DAILY, SUB-STANDARD YAHOO”NEWS” PROPAGANDA: “Greenland hit with ‘unusually extensive’ melting of ice sheet, boosting sea levels scientists say.”

July 24th, 2022, I saw the yahoo”NEWS” report and knew immediately it was lies, fraud, massive, if not total, fabrication.

As usual, I ask for your forgiveness as I have not put much effort into editing this article. I have many battles to fight, including making a living.

So, I have not read it but will and will not be surprised, when I do read it, while I write this article. We will critique it together.

The headline reads, “Greenland hit with ‘unusually extensive’ melting of ice sheet, boosting sea levels scientists say.”

Sure. What scientists? Who was there? I am already laughing.

A photograph from an aircraft is not science.

I was suspended from facebook over a month ago for exposing a series of gobbledegoop science articles written by NOAA. Okay, maybe I presume they were written by NOAA. NOAA published them on their site.

I will get back to that NOAA article after this.

The first thing one should notice is that “unusually extensive” is not quoted, rather in between apostrophes.

So, it is not quoted, not stated.

The “report” begins with conditional, fraudulent statements.

Who is Saleen Martin?

Without reading a single line of the article yet, we know he or she will be propagating misinformation. I know it because I have critiqued numerous yahoo”NEWS” articles and found every single one of them to be litanies of lies and fabrications.

I know it, you will need to determine that as we go.

The first sentence reads, “It’s getting hotter in Greenland…” It is summer. We should hope it is getting hotter in Greenland.

Greenland is still white, not green, like it was hundreds of years ago when it was warmer.

The full sentence reads, It’s getting hotter in Greenland and last weekend temperatures rose enough to cause 18 billion tons of the country’s ice sheet to melt over three days.”

Who measured that? How was it measured and how much was lost in previous years over same periods or similar periods?

You see, measuring and comparing would be science.

Let us see together if USA Today writers give us science or not.

Before, I read any further, however, how much is 18 billion tons of ice? What is the volume and how did the measurement take place?

How much ice melts in a summer?

How does “tons” equate to a different measurement, elevation of water in inches, for example? Will saleen explain this? That would be scientific.

In one year could it be possible that a trillion tons of ice melts? 18 billion tons, then, would be 0.18 percent, hardly a three day massive amount, but I speculate. Let us see if the “writer” puts 18 billion tons into perspective for us. That would be science, comparison, measuring change.

What is the volume of 18 billion tons of ice? Why is that not reported?

You see, I have not even read beyond the headline and first sentence/paragraph, and already I am searching for aspects of scientific methodology. Are you?

Water is more dense than ice.

Water weighs 62.3 pounds per cubic foot.

Ice weighs 57.2 pounds per cubic foot.

How much of that ice, that does not appear anywhere, is actually snow? Does it matter? Snow weighs in between 3.12 pounds per cubic foot to heavy wet snow at 12.5 pounds per cubic foot. Did any of these “scientists” or “writers” measure, or even think about that variable?

I wonder if “writer” saleen knows any of this.

One ton of ice would be 2,000 pounds, or 34.97 cubic feet.

Imagine a ditch 34.97 feet long, one foot wide and one foot high. That is the volume of one ton of ice.

Multiply that by 18 billion.

18 billion tons of ice is equivalent to 36 trillion pounds.

36 trillion pounds divided by 57.2 (pounds per cubic feet) gives us cubic feet. The result is 629.37 billion cubic feet of ice. One foot deep, or 629.37 cubic feet divided by one foot results in 629.37 billion square feet.

There are 27,878,400 square feet per square mile.

Converted to square miles, or 629,370,000,000 square feet divided by 27,878,400 gives us 22,575.54 square miles.

Square miles of Greenland 2,166,086.

So one foot deep, 2,166,086 divided by 22,575,000 square miles, the three day melt of one foot deep ice equals .0104, or one percent.

In three days, 1% of the total area of greenland, one foot deep melted. Is this a lot? No. This does not happen in warmer climates.

Is it very little in comparison? You might ask, in comparison to what? Wouldn’t that be something the “scientists” and “writers” provide to show that there is more melt than usual? Sure, but they do not think in terms of science or anything related to science, obviously.

Nobody knows. I did a simple calculation. I now know something more regarding this so-called ice melt than all who have “contributed” to this article. I have added more reality to this article than all at USA Today and every so-called scientist that did not contribute a single measurement, or methodology of measuring.

How much ice was added to Antarctica and all southern climes over the same period? Was it ice or snow? How much of that pretentious, unsubstantiated amount of 18 billion tons, was actually snow?

The earth’s total ocean area is 140 million square miles.

If it was all ice that melted, then going back to our calculation, we have 22,575 square miles of water one foot deep spread over a total 140,000,000 miles of ocean area (the volume of water from ice would actually be less than 22,575 square miles). This equals 0.00016125 foot deep covering the oceans.

Converted to inches we have 0.001935 inches spread over the whole surface area of the oceans of the world. This is less than 1/3 of a 1/6th of an inch: about 1/50 of an inch. NOTHING!

Again, the gobbledegoop scientists will argue that it is a lot when you consider it happens all through the summer, but it does not happen at that rate. Isn’t that the crux of the article, that due to unusual melt more than usual volumes of ice have melted. But the goons state none of that because they are not scientific minded.

They toss out and ignore variables that do not support their empty claims.

They really have nothing of nothing and admit it in their silly claims and fear-mongering.

Are you afraid of that sudden rise in ocean levels of 1/3 of a 1/16 of an inch. Wow, like Al Gore, I can see the fish flopping in the streets of Florida cities, like it happened 15 years ago. Wait! Nothing of the sort happened.

And of course referring to another “study” the gobbledegoop scientists made, regarding one Florida Island (see my articles in CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING), in which the sea level around that island in the chain experienced rising water levels while all others did not. Oops, they forgot that reality.

Drastic, unusual, they claim, the ocean rose, 1/3 of a 1/16 of an inch in three days. WOW!

But, did it? If it is so hot then that rise in ocean water level was surely swallowed up by increased vaporization. OMG, the goons forgot about that too. And where did that vaporization drift? Did it eventually, following jet streams and natural air flow over the earth, find its way to Antarctica, where it was dropped as snow?

Do you see how narrow-minded and un-scientific these fabrications are, and how dishonest and full of hate the “scientists” and “writers”  must be to lie so egregiously to YOU?

And due to freezing in southern climes the oceans level dropped a full 1/16th of an inch. No? Who knows” The goons of yahoo”NEWS”, USA Today and NOAA, and all the fake scientists certainly do not know. They do not know enough to even think about significant variables.

And I have only read the headline and first paragraph/sentence.

How many days, or how many three day time frames does the very very short summer in Greenland produce, 20, maybe?

Okay, so now I read the rest of the article, and try not to laugh at the childish, sub-intelligent fabrications the science-retards try to foist on the ignorant masses. Do these “people” get paid to be such rat-brained liars?

The article is totally void of variables or anything science-ish, to be considered science. This sub-intelligent report fools you?

So, three days of melting in greenland, according to…nothing… produces, at most (excluding the “snow variable”, and other variables) less than 1/50th of an inch increase in ocean levels. That’s it.

I skimmed the rest of the article. I saw a few names and researched them. The “writer” refers to “scientists” but no science.

The profiles of so-called climate scientists is void of reality. The “lists” of accomplishments read like a dating site profile….and Ted Scambos likes long walks on the beach and fluffy kittens.

The unusually extensive fabrications, fake accomplishments and lack of references to experiments and study data, exposes the fraud of all climate changeling global hoaxing.

Read and research for yourself.

Start with two things: 1) do not waste your time finding a definition of scientific methodology. Study it, learn it and apply it. 2) pick a topic and add “Masters Thesis” to it, and do an online search to find a real study or experiment for comparison, you know, science.

Do not remain ignorant. Get off your ass and learn reality.

You actually already apply the scientific methodology in your life, but then you let the gobbledegoop scientists of nothing, convince you that fairy tales do come true, as long as they follow the political narratives that keep you ignorant.

Have you ever eaten something and hated the taste, and then some time later avoided that food? Cause-and-effect, science at work. Maybe you can think back and remember how well you feel after eating that broccoli. Now you have an effect added to one variable, taste), and you make a decision based on one variable and the ffect. You may deduce that you do not like the taste of broccoli but because of the healthy return it seemed to provide, you decide to change and eat broccoli. That is study of change and adaptation: science.

Read and learn, and be free.


Such lies and deception. How does anybody know how long it took to make? It is all theory until we have data, a measurement comparing older measurements. That photo is probably taken in Norway, anyway.

Do you see how they lie? They show results and effects, and make claims, ignoring a pursuit of data, and then offer a political solution to a pseudo-science fabrication.

A simple cause and effect is a beginning of science but they show the effect they want and purposely, falsely claim it is the result of a cause they skim over and/or erroneously connect.

They, the goons of global hoaxing, a political cabal, claimed Greenland was losing 10 percent of its ice every year. How much is it adding when it gets cold? Do you see how totally lacking in accuracy and hence, honesty these global hoaxing goons are?

Greenlan does add ice when it is cold. Water freezes to become ice. How big of a project would it be to collect data and catalogue the expanses, valleys and mountains to determine the amount of ice now, and do the same in the future for “scientific” comparisons? This is a massive project but the goons do not even take a simple first step, one measurement.

Greenland losing 10 percent per annum? Those losers have not ever looked at 10 percent of that massive continent. Liars! Furthermore, if it took 250,000 years to make that ice, that figure certainly figures into the equation of how fast Greenland is losing ice, if it is Greenland. It should be noted that Greenland is called Greenland because in the past it was green. It is still white covered in ice. varying ice thicknesses all over the land mass? It could not be done with mere speculative guessing and absolutely no mention of a single measurement. LIARS!

SCIENCE-CHALLENGED: “Melting of Greenland’s ice is ‘off the charts,’ study shows”

Science-challenged: “Melting of Greenland’s ice is ‘off the charts,’ study shows”

Astounding dem/lib stupidity, as usual, tries to trick you, dear reader. You have been classically conditioned to accept silly fabrications without critical thinking or deductive reasoning.

I am not trying to insult you, dear reader and fellow American.

Most people just want to live their lives, enjoy things and rely on experts to know and tell truth. This is the problem.

To steal and cheat, truth must be eliminated and or flip-flopped. Hence, today in spite of Constitutional bars, a man, not a crime, is being investigated.

How would you, dear fellow American, guaranteed rights before the law; how would you like being investigated when there are no crimes committed? Is that not a severe bastardization of OUR self-governing rule of law? You may need to study that, refer to some of my other commentaries. Reading the Federalist Papers and YOUR, OUR Bill of Rights would also give you great insight.

What is the surface area of Greenland? Nobody thought to mention that in their pseudo-scientific fabrication? Do these so-called scientists know? Did they bother to research that for their mathematical formulae?

Wait! What? Mathematical formulas? Did the scientists think to collect data and inject it into a formula, by their design, if none other is found, and make a cause-and-effect determination? This is science, but we don’t even see a formula, or reference to a formula, or a reference to data or collection of data or measurements. How far from science can these climate alarmists get? How lacking in the tools of science can these short story “writers” get?

What is the entire surface area of the world’s oceans? Hmmm, nobody thought to mention that? No data? Curious the global warming dimwits forgot that important variable.

How can they make a claim without knowing surface areas of Greenland and the oceans?

Estimates are that Greenland has a land surface area of approximately 836,330 square miles, compared to 139.38 million square miles of ocean. The ratio is 166 to one. It would take, therefore, 166 Greenlands to cover the world’s oceans.

Or it would take 166 feet deep of ice, not snow, melted and in the oceans to raise the oceans around the world one foot.

Considering that much of Greenland is NOT covered by ice, rather snow that melts in the spring and summer and is replaced in the fall and winter, the ratio is much higher because snow does not melt to water at a one to one ratio. Ice, does not melt at a one to one ratio.

Did the fake-science, science fiction writers of this science-retarded commentary find that information; that variable and reality interesting, if not paramount in considering all their goofy, dopey claims? Did they fail to think about that in advance (hypothesize)? Science thinks in advance and lays out all the variables, conditions, parameters for study, and then collects data and interprets it, creating an identifiable cause-and-effect relationship. The same is true of graphs. I will provide more on the fake graphs subsequent to this commentary. 

Did those morons think of what they were saying?

Setting aside the insults I throw at incorrigible liars who pretend to know anything, can anyone reading this, or any one of the pseudo-scientists involved in the “writing” of the article, explain how much snow and ice has melted and will melt? At current melting fates, how long will i take to flood the earth 23 feet, as the article claims? Wait! What? No melting rates provided, or determined, or guessed at? For every foot of water the world’s oceans rise it takes 166 feet of Greenland ice so a 23 foot rise in the oceans’ level requires 3,818 feet of Greenland ice, NOT snow. 

How could the, dare I say, science-retards, forget that catastrophic detail?   

Not a single variable, measurement, or shred of data has been produced in the absolutely bogus article. In fact, the article does not exist at the declared site: nature.com or in the magazine, “NATURE”, itself.

Show me I am wrong, please. Someone show me, and all of us, something that might represent a scientific measurement?

A theory; an hypothesis, always precedes scientific study but the scientific goons, the science-retards did not even have the scientific expertise or knowledge to try and fabricate a theory. That failure is like going to play hockey and forgetting all your equipment, especially the basic: skates.

By now I hope you realize that the world’s ocean levels rising 23 feet by Greenland melt-off, is an impossibility because there is not that much ice on Greenland, and because snow and ice do not produce an equal amount of water, by volume. Real variables could have been supplied, if the dimwits had any. Take for example, an average depth of snow and ice on Greenland in the summer and the same in winter. Go back 50 years and compare. What, no comparisons? See how void of science this is when the basics have not even been mentioned, foreseen, or contemplated.

Setting aside comparisons we could try another avenue. Average depth and density of snow and ice, multiplied by surface area, gives a volume of snow/ice, and melted this could give us a volume of water, divided by the ocean’s surface area to produce a raise in water level. Nothing even close.

How much of Greenland, in the winter, right now, is green? None? That is the truth.

How much more melt this year than last year? For science to exist; for scientific methodology to be employed, we would have to know the pre-test and post test. All we have from the writers of the study: not those who did the (non-existent) study; is that someone (maybe, according to a “writer’s” claim) did ice core drilling, after the fact, nothing in a pre-test. There is no record nor mention of pre-drilling depths of ice or snow. There can be no comparisons hence there can be no claims more or less has melted than before. There is no “before”. There is no “before” so there can be no “after”, making the claim that “after” is more, is a fake-science fabrication.

Are these dem/lib political goons so stupid they forgot that, and everything right down to the skates (and ice)? They are not even smart or knowledgable enough to know any of this process in the first place.

How could these “writers” not have pictures? Not a single picture? Just that exercise alone could show (maybe falsely manipulate others), to believe something, that maybe one of these liars went to Greenland. No pictures?

Nobody went.

It is a curiosity every reader should have wondered. One picture might have proven that Greenland is actually green, and yet the imbeciles; the science-retards (literally), could not provide one picture. Is it because there are none, because nobody went, or is it because somebody went to Greenland, and it was white?

These political goons are so bereft of science and logic, that in their own sub-intelligence, they could not foresee that a complete and total lack of hypothesis, data, and pictures would absolutely sink and scuttle their lies.

They are literally so ignorant they cannot imagine that the average American can see through the sub-intelligent morons’ lies.

With another cold winter ahead (announced on liberal “news” channels), record cold temperatures assaulting the northern Atlantic coast, leading to Greenland, one must surely wonder how this cold, repeat COLD, frigid, icy, dippy-doodle-itis unheat melts the massive (not massive at all) ice sheets of Greenland. Is the scientifically-backward-refrigerator-warming-stuff-effect, that the dem/lib/global hoaxing retards have claimed, in opposition to reality, actually melting Greenland ice?

In other words, again, setting aside the obvious, deserved insults the dem/lib political agents get, are the very cold temperatures of the Atlantic coast; colder than last ten years and colder than average; temperatures that only get colder as they move north, towards Greenland, somehow, magically, politically melting ice of Greenland?

How would anyone know when nobody has been there? We do not even have pictures of scientists standing in Greenland, in the middle of this fall (barely winter, or last spring-when there would have been no ice anyway) showing us green growth.

Nobody was there!

Perhaps that feeling, frigid, icy, cool, cold, record-breaking cold temperature along the atlantic coast, is a warm cold. Perhaps warm enough “cold” actually melts ice and snow. 10 degrees fahrenheit? No? It must be a new, politically-motivated, fake-science phenomenon. Democrat party/liberal media frigid cold melts ice. No? I am always amazed at how politics, dem/lib/bolshevik, centralized control-and-plunder-politics, changes reality, especially science. 

If dimwit dem/libs want to call 20 below zero, warm, does that actually melt ice? That must be the fake-science, “missing link, holy grail of global hoaxing, I mean “warming”.

How stupid can dem/libs be?

Nobody can be this stupid without trying. It is all a purposeful hoax, lie, scam, to get the masses afraid, manipulated and accustomed to living in ignorance so they can be exploited, Again, dem/libs create crisis, that cannot possibly exist, and then offer a political/tyrannical solution to a non-scientific, dem/lib/globalist nightmare.

But let us continue.

How much water is produced from melting ice, or snow?

Did the “study”, which is only a “writer’s” mention of a (non-existent) study, give any information about the type of snow that is, ta-da, mysteriously missing from Whiteland, I mean Greenland?

How deep is the acclaimed missing snow-pack? What is the actual, estimated snow/ice that has melted and how much water does it produce, or did produce? Remember, Whiteland, I mean Greenland, has not yet melted. This is all a “writer’s” regurgitation of estimated and computer generated fabrications and political science agents, that Whiteland’s, I mean, Greenland’s snow and ice is melting at an alarming rate.

What is that rate? No rate, no data, no measurements? That is political science, not real science! A government entity, the deep state or hidden dem/lib/bolshevik, non-governmental agencies, fabricates fear through corporations and offers partnership to force a political solution, is the definition of fascism.

Years ago, I estimated, by taking the surface area of the Arctic and Antarctic, and an average depth of ice and snow, and estimated the volume of water that would be produced should it all melt. I found records of seismic tests that showed depths of ice in both poles, and made an estimation based on a number of formulae.

Then I divided the surface area of all the oceans in the world and discovered the total from both poles would raise the world’s oceans about half a foot: six inches. That is the worst case scenario, but it is not happening.

And Whiteland, I mean Greenland, has a fraction of the ice and snow.

The dimwits have curiously forgotten scientific words; words that might be part of a formula or used to measure to produce data. Words such as snow-pack, volume, average or mean, temperatures, comparisons, control group, study group, variable, data, resultant and conclusion, are key factors in scientific research and study, and yet these dimwit dem/lib political hacks have refused to; have failed to understand the need to, enter the realm of science by exerting and employing these real exercises and terms. How utterly void and vacant of real science can anyone actually get! Nothing worse than these goons.

How does any of this explain that superlative idiot’s (Al Gore’s) claim that he saw fish swimming in the streets of cities of Florida, about 10 years ago, and the water, due to Whiteland, I mean Greenland, is still rising. I feel for Floridians, abandoning their homes and property to rising water levels. That 1/8th of an imagined, non-scientific inch must surely be difficult to contend with.

My heart goes out, to coin a pretentious dem/lib cliché, to all the Floridians who have had to leave Florida and move to cooler climes to avoid the oppressive heat and onslaught of water inundation.

Wait, Whiteland’s, I mean Greenland’s, ice, according to global hoaxers, I mean climate change scientists, melted a decade ago. Holy rat-crap, we are already drowned and dead, and don’t know it. Why did those global hoaxing, I mean global warming, political agents, I mean scientists, not tell us we were dead, I mean drowned, years ago? Why the conspiracy of silence? It’s pure evil. We are all dead and the global hoaxers, I mean global scientists, conspired to keep this serious reality from us.

Crap, think of the money I could have saved on food, all these ten years now, If I had only known I was dead. D’uh dopey me. LOL!

Wait, another important reality the fabrications, I mean studies, forgot to show.

While the north is in a deep freeze, record cold temperatures, according to dem/lib/political agents’ predictions, melt the white-stuff fastly, lol. No? I digress. I know, I should not mock the science-retards.

Record cold in the north follows a pattern we all know as, wait for it, it’s coming, patience; wait, the real scientific word is, seasonal.

So we have record white stuff-producing temperatures in the north, actually turning water to ice and snow, and to balance we have warming, or,….wait…..patience, melting in the south. This melting trend, happens almost every year, especially when temperatures get warm, and stuff, in the south pole area, land, places. Okay, I mock, again: dimwit dem/libs cannot even use correct terms they are so lacking in everything in reality. The morons could not even try to inject variables such as surface area, ice pack, density, seasonal change, and so much more. Again, how dumb can dem/libs get?

The seasons change. That is a reality even dimwit dem/libs should not have forgotten. Even though it happens so rarely; so rarely we can only count the seasonal changes four times a year, one would think dimwit dem/libs might have had two brain cells to synapse together to try and get around that reality, no matter the lies they might have had to fabricate. They are so inept they could not foresee they would need some real, tangible measurements, pictures, theories, studies, data etc.  So inept they could foresee they would need skates for their upcoming hockey game.

The morons could not even imagine what a scientist might write or pretend to have and/or know, so stupid and vacant of reality and brain power, they are. Unbelievable how science is so accurate, four seasons, four times a year, but the brain dead, dimwit dem/libs could not even imagine they might be standing in a deep freeze and wonder why the winter is so damned cold.

It is near impossible to describe the absolute imbecility of these dem/lib dimwits.

But, the point is that when it is the white-stuff producing season in the north, it is the opposite in the south, and when it is the white-stuff producing season in the south, Whiteland, I mean Greenland sometimes gets green.

I wonder if dem/lib political agents are color blind between green and white. Wait! White, or anti-black, as the anti-scientists call it, is not a color.


Regarding a post on Craigslist, on or about October 3rd 2016, my post is as follows:

RE: “For sloppy-brent…”, and “Ice Core samples”.

Wow, that’s a tough one. Ice core samples from 650,000 years ago. Whew, tough. How does utatrdia know? Is it possible, just on the outside chance that this is just a theory? Just musing to myself, just wondering. Does the “study” start with a theory, an idea, a hypothesis (like all experiments), a reference point? Does the study or experiment include a margin of error (like real science does)? A standard margin of error is usually 2 to 4 percent.

Does the author state it as fact or theory?

Who took the ice core samples? Name the scientist and his or her study. NOTHING?

Come on, please, tell us what scientist went to the arctic or antarctic, drilled and took measurements. How deep did he or she, said scientist, go?

Where is the data?

So much constipation of data and reality in this “study”, as usual. One easy argument against is that a two to four percent margin of error is 13,000 to 26,000 years. That is an amazing discrepancy. However, going back so far, by estimating the accuracy of a machine that measure guesstimates, theories, of hundreds of thousands of years, the margin of error would be greater. Any scientist worth anything closely related to credibility, would proffer voluntarily, that his or her experiment or study would include a much higher margin of error, perhaps as high as 10 percent. In this pseudo scientific report that would be 65,000 years. With that margin of error, based on speculations of measuring long-gone time, it is hard to say anything accurately about the so-called data and conclusions.

When has a fabrication from that moron utardia ever been difficult for me to refute? When have I ever failed to expose dem/lib fraud and lies? When have I ever been intimidated or caught telling even one lie? The bolshevik bonehead traitors don’t even try.

Hmmmmm. I could go on with the slaughter but I will just repost the crap-kickings I already handed that lying bolshevik moron, utarda/whatever.

thirdoptbybrent/publius 3,217, utardia/star-twit/editor-predator 0

What a loser!


How sad. Except that is not the Muir glacier.

I also did search for Greenpeace in Svalbard. Never happened.

End of story.

There are no United Nations scientists. Can psycho (craigslist utardia) name one? No, never has, never will. Utardia (The pig-shit eater) has tried to fool us that a few names here and there, of people in universities or notable positions, are scientists, but they are not. It is that simple. Check for yourselves, as I have.

There is no scientific global climate community. There are a few writers that lie and post pictures of things other than they describe. There are a few reporters in far away countries that cannot be reached to confirm they are even distantly associated with the global hoaxers. There are frauds that allow their names to be used and there are numerous others who have no idea their names and identities are being stolen and used by the few, unidentifiable writers of global hoaxing.

Like I have stated before. The writers of the articles and “warnings” on NOAA, AAAS, WMO, climateandsecurity.org, and some of the “dire warnings”, are writers, and that is all.

The writer of craigslist posts, “Missing signs of climate in an epic flood”, and, “Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.”, is the SAME “person”.

When I write that there is only a few “people” writing these articles and fabricating the innumerable lies, it is quite possible it is only one “person”

Look at the syntax, the vocabulary, the odd sentence structure of all these articles and posts. It is one source only. The global hoaxing community is a handful of lying dem/libs. That’s it. That is all there is to this “community”.

Even the moron that posts here in SLC simply copies and pastes from his/her/its own weird and disjointed, fraudulent fabrications already posted on one of these sites and from other CL locales. In addition, everything is a lie.

Again: one study; one experiment by a legit scientist; one piece of data; one measurement; one bloody hint at someone doing something even closely related to the scientific method of proving or disproving an hypothesis; maybe a formal hypothesis or a wonderment by a real scientist in a real scientific publication: any of this might lend 1% credibility to the bogus, ABSOLUTELY BOGUS, FABRICATED CLAIMS OF THIS MORON AND HIS/HER/ITS RAMBLINGS ON THESE NON-EXISTENT-SCIENTIST SITES.

There is a Muir Glacier in Alaska, but it is classed as a Little Ice Age glacier. It started retreating in the 1780’s. Yes, it is well documented that the retreat was caused by automobile exhaust, in 1780, from utardia’s clap-trap-yap. Greenpeace rode the waves into utardia’s mouth to actually do the research. It is documented at: utardiaisabuffoon.org

Ice age glaciers melt.

Ice melts, in case that moron has forgotten that ice is frozen water: H2O, dihydrogen monoxide, a deadly substance responsible for thousands of deaths in the U.S. every year. It should not be inhaled.

If Greenpeace has no reason to “document” a Little Ice Age glacier doing what Little Ice Age glaciers do, MELT, then where is the significance in anything true about this glacier? There is only significance when utardia and the lying liberal extremists fabricate fear to manipulate the masses. Revolutions kill people. That is what these disturbed, ethically-retarded dem/libs want.

The fraud and deception of this absolute butt-hole, lying cretin, utardia is unbelievable.

I have made some strong accusations and solid arguments but this bumbling boneheaded, biscuit brain cannot even rebut one. Moronic supremicus has not even tried.

Brent 3,209, utardia 0.

Has this moron no pride, no sense, no conscience?

What a moronic loser. Probably the geekiest whimp in school voted least likely to grasp reality, and voted most likely to become even more geekier.

What a loser.

A real question is, will this moron respond with something concrete to prove he/she/it is even human; has a job; or actually lives on this planet?

Really. I am quite cautious to not give away my personal information, having received scores of threats. I can beat any and all of them, but even I, supremicus, intelligentsi-smart-assius, lets my guard down and could be ambushed.

I have stated that I work, I live in the Murray Utah area, stop for coffee at Barnes and Noble in Murray, while this moron is nothing but an ethereal paper science fiction plagiarist. There appears to be nothing personable about this simpleton, utardia. He/she/it admitted he/she/it is over 2,000 miles away, assigned to work this area, and then tried to recruit me to silence me and raise the average IQ of all the dem/libs by 10 points. Raising the IQ of all dogs in the U.S., by adding my intellect is less of a gain, since dogs have higher IQs than the average dem/lib.

Seriously, kidding aside, this bolshevik agent tried to recruit me, telling me he/she/it could show me how to make money doing what I am doing. What a scum. Turn traitor for association with that pissy-pants wimp?

How sick would I have to be to do that? How desperate to be something, other than human, would I have to be to do the disgusting propaganda work of a treasonous bastard!

How does one describe such a sub-human with absolutely no potential for acquiring human characteristics? How does one; how can anyone, describe a thing that simply cannot tell a single truth, trying to deceive and manipulate others to believe the most insane, ridiculous, whacky, illogical, child-id mental-displacements?

How does one describe the evil of hatred for mankind in this moron’s mind that makes him/her/it lie with every statement made, to deceive and manipulate others to join the irrational world of liberal dementocracy? How does one describe this moronic state of languoring in liberal dementia-land?

So Obama’s (our) trillion dollar stimulus money was very poorly spent, paying an idiot/super geek to become a worse idiot and liar.

My gawd, how stupid does that make oafama sin laden?