It is a bolshevik plan for disaster.

Over 25,000 National Guard Troops, in Washington D.C. “vetted” by corrupt FBI, backed by a private “security” force owned by a party to defend against We, the People’s National Guard, is a premeditated set up for confrontational disaster.

Does the majority of Americans know what the Praetorian Guard is?

Today we may see Martial Law, by biden. It was planned.

Who vetted the FBI? Who vetted the private security force biden hired.

When the corrupt media tells us the FBI vetted the National Guard, we know it is not true.

D.C. will have check points set up by more than three major security forces. Who is watching whom, who is suspicious of whom, and how is it possible one does not infringe or  contend with another?

Who called up the National Guard to police the citizenry? Is there a crisis, or a plan? It would be a miracle if there was not conflict in D.C. today.

What orders have BLM and antifa been given today, and by whom? Are these two forces still in D.C.?

It is a formula for disaster and conflict, and Martial Law.

Trump actually did very little while in the whitehouse. He gave us three Supreme Court Justices who did the opposite of what We, the People wanted and want. It is as if he were one of them, all along.

We now have a scenario for conflict, war in the capital, and it looks like the evil biden side has all control. Trump abandoned We, the People. It is as if he were one of them all along.

We have a country-wide situation where BLM and antifa, forces of “democracy” can show up anywhere at any time. Is there not a prevailing feeling that your town, your city, could be next? Random fear is a bolshevik control tactic.

Just today, we are starting to see reports of covid “cases” dropping. Covid is miraculously political, because the democrat politicians are so godly?

It is magical, so magical is is impossible, but the majority of Americans believe that the democrats somehow managed to get covid under control, at least as far as needs require for a scintilla of faith in a new administration. It is as if the Trump administration set up covid …too many scenarios that can be, and will be, exploited vyby the evil democrat party.

Will talk show be shut down today? Martial Law could require it. It is as if Trump set this up.for Martial Law to take control of the innumerable sources of support for Trump, so they can be rooted out in a day’s efforts.

And the National Guard, loyal to whom, a constitution, mayors, governors? They were all vetted months, if not years ago and placed in proper proximity for use in this premeditated conflict.

Will there be conflict? Yes, and the media will report the opposite.

Look at how the media dashed the realities of election fraud, and how some of the well known talk-show hots actually stated innumerable times that he, Ben Shapiro, for example (loyal to pharmakaia), believed there was not enough evidence to claim fraud or that there is enough fraud to swing the election. Again, one instance of fraud means, in the eyes of the law, there is some fraud and could be more. That is grounds for investigation, dashed by the Supreme Court, the newly charged Supreme Court Trump picked, with not one soul capable of defending the Constitution.

It is all gone. Today could be the disaster, but the exploiting vampires of the lying left may bring to us, instant calm. That would be a miracle considering the state of the set-up.

I am not going to try to predict what could happen today. I have only touched in the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, regarding elements that could cause calamity and instablility, or the opposite.

Random terror does not have to happen today. In fact random terror, the democrat party purpose of democrat party agencies (The IRS, antifa, BLM, FED etc.) can hit you or I, or anyone, other than democrats/lib associates, at any time. These entities and agencies are controlled by different authorities. We the People pay for this new force of conflict instigation, the FBI and other forces in the middle of it all, watching, moving, creating stories and who knows what follows.

Random terror is bestexecuted when least expected.

Random terror could easily be executed away from the attention of the world. Wow! What a fantastic idea, bolsheviks sure know how to manage fear.

I predict only that what follows will be shocking in one way or another. Where is BLM and antifa?

I know the bully attacks and never ceases until the bully is hurt. Democrats, establishment republicans, the establishment overall, and the apologist bolshevik media never stop.

To explain the national bullying forces in a simple, one to one conflict I use the school yard bully anecdote.

A bully attacks and the defender simply wants to stop the bully. The defender, a potential victim, manages to block the strikes of the bully. The defender can be very good at blocking and deflecting strikes. Kicks and punches never land because the defender is very good at defense. But when does the attacker, the bully, quit? Does the bully quit when the defender agrees to surrender defenses? Does the bully stop when the defender surrenders rights to speak freely? Does the bully stop when the defender agrees to admit wrong in anything?

It comes down to two things: what does the bully want and will the defender recognize, accept, and do what is needed to stop the bully?

What does the bully want? He or she wants compliance and freedom to ravage at will, with the victim’s blessings and adoration ideally.

When does the victim realize there is only one thing to stop the bully, and at what point is it too late?

All it takes, in my anecdote, for the bully to succeed, is that the defender eventually make a mistake in blocking of deflecting, and the defender is now the victom, injured and less capable of defense. 

The bully does not stop, even with a thousand missed or deflected strikes, until control is gained or, the defender recognizes there is only one thing that will stop an attacker, pain.

The bully inflicts pain to extort compliance and the same is need to stop the bully. A thousand deflections and blocks does not stop the bully. Hitting the bully, stops the bully.

The bully government has hit and hit, destroying our Supreme Court. Destroying our election process, destroying and hurting our representative process. There are Americans who either don’t see this, being totally deluded or, in my opinion, they see the bullying and want some of it, but lie.

The establishment bullies got away with hitting and striking and We, the People were lulled into state of administrative security. Pride, a false sense of security, has killed us. We not only porrly blocked attacks, we have been hit so many times we are not sure we are being hit continually now.

Martial Law by the bastard bolsheviks biden et al, is coming, maybe today.

Is it possible we were duped by Trump, who is one of them. It was a good show. Again, the bullies punched and hit and struck and kicked and we blocked and deflected, and finally a blow hit hard, and here we are, not knowing friend from foe: the bolshevik twist.

Will martial law shut don radio programs today, tomorrow, or sometime soon?

Will Biden’s bolshevik martial law….do what?

Will come back. Don’t count on it. Will a law suit be successful? Don’t count on anything until We, the People hit them, one of them to start.

Go easy on the military and police. Another discussion for another time.

They don’t stop until they get hurt. A scare of losing the next mid-term election is not a scare. Tell yourselves the people will kick them out. They have already remedied that, and you are a fool to ignore that.

Re: VA being socialized medicine. Not a chance.

Re: VA being socialized medicine. Not a chance.
Socialized medicine is universal medicine, available to all. How does the VA make medicine, treatment, available to all?
You see how it works. The dem/libs think they are superior, and should rule. They want something for nothing. They are willing to lie, cheat, steal, change vocabulary, change our language and burn America to the ground to get what they want.
Like Julius Caesar who slaughtered half of Gaul to rule the other half, just so he could say he was ruler, the dem/libs today are on a path they can’t reverse.
Moose-twang, who I believe is bolshevik-dick anyway, an agent provocateur in either persona, would do the same. He/she/it digs for the most brazen, foolish, disconnected things to make a point from a lie, and expects nobody to challenge it.
To the dem/libs unchallenged “intelligence”, whether extorted or real, is a means to wealth. Expert = high pay, and they think they have superior intellect when they actually only have droning, imposed intelligence, measured and directed to serve the masters, the progressives who are bolsheviks in disguise, organizing liberals, organizing democrats, organizing democrat voters and social “justice” puppets.
So moosey picks a silly postulate and tries to apply it to sound smart, and make a case, extended beyond logic, no doubt, but he/she/it believes he/she/it will be unchallenged.
This is why I am attacked and shut down.
This is why dem/libs always resort to ad hominem attacks. Often they are befuddled when their intelligence is challenged, and they respond only as animals would, instinctively, attacking.
Socialized anything, by definition, is a service made available to the whole social structure. Universal is a bigger name for the same, meant to impress with visions of governmental grandiose. Who wants to be grand and who wants to serve?
To claim the VA is socialized medicine, anyway, is so far-fetched, it makes moosey/bolshevik-dick sound irreversibly and distinctively disconnected from reality.
Socialized medicine, or universal medicine, is hypothetically available to all while the opposite, the VA is medicine available exclusively, for a very small segment of the population. How is that socialized or universal when it fails to meet the basic parameter of the definition?
To claim that the VA is universal or a social structure service available to all, when it serves a very specific group, is really digging a hole in a pile of nothing: welcome to liberal la-la-land.
The dystopia and disconnect from liberals, moosey/bolshevik-dick specifically, is not just illogical and delusional, it reveals a degree of whacky brain function that dem/libs revere amongst themselves, and for which many have expanded their criminal thoughts to actions, and for which many will be charged and tried. Some will face execution for treason, the disconnect has dragged them so far from reality.
Trump has control of the military, and military tribunals are already taking place. Guantanamo Bay prison camp, for prisoners of war (a broad range during time of war, including Martial Law war measures), is being expanded. War decreed by Clintpn, Obama and Bush, places moosey/boshevik-dick in the company of traitors who will actually be charged (some already have been).
We are at war. Martial law rules. That is a reality I admit I do not want to acknowledge.
The dem/libs are quite fortunate that We, the People in the balanced middle, republicans and conservatives, adhere to rule of law. This means that even in a time when we, in power, could have eradicated dem/libs from the political/representative arena, we did not. How is it that democrat voters and liberals do not know this? Is it because they do not want to acknowledge that reality because they do not want to adhere to the same principle? Talking with democrat voters, ex-democrat voters, and liberals, one surely sees this reality.
We still consider our few democrat voting friends and neighbors, as decent people, manipulated to ignorance and slavery. Dependency is slavery, and that is what moosey/boshevik-dick promotes.
This is not to say that dem/libs, the agents and manipulators; the handlers and inciters of violence, will let go. They continue to instruct and direct their agents, moosey/bolshevik-dick, to mislead Americans with the most ridiculous claims and fabrications: propaganda.
We know antifa, truly bolshevism, murder and genocide, and other groups will be preparing for social strife they plan to incite to deflect from the crimes, arrests, detentions and trials of the truly treasonous establishment subversive government: themselves.
When we hear people say, ‘the government did it’, I ask, which government? My question to that comment always shocks democrat voters and liberals. I only wish they opened doors for more questions to wake them up to real;ity.
There are numerous governments in America. I will not discuss that now.
But you, dear fellow Americans, can blame President Trump for instituting Martial Law, if you decide to fool yourselves to continue your undeserved hatred for freedom of We, your neighbors, or you can accept the reality.
President Trump walked into a Presidency that already had Martial Law invoked, thanks to the globalists preceding: Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan.
If you, dear fellow Americans do not realize that you have a president that loves this country, including you crazy, whacky democrats and democrat ideology supporters, then too bad for your ignorance, but l;ucky for your existence and freedoms. You will not be held accountable for being stupid, but you will also not be considered useless eaters and eliminated, as the previous “presidents” had planned.
Moosey/bolshevik-dick knows this, that is why he/sh/it is very good at avoiding words that spark search, study, and knowledge.
No doubt moosey/bolshevik-dick would throw his neighbors to the lions if they were conservatives and/or republicans. That is because moosey/bolshevik-dick is a psycho, recruited and paid to sow division and hatred, leading to violence. That is who, what, the bolsheviks, communists, socialists, and all democracies desire.
We, conservatives and republicans would, however, not do the same. Sure, some would, but generally speaking my defense is for my community, all included, even the whacky dem/libs who might try to shoot me in the back for their political/ravaging/plunderous gains.
Sun Tzu’s many principles are being employed by President Trump, in opposition to others using the same principles. Obviously President Trump and his allies are better.
My guess is he was recruited and knew years in advance the enemies and the plan.
The real victory is to destroy the enemy and keep the country intact. Lincoln wanted this but the democrats and corrupt politicians of the day, in the north, had him killed so they could ravage the south. The South was right.
One principle expressed The Art of War is that it is easier to destroy a country, along with the army, and rule a broken economy and people, than it is to destroy the enemy and keep the country intact. Sic, Caesar and Gaul. Who is trying to destroy America by bringing in untold numbers of competitors to the workers’ market? Who, in effect is trying to destroy the economy? Who is pro-actively elevating ideological politics above security and safety of Americans? Who sets criminals and deadly people above Americans, and advocates for more destructive practices? Destruction of this country by these ruthless ideologies, in opposition to true principles of winning the hearts and minds of any population, places those who would employ these ideologies as the enemies.
Today, right now, even as I write this, President Trump has the power to arrest and detain, without trial, scores of thousands. Moosey/bolshevik-dick, qualifies.
But, It is the people of America that make America, and to keep America strong and intact, President Trump and the military government, are restraining themselves in spite of foolish, absolutely stupid, detractors and uninformed citizens (maybe moose-twang if he/she/it is not bolshevik-dick).
Bolshevik-dick will be caught and tried, eventually, or he/she/it will make the mistake of attacking someone, like myself, and take a beating. Bolshevik-dick faces another enemy, his/her/its handler/master. Often those in power resent their subordinates, and fear assassination so they eliminate those close to themselves. Often, to cover up conspiracies, treason, an attempted coup, mid-level agents are slaughtered.
All the violence is coming from the leftists, the democrats, the liberals, and the evil progressives. It will cost them more than they can inflict. Incidentally, there are leftists amongst the republicans. Romney, Hatch, Mia Love always and is a leftist working for bolshevism and genocide of the human race. She is not ignorant of this reality, just a fool that continues to make foolish decisions with scorpions that can do nothing but sting her and her family.
For those of you who may not believe the hammer is coming down, consider one reality and check out a few youtube videos.
G.W. Bush declared war on terror. That is a fact, a reality, an irrefutable piece of relevant history. Every single one of the democrats went along with Martial Law even though no single politician warned us war declarations include Martial Law measures, although not always full institution of Martial Law.
Neither Bush nor Barry rescinded it. In fact Barry added to it, with unfettered surveillance of Americans, totally against OUR rights; rights your republican and conservative neighbors would defend, for all Americans.
We are in a State of Martial Law., now. The challenge to you, dear democrat party friends and liberals; speaking to real neighbors and citizens, not the agent provocateurs masquerading as real people, is to find and report where the War on Terror ended or was terminated, or declared won. To find such a law, and it would have to be law, passed by Congress and signed by a President, you will prove me wrong, and yourself right, and then you will need not fear or worry that the warnings I present to you, are valid.
The videos I urge you to watch are too innumerable to list.
Go to youtube and search for the letters at the GHW Bush funeral. Search Q-anon, and let the information lead you where it will.
But listen and learn. Change your mind, for once, for a moment even, and let information into your thoughts. There is always more to learn.
Find Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Look at the principles. See how they have been applied by the leaders.
Consider this: Pelosi and the democrat party are willing to fight We, the People, and OUR President, on the issue of border security. They call it the wall, but that is a simple, political machination to mislead YOU from the reality that we are being invaded by those who want to gain our, YOUR resources. Many want YOUR money and wealth, for nothing. The issue is not “a wall”. The issue is OUR security and safety. That is the political battle being waged by both sides: a principle found in The Art of War.
Pelosi and the democrats are so excessively desperate to hang on to a shred of public notoriety, because they know the hammer will fall upon them should they lose favor with their very small, disappearing, and pretentiously-larger base.
87 to 93 percent of Americans, the latest polls show, want border security yet the democrats will hang everything on their own popularity, against the will of We, the People. Is that desperation? Why?
You will find, with the right searches, that part of the wall has already been constructed. Why has dem/lib media not reported this? Why does dem/lib media deceive you so?
You will find there are over 70,000 sealed indictments, totally legal according to America’s unique Martial Law standards. You will find pictures, videos of “prison barges” moving to Guantanamo Bay, with prisoners on board: Americans arrested and charged and facing tribunals.
Did President Trump know in advance that he would need the military to safely return America to Americans? YES. Did President Trump know in advance that the judiciary had been corrupted? YES. Did President Trump know there would be assassination attempts against his life? Yes. Did President know in advance he was walking into an attempted coup by a handful who intended to rule with iron fists? YES. Did President Trump have his own security? Surely.
Does President Trump have access to all NSA, CIA, military, FBI files? Does President Trump, then, know who is conspiring with “deep state” operatives in a failed coup?
READ and learn. Read you rights in the Bill of Rights. Report back to all of us, which rights are you willing to surrender, and to whom. Not a single republican or conservative has ever asked you to surrender your rights, but that necessity of tyranny is the basic premise of all democrat party, liberal, and progressive functions: to take from you.