Losers! Anyone thinking that legal efforts will unravel the unlawful, are delusional. The bolsheviks, dem/libs and progressives, have committed crimes. To think they will suddenly, under a bit of pressure from “law” that abdicated and shied from duty, express some respect and abide by rule of law, is insane. We need to be We, the People. We need to, RIGHT EFFING NOW, take ours, and hang the bastards and whores of the left.  I would start with orrin hatch, mutt romney, gary herbert, mendenhall, wilson, mcadams, and cox.

Cox is Herbie’s chosen agent of globalist bolshevism, already hazed and inducted to the illicit, illegal, concentration of unjust power, the National Governors Association. HANG THEM ALL! We, the People are living in fear, it is their turn. Catch the bastards and hang them! Are you afraid you will not survive? Are you afraid you will lose your home? Are you afraid…, so many things?

We need to seize control of our state legislature because the filthy pigs will do nothing to reign in tyranny. We need to seize control and remove the state legislators, in chains, to holding cells, where they can live in fear. Where are the heroes of state government: Spackman-Moss, Potter, Waldrip?

There is not a shred of science to herbert’s, mendenhall’s and wilson’s lockdown, except political science. Hang them all! March on Utah state governor’s mansion, grab the filthy pig Herbert right out of his bed, strip the bastard in the streets, hang him by one foot, and beat that filthy effing pig to death! Am I advocating violence? YES! It is either them or us. What do you, fellow Americans, want?

Oh no (said with a girly voice), let’s allow the law do its work,

Levin, Rush, cowards! TALK, you cowards, get the fight back in Americans. This is WAR! Are you people so bloody stupid and blind? The democrats and governors are killing people, physically, and you cowards are talking about stopping them verbally. It is like going to a gun fight with, not a gun; not a knife; not a stick, but a quotation from Shakespeare! MORONS. This is WAR! They have physically cheated. They need to be physically opposed and beaten.

If democrats take control, genocide will follow.

All the cool people, threaten with law those who absolutely hate law, except theirs. The cool “constitutional experts” point a finger at people like myself for being extreme, while the country burns. What a bunch of freaking cowards.

I am, right here, right now, putting myself out there for retaliation by unlawful law, governors’ dictates, and saying, hang the pigs or they will kill millions. They are following bolsheviks to the letter. The intent is to kill, YOU, the masses, including YOU, democrat party supporters. These pigs think they are better. Their actions show it. Herbert and the Department of Health lied regarding the very first “covid” death. How could any “covid” deaths following be truthful if the very first, 100 percent, is a lie?

Go, don’t be stupid. READ the damned news report and ask yourself questions. Why did bastard bolshevik herbert and the corrupt bolshevik department of health report the first “covid” victim was over 60, when he was 33 percent, a whopping 20 years, over 60?

He had a history of near death episodes, and was going to die soon anyway.

The department of health and herbie had a list of sickly Utahns, close to death, with particulars about them, to use when they became the first Utah “covid” death.

It was pre-planned: just waiting for the right “victim”.

Sorry, I cannot reveal my source. Let us just say, herbie thinks all those who are really close to him are his friends.

Why do liars lie? Because they must, and they know they must. Herbert is a filthy lying scum! Hang the bastard! Hang him! I will pull the lever. I will put the noose around the filthy pig’s neck, and kick him in the the ass, and hang his accomplice, his wife! Hang them all! They are your enemies, not mine! I am their enemy. They are lying to you! How does that make them your friends? Are YOU insane?

Cox was initiated into the colluding National governors Association by herbie because cox is a sick piece of rat-filth, like herbie. They are all “New Olympians”, evil bastards to the core, and should all be hung!



It is a dastardly, clandestine trick. Create a crisis, by fraud or enhance it by media, control the fear factors, impose curfews or sanctions of some sort, and then, without anyone aware, the fear of the crisis is slowly transferred to fear of authority. We are now afraid of government, the dictators: comrades herbert, mendenhall and wilson.

Well, truthfully, the masses, the vast majority of Utahns are now afraid of what these three can dictate, and unjustly impose. It is ruthless rule of law, made without lawful protocols. They have seized dictatorship.

You, yes YOU, whomever you are making excuses, can call it anything you want. You can salve your fears with reassurances that these measures are a necessity to “save” us from a media fabricated crisis while the truth is, no legislature in Utah, created lockdown laws.

You can call it whatever you want. Dictating our losses, and restrictions is still dictating without legal authority, our losses and restrictions, subject to political, not representative, bias.

I have boldly made this claim that coronavirus does not exist. At what point did the lying liberal media decide to be honest? Was it the moment after coronavirus was discovered, or before, or maybe when Cuomo and all the governors decided to, completely united, seize control?

Now you are afraid of their dictates. The lockdown orders are not laws. Governor herbert did not make law, and you are afraid of what they have dictated because they now have power of law behind them without actually having law. This makes them the evil triumvirate.

if you think these dictators, these bastard bolsheviks herbert, mendenhall, wilson, hatch, romney and that goofy lying piece of filth mcadams, all liars; if you think they (and their spouses) don’t know exactly what they do and if you think they don’t understand how this transfer of our power to their unjust, unbridled and immoral authority and ruthlessness that will surely follow; if you think they don’t understand that ruthlessness will follow and they will somehow be impugned from their deadly dictates; if you think this collusion of governors, mayors, and media is non-existent, and that the very goal is to impose, control, and eliminate, then you are a fool doomed by your own cowardice and ignorance.

If you think these sub-human devils do not know that totalitarian rule and extensive taking of lives is part of the plan; if you think they care for you or any of the useless eaters (loo it up), you are truly historically retarded, and your own worst enemy.



Hang them all. Sure, I am asking for trouble, oh well.

Who is going to take a risk?

Should I be politically correct? Is calling someone retarded bad? Maybe I should use the word challenged. Hell no.

I call it like it I see it. Herbert Mao is not challenged, he is not backward. He is retarded in applying cause and effect.

We have been wearing masks, socially distancing, and washing hands more than ever. It did not work.

It is easy to say it did not work. Herbie him/itself admitted it by oppressing even more. The science retarded bolshevik stated all we had done did not work. Why do it again or do more?

I rode my bicycle to work in the snow the other day but it was too slow and cold, so I bought a better bicycle, and will try the same thing again. Is that logical?

Masks, lockdown, government advertising against our freedoms, and self-isolation did not work, so let’s do it again.

D’uh. You see backward implies herbie never had an education and challenged implies he might get it right, one day, or maybe even has gotten it right once.

Retarded is the operative for herbie.

The definition of retarded is, “Affected with impaired intellectual development.”

You see, dear fellow citizens, intelligence and intellect are two different things. I cannot be bothered, considering the thousands of commentaries I have written, to help you learn something that has afflicted you. You were taught intelligence was the marker of smart and genius. It is measured so it can be controlled: so you can be controlled. Intelligence is control. People who regurgitate propaganda well, democrats, are intelligent, incapable of expanding and deriving knowledge from inspiration. Einstein admitted he was intelligent and that Tesla was intellectual, both deriving knowledge and idea through inspiration.

Intelligence is to intellect as polite is to empathetic.

When one surrenders one’s ability to actually feel that ethereal knowledge of others, empathy, one loses all powers of expansion, including intellect.

Herbie Mao is a psycho. Well, he/it is more than just a psycho, he has successfully killed Utahns, indirectly, no argument here, but that is his/uits goal. He is sociopathic, and should be put down like a rabid dog.

Did you watch his escalating pain of hatred for people with his every sentence of deception and fraud?

I have not bothered watching the remainder of that bolshevik bastard’s political play for power because it irked me to no end. The filth in his/its head must be deeper than a two story deep outhouse.

What a sick piece of rat crap.

Herbie mao has no intellect. There was nothing new in his propaganda pretense. All the sick governors are doing the same damned things. They tell all the same lies, they ignore the science as found in those smeared and ignored by the hate stream media. There is nothing new in anything herbie mao forced upon unsuspecting Americans. In fact his/its lies are getting quite boring, but deadlier every day.

Hang the bastard, and his accomplice, his wife. He would not care. Liars feign family and religion, and do evil with lies. Look at that mutt romney. Mormon? sure, Christian? Not a chance. Herbia mao, Mormon Sure, Christian? Not a chance.

“Occurring or developing later than desired or expected, delayed”.

Herbie never developed empathy. It shows in his/its total lack of understanding the pain and suffering, and caring, he/it inflicts, as seen in that political fabrication of stupid regurgitated talk, doing the same damned crap that has not worked. But the bastard made sure to lock us down.

Bye the way, he has not authority. Why are you all listening?

I resist. I do not wear a mask. I get kicked out more lately since that bastard forced evil upon this whole population. Hang the bastard!

I will pull the lever.

Psychos retard themselves. They make a choice to be bullies and take what they want that is not theirs. That bolshevik bastard herbie took our freedoms to assemble choose and live, and he has expressed the same rote garbage propaganda fake concern as any psycho and all the other colluding governors.

Do you like that word, collusion? Thank the lying democrat marxists for it. It is way more serious, evil, and effectual than conspiracy. I never was afraid of that word either, though.

“Socially inappropriate or foolish”.

Whose society is herbie mao helping? Not ours.

And talk about foolish. When do tyrants ever learn they are lighting a fuse under the those they rule? When do tyrants, extreme liars ever worry about getting caught in their lies and killed? Are tyants, despots and bastard bolshevik governors so stupid they have not thought about the normal reprisals people make?

I admit right now, if I could, I would execute bastard bolshevik herbert.

We would all go back to work live lives, paranoia would fade, and nobody would miss nearby mao or his accomplices.

The law, the democracy of the self-serving cabal of politicians who refuse to represent We, the People; the cable that executes democracy in chambers for themselves and denies the republic; the Constitutional Republican rights of all others; might be unhappy and try to usurp our law, but we are more, and we will fight.

When do tyrany=ts and despots ever learn they are hated? Herbie is hated. He is no savior.

His stupid, lying ass lockdown did nothing, as he has admitted, and so the bastard bolshevik, with a hidden agenda for ruthless rule, as we have seen already, but the devil wants to lock us out of our own lives, without a chance, by his/its admission, of success: and he wants more.

I say we storm the governors mansion, take the bastard into the streets, round up  the Utah congress, incarcerate them all and let the five most innocent colluders, talk and point fingers, and then we hang all the others.

Who is actually fighting this tyranny for us, We, the People?

How on earth do you, dear fellow citizen hear that bastard’s words and lies, telling you he/it is fighting for you, and then he/it compromises everything about your life. Do you have children that need more attention and get less? Do you have emotionally unstable children that need more parenting? Are you worried a daughter or son might become so despondent and take his or her life?

Are you insane to allow this? Are we all so afraid we have become insane?

Hang the bastard, in the streets, nobody will know except a few. Nobody will care in 5 years, and we, America will be stronger and tougher and rear than ever!

If my works ever get out, we can all count on it that the bastards will send force after me.

I make that stand right now.

I will keep my eyes and ears open, and look for opportunity. I invite all to end the tyranny.

We want that bastard looking over his/its shoulder. It is either him/it, or We, the People, and we, are superior to lying filth such as the herbert family, romney family, hatch, family, and all the king’s democrats and all the king’s progressive bolsheviks.

Hang them all.

The real science, those who use scientific methodology (not herbie or his/its experts) discard the science because politics is their priority.

Do you understand there is a difference between politics and representation. Herbie mao showed us who he/it works for, not us.

Hang the bastard!


Amnesty, like many other “issues” is the distraction, as it has been all along. The goal was to bring in biological weapons to use against Americans, hidden in carriers, as the administration calls them.

The goal is to set up internment camps for Americans. The goal is to manipulate Americans to ask for, beg and plead for, isolation “camps”.

As Congress hands over dictatorial powers to obama, without a fight, without even a mention from anybody that congress has the authority and moral obligation to write law into effect to restrict influx of potential virus-laden carriers, the final nail in the coffin is driven.

Setting up internment camps to house Americans is the goal. It was the plan all along. The camps were built long ago, under the Clinton Administration. The white whorehouse admitted it had a plan, but nothing of that plan was designed to protect We the People. The plan is presently being implemented. The democ-rats openly admitted they were ready.

It is not the president’s job to protect we the people. We can protect ourselves when the power and authority is not taken by avarice and fraud, from We, the People. We protect ourselves by writing laws, through the House of Representatives, that respond as we direct. If we do not see fit it is because we are fooled and tricked by those that have no authority to even speak to us.

Obama has absolutely no authority to write and propose a single law. His wife has even less.

The Mia Love/Doug Owens debate for the Utah fourth Congressional District reveals a pattern of fraud leading to tyranny.

Owens stated, regarding immigration,…”It’s broken and I want to fix it..”

Who says it is broken except those that want a change for themselves? Immigration is not broken any more than marriage is broken, or any institution is broken. Most Americans know that change sponsored by government is wrong, but they do not know why.

Owens continues, many times, with regurgitations similar to, “…congress can’t get itself together to deal with it” (issues).

Owens droned time and time again about the dysfunctional congress, and then closed on the point that he wanted to fix the Affordable Care Act, “… because of congressional dysfunction. But wait: does Owens not know that the senate is part of congress? Is he admitting that the senate, a democrat party fortress, is dysfunctional or part of the dysfunction? Or is he just a dummy trying to deceive Americans to thinking that the republican house of representatives is dysfunctional? Either way reveals an idiot that lies or a liar that is an idiot: NOT knowing the three branches of government?

There is absolutely no congressional dysfunction except that in the democrat party dominated senate. The House of Representatives did just fine writing laws only to be rejected and tabled by the democ-rats in the other house of congress, the senate. Of course the democ-rats and the liberal media have been trying for decades to make republican representation appear as illegal, unethical and immoral, but that is a dysfunction of democrat party fabrication and liberal media propaganda (lies).

Why would Owens want to fix obamacare when WE, the authors of our law and owners of OUR country want it repealed? Is Owens pro-actively refusing the will of We, the People? Does Owens think he deserves a single vote when he openly admits his goal is to break the confidence of the people of the fourth congressional district by acting in opposition to the majority and majority rule, and voting democ-rat party-first priorities?

Why would Owens try to force a minority decision, clearly a political party objective, upon We, the People when we do NOT want it? Is Owens retarded or just another democrat party puppet pushing political propaganda for the few elitists in the white whorehouse and senate? What is his cut of the fraud?

We, the People, in a huge majority, want Affordable Care Act GONE! Is Owens so stupid he thinks we don’t know what WE, THE PEOPLE want? Is he the rat so bold to lie in advance of our wishes by trying to mislead us to believe the Affordable Care Act is un-repealable? Is Owens so anti-democracy he would force a more expensive and time consuming intrusion into OUR lives with the grossest of democ-rat party lies and fabrications? Oh, the audacity to lie and rape America! What a traitor and enemy to OUR will and OUR law! Hang the bastard, in advance of his lies and tyranny!

No, Owens is not that stupid. Owens is that dishonest and ruthless, however, to lie and try to distract and manipulate with political rhetoric from what We the People want to what they, the political mobsters want.

So who is guilty of voting a party line?

This simple debate between ideology and reality is the consummate lie emanating from every democ-rat trying to distance him or herself from the ravages of socialism and Nationalism as dictated by Barack Hitler himself.

And Owens wants us to elect him in spite of his blatant lies and open association with America’s number one enemy: Barack, muslim brotherhood, Obama?

The significance is so great and dangerous I struggle to express it. It is not explainable until the readers understand the waste and devastation government can inflict on the world. The younger generations have no idea about a world at war wherein slaughter of genocidal proportions was first inflicted by the leader on that leader’s own nation. Consider the millions of ways people would die and suffer and be tortured at the hands of dictators such as Hitler and Stalin, and consider the potential in obama’s control. Obama did not fall into this dictatorial power, he wrangled, lied, and cheated his way into it with the help of conspirators that want some of the spoils.

This is no new theory. It is no new human condition, characteristic or folly. This is mankind. Frederick Bastiat, in “The Law”, wrote that most men will live off the labors of others. It is a process to get to that point. The first step is to convince the citizens that slavery is inevitable. Slavery, called many things, is still slavery.

This is Owen’s role.

The media has lied and taken the blame, the overt blame for creating complacency and fabricating numerous fallacies.

The plan is that the media posits numerous theories in advance of the reality of a democrat party landslide cheat-fest (like past elections), and then when the cheating is done the possibilities have already been presented with limited, controlled choices, and We, the People pick one. The correct multiple choice answer is not present or even in the minds of the general population, having been eliminated from discussion and overwhelmed by fallacies created by the media in advance.

Expect another surprise democrat win. From nowhere expect democ-rats to win. Even they will be surprised.

From where does this acceptance come?

Tyranny has hired, behind public purview, psychopathic citizens, such as Owens, to make an appearance to run for office. Even Owens knows that with his lies, and the mood and anger against obama and all thing associated with democrat party hegemony, it would be hopeless for him.

But there is the hidden variable. That well established, excessive hope democrat politicos have is enhanced by media so that it will appear hope and enthusiasm will have carried the democrat politicos to victory over the pre-assumed lax and deflated republicans and republic minded citizens.

Even the “republican”/”conservative” talk show hosts blast this hopelessness over the radio and throughout America. 

How many times have we heard talk show host Sean Hannity say that we get the government we deserve? How many times have we heard republican and conservative commentators and celebrities state that we (speaking of Americans in general) were so dumb to elect Obama the first time, and dumber to elect him the second term, when in fact We, did no such thing? We, Americans are not that stupid as a whole. The tyranny wing, lying left knows this.

I have written at length that the numbers do not add up to an obama win in either presidential election.

How does obama control the dissidents? The timing is at hand. The senate must be kept for democ-rats to place absolute power into obama’s control. He must be given, like Adolf Hitler, supreme power and it must come from the senate and house of representatives.

What better way to seize power than to declare marshall law because of a crisis?

All the democrat politicos know that if the elections were not rigged in favor of obama’s puppets, they would be slaughtered at the polls.. They provide the post ad hoc proof that Americans actually want totalitarian rule.

We don’t want to believe these things are connected because that would reveal a huge conspiracy. Lucky for the conspirators the word conspiracy has a presumed, laughable rejection.

There is too much inconsistency to believe all we hear from the white whorehouse and the CDC.

Viruses destruct when they come in contact with air. It is the oxygen that destroys the simple structures. However, viruses can be kept safe in the moist droplets of a sneeze so viruses can be passed in air. The CDC does not want We, the People to know this because…..?

Viruses can mutate rapidly and can be passed when one is showing no signs of sickness. If viruses, such as Herpes can go dormant for one’s entire life, viruses can do many other amazing things.

Obama himself has opened borders for airborne virus attack.

It is too late to talk of closing the borders when the virus is already in the country.

The Obama white whorehouse plan has already been executed. It began a year ago. Birders had to be broken down to manufacture a crisis. Who wants a crisis? A deadly crisis would never be instigated by a “loving” president, who watched three Americans die. Benghazi was a test run to see how apathetic Americans were. Benghazi was a test run to see if obama could get away with murder.

What We, the People, do not realize is that totalitarian government knows more about manipulating the masses, fabricating crises to be exploited, and the relationship between master and slaves. It is that conspiracy question again. Nobody could do these things to others, especially in America. Are there no pscyhos in America?

We, the People, understood that obama and the white whorehouse could finally get away with murder when we accepted murder in benghazi, but our beloved, loving savior obama.

The slave is only slave when he or she knows it.

Internment camps are not for ebola sufferers. They will be used for political resistors to democrat party totalitarian rule. Ebola is the ruse.

I am not sure if this is a case of grand deception: that ebola does not exist and few are being sickened by something else not nearly as contagious, or if ebola is as contagious and deadly as media claims, and the rulers have their inoculations and preventative measures. One thing is certain, a panic is being created for use against We, the People.

The political officer attached to the transport of the second ebola “victim” showed a blatant lie is brewing. Blatant fraud is just another gauge and proof of the master slave relationship.

Murder, elimination of tyranny’s enemies is the ultimate goal. Blatant murder can only be accomplished when blatant fraud is accepted. We, the People, have been living under a state of constant, blatant fraud for decades. The liberal media has taken a grip on belief so much that logic and reality has all but ceased to be a function of the majority of Americans’ lives. Case in point: Where is the love of the Affordable Care Act? There is a national suppression of hatred for obamacare. Connected to these polls for hatred for obamacare are polls that show hatred for obama. We are led to believe the polls show obama’s approval ratings slipping slightly below 40%. Truth is his approval rating in America was never about 45 percent. It was all fabricated.

The polls are doing the same things for all democ-rat agents of tyranny.

So when Wonnacott, never even in the debate with Jason Chafettz, surprises everyone and “wins”, it can be said, as planned in advance, that republican voters were over-confident of a win and failed to show up at the voting stations. Of course it will be a pre-executed lie, as it was in the last three elections, and the elections associated with Clinton.

Do not forget that basic fraud and deception is inimical to tyranny, specifically democrat party hegemony because acceptance of the lie precedes acceptance of other crimes, and acceptance is what holds the slave in place.

Ebola is a manufactured crisis: on that could be a real medical crisis with the elitist already inoculated and protected. It might be that this scare was planned decades ago and the securities against it are what keeps politicos lying and staying in office. There is something going on behind the scenes when Orrin Hatch, along with other dinosaurs, at 250 years old, needs to run for office. There is a bigger conspiracy than we can even imagine.



Matheson’s complete dishonesty is unbelievable. On KSL, Jan 18 2011, in a very short interview he said that there are a million Utahns with pre-existing medical conditions that need Obamacare. That’s almost 50%. Impossible! There’s no chance in heaven or hell that just 10% of Utahns have pre-existing conditions, much less chance that 1 in 2 have pre-existing conditions.

Matheson is supporting and joining one of the most massive lies any collective government parasite has attempted to defile Americans with. Matheson gets the distinction, the dishonor of being the biggest liar and scum bag in Utah, tied with Hatch, Leavitt, Gary Herbert and all those that tried to sneak a series of bad laws past Utahns. What a bunch of rats!

Is Matheson presuming these million Utahns, almost 50% of all of Utah, need something above and beyond the healthcare and welfare systems already in place? We already have healthcare programs. Is he saying that all these people, over a million are getting nothing from already socialized medicine? Even if it is a poor model of universal medicine, surely it provides something. It doesn’t? Is that why we need more? If so why would we get more of something we already know doesn’t work?

What is Matheson saying? If there are so many that need it (part 1 of Matheson’s lie), then for such a huge need with healthcare programs already failing, why would anyone think socialized medicine on the scale Obama and Matheson want, would be any better? More of the same + bigger + less efficient = WORSE!

If there are a million Utahns with pre-exiting conditions, this is the unhealthiest state in the country, probably the world. If it isn’t then someone is lying, trying to lie, for a controlling purpose.

Matheson does what all dem/lib politico liars do. His first priority is to make people weak by misinformation. So, without any reservations or qualms, Matheson lies to everyone with no cares for the further struggles and ill-health of millions his lies affect. Lying is a part of the dem/lib superiority process. They have to prove their sophistry (fake intelligence) by lying and getting away with it. Impunity for public offenses and crimes is their mark of superiority. This is the ideology of the worst pieces of crap mankind has ever produced, dem/lib politicos.

Dem/lib ideology is NOT share the wealth. It is a conglomerate of endless lies to prove superiority under the pretenses of share-the-wealth. Proving superiority by lying IS the crowning glory.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. Matheson knowingly and purposely lied to ALL Utahns, even dem/lib people. He knowingly and purposely tried to deceive ALL Utahns, including dem/lib people. He knowingly and purposely admitted he hates ALL Utahns, including dem/lib people. Matheson’s crowning glory, now, is that he also connected himself with the most prolific fake, fraud and liar president America has ever had. Who voted for this piece of crap, we know as Barack Hussein Obama? When Matheson kicked Utahns in the as_ he didn’t pretend to have the decency to look away in innocence when we turn around to see who did it. He looked Utahns in the eyes, said he loves Utah, and kicked us all in the groin. Who will now vote for this as_hole?

Lie, lie, lie is the foundation, the means, and the goal, respectively, of the dem/libs at all levels.

Matheson’s legacy is a family legacy, a party affiliation legacy, a media generated fraud, and a personal record of LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, legacy. What insane person would vote for this enemy of Utah?

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