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At approximately 4:00 PM the tally for House of Representatives and Senate looked good for republicans. It is late night and I have not checked since 4:00 PM so I might be wrong. I surely hope I am.

At 4:00 PM the tally was 49 to 47 for republicans in the Senate and 209 to 187 in the House.

At midnight, after listening to innumerable republicans and so-called conservative/republican talk show hosts and hostesses, the score is 211 to 192 favoring republicans in the house and 49 to 48 still in republican favor in the senate.

But, chaos is in control.

Lie, cheat and steal all goes hand in hand.

Is there any way, except by purposeful delay and distraction, that 600,000 plus votes cannot be counted in a day? Is there any way that all this is not failure rather deception by delay and deflection?

Nobody could be so incompetent except by design.

With a roller coaster ride and hopes suddenly resurging, a dashing of hope by cheating is still a killer for republicans and the majority of Americans who are going to blame someone else, who either did not show up to vote or somehow, magically republican citizenry, which is everyone by simply living in a republic, was turned. Magically, the undecideds and middle grounders were swayed to the dark side of the candidates.

‘We failed to get the message out’, will be the apology, one of a few at least.

‘We failed to get the numbers out’.

I had to listen to hannity, levin, all the dummies of pretentious talk radio, refuse to address the issue, that dementocrats are cheating in plain sight, and the cowards not only do nothing, they say nothing.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, right before their senses.

Well, I still hope for the best.

Remember this, however. If republicans take the senate, there are republicans who are sheep in wolves clothing: romney the lying, bolshevik/banker, dementocrat/progressive satan. This fake human, lying reptilian brain, plastic dummy, agent of pretend opposition, traitor to all of America, should be hung the first time he votes with dementocrats, and he will. So much for your majority in The Senate.

The others will give the majority to the dementocrats.

The same applies in The House of Representatives.

Lake, on hannity and other shows, said the ballots turned in showed republican gain in exit polls. And all the goons failed to question why the dementocrats play dumb and then lie.

Sure, it might be just as they say, that republican voters, lacking in trust for the process of mail-in and early voting, showed up at the voting stations and turned their ballots in personally. Who is watching? The dementocrats in no way have 33 percent support, yet, magically fetterman, a full blown mental midget and commie/fascist, got more votes than a sane, doctor. Impossible!

Lake must be a plant to allow dementocrats to cheat without scrutiny and question, while playing at evil.

I told you the dementocrats already “won”, and watch now, the stifling, the shut down and turn of fantasy into dementocrat reality.

It is war and we the people just lost another battle because we were not in the fight the dementocrat bolsheviks brought to us.


You listened to talk radio, and believed.

They changed definitions, narratives, and reality, and you went along? The primary example: Is America a democracy, or representative republic?

You did not even know that representation is not associated with democracy but that representation is associated with republic.

So, what other bastardized fundamentals have clouded your mind and judgement?


So, who do the dementocrats represent, the 300 million people seeing shelves go bare, gasoline and heating prices tripling, and promises (threats) of IRS agents swarming with firearms drawn to take from…. nobody, everyone else but you?

Typically the party in the Whitehouse loses seats in the midterm election. On average, claims yahoo”NEWS”, the loss is 28 seats. Today that would flip The House. Half of that would flip The House.

What they do not “report”, in addition, is that the way the house goes, so goes the senate.

But not this midterm….mark my words.

The dementocrats have already cheated and “won”.

They know Biden’s approval is in the basement suite of the white-outhouse, so they also know they have massive cheating to do, and it is already done.

The challenge is to make it look like close 50/50 races.

To get away with it they must convince the public that the races are close, so they lie, fabricate numbers and polls, hover over ridiculous generalities to hide the location of facts in those generalities, and outright deflect, distract and hate.

They hate free people: they must.

What I mean is that the hate is an integral part of lying. The goons whip themselves into stupidity so they can more easily hate, so they can more easily presume guilt of opposition, so they can then justify cheating and contributing to the premeditated genocide for which they are finally enjoying supportive public narratives.

It is all fraud, including the lies they tell themselves: they have support.

The dementocrats and their bolshevik/banker-owned media apologists have already identified the post-election excuses.

I have mentioned much of it. They hate and attack anyone who disagrees with centralized dementocrat tyranny, and calls them fascists and insurrectionists. The liars of the dementocrat/bolshevik/banker cabal have created ghosts under the American political bed for decades.

Fascists, right-wing extremists, anarchists, NAZIs, insurrectionists and other fabricated ghosts are all threats to their democracy.

They create hatred in their own minds, and the public’s, so they can justify lying, cheating and stealing, and then when the hatred is reinforced by the results of cheating, lying, and stealing, in their minds, in the mobocracy mind, they justify greater crimes against those who oppose.

This is how stupid populations kill themselves.

This is how tyranny turns rational people into stupid mobs.

Did we, as a nation, not experience thousands of riots in the last two years, mobocracy, in effect? Does that make my point?

None of the accusations made in names are true or evidenced.

Threat to their democracy, by people, yes? Whatever needs to be done to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Yahoo”NEWS” also reports (laugh), Biden’s approval rating “hovers” below 50%.

The lie….1% is below 50. This is only one way and one example in this article, that yahoo”NEWS” lies.

It hovers below 30%. Hovers? Laugh. It never rose above 30%.

Have they lied about America being a democracy? For over 100 YEARS!

When his own party apologizes, then admits, then makes excuses for bidenski’s dementia, and then wants him out: negative.

Biden’s approval is not 50%, it is 5.0%. Do not forget and adjust accordingly, the corrupt, bolshevik/banker media lies.

Have they lied about America being a democracy? For over 100 YEARS!

Have they lied about the dementocrat party’s government being legitimate? The Corporate entity, the real “Corporate America”, the U.S. Government, installed illegally in 1871 (The Organic Act), usurping our Constitutional representative Republic, is an insurrectionist movement since the international banker tyranny invaded and usurped our government.

Hang them all for treason to OUR Republic, your republic; YOUR self-governing, representative republic with basic human rights that no person or government can assail, until you are grossly and totally deceived and exploited.


REGARDING YAHOO”NEWS” AP ARTICLE OF NOVEMBER 8, 2014, “Dispute erupts during Whitehouse luncheon”

REGARDING YAHOO!”NEWS” AP article, “Dispute erupts during White House luncheon”, Saturday November 8th, 2014.

Who are these dippy bitches, Nedra Pickler and Erica Werner who, together, fabricated typical communist propaganda cleverly disguised as AP “NEWS”?

These two semi-intelligent dogs should be ashamed of themselves for passing off such manipulative, classical conditioning. The garbage writers have written another garbage article directed at the ignorant masses and those that want something for nothing. Do not forget: those that get something for nothing do it at the expense of those that give something and get nothing. How fair and just is that?

Just the title of the article is a fraud heaped upon Americans by tyranny-wing, lying leftist media. The issue is NOT immigration. Immigration is a legal application, processed and officiated by those We, the People assign to act in OUR stead. Vagrants, uneducated masses incapable of contributing to their own country, non-English speaking criminals and cowards, and cheats and thieves stealing across OUR borders and illegally garnering control of OUR LIMITED resources is not “Immigration”.

How does this liberal la-la-land media see itself as anything even closely related to human when the lies and fraud that diminish OUR lives and standards of living are thrashed with every pseudo news article they fabricate?

Look at the words of the title, “Dispute erupts during Whitehouse luncheon”. What does disrupt mean and who did the disrupting? No doubt it was a libbyral trying to exert power in opposition to the will of Americans. Who could that have been? Was it the House of Representatives doing the disrupting? If it had been the the House, AP “writers” would have made much more of an attack on republicans.

But wait, there is more to ponder. Why do commie/libbyral “writers” always forget to accurately describe who wants what? When the House of Representatives represents the majority, it is, undeniably, We, the People that want what is poorly described by AP/libbyral/commie “writers” that purposely try to deflect from truth.

When leaders of the party in the majority meet with a president it is NOT on the president’s terms, but that is what the commie/libbyral AP “writers” are trying to entrench in the minds of Americans. Why do the commie/libbyral “writers”, Nedra and Erica, not tell the real story? They can’t, they are propaganda at work.

The real story is We, the People, in the legitimate majority, represented by constituency and further represented by republican House of Representative leaders, are demanding that the bastard, commie president do OUR will. There will be consequences. The commie whores, Nedra and Erica, will feel the wrath one day of We, the People, AMERICA EN TOTO, the legitimate voice for all of America.

Why would Nedra and Erica not report the truth, that Obama refused to execute the oath of his office and refused the legitimate authority of We, the People.

When the majority speaks it speaks for all Americans. That is how this country operates, and it functions well when all parties accept that the majority does rule. When democ-rats, even though they cheat and steal, are in power, republicans exert a degree of self control accepting the majority, but the democ-rats never respect the will of the majority. Democ-rats don’t even respect the wishes of the majority when it is a democrat-leaning majority. Did Jimmy boy Matheson make any effort to repeal the (un)Affordable (un)Care Act when he clearly had instructions from the people of the fourth Utah District to do that? NO, the bastard refused to listen to We, the People, placing libbyral/commie dogma and a dictator above the will of We, the People.

I had a slim hope that Mrs. Matheson would come clean and reveal the methods of election fraud. She knows.

Women who join up with corrupt politicos (those of the democ-rat party) know their spouses are in league with corruption and fraud, and they care not as long as they get their popularity and big bucks!

Nedra and Erica need to go back to kindergarten and start with basic principles. Nedra and Erica need to go back to kindergarten for those first steps of honesty and integrity they refused to learn, and learn them. Their self-serving, self-aggrandizing child-ids need to be controlled by themselves. They need to learn the first lesson of honesty by standing in the corner with the other kindergarten children for lying

Notice there are two pictures, both of Barack, muslim brotherhood, Obama speaking and everyone else listening. WHY? Why are We, the People not speaking? Why is that bastard dictator Obama not listening?

Why does the commie/libbyral media continually fabricate that which is wrong, illegitimate and unethical while also minimizing that which is right and good for America?