Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?

Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?
I apologize for the spelling of bolshevik and other words. Craigslist refuses to publish articles with certain words.
I am certain I have stumbled upon something that the deep state, the globalists and the international tyrannies do not want known, about themselves.
Wow. How many times have I written that there is nothing to dem/lib arguments?
Now bowl-shev-hick-dick proves it.
The point I made was not so much the actual definition of floating, or ignorance, but that dem/libs cannot make a point because they have no honor or decency; leaving them totally lacking and an accurate definition by their characters, of of propaganda and deception.
What kind of scum attacks another for no reason, blatantly admits no real reason or offense; just hates? We use all kinds of words and terms to describe people who lack decency and honor. But, that is not the point. Calling the totally dishonest and dishonorable names such as scum and sick, distracts from the reality. The reality is that there is, and always has been, a percentage of any population that manipulates, extorts and bullies others for the sole purpose of plunder and exploitation. This point; this verity; this truth is the underlying problem that the masses will not identify and accept.
Hatred is only one point dem/libs prove over and over, with every substance-less attack on truth and others they make. They believe they distract us from the reality of their hatred by calling it something else, social justice, for example, and attacking the innocent.
Bowl-shev-hick-dick actually tries to make the discussion about the meaning of a couple words, openly avoiding the real points. The underlying principle; the principle being avoided is presumption of innocence. Those who intend to rule with an iron fist do not want the masses to have presumption of innocence and, hence the masses cannot know about it.
In America we are all considered innocent until proven guilty. The dem/libs are constantly trying to turn justice around; flip flop it to suit party needs. Dem/libs seek that absolute power and control that is uncontested and ruthless when needed, over others. It is tyranny, murder and genocide; all with nice names to fool the masses. It is all the evils perpetrated by any evil empire, monarchy, or despotism, but veiled, until recently.
The attack on anyone always begins with an attack on truth surrounding that person.
There is only one “side” in this contention that communicates lies in every breath the players breathe, and there is only one party that has as its goal the ignorance of the masses, by deceit and fabrication: all done to enslave the same.
The democrats and liberals do not only propagate misinformation deception and fabrications, they are so invested in misleading and deceiving everyone in every single issue and action, they are propaganda, being deception through and through. This depth of dishonesty is not a few lies in some topics and discussions. This is significant because it means nothing they say or write, or communicate in any way, is true. They simply cannot afford for a sliver of truth to spark the masses curiosity. They must completely hide their true designs on the human race. They “are” deception because the only way to totally suppress all their hidden, subversive, and homicidal designs is to completely deceive and lie. So, being deception, hatred, and dishonesty, all parts of overall propaganda, they must be taken for what they are, and their words presumed dishonest and deceptive.
They have had to invite and internalize pure deception in everything they do and say because a slip exposes contradiction and the ensuing chance listeners and or followers would investigate, learn and abandon.
Dem/libs must, by necessity, live and breathe deception and, hence, propaganda because they cannot allow for an iota of truth to be known and circulated amongst people the dem/libs intend to rule, ravage, rape and plunder.

re: brent is a Russian spy. Another article/response it took numerous attempts to publish on craigslist

re: brent is a Russian spy.
That is so stupid it is funny.
Yes, “Brent” is a very Russian name.
How stupid can dem/libs get?
I am tempted to let bolshevik-dick know who I really am, just to show how stupid he/she/it is.
Maybe my name is brentski oleg-shevik, dude….ski, guy.
How stupid can dem/libs be?
Which comes first, the attraction of stupid people to a hateful and fake ideology, or does dem/lib-ism make people stupid?

Rejected response to “re Re: “Illegal hush payments made at direction of Trump”

Re; re Re: “Illegal hush payments made at direction of Trump”
Are dem/libs really this disconnected? Why do I keep asking that question when we all know they are?
Not only can dem/libs, lost in liberal la-la-land, not communicate an idea or write a complete, rational sentence, they cannot understand simple logic, deduction and reason in a sentence they read. They cannot read certain words that communicate reality. Dem/libs are so hate-motivated it has made them blind to reality. Dem/libs hate so much they cannot get into their thoughts an idea simply written and presented to them.
The question to you, dear reader, fellow American is, do you want to end up lost, demented and mentally deficient like the democrat/liberal religionists who reject reality and science, replacing it with hatred, dysfunction and delusion?
Do you, fellow Americans, want to transform your life to hate reality and enshrine the mysterious world of missing words, poor communication, misunderstanding of logic, reason and rationale? Do you want to join the legions of mentally deficient dem/lib victims who gave audience to, listened to, and assimilated the self-destructive habits of being purposely ignorant and dishonest?
Do you want to find yourself lost in a confusing state of mind because you practice deceit and fraud?
Dem/libs all start with a hidden, ulterior motive to gain at others’ expense. They lie extensively to cover their rapacious efforts and, ultimately, get caught in their own mind traps.
Do you want the same?
Paying a hush payment is NOT illegal. Blackmailing, as dimwit dem/lib stated, is illegal.
The logic of it sinks the dem/lib argument, as usual. The subversion of logic itself, always necessary to dem/lib propaganda, specifically to flip/flop significance of criminal actions, is applent in this case.
Bolshevik-dick would have you believe that blckmail by the perpetrator of said, alleged crime did not commit a crime, or the crime was insignificant because of the victim: the victim dem/libs hate and hope to destroy.
The dem/lib habit of giving themselves impunity for real crimes and turning victims into criminals, is nothing new.
The logic-thrashing of trying to make an indictable offense, blackmail, insignificant, in this case, is the dem/lib way of bringing lawlessness and lawless rule to America. It is the bolshevik/tyrannical method of elevating themselves, the political elite, then political class above Law that blackmails the masses, executed no less, by those who intend rule with ruthless impunity.
The simple attempt to twist blackmail into something unlawful exposes the “writer”, the propagandist as a the lair and hate-motivated enemy of We, the People and rule of law, for We, the People.
Dem/libs are constantly trying to inject confusion by disfiguring law and reality, the attempts to twist what is bad into good, what is lawful into criminal, and what is criminal into legal and ethical is rulers’ means of creating masses of ignorant victims: sometimes called subjects but lately referred to as tax-payers and voters.
Dem/lib attempts to disfigure the significance of each part of every argument constitutes a real attack on truth. Truth is the first casualty oif war, and the indicator that war is waged and/or imminent. Who is already on the attack are the same attacking truth.
Lying is meant to lead to exploitation. Those who lie mean to exploit. Those who lie to you mean to exploit you.
All crime does the same. All law is meant to stop criminal exploitation.
Law is not meant to stop a victim from being a victim. It cannot, logically and logistically be done.
Law is meant to stop criminals from exerting exploitation in various forms identified as various crimes. All crimes; all exploitations starts with a lie, and that is what bolshevik-dick is doing right here, right now. He/she/it is lying to YOU through his/her/attacks on me to curtail truth.
This attack on truth itself is nothing new. It has been with mankind since the dawn of communication.
Again I ask, what is illegal about paying a “hush” payment? What is illegal about being a victim?
Maybe bolshevik-dick can reference the law that states being blackmailed is illegal. What is the law? Is it an HR law? Is it a commerce law? What is the identifying legal number attached to the law stating it is illegal to be a victim of a real crime?
Why is bolshevik-dick lying?
Can bolshevik-dick show us he/she/it is right and honorable, or does further silence on this point prove dick is something else: perhaps as I have stated, an agent of the dem/lib globalist comintern and an agent of tyranny?
Dick’s silence on this, like dick’s silence on everything, exposes dick as a hater of YOU, the intended victim.
As usual, it is just sickening how the filthy dem/lib mind twists everything and tries to upset reality and ethics in the minds of others.
What is more criminal, I ask you, dear reader, blackmail or being a victim of blackmail?
Why does “writer” try to convince you, we, us that being a victim of blackmail is more criminal than a perpetrator of a real crime: blackmail?

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda. I thought the democrat/liberal message was all about democracy yet CL does the opposite.
I re-posted 4 of my commentaries, one after the other, 8/27/18, in the morning when I began my daily struggle on Craigslist. I learned you can post five “posts” in rapid succession and CL does not slow you down with a “you are posting too rapidly….” message.
This is just one sad reality that I had to learn since it takes me about 25 attempts to post before CL allows one to publish. It takes about 2 hours for my comments to be published..
I was not sure about it, but I have suspected that CL sometimes not only removes my commentaries before I actually see them published, but I also wondered if CL removed the record from my home page as well. Then, this day, I watched one of my commentaries vanish before my eyes.
This day I re-submitted as many in rapid succession as I could, kept going back to my home page, and could not remember how many I had posted and why I did not see the one I thought I surely just put up. For some reason one submission did not appear on my CL homepage when it normally would have.
You know how it is, not paying attention, sometimes one hits the wrong key or link without thinking, and then wonders, ‘did I do that wrong or did something else happen’?
In this instance, I wondered.
But watching for a few seconds, suddenly, there it was. As I stared at the line representing the “post”, on my home page, it disappeared before my eyes. In matter of seconds my commentary was listed and then wiped clean of memory or record. I saw it with my own eyes
I am persistent. Some call it stubborn but stubborn is when you are wrong or lying.
Persistence often exposes many things.
Like any other day, I copied and pasted a number of commentaries I had written. Using my new and improved location, “Do dem/libs know how stupid they sound?”.
As usual when submitting five in rapid succession, my sixth commentary was refused. The problem is that stupid CL message, “You are posting too rapidly…”, came up even though one of my posts was not posted, refused by CL and removed from records.
.Well, lat is the point. I did not post too rapidly, being rejected by CL, and then shut down for “posting” too rapidly.
How can see hell be so stupid? Did the management/administration go to liberal arts, stupefying school?
Does this happen to others or just conservatives in the balanced middle. Is it the balanced middle dem/lib/progressives hate?
I hope some day CL and the other lying libs and democracy-mongers get what they give to others.
Sad that it seems they already make their millions, at our expense, and when they get caught, they make more millions lying in their books. Who pays for all that? The dumbed-down, democrat voters, few as they actually are, pay for it all, and they do it with more than just money.
It is my contention that there are more ex-democrat voters than there are democrat voters, and it is this small, diminishing group paying dearly for tyranny’s work.

Re: “Under pressure Trump re lowers White House flag for McCain”, refused by craigslist

Re: “Under pressure Trump re lowers White House flag for McCain”
What pressure? Is it the lying dem/lib media claiming there was pressure because the flag was not lowered?
The flag was lowered all along but dem/libs notoriously change time lines to suit their corrupt, swamp-creature attempts to discredit and subvert OUR President, OUR government, and OUR laws that protect We, the People.
No, Trump did not draw criticism from both right and left. He drew criticism from left wing apologists in the lying dem/lib media, and the few left-wing whacks that the left-wing dem/lib media hires and pays to pretend to offer unbiased hatred to conservatives and republic-oriented Americans, by feigning conservative views on drug-induced left-wing whack-job fake news sources.
No, Trump did not draw criticism from left or right. He drew criticism from a chosen few of the swamp, that secretly works for international tyranny masquerading as democracy, liberalism and progressivism.
The dem/lib media searched and found another way to lie, fabricate, and hate.
Find that filthy dog, bolshevik-dick, and beat that sick dog’s ass for lying, to YOU.


Re: “Even in death Trump insults McCain.”, refused publishing by craigslist

Re: “Even in death Trump insults McCain.”
I guess the President got the last word, or are the dem/libs still trying to get the last word in for MacCain?
Such child-id hatred, by dem/lib media and the political agents of the democrat party comintern is just sickening. The hypocrisy of the lying, extremist left-wing, is almost stifling. Oh, maybe that is the purpose.
The dem/lib criticism is purposeful and premeditated. It is the reason for the almost silly, child-id criticism we all endure.
When will little Andy Cooper (Andrea), Jake Tapper, Mad-cow Rachel and the others grow up?
They won’t.
They are paid a lot of money by someone to do something, that misleads and confuses the viewers and readers. What is that something and why?
Few have the courage to identify what is really happening.
The left-wing media and the democrat party use tyranny’s tactics, perfected by the bolsheviks still running and operating subversive governments, agencies, and banking. Yes, the bolsheviks still exist and exert undeserved and undue influence over billions of people. Even so, they want more power. Again, why?
I have only recently been able to place my finger on the deep question of why ancient, old, relics, such as George Soros, still try to buy and steal OUR self-governing capacities when that freak of nature, a reptile in human skin, is going to die soon.
The guy must be 700 or 800 years old, a vampire, truly. He/it lives and maintains on the suffering and blood of others.
Some claim there are reptilians and archons beneath the skin of these sub-human scum.
I’m not sure.
I am atheist, basically. I believe the spirit lives on if trained, like any energy that would normally dissipate when not held together. Mankind does not know how to train the spirit, the shen, the energy of the mind/body/spirit.
I am not sure I believe in aliens, archons, Annunaki, but there is something that motivates the sickest of sub-humans, speaking figuratively, to pursue totalitarian rule.
Is there something or someone, or both, behind this pursuit of absolute power? There must be. Nobody does something for no reason, and nothing is done without a goal. There is reason and reality in everything we do and say.

If people themselves, a person, for example, butcher Billy Clinton and his ruthless hag, accomplice, killary (sorry for the expressive language) cannot live to see the fruits of their labors, it is still evident that there must be some gain in pursuing something most of us cannot see, understand, or believe. What is it? I know but cannot reveal it. I discovered it personally some years ago and it scared me to near death; just the horror of the sickness, the real stench of death and blood; vampire predation and murder.
If I were to look at this dilemma from a different perspective, one I discovered recently, and if I dispelled the idea that there are aliens, I must surely ask, what then?
I have seen a number of youtube videos that claim people who were abducted by aliens, simply had to call upon the name of Jesus and the alien abduction ended.
From those experiences can we deduce that there are no true aliens if the so-called aliens are stopped by a religious exertion? We could actually call the religious exertion, a spiritual exertion.
If these experiences are true, or have some reality, it could be deduced the abductors are not aliens. What then?
What are these beings, if they exist at all?

Re: “Trump screaming.” another commentary denied publishing by craigslist.

Re: “Trump screaming.”
When and where did Trump scream?
Is bolshevik-dick using a metaphor? Does dick know what a metaphor is? Does dick also realize that metaphorically speaking means metaphoric solutions mean very little, and that reality is fleeting, subject to the test of reality?
When and where did President Trump scream?
Oh, is dick lying, AGAIN?
Is dick fabricating hate-motivated speech about someone who actually did NOT scream?
If dick cannot provide one example of OUR duly elected President screaming, dick must surely admit he/she/it is either lying or totally delusional.
Where is this mysterious scream? If President Trump did not scream the fake realities that dick presents, and tries to make real, do not exist either, except in the metaphoric world of make-believe.
We, nobody can make a reality from a pretense.
But the dem/libs are continually trying to change perception of reality based upon their hatred for anything free. Republicanism, is freedom, ideologically speaking, as opposed to metaphorically speaking. It is the sane balance between two opposing forces.
One force of the two opposing forces is mankind’s desire to be free. Anarchy is the right wing extreme of this political scale the founding fathers identified. They did not make it up, it has always existed.
The opposite is the desire most men have to live off the labors of others: government being the primary mode of the collection of power to force others to this one-sided arrangement.
It takes a strong spirit to resist opportunities to exploit others. Few have ever managed to resist, and fewer have ever made these realities known and stopped them with a balanced, controlled means of self-governing.
The founding fathers called it Constitutional Republic.
I am sure dick knows another metaphor we could use to describe President Trump’s open criticism of the swamp and the creatures that dwell in this stench and stink; this putrefying and rotting metaphor of the political system established to destroy OUR self-governing representative system. Did I already mention swamp, as the metaphor?
How about we identify President Trump’s efforts as “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
That, in my opinion, is a more descriptive metaphor to describe the stupendous method and surprising results of President Trump’s popularity and success.
The founding fathers did not establish a political system. They designed for us, a representative system but bolsheviks and tyranny-wing leftists would have you and I believe otherwise: their system of force to their one-sided arrangement. We call it tyranny, monarchy, bolshevism, maoism, Leninism, Stalinism, but today the hidden forces behind it call it democracy and progressivism.
Let us learn to speak the truth and in reality, and with no metaphors that the lying left tries to inject to mislead us to the misery of the dem/lib subversion of reality and hatred.


Regarding a post on Craigslist, on or about October 3rd 2016, my post is as follows:

RE: “For sloppy-brent…”, and “Ice Core samples”.

Wow, that’s a tough one. Ice core samples from 650,000 years ago. Whew, tough. How does utatrdia know? Is it possible, just on the outside chance that this is just a theory? Just musing to myself, just wondering. Does the “study” start with a theory, an idea, a hypothesis (like all experiments), a reference point? Does the study or experiment include a margin of error (like real science does)? A standard margin of error is usually 2 to 4 percent.

Does the author state it as fact or theory?

Who took the ice core samples? Name the scientist and his or her study. NOTHING?

Come on, please, tell us what scientist went to the arctic or antarctic, drilled and took measurements. How deep did he or she, said scientist, go?

Where is the data?

So much constipation of data and reality in this “study”, as usual. One easy argument against is that a two to four percent margin of error is 13,000 to 26,000 years. That is an amazing discrepancy. However, going back so far, by estimating the accuracy of a machine that measure guesstimates, theories, of hundreds of thousands of years, the margin of error would be greater. Any scientist worth anything closely related to credibility, would proffer voluntarily, that his or her experiment or study would include a much higher margin of error, perhaps as high as 10 percent. In this pseudo scientific report that would be 65,000 years. With that margin of error, based on speculations of measuring long-gone time, it is hard to say anything accurately about the so-called data and conclusions.

When has a fabrication from that moron utardia ever been difficult for me to refute? When have I ever failed to expose dem/lib fraud and lies? When have I ever been intimidated or caught telling even one lie? The bolshevik bonehead traitors don’t even try.

Hmmmmm. I could go on with the slaughter but I will just repost the crap-kickings I already handed that lying bolshevik moron, utarda/whatever.

thirdoptbybrent/publius 3,217, utardia/star-twit/editor-predator 0

What a loser!



Thirdoptbybrent, brent is a racist.

Why am I called a racist, and should I be afraid, ashamed or hurt?

In a Craigslist post on or about July 13th, 2015, I was called a racist. The following is my response. Eventually this was published by Craigslist, after dozens of attempts.

I am a racist. So what? Who cares? Does that make me bad? But wait! What is a racist? A racist, by definition, believes there are differences in races. Which races are we talking about, homosexuals, blacks, orientals, feminists? They are not different races, you say? Hmmmm. I believe there are no differences between races.

I do not believe a “just” god created one race with superior skin color because skin color has no superiority that can be measured, except by those who see skin color as an identifier.

Actually I believe the ancient aliens, for which there is solid evidence, created mankind and added markers to identify different “god’s” property. I think mankind broke free in varying degrees. Some turned to enslaving other humans. Some did not. Is that the issue here, now? No, well, maybe. It must be something related because there surely must be a reason that racism is so “bad”. Sorry to disappoint, my delusional, liberal critics, but I don’t own anyone, not even myself. I don’t even own a dog, or cat. I don’t want to own another person. I don’t want anyone working for me unless they agree to a wage, and it is fair for all. Contrast that to slavery, democrat party force of law, (un)Affordable (un)Care Dictate, for example. Why do those drug, medical, and government corporations get to enslave me by forcing me to buy their garbage products and services? Is it because that historical, unqualified president dictated my submission and maybe my demise? Yes, so it seems.

Why did some people break free of ownership and others did not? Why did some need help? Why did some help others break free?

Who broke free in the first place in this modern era?

Was it the British when they invaded, slaughtered, and enslaved Chinese in Hong Kong, India, Africa? Who broke free of that? Who freed blacks from British slavery?

Whites freed black slaves from other whites. Blacks did not do it. Do blacks owe whites a debt? Some would argue that. That has been part of the democrat party since they tried to return America to British rule.

I, for one, and speaking of 99 percent of all whites in America, do not believe blacks owe anyone a debt. I freed nobody. I only deserve what I work for and earn, not something somebody else did. Do blacks today, does one black, owe me or any white person for their freedom? No. That is ludicrous. Show me a white that thinks he or she is owed a debt by any person and I will show you a liberal/democrat, bolshevik progressive.

Has it not been obama’s goal to even things out all through his presidency? I don’t think obama is human: such a depraved and evil disposition towards America and Americans. He does not even like the blacks, otherwise he might have done something for them instead of funding unions that refunded him.

So, whites freed America from the British, and slavery soon disappeared. Slavery was doomed long before the civil war. In fact, slavery was becoming obsolete in the south long before it was abolished in the north or south. Some of the northern states had slavery laws in place until many years after the war. The northern states enslaved the Irish.

So is brent a racist? Maybe brent is a factist? Are there differences in races? Yes, there are. That is the truth about races, and that is what we refer to as racism. That’s all.

Why do dem/libs confuse racism with slavery? Governments have always been the authors pf slavery. Who is authorizing, supporting, reinforcing, and creating slavery today. Is it the republican government? Even if the republicans in congress were trying to enslave others, obama blocks every bill the republicans submit.

Who is bringing cheap labor into America? Is it a race issue, or a slavery issue clouded by those that want cheap labor and competition to destroy white productivity and liberation from endless effort to create a slave nation? That is a lot to put together, I admit. Bringing unskilled workers to America creates competition amongst unskilled American workers, the majority are whites. One could argue that obama and the libbies don’t know that bringing unskilled “workers” to America creates competition for jobs, and it drives wages down, to slave levels. That is the reality, the fact, the truth. Liberals will try many things to cloud this issue: calling me a racist will be, and always is, the first warped arrow in their quiver.