It was my vote, like the votes of a massive majority of 70 million strong, for Trump to stay in the Whitehouse.

We care not what the lying media says or writes. We care not how dastardly the Electoral College votes: we elected Trump to stay.

We care not how the Supreme Court rules or abrogates duty: we elected Trump to carry on OUR fight with or without cowardly “Justice” doing its proper and moral duty.

We care not how the democrat party citizens of this country whine: we elected Trump to serve all, including our fellow citizens living in fear and ignorant hatred.

We care not how democrats and/or progressives threaten: we put Trump in the fight as we are in the fight.

We want President Trump to stay for ALL America.

More re: “Donald says Martians hacked Democrats and Clintons.”

More re: “Donald says Martians hacked Democrats and Clintons.”
Bolshevik-dick claims, “With no evidence to support this statement…”.
What statement?
There is no statement so the claim, the proclamation that bolshevik-dick made is a nothing. We call it a non sequitur: ‘not be’, or ‘non (verb) to be’
Most dem/libs live in the non sequitur reality: a not reality.
Look at that fabrication, hardly worthy of being called a commentary.
A commentary makes a statement.
Dick made a statement that was not a statement because it lacked the reality variables he/she/it claimed were part of the statement.
This is the typical dem/lib circular argument they try to mislead the masses with.
Sometimes these arguments are massive fabrications, total lies, and sometimes the non sequiturs are little jabs at reality and truth, like this fairy tale.
Actually, it would not make it to the credibility level of a fairy tale because often fairy tales are actually based on some reality.
Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf is a well known fairy tale based upon a reality that little girls, or boys, or people should not travel alone in the wilds.
Along with a degree of reality we see a moral or principle being taught.
No such thing in any dem/lib “post”/fabtication. We see it right before our eyes. Dick says Trump made “this” statement and then did not produce “this” statement.
Dick provided nothing of value except hatred, for no reason.
Do people hate wolves? Some do, surely, but not all. Is there a reality in avoiding said association with wild wolves? Is that a reality almost everybody can cling to and to which one need adapt to survive? Is that something dem/libs miss out in their own lives, as they presume to inflict such foolishness upon unsuspecting others, Red Riding Hoods traveling the forests of innumerable political wildernesses?
Is there danger in associating, in one way or another, with a real wolf in the wild? Would dem/libs try to convince you, others, the masses that real wolves in the wild are actually really, really nice, and you should pet them, kidnap a pup and take it home for a pet? Is that too much of a fabrication; too much of a presumption on my part when compared with the fabricated excessive foolishness of so many, if not all, dem/lib claims?
Judging by all dem/lib fabrications and non-sequitur claims, they absolutely would have you walk in dangerous places.
That reality is indubitable, while the reality of a “statement” that was not produced, referenced, or timed, has absolutely nothing; no substance, no reality, no moral or principle; absolutely NOTHING.
In fact it is so NOTHING, it cannot be said the “person” who posted this hate-motivated trash, is probably not real either.
Think about that when you want to believe a dem/lib is providing you with something useful by way of information. Check the information and see in the claim or proclamation, if what the bolshevik claims is actually claimed.