impunity; politicians claiming to work and  serve while serving injustice; politicians claiming to bring the country together with diversity while legislating and forcing one party and a one-party system; and innumerable other verities .

What is most important is, what will be the legacy of We, the People?

Did we wait for a savior, one in bed with the enemy? Did we put trust in one man, surrendering our powers, authorities and force of justice for all?

If Trump abandons our presidency, I will be busy.

If Trump stays and four are years of injustice reign, I will be busy.

There is only one way out of our surrender to oligarchy or monarchy of Trump. Both options fail We, the People and serve international tyranny.

The only option, the founding fathers knew, Abraham Lincoln knew, and a scant few others, is We, the People take back our country, our government, our authority. It is all done by force, our power.

If Trump gets in the way, he goes too.

I write all this knowing that if this information, this call to arms is considered significant, my life may be in peril, from whomever. So be it.

I fight, now!

I dare not write my goals, my plans, but you, dear fellow citizen of free America, the soft, exposed underbelly of a misinformed, maligned, used, and disappearing true citizenry, need to know your enemies from your foes, and eliminate your enemies. If it is to be by force, so be it.

This is a legal, conditional warning to tyranny, cease and desist, or We, the People will organize and adjudicate, with or without corrupt injustice, against you!



Original Craigslist html:

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So what if he made that comment, “Grab them by the pu__y”? Was it for all America to hear? People talk.

Have you heard the banter in women’s change rooms? A girl-friend of mine, some time ago, was quite explicit in describing the disrespect for men most American women openly share with each other, in expected privacy, The corresponding language of some is quite offensive. So what? Don’t listen.

The rest of the hate-poster is a list of lies.

Maybe bolshevik-dick can show us a newspaper clip or police report. All this “information”, if it were true is public knowledge. No?

Would a person trying to convince another of something not use all information and means available to change another’s mind? Are dem/libs so dumb they don’t know, or are they dishonest, trying to manipulate others in ignorance?

You see, dear reader, the tactic has no substance and no integrity.

Backing is a general term for providing a source, a witness, or document.

Propaganda discards this need and pursues an emotional, disconnected course to manipulate.

Propaganda means propagating information but inherent in the definition is the condition that the information is misleading, false or deceptive.

Did President Trump collude with Russia, for example?

Is this not the claim democrats and some republicans, the entire liberal media complex and others, have made for years?

Russian collusion, Russian collusion, Russian collusion, sounds like the grumble words actors use to make the sound of a mob.

Is the propagation of misinformation the goal of the comic-strip post, “Trump’s American Values”, or is it real and truthful reporting? Did someone search and find these things, and then report, or did someone begin by writing a list of things fro shock the senses? It seems the latter takes precedence when one checks the veracity of just one claim. What are the crimes, again?

Russian collusion is one such accusation. Is it a crime?

What if it had been Canadian collusion? Is collusion the offense or is Russia or Canada the offense? Can the author of the comic strip please explain what offenses each accusation represents?

Why is the accusation made in such a generalized word, Russia? Can “Russia” witness or provide evidence? Do the democrats know this? Do they know Russia is a very big and complex country? it is fraudulent, and goes against one very important, major “value” of American life; a value that is inextricably connected to justice? Do the democrats know what presumption of innocence is? Of course they know. They have been hiding behind it for decades, maybe centuries. It is part of our American tradition that we presume the best of each other, all being part of one society working together one way or another.

We do not build this country, engaging in commerce, trade, and culture for the benefit of the economy. The economy is inanimate. We do not work together, enjoin in military and long-term programs for military institution rather, wo organize ourselves into a collection of resources for legitimate self defense, for selves and each other.

We do not salute the flag, sing anthems for the sake of the dirt or the shores that define American soil, rather we respect the flag as a collective reminder that it represents We, the People, and the values and traditions that allow us all to live in collective self defense, justice and presumption of the best from each other.

With what part of Russia did President Trump collude? Did someone see him over there, in Siberia, colluding with the vast forests? Was he talking to trees? Who saw what?

Did he collude with the dirt? Did he collude with the water surrounding the Kamchatka peninsula? Did he collude with Moscow, and what part, the spires, the cats and dogs, somebody? Was this evil, dastardly collusion accomplished by nothing with nobody over nothing that happened that anyone witnessed? Was he even there?

Did he talk to someone, maybe an ambassador? At least he did not kill one of his, our own, like Barack and Clintons did: Ambassador Stevens.

Let us look at the loose, the mentally dysfunctional communication skills and composition. Without an object the subject does nothing. In fact, without an object, the action of the subject does not exist. For example: I went. If I did not go somewhere, basically I did not “went”. Is it a lie if I mention I went, nowhere?

President colluded, the anti-witnessing goons proclaim. With whom did president Trump collude? Did President “went”, or collude somewhere and with someone? When and where did he go, and with whom did he collude?

If the conditions are not met that he went somewhere and that he colluded with someone, not a bag of dirt in Siberia, then the collusion claim is a lie.

This explains the whole of democrat party democracy. Somebody did something even nothing was done to anyone, but democrats want blood. It is a different presumption to presume guilt without evidence. It is more cynical and devastating to proclaim the results of a crime, without evidence oil a rime, yet democrats constantly do it, relying on the ignorance of cause-and-effect challenged, and deductive-reasoning-void well wishers hoping without evidence of reality, for gain from nothing. The gain can only be accomplished after this lack of reality is bypassed, by theft, plunder and ravishment. Welcome to democrat party democracy, and liberal la-la-land just-us.

Is it a lie if there is no evidence of collusion? Can anyone define collusion and state how it is considered and where it is notarized a crime?

Four years of democrat and liberal media accusations and witnesses; witnesses  not even remotely witnessing anything, exposes distinct dem/lib fraud, if not a complete lie. It is all to propagate a lie that  a fabricated result of crime proves there is a crime.

Through four long years of dem/lib accusations, we never heard from a witness who actually witnessed something. Democrats did not present a single witness and some republicans jumped into the child-id democrat parade of silly clowns of the liberal media/democrat party circus.

For the purpose of endorsing a product, would it be wrong to identify someone as an Olympian who never participated in the Olympics? Unless the Olympic Commission cared and sued, it might only be a financial waste of money to pay for such buffoonery, but democrats have done it for four years, and still bother, harass and accuse President Trump and try to trick We, the People with the major missing link, a witness.

The tradition of presumption of innocence is under the democrat/liberal/progressive boot. This unique American tradition is drawn from centuries-old development of justice. American justice is American culture: legally, legitimately, and ethically connected with law. It is this very unique and liberating tradition democrats, liberals and marxist/progressives attack.

You, yourself, dear fellow American, democrat or republican, liberal or libertarian, would demand your right to be presumed innocent if you had been under the same four year long attack, for just one day. And yet, democrats have not one whit of sense for the rights to presumption of innocence in their four year long hatred. Democrats cannot find one day of preponderance for the institution of justice and equality before the law. Dem/libs cannot find a scintilla of cognition for the near-sacred tradition of each and every citizen in America who has an undeniable irrefutable right to live free of oppressed, unjust, burden of guilt.

The democrats paraded democrat political clowns before the American representative republic, and they do it every day.

They know their charges and accusations are fraudulent, but they hope the cruel and self-serving disparaging will eventually blossom into information, as opposed to misinformation. They know misinformation does not become information, just as they know that cartoons do not one day come to life. Or do they know this?

Lies, accusations and attempted applications of guilt without trial and evidence, does not continually stack up and magically come to life as real, but dem/libs, played by the puppet master marxist progressives, do not care for the sanity and minds of themselves: their own slip into hate-motivated insanity of cause-and-effect, presumption and justice.

A list of accusations, as fabricated in the “poster” cartoon, backed by nothing and no object of the subjective offense or crime, makes empty accusations to be known lies: dem/lib, progressive/marxist propaganda.

We see in that comic strip 40 offenses. Some are offenses. Some are accusations of crime.Some are things like business loss that happens to all kinds of people. Some of the things in the list are outright silly, and cannot even be taken seriously for the character assassination attempt, and nothing else that they are: hate.

Let us start with the accusations:

Grab them by the p___y: one event found offensive by those who hate so much they discard American tradition, they claim offensive in others: presumption of innocence.

Was, is it a point made: a point for a crime? No, but let us give it half a point for offensive: .5

For other points of an argument, let us break down each accusation, avoiding presumptive, evil generalities:

Child rape accusations: 0

White supremacy/incessant condemnation of it: 0

Dishonoring Gold-Star families:   0

Birther conspiracy: started by Hillary Clinton, Trump wondered, so what? 0

Other attempts at points of argument (40):                                                 all:  0

Character assassination over life events: 3 disavowed.  0

I count, of 40 things listed, 36 that could be offenses, and crimes but have ZERO evidence, ZERO backing, ZERO credibility, and invoke the American tradition of presumption of innocence because there is no evidence.

So, the agent provocateur made 40 accusations, 36 of which could be offensive or criminal, but credulity is given .5 for only one accusation, one point the agent provocateur, bolshevik-dick, is right .5 of 36 claims, or 1.29 percent of the accusations.

Is this the kind of sense and honesty you want ruling you?

RESPONSE TO BOISE CRAIGSLIST POST: Re “Trump is the biggest driver of COVID misinformation.”

Re “Trump is the biggest driver of COVID misinformation.”

What study is that, liar?

Really? Was it President Trump who did daily “COVID” press conferences for, what three months, with specialists in the CDC, etc., etc., etc.? Or was it Biden? Maybe Kamala Harris, the Clinton crime syndicate, Newsom, Cuomo the killer? Maybe it was Michael Obama, or his husband Barack Obama sin laden? Maybe the people most informative was the whole democrat party, while they spent all their waking hours trying to impeach and remove President Trump, as they lied about everything?

Is that dufus, bolshevik-dick really that stupid?



It is so laughable, and so lacking in intelligent cause-and-effect, and sense, I just cannot deal with the immaturity and child-id ethical-retardation of lying liberal agent provocateurs of the left-wing extra he mist party.

What a maroon. ‘What a mal-a-maroon’, as Bugs Bunny would say.

Is that bolshevik-dick the same bolshevik that claimed we are approaching a zombie apocalypse? Is it the same moron-mutt that said zombies were going to only be able to order brains, for food, through Amazon? How stupid can a self-induced droning, dementocrat get?

Is that the same simp that pretends he/she/it is not a high-school dropout, barely able to formulate a complete sentence with proper hominyms (your, you’re, too, to, and two)?

What moronic proclamation to try and pass off as intelligent: does not even pass the sub-intelligent, dog-bark test. Welcome to dem/lib la-la-land. Woof!


Re: “F(__)ker needs to pay”

The title may be enough for you to know the “author” is a democrat party, progressive/bolshevik agent provocateur and the subject of the attack is the President of the United States.

Show us the connection, dick, or shut your butt-sucking, crap-eating mouth.

What a loser.

I make a claim: Obama-lama ding dong and Joe hidin’ Biden are responsible for millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of dead during SARS, Ebola, and other so-called pandemics. My claim is now true because I avoided science and said it, just like that moronic, hate-mongering bolshevik. How stupid can sub-human rats, I mean dem/libs, get?

What a dummy: not even an attempt to lie to connect anything to this so-called pandemic. First off, most deaths attributed to COVID are fake, lies: perpetrations by the democrat party media.

It is fear, and it worked. Tyranny uses fear. Random fear is the best. People cannot protect themselves from fear instilled by random terror.

I, personally, know four people who “contracted” COVID. They experienced symptoms that almost any other fever-causing malady produces, and they got tested. Three of them told me what the nurses said, and it is almost a mantra, or narrative exposing itself. The nurses mentioned to the three that they probably don’t have it, and they discovered they did not test positive for COVID, but that they are reported positive, just to be safe, as the nurses said. In one of my steps we could then substitute 1/2 for 3/4.

I did write a commentary describing four stages of the process wherein 1/2 of the tests are presumed.

1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 is 1/16th.

Changed to fit the reality, revealed by 3 nurses testing 3 of my four friends, one variable of the equation changes:

1/4 of 1/2 of /2 of 1/2 is 1/32nd.

If these numbers are reported consistently and the same “precautions” are applied, it means of the 220,000 deaths in America, only 6,900, approximately, died of this mysterious, almost non-existent affliction. In fact, I maintain COVID-19 does not exist. I base this on one single factor, that all reporting and all involved lie and know they must lie. Liars lie because liars know truth will not stand on its own. Again, anyone who understands and has employed scientific methodology, knows there is no science belong politics-as-usual manipulation of reports and expert opinions. There is no science. Just because we see un-scientific scientists, political agents paraded before us with claims they are scientists, does not make them truly employing scientific methods. It is a parade of liars and frauds.

I believe that 1/32nd of covid cases may be real.

Dick can go shove his/her/its bolshevik fear mongering up his his/her/its commie-red….where the sun does not shine.…

RESPONSE TO CRAIGSLIST POST RE: “Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns”

Re: “Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that…”

This is going to be fun.

You can find this on Boise Idaho CL at:

and my site reference:

I love these fights. Wish I had more time. Between actually working for a living and working on my website, liberalnewsreview, I am quite busy.

Which despots does the “US” condemn? First off, what is, or who is, the US? Does dick mean a president would condemn a despot, communist or fascist, while Obama and his buddy Biden refused to condemn Fidel Castro, a murderous bolshevik bastard?

Did old balmy sin laden condemn Iran’s tyranny or did he give them hundreds of millions of dollars? Maybe it was billions or bazillions of dollars. Funny? Dem/libs, bolshevik/marxist devil-agents, do not understand humor.

No, dick, asshole supreme, President is not refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. What a moron.

He did, however, refuse to be set up. He is going to win. Like the democrats, President Trump has something that will guarantee the win. It might only need to be the democrats and liberals’ incapacities to look at reality and adapt. That is what happened to Hillary.

The democrats discovered, through their own polling, that they needed to alter and/or eliminate republican votes by about 20 percent. Idiots, big-headed egomaniacs, did not believe it and only altered 10 percent. Big mistake in cheating, and that is why they lost.

Dick claims it is shattering that he is “refusing” to commit to a peaceful exit. Maybe he will resist in advance, by spying on the opposition? D’oh that was Obama and Hillary.

Maybe President Trump will resist by creating a false dossier and lying to a FISA court to spy on Biden. D’oh, that was obama biden and clinton.

Maybe he will hire FBI to entrap and lie. D’oh, that was Obama, biden, clintons and comey.

Maybe he will spend four years after the fact, trying to impeach Biden on hearsay and rumor, all fake witnesses who witnessed nothing? D’oh, that was biden, clintons, obamas, comey, mueller, pelosi, schiff, schumer, crazy maxine and the whole democrat party with a few bolshevik republicans: Pierre delecto (how embarrassing), mutt romney and others.

Maybe he will set up surveillance after the fact, as a back up plan and further spy and manipulate and misappropriate FBI efforts? D’oh, that was biden, clintons, obamas, comey, mueller, Pelosi, schiff, Schumer, crazy maxine and the whole democrat party with a few bolshevik republicans: Pierre delecto (how embarrassing), mutt romney and others and FBI agents Strzok, and Page.

Maybe he has already done something? One can be certain, that the investigative prowess of the media and democrats would certainly uncover anything the president is doing to cheat. No? I almost forgot, they are not investigative reporters.

President Trump is obviously out-smarting them, or, they are contributing to their own failures to investigate. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes, except for those who look.

Nothing more to write regarding bolshevik-dick’s stupid fabrication, except what we all know: that every claim bolshevik-dick makes is a fabrication or outright lie. Have a good day, everyone, and enjoy the laughs from the democrat party comintern “think”-tank propagandists.

I might add, dick, the filthy lying piece of rat-crap, actually misquoted. I guess he/she/it, archon supreme, is either a moron or a filthy lying marxist.

Hey buddy, bolshevik-dick, giving me more ammunition for my website, thanks.

We should meet and talk. Oh, sorry, forgot it takes an IQ of 25 to bark and you are only at 22.


Dear democrat. If u think that electing democrats will open the economy and end the rioting, think again. When have dems ever relinquished power, deregulated or reduced taxes? You might think that taxation is not a power grab. If you cannot spend your money on what you want, you have a little less power over your environment while politicians have power to buy votes, obedience, felty, contracts, and law with money they take from you. Who makes law and who spends money?

Biden and Harris are both talking, boasting they will raise taxes. Barack and lunch-bucket Joe promised, when they were in office, that they were going to get gasoline prices to $5 per gallon. Is that power? Unemployment was a new standard at 8 percent, and taxes increased. Did they have plans to lower gasoline prices, make America energy independent, or reduce taxes? If you think they planned to do anything for Americans, please look at opposing views, get as much information as you can, and find the sources. Obama boasted, when unemployment hit eight prcent, that it was a new standard. When jobs left American soil he boasted they were not coming back. How much power did just those few things take from Americans, YOU?

You know very well that Obama said those things. Please, for your own security and safety, and liberation from ignorance, find just one thing. Search for just one point I have made. I am not going to give it to you. Your liberation and freedom are your responsibility. I can direct you, and did. I will also direct you to read YUR Bill of rights. Which ones will you surrender? Read “The Federalist Papers” to understand why the founding fathers rejected democracy and built for us, We, the People, a Constitutional Republic.

RE: “Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent?”

RE: Why won’t Trump answer questions if he is innocent.

Why won’t “writer”, who I know personally, answer questions about the little girl that was found raped and murdered in “ writer’s” neighborhood?

I refer to this “writer”, agent provocateur, as bolshevik-dick because he/she/it (not really human), is living and propagating tyranny using bolshevik invading and control tactics. But he/she/it is suspect in some serious crimes. Why won’t he/she/it answer questions? Must be that he/she/it is guilty. There, case solved. Refuses to answer then we all presume he/she/it is guilty.

I know to you tough dem/libs it’s a feather in your caps, but I only have a few questions.

Why won’t you dem/libs answer questions if you are not guilty? Where was obama and clinton when Ambassador Stevens was killed? Who issued stand down orders? They will not answer? They must be guilty: treason. Hang them.

Why did obama go ahead with “universal” health care when he knew it was going to destroy and divide America?

We have thousands of questions you dem/libs refuse to answer. Why will you not answer questions if you are not guilty?

This dem/lib rhetoric is quite a flip-flop. Dem/libs want investigation and jail without trial, investigating a person when there are no crimes. At the same time they want to ignore a real investigation into real crimes, they have committed.

Why won’t you answer if you are innocent? Lock you up!

Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about Russian collusion, with the DNC? Why won’t dem/libs answer questions about hillary cheating berinie? Lock them up!

Dem/libs, media particularly, seem to know more about collusion, than anyone else. Is that because the dem/libs were, and are involved?

Lock them; lock you up!

Dem/libs seem to know more about non-existent Trump offenses. Or, is it that they are simply presuming guilt? Presumption of innocence serves dem/libs, even though their guilt is obvious. Such a sick and twisted flip-flop of reality and justice is typical of the bolsheviks everywhere they have invaded and slaughtered millions: Ukraine holodomor, the killing fields of Cambodia, Mao’s slaughter of an estimated 60 million Chinese, INNOCENTS.

I hope dem/libs are ready to receive the treatment they have been giving a duly elected president, OUR president.

You, “writer”, bolshevik-dick, I hope you are ready to be presumed guilty because you are going to get what you deserve, what you have been dishing out to others: innocent others.

You only fool a very small percentage of Americans. I mention this for the millions not sure if the 50/50 split is real, and how it can exist for decades. It does not: it is all a massive fabrication. It is another tactic of bolshevism.

The bolsheviks had, at best, 27 percentage of the “popular” vote in 1917. They lost and did what the “progressive” bolsheviks in America are doing today, trying to make the innocent pay and give themselves, the guilty, powers above the law they violate.

Ironically, the word bolshevik means minority.

Re: Dylann Roof shooting and Obama’s fake sorrow.

Re: Dylann Roof shooting and Obama’s fake sorrow.
Is it “propaganda” that the founding fathers saw democracy for the veiled tyranny it is, and consequently rejected it, designing, instead, a system of self governance that works?
Maybe the self-centered, child-id reptilian-brain liberal monsters just hate all things that do not give them the candy in the candy store they want right now.
Michael Savage stated The black Christian church is the bedrock of the black community. The black Christian congregation is more than a bedrock of the black community, It is one of only a few surviving bedrocks of all America. The attacks by liberals on Christianity, values, morality, ethics and love of country has led to this atrocity.
American Christians killed by democrats and liberals include more blacks: unborn babies and democrat victims in wars.
It was the democrats that got America into Vietnam. It was the democrat party that enlisted a greater number of blacks and sent innumerable units of all-black soldiers to their deaths in Vietnam, by ambushes with unsupported incursions. It was suicide for thousands.
This monster, obama, was raised under a no values liberal society. All Christian values driven out of the schools and youth.
Obama puts on a sad face when American blacks are killed. The faker, the liar, the hater of America who claims to be “black” hates blacks. He is part of the swamp machine that purposely kills, in many ways, more American blacks than any other cross-section. Obama is not black. In spite of the words that democrats and liberals express, their actions expose the truth that they hate the American black community. Obama is leading the nation in hate and this monster, killer, Roof, is the result of that liberal/progressive hate.
The questions will not be asked by an imbecile president, Obama, nor congress. What happened in this kid’s head to make him trip like he did? Is it possible that all the “investigational drugs” being “tested” in every city in America, create conditions of mental disorientation?
Obama pulled a sad face, no tears, no sincerity, as all could see, and then he was off to join Michael, I mean Michelle and the Obama children on a nice vacation paid for by the American working man’s dollar. Obama had a smile quickly painted on his face, right after he gloated about more destruction in the black community. He was poorly hiding his enjoyment at expressing more American black deaths.
I don’t like referring to the black community as a separate entity. There is no separate black community when we look at middle class, working people. American blacks and American whites enjoy the same opportunities and suffer the same deprivations in poverty stricken communities.


Edited September 3, 2018

On the Charlie Rose talk show, October 26, 2012, Pelosi stated, “The most important thing you can do for growth is to invest in education.”

In my opinion, the cliché of ‘investing in education’ is socialist dogma. It is propagated fraud and disingenuously passed for principle. Has anyone followed the bouncing dollar through education? Why does the public believe this cliché? In everything, follow the dollars.

Nancy Pelosi’s words, spoken like a true dem/lib raider of productive people’s resources and gains was not questioned by Chucky Rose. To allow lies to propagate is a crime against civility. Crimes that result in loss (taxes), eviction (IRS), Obamacare (genocide- have YOU read the 2700 pages?) are crimes against humanity. What is Chucky reporting? The dogma that education creates a civilized society has been dogmatized for over a century. Utah is one state that fought public education, and held out the longest. The law, wherein a few forced their decisions upon many that resisted, used force. Study the history of forced public education in America, read the dogma of “educators” and “leaders” and it sounds like communism propagating its wonderful, fake utopia.

Dem/libs know that any idea can be expanded, any fraud and lie can be expanded from a well established lie to more encompassing and overwhelming impositions. The dem/libs use this decalogue to expand their false ideas. The establishment media today is the well spring of accepted deception and organized theft.

Let us take a look at the dollar that is spent sending a child to university. Consider the expenses.

Consider savings by two working adults over 20 years, to send a child to a school of higher education, compared to spending the same amount on property and
Twenty thousand dollars spent on higher education is a loss, for the most part. When a trade of goods and services transpires something of value is exchanged. A purchase of a car for 20,000, for example, provides jobs for others, sends cash through an economy in a free market system that is NOT fraught with fraud or inefficiency, and it provides unquestionable benefits, one being ownership of property.

There is absolutely nothing produced by education, except taxation for costs, forced upon the public.

 Education is NOT efficient. Setting aside the real measures of education, there is no gain, no goods produced, and no exchange of goods and services. The education “trade in goods and services” is a sacrifice of real property for air, for thought, for a puff of smoke that provides nothing substantial, solid or useable. The same, so-called gains in education can be acquired by apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is a long gone economic exchange. Today it has been replaced by mentor-ship: slave labor. Slave labor of mentorship has two aspects. One being the actual effort expended for the gains of the mentor, and the other more significant aspect, less noticed, is the required commitment to ideology where government controls the programs. Democrats and liberals use the mentorship program to a fuller political end than republicans. Dem/libs use mentorship to indoctrinate the young beneficiaries to further ideological/class slavery.

Make no mistakes about this reality of institution controlled by the dem/lib political machinery to gain forced volunteers. The systems are designed to infiltrate institutions for gains for people in office.

 Suppose all students that entered college graduated. How many sociologists would flood the market? Make no mistakes join this point either: it is a market. What jobs are available for sociologists? How many teaching, psychologist, economist, or nursing jobs are available to graduates? Higher education fills a much larger role than education.

The hard sciences such as physics, chemistry, math, engineering, biology, still produce more graduates, factoring in drop-out rates, than needed. Is that money wasted? Some argue yes, others argue no. Who benefits with student failure rates and why are these high rates not addressed and corrected? The education systems themselves require large failure rates to continue the pretentious necessity of higher education. The biggest gains of educational systems are for political provisions and, even greater gains are realized for the institutions themselves.

 Let us suppose a store owner hires someone to merchandise goods. There is a measurable relationship between hiring and profit. The same relationship does not exist in the education system. There is no profit relationship between hiring and profit. The relationship is totally internal. The profit gained by the institution is almost absolutely that which the student injects: that which the institution must exact and extract from the student. Furthermore, there is no tracking of gains the student makes when leaving institutions of higher education. If there were, I suspect, the fraud of institutional education would be exposed.

In fact I would add there is no value-added gains for higher education because there is no real competition and, hence, no way to make comparisons. How many engineers without degrees from higher education institutions can be compared to engineers with degrees? There is no available data to show engineers with degrees from educational institutionsIn earn more or less than engineers without degrees from institutions of higher education.

There is no measurable relationship between money spent educating a “worker” in any variety because the institutions have created a monopoly. The monopoly is always dangerous when forced to cooperate and “produce” under the aegis of government. We call this fascism and it is closely related to the same processes of communism. Some refer to it by a less auspicious title, socialism, as if there is some element of social production or gain. over a real free market system of meeting needs for specialists.

There is a unique profit from education: for those that knowingly or in ignorance exploit future “workers”. The biggest profits derive from direct exchange of money for education.

The house Mr. and Mrs. Jones mortgaged for a second time to pay for a chance of a 15% success rate in a business venture, is a bad investment. Welcome to higher education. The Joneses would never engage such a risk against real property

 Of course politicos will argue that education is paramount to the growth of the student. It is a lie upon which many arguments are won without challenge. Most money spent in education goes up in smoke. Most students are educated in systems but few truly learn.

Listen to Pelosi, Obama, and Jim Matheson and recognize the talk of commendable efforts to educate the youth are based upon unchallenged presumptions and economic fallacies. It is magic how classical conditioning sets morons free; free of reality and its consequences. But it does not.

 Is the debt quotient high with education, and to whom are the educated in debt? Is debt slavery or not?

The most destructive aspect is parents’ imposed responsibility, to the institutions of education, that appear as commitments to their children. These imposed commitments to institutions appear as commitments to children while they ultimately waste and squander resources, wealth and security. Why is a parent responsible for a child’s education? Who says, besides the bankers, educators and politicos, that spending real profit and fruit of labor on a child’s education is a valued parental responsibility? Who says, but the institutions that gain, that this imposed responsibility makes good citizens from foolish investments? Where is the connection? Non-existent.

Who gains, the student? No. Most money spent on higher education (including high school) is a waste. Why? Because learning is learning. Learning is NOT teaching. The best teachers receive no accoldaes or recognition when teaching rocks. Education has no real connection for students when it is disconnected by the fake morality of higher education, and worse when it is further disconnected by another’s payment. This IS why government wants to “help” students go to college. The loss and inevitable debt and disconnection to reality produces de-educated slaves and transfers wealth from parents for air, paper, and empty unfulfilled wishes.

Most money spent by parents, giving up real property, is worse than an investment loss. In all public education institutions the losses never measured are tragedies experienced in ways never mentioned.

The social, familial and mental disruptions and losses are not measured nor mentioned by the institutions, naturally.

Where do children learn about drugs? School. Where do children pick up diseases? School. Where do children acquire social maladies, such as cheating, lying, and anti-social behavior? School.

At best, 10% of graduates work in their chosen field of study. Who then, gains from money spent on a 90% chance of failure? In a real free market situation money parents set aside for their children’s education would not be considered investment capital. It is not spoken of as investment except in ethereal terms because of the manipulation of institutions and the establishment political ravaging that plagues Americans.

Even wild-cat oil drillers don’t invest with that poor risk of loss.

 Education, considering the overall numbers of invested students, and the poor successes following graduates, produces worse success rates. The hard professions, so few actually, have success in procuring work in the field of study, but it is such a small percentage of the population of students, that too is a dismal failure. How many new engineers, doctors, nurses, and dentists and a few other high profile professions successfully enter the workforce?

The word itself, “workforce”, is dogmatic, carefully established in every society, to describe and identify the sub-elite, the stable, non-moving non-political class of the tapped, tagged and taxed masses. Public education, in reality, entertains 99%. Who is the one percent? Are there connections to the rich one percent Obama speaks of? Absolutely.

Let us also consider the profession of teaching. There is nothing else so well devolved today that fails so purely (next to politicos and government agents) than teachers. Teaching is self-perpetuating, and a drain, producing little more than talk, air, and paper.

There is very little actually produced as a result of education, and less produced intrinsically in education. How is this a viable investment? Do we measure success by production or potential production? Who is education not subjected to the same standards of success that the “workplace” experiences?

 Next we must speak of the lies built upon this grass-roots fraud the dem/libs and most republicrats proffer.

Have we all heard ads and politicians speak of higher education being a parental responsibility? Who mentions this except those who gain financially? The question, then, follows, is it truly a parent’s responsibility to surrender real gains, profits and property for ethereal hope? How have come to believe this? Who placed in our minds and the pblic mind that it is the parents responsibility to pay for students faiklure?

Again, who gains? Banks, taking real cash in exchange for slavery, are the winners. Public liars (politicians) are always excited about creating dependency because it is slavery. It is organized, transfer of wealth to nothing, fostered by politicos, iconized by politicos, while it is the political class and their friends who line their pockets with collected cash that “should” go to real education.

Obama’s friends made a killing these last four years, and teachers that do nothing except sell false hope in exchange for indirect gains through forced volunteerism in the failing education market, acquire real property.

We must surely visit the issue of the how government “people”, hardly people in reality, have fastened chains, though unions and regulations, around the necks of all educators and their allies in the political class.

Has anyone ever though to question, check, or ask what percentage of ‘more education investments’ goes to paying for better educators? From where do we acquire this idea that the also acclaimed importance of ‘better skilled teachers’ deserves increases in education spending?

What skills do teachers have that others, including parents do not? I would argue the only skill that “better skilled teachers” have is information accessibility.

There seems to not only be a clear discrepancy in the taxation increases, promised for education, that actually gets to education, as opposed to the educators.

Some of the presumptions built upon education misinformation is that higher education makes skilled workers. Wrong! When so few graduate, we must look more at the failure rates that are absolutely, infinitely, more revealing about the poor investment results that affect vast majorities, as a result of failure to make skilled “workers”

 Apprenticeship programs have been with mankind since the dawn of time and have, irrefutably and unquestionably, produced skill.

 Boys working with fathers has transferred skill from generation to generation for millennia.

The fallacy sponsored by the political class and their allies in education, that education is good for an economy; that it produces growth, is far from the truth.

 There is economic growth in education and almost no growth from education in the work place or free market. An economy does not growth without real production.

The next argument dem/libs and con/repubs make for education is that it is a moral responsibility. How is a failure, a moral, in any way? How is taking trillions from Americans to give billions to a single player in the auto industry, fair and economically balanced? Apply the same to higher education and we see, irrefutably, that the political force and educational profession dwell and thrive in our failed education economy.

How can we witness education, and related industries somehow skirting the issue of economic failure? Why do we allow a political and educational class, a minority of overpaid blackmailers, to claim education is a moral duty to throw the masses’ property away for twisted hope of mass failure for the few the elite identify and promote?

What of the violation, mentally and financially of students themselves?

 Are we aware of the results of education: transfer of wealth, poor skill acquisition (reading, for example), poor communication skills forced upon students through social escapes, pregnancies and abortions that destroy the female conscience.

 There is much to be discussed, and much to be discarded regarding education and higher education.

A further investigation and dissection of the subversive efforts by change agents in the education systems, must be exposed. Look for further commentary regarding public and higher eduction.



Matheson’s complete dishonesty is unbelievable. On KSL, Jan 18 2011, in a very short interview he said that there are a million Utahns with pre-existing medical conditions that need Obamacare. That’s almost 50%. Impossible! There’s no chance in heaven or hell that just 10% of Utahns have pre-existing conditions, much less chance that 1 in 2 have pre-existing conditions.

Matheson is supporting and joining one of the most massive lies any collective government parasite has attempted to defile Americans with. Matheson gets the distinction, the dishonor of being the biggest liar and scum bag in Utah, tied with Hatch, Leavitt, Gary Herbert and all those that tried to sneak a series of bad laws past Utahns. What a bunch of rats!

Is Matheson presuming these million Utahns, almost 50% of all of Utah, need something above and beyond the healthcare and welfare systems already in place? We already have healthcare programs. Is he saying that all these people, over a million are getting nothing from already socialized medicine? Even if it is a poor model of universal medicine, surely it provides something. It doesn’t? Is that why we need more? If so why would we get more of something we already know doesn’t work?

What is Matheson saying? If there are so many that need it (part 1 of Matheson’s lie), then for such a huge need with healthcare programs already failing, why would anyone think socialized medicine on the scale Obama and Matheson want, would be any better? More of the same + bigger + less efficient = WORSE!

If there are a million Utahns with pre-exiting conditions, this is the unhealthiest state in the country, probably the world. If it isn’t then someone is lying, trying to lie, for a controlling purpose.

Matheson does what all dem/lib politico liars do. His first priority is to make people weak by misinformation. So, without any reservations or qualms, Matheson lies to everyone with no cares for the further struggles and ill-health of millions his lies affect. Lying is a part of the dem/lib superiority process. They have to prove their sophistry (fake intelligence) by lying and getting away with it. Impunity for public offenses and crimes is their mark of superiority. This is the ideology of the worst pieces of crap mankind has ever produced, dem/lib politicos.

Dem/lib ideology is NOT share the wealth. It is a conglomerate of endless lies to prove superiority under the pretenses of share-the-wealth. Proving superiority by lying IS the crowning glory.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. Matheson knowingly and purposely lied to ALL Utahns, even dem/lib people. He knowingly and purposely tried to deceive ALL Utahns, including dem/lib people. He knowingly and purposely admitted he hates ALL Utahns, including dem/lib people. Matheson’s crowning glory, now, is that he also connected himself with the most prolific fake, fraud and liar president America has ever had. Who voted for this piece of crap, we know as Barack Hussein Obama? When Matheson kicked Utahns in the as_ he didn’t pretend to have the decency to look away in innocence when we turn around to see who did it. He looked Utahns in the eyes, said he loves Utah, and kicked us all in the groin. Who will now vote for this as_hole?

Lie, lie, lie is the foundation, the means, and the goal, respectively, of the dem/libs at all levels.

Matheson’s legacy is a family legacy, a party affiliation legacy, a media generated fraud, and a personal record of LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, legacy. What insane person would vote for this enemy of Utah?

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