September 7th, 2022, 102º “reported” after cooling started, as usual.

The liars sneak the heat in when nobody is paying attention, when most accept that it heats up as the day progresses, but also when people forget it begins to cool, not paying attention to the actual time and “real feel”. That fabrication went the way of the dinosaurs real quick.

In between 1:00 and 3:00 P.M. the temperatures rose from 96º/97º to 98º, and then started cooling at 4 but magically, jumped to 99º by 5:00 PM.

At 6, magically and inexplicably, against scientific reality, the count jumped to 100º.

The truth is that the temperature had dropped drastically and was less than 90, so low. My thermometers showed 88º and 89º.

Are you hot, bothered? Are you as hot as they claim you are, or angry with me for one of two things: pointing out your gullibility, or pointing out truth?

Get a thermometer. Get two!


The lies of the so-called right and left just compound and grow daily.

Today, the weather reported near record highs, approaching 100 degrees, not as hot as yesterday but still 10 degrees above normal.

Again, there is nothing scientific as normal. Science is the measurement of change.

Today, the high did not reach what the liars of the media claimed.

You, dear fellow citizen, can you not remember what 100 degree heat is like? I have worked outside my whole life. 100 degrees is sweat-inducing temperature. My legs sweat and stick. I have to wear a hat with a wet towel around my head to stay cool. Today, however, no sweating at all. It was not 100 degrees. It was not close. The temperature, according to my thermometers hit 92 degrees.

However, I will add that my new Chinese made thermometer hit 98. Don’t forget, the communist, expansionist Chinese government controls all business in China: controls everything.

Think about this. If today’s temperature was “still 10 degrees above normal”, is the lying media trying to tell you that “normal is 88 degrees, this time of year? When hot in Utah is 100 to 104 degrees, 88 degrees is nothing. Do you understand how you are being manipulated? The bell rings and Pavlov’s dogs salivate. The weather reports blistering or scorching, and you run and hide from the high heat that is not there.

Abby Bonell, and others just lie and know they are lying.

It is summer. May 1st in Utah has been the beginning of the heat. 100 degrees in June, July and August is nothing out of the ordinary bu the media has convinced you of many egregious fallacies. 

What will the media do when it actually does get to 103 degrees, if it does? Will they call it 105, 106, 110 degrees? These temperatures are impossible in Utah but you watch, the liars, the filthy political agents of centralized control, polluting all methods and areas of our lives, will stop at nothing.

Cox and others have cautioned that Utah is in a drought. Is cox science-retarded, like ex-governor bolshevik pervert herbert, angela dunn, faucenstein? Yes.

Utah is a desert. There is no such thing as drought in a desert. These people are lying to you and have been for years.

Utah is a desert, low precipitation, every year. This year has seen only a small reduction in average precipitation, and it will come eventually.  The political scientists, real science morons and hate-motivated bolshevik puppets, have you all worried that we will die a scorched earth and more necessities of life will be taken from you.

They are lying. Go back, think of the hottest days you have ever experienced and try and remember what you had to do then, and compare with what you have had to do now, today, yesterday when it was actually close o 100 degrees.

Think! Do not be stupid and gullible.

Global hoaxing is a scam to eliminate people. It is working. I know of two people who committed suicide and did so because things were bad, and besides all the challenges, they felt guilty for destroying the earth. I know this because a third friend tried to commit suicide and failed, and reported to us, her friends and family, that she felt the same as her friends who succeeded, and thought the same.

It is not hot as it has been in past years. Just pay attention, stay outside and feel the temperatures, the heat, the cool breezes that never blow on days of 100 degrees or hotter.

I wrote a number of years ago, one day in January (maybe 2017 or 2018), that the “NEWS” reported it was 40 degrees in Salt Like Ciy, while I was watching snow fall that did not melt.

There is absolutely no science to global hoaxing. Science is measuring change. Find the change, the reported, measured, quantified change. There is never a pre-test, never references to older data. There is no new data for comparison either. They use sleight-of-hand tricks, rail splits, comparing different variables by deception: all to deceive and manipulate YOU!

Please, learn to understand science for yourselves. Do not just read about scientific methodology, study it, find two or three Masters’ Theses online and read how they are prepared, planned and executed. Go find the same in any of the global hoaxing sites: NASA, WMO, AAOS, IPCC, AAAS, and others.

Go to my site, liberalnewsreview “calm” and read my critiques of these bogus sites.Read my critiques of articles that have nothing but speculation, modeling and fabrications of studies that study nothing. A study is not science.

They are lying to you, and if you want to be manipulated to be hotter than you should be, then you are manipulated to be controlled when you should not.


Wow. The fake passion of global hoaxers, I mean warmers, is astounding.

Did al gore give up his jet and seven homes to cut his carbon footprint?

Did utardia quit driving, using electricity to cool his/her/its home?

The passion of a cause is completely missing when the so-called passionate one is not involved in the mechanics of the cause.

We see, right here, right now, everyday actually, the lack of passion, commitment, and reality from that moron utardia,  bitch (I always try to impassion that moron) 

in his/her/its attempts to bore us all to submission with his/her/its passionless, causeless reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting and reposting of the same boring, moronic and insulting lies.

I realize that few of my fellow Americans are interested in searching and discovering the lies and fraud, and the truth. But to see utardia try to fool my fellow Americans, with the most ridiculous and stupid claims, is a crime for which he/she/it should pay.

There is no passion, no commitment and absolutely no reality to the dem/lib global hoaxing claims when the buffoons show no passion, and cannot actually write reality.

Such dem/lib lack of personal involvement and passion really does convince us all that the global hoaxing concerns are a real GAG!

It is all political science, using political tactics to manipulate and control populations with fear.

The pollutions are coming, the pollutions are coming. Run for your lives, the dem/libs cry, as they sit and watch others scramble to get out of the way of automobiles in a parade.

Watch out for that falling climate signal. It is signaling “stuff”. It is a climate signal consensus. It is going to climate consensusize all of us if we don’t take away means to life, liberty and property of the masses.

Oops, did I let that real agenda out of the bag? Crap. What I meant to say is, We have to tax the rich that pay the workers, but make the rich still pay the workers more, while we put a lot of money in OUR pockets. COOL! I believe in sharing the wealth of the other rich, not me and my buddies, and giving 20 percent to the international bankers, 20 percent to the IMF, 10 percent to the U.N., 10 percent to myself for administration, and the remaining, whopping 20 percent to the people in need.

What? You say there is 20 percent missing? No. That’s just racism and republican pandering to special interest groups and big business. It is hate speech in a video that caused me to forget about that not-missing 20 percent.

What a bunch of, I mean, what a bucket load (loads and loads) of climate) imbeciles; liars, sons-of-bitches, frauds, traitors and eventual swingers (by the neck) these dem/lib hypocrites and liars are.

Not a single one of these bolsheviks has ever followed through with a reference, a shred of data, a measurement, a pretense of a picture of rising water levels (easily seen and noticed), but the little bitch (I know, still trying to elicit a passionate response from that dog), finds two pictures from different reference points, showing an absent glacier (Pasterze) in Austria, and claims global hoaxing caused it. Why is that ignorant mutt not cutting off his/her/it own use of gasoline, heating fuel, electricity? Why does the mutt not stop eating meat? What kind of hypocrisy are these pigs, global hoaxers, trying to force upon We, the People, and to what end?

As I have stated, at least a million times (maybe two million times), just this last year, tyranny is afoot. It starts with war on truth, fostering confusion in all things which results in not knowing who your enemies are and, hence, sidling up to close proximity, and easy access to those who will kill you, evidenced by their willingness to lie to you.

It is oppression, suppression and a paralysis of morality that defeats nations.

The whack job nut-cases posting anti-science global hoaxing are doing their (paid) part in disarming the masses, classically conditioning We, the People for slavery (but they are failing). Mental disarming leads to physical disarming and the death of those, by design, being disarmed. It is like everything in life, simple or complex. Why would I shoot the basketball towards the hoop if I did not mean to score? Why would I, or my generals, amass marines and invasion forces at the border of another country if I did not mean to invade? Why would someone lie to you about anything unless he or she wanted you deceived? It does not matter what the deception is. What matters is that someone is trying to deceive you to mislead you and use you. To use you means they exploit your efforts for their gain. You are not allowed to enjoy the fruits of your labors because someone has lied to you to convince you that it is another party that has stolen your goods and/or services. 

Find that filthy rat and beat him/her/it senseless. Oh, I forgot. weirdicus is already senseless and gets beaten every day, right here.