I warned people about the American Governors’ Association 20 years ago.

Does anyone remember Governor Leavitt traipsing off to Governors’ Association meetings and bringing evil to Utah? Of course not. To begin with, most did not see the evil ritual he brought to Utah because the liberal media presented it as a wonderful celebration of success.

Leavitt presented Steve Young with an award, for no reason except to inject a satanic ritual into our lives. Leavitt presented Young with the “Seven Points of Light” Award.

This award is an illuminati award. The award presentation is a Satanic ritual, in addition to the award being of diabolical origins. We trace the illuminati to Medieval Europe, and before that to Khazaria. Khazaria has almost been written out of history because much of the evil and many of the world’s evil people have Khazarian origins. Khazaria traces its society and culture to ancient Babylon and the practice of child sacrifice: priesthood of Moloch.

I stated many times before, in articles years ago, that King Solomon, of biblical jurisprudence and godly remembrance (building a Temple of the God of the Hebrews), had 800 wives and concubines for a reason.

Are there any records of Solomon’s children from 800 wives and concubines?

We know Solomon was chastised of God, as the scriptures record, for worshiping  other gods. Amongst these gods was Moloch. From Moloch we also get the black robes of the courts.

The blood-letting of children, particularly babies is traced to ancient blood sacrifice.

The bolsheviks were Khazarian. Some Khazarians remained separate from the masses who, after years, decades and centuries became indigents of the various city states and countries.

The bolsheviks seized Russia in a way that democrats today have idolized and mimicked. Bolsheviks slaughtered an estimated 30 million Russians as part of their sacrificial rise to power. It is Satanic and even Ancient Babylonian practices go back to a more sinister reporting than the Bible gives, of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod.

The bolsheviks changed names, co-opted languages and infiltrated every country in a bid to take control of the whole world. The goal was, and still is, to have unlimited human sacrifice. The bolsheviks came to America as Jews”, although they truly did not have Jewish blood. Most Jews today, especially those from Eastern Europe, are not actually Jewish.

Bolsheviks changed language everywhere they went to hide their origins and goals. In America they were first known as liberals, flip-flopping the meaning of liberal from the Latinate root of liber, meaning free of (government) oppression and control. They changed it to expanded government, government that inherently controls and is ever expanding the number and percentage of citizens it commands. The invaders called themselves progressives, liberals and eventually communists, and today, they are all the aforementioned. They have tricked the masses. They speak of socialism as if it were actually sharing the wealth with the masses. Socialism is not social. It is the biggest fraud heaped upon mankind.

It surely is hard to believe but we have blatant and open forces in America trying to institute child sacrifice. Gary Northam, governor of Virginia, has advocated open murder of babies who have survived late term, birth canal abortions. The vampires of the democrat party are truly sub-human but the masses are led to believe there is great support for the barbaric practices democrats, socialists, communists, tyrants and the governor’s oligarchy have executed and tried to entrench and expand.

This evil; this child-sacrifice and blood sacrifice, indirectly, is Leavitt, and all the progeny, the evil satanic disciples of the Priesthood of Moloch. Gary Herbert walked into this Satanic web knowing what he was and is doing.

I have much more to say, write, but this message of seizure and destruction of our first amendment rights needs to be exposed now.

Don’t just say no to the governors’ oligarchy seizing totalitarian control, fight. Now is when we fight. If the military is of such cowardice they will go along with barbarism, then they deserve their just rewards.

Evil always oppresses and always accomplishes near totalitarian hegemony, but never once in the history of the world has totalitarianism been complete. And it will not accomplish this in our day.

I am not a sender of youth and others to fight, like the cowardly democrat and republican (in name only) agents of evil. Saturday night, March 21st, 2020, I had a party at my house with a lot of people.

When I go, almost every morning, to my favorite Starbucks, I get my coffee and sit on the curb and try to engage people in social un-distancing.

You, my dear friends, would be surprised at how many people, without actually investing to learn much by way of statistics, numbers and facts, believe this corona virus is a scam.

Live, everyone as if Governor Herbert’s “orders” are not orders, and return to life. Treat Herbert as he should be treated and respected, as an agent of illuminati genocide. Herbert is willingly evil, playing the role of the nicer republican oriented governor who cares for Utahns.

This attack on our rights to assemble is just what the bolshevik democrats, progressives, liberals and global tyrannies have been trying to fro for decades. Herbert is the enemy and needs to be treated as such.

Do not die, mentally speaking, with this fabricated attack on YOU!