Can you so-called conservative reporters, talk show hots and hostesses not look objectively at yourselves?

Listen to what you say. Can you not do that?

Listen to Larry Elder, Rush (did not die), Prager, Shapiro, Hannity, Bongino, Levin and the two b-team goofs who took over the regurgitation role of Rush.

Every single one of these goofs speak the language of fascism, submission, subservience, and ignorance when they refer to We, the People, as “workers”. This is just one example of one word of many.

The queen bee has drones. What is the difference between a drone and a worker? The drones are also called workers.

The “queens” political queers, perverts and frauds that rule Americans rule America. The Corporation U.S. Government has subjected our Constitutional Republic of The United States of America, to admiralty/Maritime rule: no rights. We are theirs by law, until we break free. We need military units, whole armies to rebel against the original insurrectionists, the dementocrat party that invited foreign bankers to rule Americans. The Organic Act of 1871 replaced everything free and Constitutional with banker, Corporation rule.

There is only way free.



Leon Sennecor <>



Mon, Jan 11 at 9:03 PM

Begin quote:

No…BITCH. You are very VERY wrong. I (myself) am but one spoke on on a wheel.  A small but extremely effective wheel (We). You write. We DO. We push the pedal to the metal. We give it the gas. We… accelerate. We are not bound by ideology.  A silly mask to hide behind. People like you are useful, but only if you are actually amplified. Amplified and directed (at least a bit). What you are not understanding, what you seem incapable of understanding, is that we have common goals, or ends. You approach it through ideology. We approach it outside of  ideology. It is a game, and you know this. You sir are “playing” the game. When you pick a “side” you are playing the game. Let me (of We) give it to you straight.  You are not reaching enough people.  You are not convincing anyone.  You are alienating would be allies. Your mark is insignificant. Hence, you are losing the game. You chose this particular game. You picked your pieces and drew your cards and feigned a strategy. But it’s not working. This game (that you chose so long ago) is lost. Even you must know that. 

I (We) are not playing the game. You could say that We are watching the game. Perhaps whispering to players now and again. Or depositing funds here and there. Removing pieces. Sometimes providing an exit from the game. The game will not be won. It cannot. But the game must be played as long as there are players. I (We) do not in any way mean that We are “controlling” the game as the old song says. THAT would be playing. And as I hope I (We) have made abundantly clear, We are not playing.  Our interest lies only in the game being finished (not won) as quickly as possible. Whatever We can accomplish on that front, without regards to “sides” or “ideology”, (oh how boring) We will do. 

You have demanded to know what We have done, attempting to call into question whether or not We have done anything, while countering with your 12 years of “writing”. As l have said, I (of We) do not write. However, some of Us do. And some of Us provide others with tidbits of information, all true of course, in the hope or just curiosity of them writing about something, which in turn might serve to speed up the game. Still with me (We)? Now, I (of We) sent you a couple of articles in my (Our) last message. I (of We) asked you to find the connection. Yes, it was a bit on the oblique side, I (We) can see that, and honestly I (of We) didn’t really expect you to figure it out. However, We were hoping that you enjoyed puzzles enough to at least try to find a connection.  Any connection. Any at all, no matter how schizophrenic or ugly. Schizophrenic in the “body without organs” sense.  We are interested in the pieces of string stretched between the crimes and the circumstances, the perps and their childhood daydreams,  licence plate numbers and the hole in JFK’s head, the color of a raincoat on Thursday and particle physics.  The actual answer my friend to the riddle I (of We) sent you is rather boring compared to what you could have provided Us. We provided the information (very much true information)  to the writers of the two pieces. Or rather, We made sure that the information got to them. Whether or not they chose to follow up on that information was of course up to them. Sometimes We whisper. End quote.

Me, liberalnewsreview speaking now. Let us give Leon the treatment he and his treacherous dem/lib friends dish out.

My response to leon, “Did you pee your panties again, and now try to blame someone else? lol. Loser, droning, boring, regurgitating loser.
I did not read your whine but noticed you wrote Us a lot. Good for you. Have a wonderful, bolshevik day, when your loving bosses come for your head. The historical, cause-and-effect retardation of droning dem/libs is astounding. Keep up the suicidal work. You convinced me of everything ( I know, nothing is everything to loser libbies). You convinced me, I am now a biden fan, as long as he stays out of jail and in lucidity.”

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda. I thought the democrat/liberal message was all about democracy yet CL does the opposite.
I re-posted 4 of my commentaries, one after the other, 8/27/18, in the morning when I began my daily struggle on Craigslist. I learned you can post five “posts” in rapid succession and CL does not slow you down with a “you are posting too rapidly….” message.
This is just one sad reality that I had to learn since it takes me about 25 attempts to post before CL allows one to publish. It takes about 2 hours for my comments to be published..
I was not sure about it, but I have suspected that CL sometimes not only removes my commentaries before I actually see them published, but I also wondered if CL removed the record from my home page as well. Then, this day, I watched one of my commentaries vanish before my eyes.
This day I re-submitted as many in rapid succession as I could, kept going back to my home page, and could not remember how many I had posted and why I did not see the one I thought I surely just put up. For some reason one submission did not appear on my CL homepage when it normally would have.
You know how it is, not paying attention, sometimes one hits the wrong key or link without thinking, and then wonders, ‘did I do that wrong or did something else happen’?
In this instance, I wondered.
But watching for a few seconds, suddenly, there it was. As I stared at the line representing the “post”, on my home page, it disappeared before my eyes. In matter of seconds my commentary was listed and then wiped clean of memory or record. I saw it with my own eyes
I am persistent. Some call it stubborn but stubborn is when you are wrong or lying.
Persistence often exposes many things.
Like any other day, I copied and pasted a number of commentaries I had written. Using my new and improved location, “Do dem/libs know how stupid they sound?”.
As usual when submitting five in rapid succession, my sixth commentary was refused. The problem is that stupid CL message, “You are posting too rapidly…”, came up even though one of my posts was not posted, refused by CL and removed from records.
.Well, lat is the point. I did not post too rapidly, being rejected by CL, and then shut down for “posting” too rapidly.
How can see hell be so stupid? Did the management/administration go to liberal arts, stupefying school?
Does this happen to others or just conservatives in the balanced middle. Is it the balanced middle dem/lib/progressives hate?
I hope some day CL and the other lying libs and democracy-mongers get what they give to others.
Sad that it seems they already make their millions, at our expense, and when they get caught, they make more millions lying in their books. Who pays for all that? The dumbed-down, democrat voters, few as they actually are, pay for it all, and they do it with more than just money.
It is my contention that there are more ex-democrat voters than there are democrat voters, and it is this small, diminishing group paying dearly for tyranny’s work.