Covid may not end, but Covid crisis ends, November 23rd, a New Independence Day. We take back what we foolishly surrendered, our rights to self determination. Hang the bastard bolshevik governors, every one of them.

The flu may not end, but flu crisis ends, ended.

Cancer may not end, but cancer crisis ends, ended.

Teen suicide may not end, but sharp increases end. Crisis over. Back to school, hang the bastards that say no. It is crime to say no to the science. We give the lying liberals and dementocrats a taste of their own medicine. Who is first to bite the bullet for saving society with lockdown, Joy Reid?

Bullying may not end, but the dementocrat bullying crisis with BLM and Antifa, ends, November 23rd. Any who Stan in the way of our freedom gets hung.

Covid may not end, but the crisis ends because we say no, take back our rights, and punish any and all who stand in the way.


Why do some people have symptoms of the unique strain of “flu” called “covid-19”, but test negative. What is missing?

I apologize for not continuing with may critique of governor herbert’s fake “news” report. I have so much information it is overwhelming. I started this commentary for the purpose of dissecting and debunking Herbie’s lies, but collected so much insight and information, and as a result found myself rambling, I had to just stop at a point and separate a new commentary by spacing.

I have a question. How can people be sick without being sick? Testing positive for “covid” is not sickness, and passing on a sickness that does not make others sick is not epidemic or pandemic or sickness, or rational. Tyranny is rational. If you do not see this from the ruler perspective, that is any excuse is used to lockdown, expand and deny more and more while looking like a benefactor. If you do not consider this as a valid assessment, then you are either deadly stupid or cowardly.

How many other diseases and viruses would you test positive for if tested, while not being sick? Thousands. What is missing in this equation?

Is this the beginning of health discrimination? If I am healthy I am denied? I am already denied much because I refuse to wear a mask. Go to hell herbie!

Sick but not sick? How is it that there are many who experience the symptoms unique to “covid” as we are told, but test negative? Again, I wonder what hidden, unexplored variable or variables are the tyrants, herbie and other governors of National Governors Association hiding. How can you be sick or considered sick if you are not sick?

This lockdown is not a concern for the health of Utahns. Greater health crises are resulting from lockdown than the “covid” creates. It is political discrimination against those who do not comply. It is identifying and marking the slaves of NGA oligarchy: those who show compliance and ignorance by wearing the badge of obedience: an ineffectual mask.

Some woman asked me in a store how I could be amongst others and not wear a mask. She was phishing for hate. I will not bother with the story but suffice it so say she had already made up her mind about me. My serious questions, designed to get her to think and question were met with her proclamations of my character based on her immovable presumptions: stupid at her deepest lack of human intelligence.

Are you such a fool as this woman? Can you look at a single bit of information and let it live all on its own in your mind, without classifying it as republican, or redneck, or anti-science, or anti-climate? Can you just allow a thought to expand your mind for a minute, and ask why? Have you descended that far below characteristics of being human?

Again, the questions: how can someone be sick without being sick and why do some people with unique symptoms of “covid” not test positive for “covid”?

Only three things can happen in your thought processes regarding these two questions. One, you ignore the rationality and deny, making yourself your own worst enemy, unable to discern friend from foe and friendly from deadly; two you let the questions remain unsolved and ponder and question them throughout the day trying to actually explain the irrational answers inherent in the questions or remaining open to learning more and; three, you are just so stupid you cannot understand the question, in which case you need to learn to be a human again, a being that can assimilate information, identify it, and use it.

Again, for your benefit: Why do some people have “covid” symptoms, unique to this strain of “flu”, but test negative? How can someone be sick when not sick?

The questions I pose should be considered as a way of assimilating information and using it to either eliminate disease, which is absolutely impossible, or to increase the resistance and immunity of the individual: everyone. Why are politicians not doing this?

A scientist and benefactor of humanity would be insanely persistent in doing these things, but herbie, the departments of health and the National Governors Association are not only avoiding this, they are insanely persistent in lock down, denial, oppression and other tactics and characteristics of ruthless cruel bolshevism.

Hang them all.

It is either them or us.



Governor Herbert is Utah’s lyin’ king. Herbert’s “NEWS” releases have always been so full of bs, lies, and fraud, he should be taken into custody and charged with dangerous stupidity. In fact, the totally un-scientific fallacies herbie propagates makes him either the most egregious, lying rat in Utah (tied with mutt, pierre delecto, romney), or the most cause-and-effect backward dunce (also a tie).

Cheaters must lie, and liars lie so they can cheat and steal. What has herbie stolen? YOUR rights to life, liberty (freedom to choose) and property. Remember, rights are not lost, they are transferred.

Truthfully, herbie has seized our rights, properties and freedoms, by fraud and deception. The first covid case was a big lie, his work with the department of wealth and hellfare. Dunn is part of the duncing-down of Utah. Both should be in jail for negligence causing death. They are both administrators, not scientists or even slightly science-educated. In what experiment or study has Dunn participated? None?

She is a rote regurgitated administrator. She is nothing more than any graduate with some papers and a plaque to hang on a wall. And she is a liar.

Herbie starts his dissemination with a lie, He addresses “fellow Utahns”, “As you know, we are in the midst of a serious pandemic…”.

No, we do not know what he and the “leaders” constantly repeat. COVID-19 is not a pandemic. It certainly is not serious, after all, how could a virus be serious? Are some pandemics and viruses not serious? Are some pandemics comic routines? Did mutton-head, lying bolshevik herbie write his own speech?

By definition everywhere in the world, pan, did not get hit with “covid”. Some governments already have total lockdown of the citizenry so “covid” was not needed. Applying a different approach, Sweden did not lockdown and their covid cases mirror typical flu seasons, without flu. “Covid” is a “flu”.

Dimwit, sub-science-oriented herbie continues, “the number of infections in our state is growing at an alarming rate.”

So what? How many infections of “flu” in Utah every day? It is none of bastard herbie’s business if I get the “flu” or “covid” or cancer. “Covid” is just another weak “flu”. Who the hell does that bastard think he is, intruding, invading and usurping our lives and resistance to disease? Viruses are natural, but herbie, science-retarded, is not interested in allowing We, the People to grow and become stronger in resistance to nature. Such a filthy lying bastard, herbie. And everybody in this state wants to punch that filthy pig in the face to stop his lies?

That bastard thinks he can deny my needs of gaining immunity? Sub-intelligence is nothing to these filthy rats, herbie the scum is in the process of executing globalist tyranny.

A variable herbie and idiot Dunn do not have the brain capacity to understand is that there are many who experience “covid” symptoms but test negative. If, as the “experts” claim, “covid” has unique symptoms, then how can irrefutable symptoms show negative results?

It is an impossibility unless there is another variable, and there always is at least one more variable liars and frauds hide or switch.

What is the variable One variable we see every day in every disease or condition is resistance. Where do we see this every day? In the hospitals. Doctors and nurses are around disease and conditions but do not get sick. If “covid” is so deadly and so contagious, and everybody should be afraid, why are doctors and nurses not all in bed, sick? Have they all been infected, tested positive? NO! It is because of resistance. Would you rather be resistant or sick?

The medicos call it immunity. Are you immune? What are conditions of immunity and resistance? A real scientist; a truly concerned administrator would look into immunity and resistance, at least to a small degree.

But we get none of this from fraud herbie and imbecile dunn. Neither is concerned for our welfare, and health. Believe it, when someone os concerned for another, they open their minds to myriads of solutions and search and study and gather information, and pore over notes and studies and papers, but we see none of that from these people.

What herbs and the governors in collusion do, however, is pore over notes on how to lockdown. They study and scheme for new approaches to tyrannical lockdown, denial, oppression, and suppression of truth, fact and reality.

Hang the bastards.

It is either them or us.



You may find it hard to believe, but the CDC, Fauci, in particular, have not yet utilized scientific methodology to determine much of anything regarding covid-19. The CDC, Fauci, the governors, Birx and others in authority, a distorted democracy, are still using models.

You must surely being saying to yourself my claim is unbelievable. Are you aware that a cure for HIV has not yet been discovered, after more that 40 years, Fauci has been involved since its discovery.

Has Fauci or any of the other experts mentioned that every single person has innumerable viruses in their bodies? Would we call that immunity?

Estimates are that in a liter of urine, every person passes millions of viruses. Are we immune? When a virus replicates it mutates, so covid-19 has already mutated. How do we get immunity from covid-19, if it actually exists, as described by only a handful of political experts, Fauci being the lead?

There will never be a vaccine for Covid-19. If covid is so infectious it has been in America for at least five months, since the middle of November 2019, but the degree of spread is nowhere close to epidemic.

The second it mutated to a so-called lethal strain, it was transmitted throughout the whole world, in a matter of days.

It is, primarily, insane to think the virus became “covid-19” in November. If it was unknown then and still is, all aspects of it were unknown, including inception. It was discovered in November in Wuhan, according to the reports, sketchy reports.

By November, the world had already been exposed for months. A quick look at a definition off epidemic and one would know that the limited spread could hardly be considered epidemic. What is killing people is contact to democrat party and liberal rule.

Truly, you might think I am making a political statement but the only obvious variable of consistency is that covid-19 has been reported deadly in cities where democrats and liberal “leaders” rule. Obviously this opinion does not stand up to scrutiny when one considers California was probably first and most infected because of the very large Asian communities traveling to and from California and Wuhan.

So, what variables have been isolated and shown to cause the effects? What has Fauci, Birx, Cuomo, the liberal media done to track down scientific cause and effect? More models?

Wuhan, the industrial heartland of China, infected the world with covid-19, in November 2019, as the story goes. So, democrat strongholds, so far, have not been absolute in being infected, but the incidence of “epidemic” is very high amongst democrat and liberal cities and states. There must be another variable. In fact there could be a number of variables never explored by the democrat/liberal media, or the so-called experts and scientists of the CDC.

America’s youth have been infected for months. What does the covid virus look like? Are we sure it is not an already known virus, of the millions infecting mankind?

Who has seen this virus? Is it only a handful of political, government establishment “experts” who have seen it? Has Fauci actually seen the virus, and would he know it from the millions of other viruses in the human body?

Most of the sub-intelligent, sub-standard information given to the public is fear-generating ignorance. Most information fed to the public is delivered by political agents.

Our children are already immune. You are already immune. The virus has been in America for at least five months so there is no way, if it is as communicable as “authorities” claim, that it has not spread to every person in America.

We are being classically conditioned to accept deprivations of all human kinds, by sick and twisted, ignorant political puppets and rulers.

The fact is government, political/scientific “experts” are deceiving the masses, with pretentious pseudo-science from models working for rulers lying.

I have numerous ideas for quick studies. I have been in labs for numerous disciplines. I understand the scientific method of proving or disproving a theory or hypothesis. Fauci, Birx, Dunn in Utah; none of these liars expressed a single shred of evidence that they know scientific methodology, meaning they could not deliver any real truth or fact, except that which mysterious writers have spoon fed them for profit.

Again, what studies have been done, where is the data, as opposed to the political presentation of claimed pseudo-data? What methodology of science do “non-descript studies belong to? The sub-standard, poorly defined application of scientific methodology to this so-called epidemic, exposes it for a non-scientific approach to epidemiology, while it seems quite relevant to political science. Propaganda is political science.

if a real scientific study educates regarding the many aspects of science, what is science?

Like climate change, covid/cdc knowledge is limited to models. This political war against We, the People, however is being executed with real science, and nobody can see it. The masses are being dumbed-down to accept flash-in-the pan parts of scientific methodology.

We, the People, are being classically conditioned to accept models, like the climate change fabrications. In addition, it is worse than a displacement of science for models. We, the masses have already accepted bits and pieces of modeling that the politicians present, as they execute true science methodology in the political field and propaganda industry.

There are so many ways the CDC could study this yet they cling to models propagating political science. 

The CDC, government overlords, and almost all state health “experts”, epidemiology “bosses” and political leaders, are dumb, re-tarded in their knowledge.

When a body gets a virus it heats up because, as uneducated people of the last 1,000 years know, fever kills a virus. Do Fauci and Birx not know this?

The treatment to a fever of any kind, even the kind brought on by over-eating empty calories (junk-food) such as sugar, is to fast. 

Salt inhibits production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach thus less is digested.

The treatment of a virus or over-indulgence is to let the body heat up while keeping the head cool. Generations have done this because it is the way things are.

We are being classically conditioned to change our vocabulary according to  political science, divide and conquer tactics waged against We, the People.

The first casualty of war is truth, and it is almost dead, having been purposely killed by the bastards and whores of the political class and lying experts they use.

Studies and studies could be done, but there is, like climate change, an overwhelming amount of observation and a total and disconcerting lack of process of collation and interpretation. There is nothing to connect causes to claims. The political science class is not even trying to connect cause to effects because there are no effects. They have taken the masses to such depths of ignorance the masses are blind to the cause and claim tricks the political class is getting away with.

The evil ones, most of the political class, have little care for the illogical and dishonest masquerades and charades they proffer, caring so little for We, the People, they do not even try to sound rational. Sacrificing a whole nation, thousands of counties that could support the rest of the country, for a handful of hot zones, is irrational, but by political methodology, a sound approach.

The authorities continue to profess claims without substance. Effects without cause are nothing more than speculation: models.

Has Fauci ever gone to New York and studied the causes of death the political class in that state have fudged? Beginning a scientific approach one makes sound observations. Fauci never even began a scientific process. How could he know anything when the Cuomo brothers’ cabal and the broke state of New York have been scamming the world with false claims for months? Is Fauci really so scientific methodology challenged? YES! He, however, is not political-science challenged, and that is the process with which we are being misled, deceived, defrauded, and enslaved.

Dem;/lib claims are not effects of causes. The true scientific relationship is irrefutable and immutable. Cause and effect is science but it does not exist in regards to Covid, the CDC and Fauci et al.

In all dem/lib, and deep state authoritarian endeavors to sound smart and credible, there is no relationship of cause and effect. At best, the public is bombarded with observations with no process to connect to claims and models. Processes of actual science are completely ignored and violated in this whole mess, like all deep state and dem/lib manipulation.

Has anyone just once, in the months leading to the fraud’s, Fauci, Dunn, and Birx, heard one of these agents speak of scientific methodology to determine any of their claims, “effects” and so-called conclusions? They may have used the word conclusion very little, but have they ever spoken about any other aspect, even by mistake or stumbling? 

There are no results, no conclusions, no effect from causes because causes have not been identified and isolated. How is the so-called virus transmitted, for example? You may think I am behind or ignorant of the news and reality but are you sure I am ignorant of scientific methodology and just might know this situation? Is it possible that someone else; someone you think you can trust, is ignorant of determining a cause and effect relationship? Is it possible, if you think these people are so smart, they are lying?

This proper application of scientific methodology has been abandoned by Fauci, Birx, the democrat governors and some republican governors, and replaced with politics of tyranny: seize and destroy. Is it hard to believe? Is it really so hard to believe when you look at history’s causes and effects?

History is cause and effect. It is laid right out before us. In spite of propaganda trying to rewrite history, or the victors writing history, the truth can always be found.

Whose economy is being destroyed, OURS or the political class’s? Is it actually being destroyed or have we been convinced?

The solution to people being laid off is simple. A business can survive for a  month or two when it has no expenditures. People laid off follow the social safety net already in place, that we, the real society established decades ago: unemployment insurance.

If the unemployment insurance agencies have not managed to save money for this very purpose, the reason d’etre, their bosses, We, the People, fire them and replace them with those who actually do the work anyway.

There will be lots of over time, and that will cost millions, not the billions the bolsheviks are trying to add to debt they create and impose upon We, the People..

Whose economy is it, again? Whose lives are compromised? Whose health is at risk, ours or political class? None have died. It is reported that some have the virus. Are we sure when the political class, ignoring real science and obviously ignorant of it (Fauci, Birx, Dunn in Utah) have propagated political solutions to political causes: causes that cannot be attributed to science because they have avoided scientific methodology. Whose health care is at stake? Are people avoiding hospitals for fear, and dying in record numbers of heart failure, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes? Yes. People are turned away for anything other than covid-19 scam.

How many more have died?

There is no body of scientific work deciphering information, raw data, or as the real scientists call it, empirical data. There is nothing except claims from so-called experts.

A real study could be done to determine spread of covid-19, many could be done, but a pre-test hypothesis must be established and a control group created. Nothing of the sort from Fauci, Birx, Dunn, or any of the Stalinist governors, Utah governor Herbert  himself included. Remove that bastard and take his pension..

Deaths amongst the youth are so low no rate can be determined. It is negligible.

My idea is to pre-test swimmers in a club, using as many swim clubs/teams as possible. Have them train as they usually do, monitor them, and test after one week. So many things could be determined. The reason I believe this would be a great environment is because at pool water level, all swimmers breathe the same air, with an increased exchange due to exercise.

Before you go crazy saying this would put our youth at risk, consider the other re-tarded science-void idiocies Fauci, CDC, Birx and others have forgotten.

There is no cure for the “flu”. There is no vaccine to kill the “flu”, HIV, or “flu” symptoms due to over-eating.

Do your own anecdotal study. Eat a donut, take notes how you feel after. Eat another donut and take notes. Eat some chocolate and “healthy” food such as a peeled potato. Take notes.

Next time you feel a “flu” coming on, stop stuffing your guts with empty calories and drink water and tea. Take notes. If you have one “flu” symptom, headache, drink water until it goes away.

Distilled is best. No tap water for health. Tap water contains poisons such as calcium citrate and rat-poison: fluoride.

Educate yourself with simple cause-and-effect attention.

The CDC, political-class, un-representatives and almost all state governors are lying and treacherously risking our lives, avoiding science.

No cures for viruses. Fauci has promised to bless us all with another covid in the fall. He predicts it as though he were in control of it. He is. It is science. Political science.

We know, because of independent studies done by reputable institutions, that 

2/3rds, almost 70 percent of all deaths due to covid-19, are people over 70 years old. 2/3rds of these people had pre-existing conditions and morbidity. 

A real scientific team would have already done studies, collected data, provided theories and conclusions. A real team of government scientists propagating claims, not effects; propagating fear, not truth; a real core of representative leaders, virologists and epidemiologists would not rely on political class “experts” such as Governor Cuomo, his equally moronic brother, Chris, Fredo Cuomo, governor Stalin-Herbert, and others.

ANGELA DUNN NEWS CONFERENCE OF APRIL 20th, 2020, article, “The face of Utah’s coronavirus fight: Angela Dunn’s life has prepared her for this critical moment”

The afternoon of April 20th, 2020, I listened to a news briefing on KSL radio with Angela Dunn doing most of the speaking.

I hated it. We lost our rights and our lives, to a non-epidemic.

I finished my work for the day but had in my mind all day that I was going to find the outright lies and deceptions of this Angela Dunn and the other media puppets ruling America, Utah specifically. The news report accompanying Dunn’s propaganda was that Utah’s most recent Covid death was over 60 years old.

Like Gary Herbert, adding fabricated credibility to Utah’s first Covid death, I was sure she was lying, misleading and propagating this false fear that covid-19 is an epidemic.

The things I write before I get to the obvious substance of my critique may seem insignificant to you, but they are not. I try to present patterns that represent tactics liars, frauds and ravagers of mankind use to gain advantage, and power.

This morning, April 21st, 2020, the day after the Angela Dunn News conference, briefing, I googled her name.

The first thing I found was, “The face of Utah’s coronavirus fight: Angela Dunn’s life has prepared her for this critical moment”

Media is making a hero of her, for some reason. The article is a fabrication, a series of lies intended to create superiority. But, that is not the main criticism of this whole mess. In her “talk” of the 20th, I noticed a number of manipulative fear-mongering tactics she used, all bolshevik tricks.

The pharmaceutical industry is not above the masses regarding integrity and holiness, as the bolshevik media propagates. It is almost universally accepted that, in spite of the massive numbers of deaths due to drugs, medical negligence, misdiagnoses, and slow responses, next to the federal government the most inefficient  industry in America, healthcare and pharma, is treated as superior.

I must make reference to an article I wrote earlier this both, regarding the fraud of  Governor Herbert.

Gary Herbert’s first message regarding covid, quoted in the Utah Department of Health article of March 22nd, 2020, found at is a fabrication, a purposeful deception. Dunn is made prominent by the same media and subversive powers that made Herbert’s lies seem rational and truthful. 

By any and all definitions, covid-19 in Utah is NOT an epidemic. This time last year, and for the prior 10 years, there were more “flu” deaths. Were the sicknesses and deaths due to “flu” considered epidemic? Quo bono? Who gains and profits from the lies?

Was this news report about Utah’s first covid death a lie? You can read my article about Utah Medical Association’s fraud at, “

Back to Dunn. I read the first paragraph, written, presumably by Gordon Monson. Why was Monson trying to make Dunn into a savior?

Monson described Dunn at the conference as receiving questions and knocking them down, “…one by one…” Monson surely must have thought he was describing Dunn as very effective in answering questions and providing, something.

What does it mean that she was knocking them (questions) down one by one?

Does it mean she was actually answering them truthfully or just efficiently? Would Monson care, being an agent of misinformation?

Tyranny uses all tactics available. Creating an intelligentsia class is just one. Monson contributed. Notice Monson expressed a need to point out that Dunn was not condescending. This means he thinks she could or should be, or that she was. That is a trick liars use.

I am not going to mention monsoon is a child porn user. Do you now wonder? I am not going to say Dunn spoke condescendingly.

Monson used the same negative, proactive tactic to let We, the People know that Dunn is superior and could have/should have talked down to the masses. Monson really means she was good at deceiving, being well indoctrinated in pharmakaia, liberal progressive propaganda.

Now, I will get to the details and prove my points. I am never, not once, of the hundreds of commentaries and critiques, concerned that I will not find find the fraud and deception from bolshevik puppets.

I had never heard of Monson until today: never knew anything about him, and still know nothing, really, except his commentary sounded like bolshevik propaganda, and like all other commentaries I have written, posted and published, I am certain I will find more and prove my claims, that Dunn and Monson, working for evil, are lying.

I know, these are strong, scary words and claims. The first “victim” in Utah, of which Stalin-Herbert made comments, and for whom Stalin-Herbert sent condolences, was not a covid “victim”.

The news report by Utah’s prestigious (gag) Health department, stated the man was over 60 years old.

I ask you, dear reader, how much older than 60, would that description, “over 60”,  be accurate? Would  61, 62 63 years old be considered close to the description provided? If the man were 71, would “over 70” be more accurate? If I described a slight infestation of mice in your back yard, but there were actually hundreds of rats in your home, would I be trying to deceive you? Again, how much over 60 does that description retain journalistic integrity?

The man was over 80 years old, had a history of illnesses, hospital stays, on respirators numerous times for pneumonia, and had been deathly ill for years. He was 80 years old, hardy accurate for a description of over 60.

He could have been described as over 80 years old and that would have been accurate and fair.

Then the “news” report used an expert, a government official, Stalin-Herbert to add credibility to the lie, and lie Stalin-Herbert did.

There is more deception to be found in the “Dunn “news” conference”, and I am certain it will be quite worse, if you care to check later.

Dunn is no hero. She is a puppet, used, and paid well to lie.

Monson slathered and slobbered all over the “expert” Dunn, who simply regurgitated information passed to her by the puppet masters. Dunn has done no science, no testing. She is a glorified, over-paid, dishonest, sorceress, an agent of pharmakaia, deception. She is an over-paid, technician drawing blood and talking to others of high political class.

Why did Monson make such a sickening, twisted heroine of Dunn? Status quo.

Hang them all! It is treason, not against they the lying government, but treason against We, the People.

Dunn simply regurgitated the anti-science and deception from the top “health” agent of the CDC.

Check the drug company ads and see for yourselves. Some drugs have disclaimers attached that claim a person using such and such a dug could acquire a viral infection? How can that be unless the virus is in the medication? Pharma treats, never cures, hooks, never releases, and Dunn and the whole political class is part of it.

Some would try to make you, dear reader, believe this is a conspiracy theory. I make no such claim. Dunn, like all in the political class, is simply doing what she is told, for money. She is as cold blooded and dishonest as any politician working for status quo.

Read the article for yourselves. Is Dunn a goddess, a doctor, a superhero? Why did Monson kiss her ass to such disgusting, sickening depth?

If you want to see Covid, look up. See the chemtrails? The airline industry has been decimated, 90 percent silent, yet we have seen more high altitude jets flying over every city since the shut-down. Aluminum and barium, two main ingredients of chemtrails cause lung irritation, dry coughing, as in coronavirus-19 signs and symptoms.

Some, again, will jump on this as a conspiracy theory. Again, their words, not mine.

None of us have ever seen, witnessed or heard of our Congress legislating to poison Americans. To coin the moronic conspiracy theory theorists, ‘government did not do it’. Somebody, some entity or other, however, has organized, produced aircraft that fly very high when there is no air travel industry, has produced aircraft that spew aluminum and other poisons into the air above us, that drifts down upon us in our cities, and has managed to make a profit with paid employees.

Some may find this hard to believe, but do a youtube search for iron in Kellogs Corn Flakes. Do a search for rat poison disguised as beneficial in human consumption: fluoride. Plants, weeds, nothing grows close to fluoride. Someone, some entity, however, designed a way to dispose poisonous fluoride and make a profit. Who is to say we cannot find sick demented people like that everywhere, including pharma?


Utah Governor Gary Herbert needs to get out of the way or get bowled over, figuratively speaking. We are going back to work. We are returning to our lives and nobody is going to ‘cower-in-place anymore (well, cowards and fools might, but that is not the majority of working people, anywhere).

The so-called epidemic did not reach epidemic standards; did not come close to a simple definition of epidemic, almost everywhere in the world. Lies and fabrications, deceptions to hide truth of spread and deaths everywhere, including right here in Utah, are completely unfounded, untrue and unscientific. 

We will not let governor herbie Stalin’s fears and fake epidemics scare us out of our economy, pursuits and lives. Herbie can go to hell.

Herbie started this fake epidemic with a comment about Utah’s first, so-called death due to covid-19. The man was 80 years old, almost dead for at least two years, having suffered numerous near-death episodes of hospitalization. Herbie lied, contributed to and propagated numerous lies. The “news” report claimed the man was over 60 years old. The news report was off by 33 percent since the man was 33 percent of 60, or 20 years, older. Herbie, the bolshevik agent, knew this and propagated fear based on deception; or is a lie is a form of deception? Either way, do you, dear fellow Utahn, prefer to be lied to or deceived? As far as I recall, even the Mormon church considers deception to be a type of lie. Did Herbie forget he is Mormon? Did herbie forget he knows what deception truth and honesty are? What a filthy rat!

It was also a clear deception that the “news” report did not truly report the man’s condition. That was the beginning of fear, fabricated by dishonest herbie, the bolshevik agent.

I do not toss this term, bolshevik agent, around lightly or with undue accreditation.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, it is a duck.

If the democrats and fake republicans quack like bolsheviks, lie like bolsheviks, attempt the same power-grabs, like bolsheviks, they are bolsheviks.

All the democrat and fake republican politicians refuse to represent constituencies, like the bolsheviks and progressives of old.

All the democrats and fake republican politicians act like old bolsheviks from early 1900s, a minority pretending to be the majority.

All democrat and fake republicans talk like bolsheviks, give support to bolshevik/marxist principles, such as pretending that share-the-wealth is sharing the wealth of the elites, including political classes, amongst the masses. Has Pelosi, worth an estimated 120 to 250 million dollars, shared any of her wealth with Americans, her constituents, or the homeless in disgusting, disease-ridden tent cities in her home of San Francisco?

All democrats and fake republicans are destroying the middle class, like the bolsheviks did to Kulaks, small farm owners. Bolsheviks slaughtered them, and then turned on the Ukrainians to seize their farm produce causing the holodomor, starvation of millions of Ukrainians. This fake epidemic will cause more problems very soon, similar to the genocides of bolsheviks doing the same things democrats and fake republicans are doing today. Hang them!

All democrat and fake republican politicians are trying to centralize everything in a totalitarian centralized governing body, a handful of tyrants, like bolsheviks.

The bolsheviks did not die with communism. They moved about the world, invaded countries under different names. In America they “became” progressives.

If the progressives, democrats, liberals, and socialists act like murderous bolsheviks, in the same stages of seizing control, they are bolsheviks. If they walk like bolshevik ducks, they are bolsheviks, and extremely dangerous. They are already putting hundreds of millions of Americans at risk. One week of no food moving into the cities will result in rioting that will kill hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, maybe millions, as the bolshevik/marxist/progressive/democrat tyrannies desire.

The next steps will be potentially 10 times worse than the genocide the bolsheviks in Russia heaped upon Russian middle class.

Democrats and fake republicans, the establishment unelected and unrepresentative governments, like the bolsheviks, used expert scientists to advance their fake science, producing political gains. Bolsheviks in Russia used scientists for various political claims and gains, and justification for seizing upon the rights and lives of all of Russia. Research Bogdanov’s Red State, All Russian Society for Nature Conservation, and Soviet Eugenics.

Many amongst us have faith in a dream presented by democrats, propagated by a media that suppresses truth by overwhelming hate for one man, so it appears. The hatred is for small business owners, the middle class. Hatred is for those who will not submit to government control of everything, by democrat/marxist standards.

Do we, Americans, you yourselves think someone is not keeping track of who has been resisting totalitarian democracy all these years?

If the bolshevik democrats manage to seize power, by cheating, of course (like the bolsheviks), then we, Americans will be the recipients of the worst genocide the world has ever known. Democrats have told us they will silence all who disagree. Have you heard how they want to silence those they attack and punish  as, “climate deniers”?

There is no connection even attempted by the global warming hoaxers to connect their “observations” to their claims. There is no thread, no wire, no data, no process that shows their claims come from observations. It is magical that their lame observations and poorly collected and collated data presents any proof of effect from causes. A cause and effect relationship is the scientific method of proving a hypothesis or theory, yet, the dopes do not have the mental capacity to write and express their theories: they observe, then postulate from nothing but random claims.

Today, this very day, this last week, last month (March 2020), and the last six weeks, we have had a drastic, long term drop in daily average temperatures, but nobody is reporting it and nobody is trying to connect any effect with a cause. The obvious cause, antithetic to sub-science of democrats, liberals and bolshevik-progressives, is that we are obviously in a cooling trnend, perhaps a very cold summer and 20 years ahead, as scientific observations have made and shown over the last 200 years.. But this ends the political gains the bolsheviks think they have made, so they dare let truth be known, and any crisis or fake news, extensive or small, will do to distract you, We, the People from truth that we need to adjust to colder climates, across the entire world. The bolsheviks planned to capitalize on their unsubstantiated claims that the world was warming, and it openly failing them because the cold is obvious, to those who look. Liars, cheats, theives, and killers cannot afford to have people look for lies, cheating and killing.

However, it is a lesson to learn that those who lie, (herbie et al); the same who intend to rule with absolute power, dictators (herbie et al) see all things from a political, or ruthless self-serving perspective. If it takes a series of lies and extensive fabrications in one area or issue to create an effect at population control, a seemingly unrelated aspect, it is all their gain. What they do and their gain is connected if it works. The trick for themselves is to keep everything unconnected. It is done by heavy attacks on persons, whether allies or agent opposition (see dialectic advancement), accomplished with massive campaigns of misinformation made possible by lying media and fake apologies by despicable rats, like herb Stalin.

Distractions by crises is typical of liars so creating fear in one area to gain control of a larger prize, a whole country,, is not unusual. It is a tried and tested tactic that has been utilized for as long as man has tried to live off the labors of others. Herbie is a part of a dishonest, deceptive, sick and twisted cabal that we believe cannot possibly exist because the cabal has convinced us.

Fight people! We do not fight an epidemic that does not exist. We are fighting evil in government, almost all of government at every level has been subverted by agents and threats. We say no! We are going back to work Wednesday, April 15th.

Herbie made the mistake of claiming this was a 30 day effort. Our effort is done. 30 days is over, there is no epidemic, never was!

Herbie the bolshevik agent that smells and stinks of bolshevik propaganda and attacks on our small business people, can go to hell!


Regarding masks, protection from viruses.

I am sure masks work so there, we can go, back to work. Everyone wear a mask and social distance. Good, settled? We will go back to work.

We need to jump-start our dying economy. What? Wait! Who says OUR economy needs jump-starting? Who says OUR economy is in sharp decline and will never recover? Who says our economy is dying? Are liars, politicians telling us this or are their paid “experts” frothing at the mouths? Their experts are expert at creating fear, fomenting ignorance with their obvious failed models and backward reason. Their experts are expert at boasting of population control. It is collaboration to kill with ignorant impunity. The “authprities closely work together to deceive and move, in small parts to control and deny access to services. It is treason.

You see, dear fellow Americans, there has been a movement to destroy America. More important there is a supra-national movement to eliminate OUR Constitution. Most people have no idea how powerful OUR constitution is. It alone has kept evil people, subversive agents and organizations, under control because they fear the law. They fear Rule of Law, which places law above individuals but balances individual rights by declaring certain rights are unassailable. These rights come from god, or a belief in a supreme architect of individual rights. The bolsheviks, democrats, liberals, regressive-progressives, tyrants and tyranny’s puppets of all names and terms want you to believe government grants your rights. Would you surrender your right to freedom of speech? The covid scam is doing it. You brought your own demise upon yourself by remaining ignorant.

Anyone who studies history, particularly the bolshevik slaughter; anyone who compares OUR American Constitution through the eyes of the founding fathers, as found in a collection of essays, a book titled The Federalist Papers, will easily see the scam.

Most Americans, because of conditioned responses and fear, have no idea who is lying to them. They are conditioned to believe authority, and that pretentious authority is sincere and honest. Authority could be, except when authority seeks and collaborates with only those who agree. Evil authority eliminates opposition, you. No matter how supportive of liberal dogma and bolshevik/democrat tactics you are, one day you will disagree with something your newly elected tyrannical oligarchy wants, and you will be silenced or eliminated.

There is no corona virus.

We, Americans, fight. We need to know who is our enemy first. He or she, or they who lie to you are the enemy. Do you realize the best way to defeat an enemy is to gain strength, advantage? What would be the best safety for you from an invading army, run away? Where do you go? Maybe pleading with the murderous Mongols, communists, or Huns would do it. Would submitting to vampires make sure they don’t drain you of your blood? Would running away, surrendering to it, or pleading with the virus work? No. The body’s immunity should be strengthened and the virus will be nothing.

Do you realize there are people who die of drinking water from streams and lakes? People die of giardia, a tiny parasite. Do you realize there are people who drink stream and lake water, and giardia does not affect them? Why? Parasites, germs, bugs cannot live in an alkali environment. I am one such person. I used to go up the canyon by Salt Lake City, once every week or two, take 20 gallon jugs with me, find a clean spot, smell the water, look upstream for a distance, and then fill the jugs, take them home and drink from them. People die of giardia. My friends who change their diet from empty calories (sugar, pasta, white starches) to a green leaf vegetable diet, with limited fruit, meat and no pork, change the pH in their bodies and never get sick again.

I tried to get the “flu”, in 2007, and did. I stayed home for Christmas, by myself for days. In one day I ate a big turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, lots of gravy, salt, buns, and half a pie. I drank no water and ate candies and desserts all day. By day’s end I had symptoms of “flu”: headache, cough, fever, and congestion. If I had gone to a doctor or a hospital a moron MD would have prognosticated I had “the flu”, I’m sure.

It took one day to clean all the crap food out. I had a goat milk smoothie with greens for breakfast, drank a gallon of water through the day, and ate no starches, no empty calories, no sweets or desserts. Goat milk is sodium phosphate solution based. It is alkali. This is part of the reason goat milk is superior to bovine dairy. 

Sure, this is anecdotal, but it works for me every time I “feel a “flu” coming on”.

Try it. When you feel congestion growing in your head or sinuses; when you feel your lungs start to seize up and hurt; when you feel headaches or body aches, drink a glass of clean water. I drink distilled water now and it is far superior to any other water for its ionic imbalance that bonds with metals and removes them. Some would claim distilled takes needed minerals out of the body but I argue, how does an inorganic bond to an organic element that is part of a cell? Any other metals in the body are not used and thus pollute and toxify the body.

The best way to fight covid, if it exists, is to gain immunity.

Fauci, the bolshevik sub-medical agent of tyranny, has told us another virus is coming in the fall.

Do we want to go through this every year, now twice a year, shut down for 18 months? I know, the math does not work but that is the tactic they use against us. A real doctor, a true immunologist would instruct the public that the best way to beat this virus, fake or real, is to gain immunity, and that will immunize us for the fall.

The reality and solution is that simple, but the complications, most of which I have already described, are created and fabricated by those in the process of population (We, the People) control, oppression, and elimination.

These pigs, Fauci, Birx, Comey, Pelosi, Gov Herbert, Mittsy (Pierre Delecto) Romney, and their wives, are all part of collaborative efforts to work the United Nation/comintern plan to reduce the world’s population to less than 500 million. It is happening before our eyes.

A study of the poorly named “Bolshevik Revolution”, the attack on the Russian middle class (Kulaks), should help you begin to understand who your enemies and friends are.

Government, this one (democrat Congress and NGOs), will kill more people than all plagues of the last 500 years combined, if it can. It is happening before our very eyes, and most fools revel in the “good” deeds, good intentions, and “public service” of those who serve secret agencies, supra-nationals, and international banker/gangsters: those who have seized our rights for themselves. There is no loss of rights, only transfer. 

If covid actually exists, it will kill people, but politicians, non-governmental political agents, and authorities today will kill mankind. Will you go without a fight?


Quo bono, who benefits from covid-19? Somebody or somebodies surely will.

Who benefits from increased use of soap, cleansers, hand sanitizer? Did anyone know in advance that the media would fabricate a crisis at a predetermined time, and that certain companies that produce disinfectants and cleansers would have increased stock values? Did that happen? Of course.

Quo bono? Who knew in advance the stock market would drop? Almost all democrat politicians, local democrat politicians, and some republicans associated with establishment, swamp, deep state government; all these and more knew in advance.

Quo bono? Who is buying at stock market lows now? Many super rich have had insider trading gains. Soros (Rothschild), democrats, rinos (republicans in name only), all knew. Romney has gained from insider trading. Is Ben McAdams going to profit?

McAdams, like many other celebrities and politicians do not have covid-19, even though it is publicly reported they do. It is always necessary for officials to be involved in crisis with the common people. It is a fabrication and McAdams will be greatly rewarded. He does not have covid-19.

Quo bono? Are the climate changers benefiting from the deflection from a drastically cold March? Just today, March 29th, the weather forecast cautioned for a storm warning moving west from the midwest region. Very cold temperatures are characteristic of global cooling, not warming. Cold temperatures are characteristic of ice sheets increasing in volume, reducing water and sea levels, in America in the least, if not everywhere,

Utah’s first covid-19 death is not clearly defined. The headline reads, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah”.

Even though the headline clearly identifies it, without doubt, as a COVID-19 death. The headline does not claim it is related, or might be, or that the symptoms were similar. No, the deceptive headline clearly refers to the man’s death as COVID-19. But the text of the article states it is “covid-19 related”. What is the difference and why the deception?

Too bad most people never read the truth in media’s attempts to deceive. Quo bono? Who benefits from the masses’ ignorance? Do the masses of Americans, who blindly trust authority, benefit from not knowing the death was inevitable because the sickly 80 year old man had a long history of related near-death events?

How did the man die? Did an autopsy reveal coronavirus? No. So, in effect the man died of coronavirus-related speculations. Wow, that is one hell of a stretch to add that stumbling, bumbling claim to a short list of COVID-19 deaths.

It was related? How was it related, brother virus to covid-18? The headline was, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah”. Related and “is” are two very different things.

What is a cause-related death? Maybe it was an uncle or aunt of covid-18? The Utah Department of Health has presented a report, dated March 22nd, 2020.

Cause-related, as the report claims, means nothing, purposefully deceiving all who read the article. Let us dissect their claim of “cause-related.

I wonder, considering the science modalities of health, was the covid-19 death a covid-19 caused death or a covid-19 effected death? Do you, dear reader know the relationship of cause and effect, and how it is applied in science and truth?

You see, dear readers, it is a big difference that hospitals know, that hospital CEOs and health officials know; that they refuse to inform, but continue to press the deception.

The voice of authority, political-force authority, was the first to be “heard” in the article. Governor Herbert superseded all scientific talk and correct, honest reporting. He was presented as the moral authority when the news should be about the scientific facts. The article must be written by agents of the comintern.

If, in the case of the 80 year old, sickly, man, it were identified as covid-19 death, due to causes, it would be made known, or reported clearly, that the death was caused by covid-19. Covid-19 was not reported as the cause.

The news reporters and officials skirted the truth by propagating a tactic of political deception, generalization and headline fabrication.

The headline reads, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah.”

The headline boldly states the death was “reported” as covid-19. Is “reported” the same as established? Is “reported” different from confirmed or shown? Is the word “reported” used to represent truthful or factual? The headline is not ambiguous at all. The headline presents no doubt in the least, of inherent ambiguity but the article refutes the headline. Are the modelers, the writers aware of their own contradictions or are they simply reporting the “scientific authorities’ contradictions?.

In short, in spite of the attempt to deceive, the liars presented enough information to read the truth in the lies. The body of the article did not state the death was covid-19 caused. If the “authorities, reporters, and Herert himself did not report the death as a sure covid-19 caused death, then surely it was not. There are quite a few people involved in this purposeful deception. Some people of apparent authority, defending establishment authority, the swamp, might defend this easy to see contradiction, as a conspiracy theory. Great, let it be so. Calling these realities and contradictions a conspiracy theory makes no difference from the fact than many people lied to manipulate you, dear reader.

“Conspiracy theory” is the term those who try to discredit truthful reporting and communicating, use. I did not use that term. But, if it works, great, now we know Herbert, the Department of Health and the media conspired. I would use the word collaborate. Collaborated is clearly a better word because it is not certain the aforementioned “conspiring” entities actually got together and breathed a common goal. Conspire comes from the Latin, conspirare, to breathe together. I state, without confusion, these entities collaborated, to create a fear, in YOU.

Herbert had to be involved as the political authority the voice of the people authority figure. It is just part of the tactic.

Suppose a man was walking down the street and was hit and killed by a car. Was the news report begun with an apology from Governor Herbert? No, this does not happen because people die in this manner on occasion. Would the report be deceptive if the article claimed  the man died of auto related causes? That would be an honest generalization. How credible would the report be if the headline boldly stated the man was killed by auto-related causes? How credible would the report be if the article reported the man was killed by auto-related effects?

If this were to be a political manipulation, the auto death might be reported something like, ‘the man died of similar effects of falling from a 10 story building. Both causes produced broken legs and internal bleeding but only one reported correctly.

The Covid death report offers some truth, but is still a deflected reality. It was not a covid-19 “caused” death. The article did mention, however, that the man tested positive for coronavirus but did not say coronavirus was the “cause”, CAUSE, of his death. If it were, do we think the media would have mentioned it? If they did not mention it, it is because the man, 80 years old, sickly and near death for years, did not die of coronavirus causes. He died, as reported, of coronavirus-related causes, pneumonia.

I saw a picture of the man two years ago, 2018, when he suffered numerous illnesses and pneumonia had almost taken his life then. The picture shows a very sick person.

Quo bono? Who will gain at the right time, when the market increases, to a certain point only, and then drops, so the filthy rich, democrat politicians and corrupt others can profit?

Quo bono? Who profits when toilet paper and other paper products rise in price but nobody increases production?

Quo bono when GM is forced to be stupid, unprofitable, and elevated above other companies? Who profits when toilet paper rises in price due to unforeseen costs of GM being stupid, forced to a stupid position by an insider who has been placed in position to be the paper cut-out opposition?

So, as of March 29th, 2020, one out two deaths falsely attributed to covid-19 are statistics we must question: how many of the other deaths are also fraudulent?

How about another example of the fraud of lying left-wing extremist media propaganda? What is propaganda, by the way?

Propaganda is propagation of misinformation.

March 26th, NBC NEWS reported a cruise ship in Panama had docked because  four people had died. The report claimed there were four deaths aboard such and such a ship, and there were two reported cases of covid-19.

The report was quite clear that in addition to four deaths aboard this vessel there were also two cases of covid-19. The word “and” was the conjunctive operative. The two events are totally and completely unrelated, except for the falser used conjunction, “and”.

There was nothing further regarding the two reported cases. It was left to the listeners to relate 2 unrelated cases of covid-19 to four deaths from something else the establishment media “forgot” to mention.

The report made absolutely no clarification that the deaths were caused by covid-19, nor did the report even make a lame attempt to connect the deaths of four people with two separate cases of covid-19.

Right here in Utah, there are two so-called covid-19 deaths, one is a bogus report of a death unrelated to causes of covid-19, and one other report remains un-critiqued by myself.

This is, without dissecting the report of the other Utah death, at best, a one in two chance truth of covid-19. Adding 2 cases and four deaths aboard the cruise ship, zero of four deaths attributable to covid-19. Do we trust the same establishment media to report truth of thousands of deaths in New York City? Insane is a word that comes to mind.

Upon inspection of other reports will I find consistent ratios, or is it worse, that maybe 1 in 6 will actually be covid-19 caused?

I wonder if Mutt, Romney, Pierre delecto, knows this. I cannot refer to that dog of a liar as anything else.

I wonder if cheat Ben McAdam  knows this?

I wonder if Mike Lee knows this.

I wonder if Governor Herbert, Mayor Mendenhall and other “health” officials know this reality?

I wonder who knows we are being scammed.

Who wrote the article? Who purposely stated the 80 year old man was, “over 60”? What a fraud.

This we all know: people who lie, must lie to cover something. In this case, and it seems all covid-19 fabricated cases, they are lying to create mental pandemic; a pandemic of fear.

Who actually instructed, directed, commanded that certain rhetoric, deceptive propaganda be used to deflect from the reality that covid-19 was not involved? Is the health director so ignorant and dumb he cannot understand cause and effect in health? No, he is dishonest.

In the article no health official is quoted. The article was written without real information. Think about that for a moment. Someone fabricated news, and avoided jargon and knowledge from that particular industry, or government agency, as it is.

Someone placed “NEWS” with propaganda over fact, and governor Herbert is involved, not surprisingly. Does his wife know Herbert is a lying, globalist, oligarchical puppet? Well, paid, he is. Maybe she doesn’t care, like Mutt’s sick wife, Hatch and his life partner dog-in heat.  Jimmy boy mattheson’s wife knew the degree, not just the fact, to which jimmy cheated, and Benny McAdam followed using the same deep-state mechanisms of cheating, and gain. Hang them all! It is treason to We, the People, our lives, our freedoms. Hang them all!



In a country with a population of approximately 47 million people, 5,000 cases of anything is nothing.

Chances of contracting, or being one of those 5,000, is a 1 in 9,400 chance, or .0.000106 percent.

One hundred days of this rate of growth, which is not going to happen, puts a Spaniard at risk of contracting the virus at 1 in 940, over 100 days, 1.06 percent. This does not represent rapid infection which is one condition of an epidemic, and it absolutely does not represent an epidemic in terms of total numbers infected, or most significant, death irrefutably attributed to the blight. 

Most important it does not represent the high mortality rate also needed to be qualified as epidemic. Under this “reported” worst case scenario, the chance of dying from “covid” is about 1 in 10,000. This means if you were to take a town of 10,000 people in Spain you would find, in 100 days, one death. And, true to all “cases”, at least half are reported Covid even though deaths are not confirmed, only assumed. Consider my report of the first Covid case in Utah where a whole bevy of officials contributed to the fraud.

If Spain is the worst there is no epidemic anywhere, including less affected countries, hence there is no pandemic.


Amnesty, like many other “issues” is the distraction, as it has been all along. The goal was to bring in biological weapons to use against Americans, hidden in carriers, as the administration calls them.

The goal is to set up internment camps for Americans. The goal is to manipulate Americans to ask for, beg and plead for, isolation “camps”.

As Congress hands over dictatorial powers to obama, without a fight, without even a mention from anybody that congress has the authority and moral obligation to write law into effect to restrict influx of potential virus-laden carriers, the final nail in the coffin is driven.

Setting up internment camps to house Americans is the goal. It was the plan all along. The camps were built long ago, under the Clinton Administration. The white whorehouse admitted it had a plan, but nothing of that plan was designed to protect We the People. The plan is presently being implemented. The democ-rats openly admitted they were ready.

It is not the president’s job to protect we the people. We can protect ourselves when the power and authority is not taken by avarice and fraud, from We, the People. We protect ourselves by writing laws, through the House of Representatives, that respond as we direct. If we do not see fit it is because we are fooled and tricked by those that have no authority to even speak to us.

Obama has absolutely no authority to write and propose a single law. His wife has even less.

The Mia Love/Doug Owens debate for the Utah fourth Congressional District reveals a pattern of fraud leading to tyranny.

Owens stated, regarding immigration,…”It’s broken and I want to fix it..”

Who says it is broken except those that want a change for themselves? Immigration is not broken any more than marriage is broken, or any institution is broken. Most Americans know that change sponsored by government is wrong, but they do not know why.

Owens continues, many times, with regurgitations similar to, “…congress can’t get itself together to deal with it” (issues).

Owens droned time and time again about the dysfunctional congress, and then closed on the point that he wanted to fix the Affordable Care Act, “… because of congressional dysfunction. But wait: does Owens not know that the senate is part of congress? Is he admitting that the senate, a democrat party fortress, is dysfunctional or part of the dysfunction? Or is he just a dummy trying to deceive Americans to thinking that the republican house of representatives is dysfunctional? Either way reveals an idiot that lies or a liar that is an idiot: NOT knowing the three branches of government?

There is absolutely no congressional dysfunction except that in the democrat party dominated senate. The House of Representatives did just fine writing laws only to be rejected and tabled by the democ-rats in the other house of congress, the senate. Of course the democ-rats and the liberal media have been trying for decades to make republican representation appear as illegal, unethical and immoral, but that is a dysfunction of democrat party fabrication and liberal media propaganda (lies).

Why would Owens want to fix obamacare when WE, the authors of our law and owners of OUR country want it repealed? Is Owens pro-actively refusing the will of We, the People? Does Owens think he deserves a single vote when he openly admits his goal is to break the confidence of the people of the fourth congressional district by acting in opposition to the majority and majority rule, and voting democ-rat party-first priorities?

Why would Owens try to force a minority decision, clearly a political party objective, upon We, the People when we do NOT want it? Is Owens retarded or just another democrat party puppet pushing political propaganda for the few elitists in the white whorehouse and senate? What is his cut of the fraud?

We, the People, in a huge majority, want Affordable Care Act GONE! Is Owens so stupid he thinks we don’t know what WE, THE PEOPLE want? Is he the rat so bold to lie in advance of our wishes by trying to mislead us to believe the Affordable Care Act is un-repealable? Is Owens so anti-democracy he would force a more expensive and time consuming intrusion into OUR lives with the grossest of democ-rat party lies and fabrications? Oh, the audacity to lie and rape America! What a traitor and enemy to OUR will and OUR law! Hang the bastard, in advance of his lies and tyranny!

No, Owens is not that stupid. Owens is that dishonest and ruthless, however, to lie and try to distract and manipulate with political rhetoric from what We the People want to what they, the political mobsters want.

So who is guilty of voting a party line?

This simple debate between ideology and reality is the consummate lie emanating from every democ-rat trying to distance him or herself from the ravages of socialism and Nationalism as dictated by Barack Hitler himself.

And Owens wants us to elect him in spite of his blatant lies and open association with America’s number one enemy: Barack, muslim brotherhood, Obama?

The significance is so great and dangerous I struggle to express it. It is not explainable until the readers understand the waste and devastation government can inflict on the world. The younger generations have no idea about a world at war wherein slaughter of genocidal proportions was first inflicted by the leader on that leader’s own nation. Consider the millions of ways people would die and suffer and be tortured at the hands of dictators such as Hitler and Stalin, and consider the potential in obama’s control. Obama did not fall into this dictatorial power, he wrangled, lied, and cheated his way into it with the help of conspirators that want some of the spoils.

This is no new theory. It is no new human condition, characteristic or folly. This is mankind. Frederick Bastiat, in “The Law”, wrote that most men will live off the labors of others. It is a process to get to that point. The first step is to convince the citizens that slavery is inevitable. Slavery, called many things, is still slavery.

This is Owen’s role.

The media has lied and taken the blame, the overt blame for creating complacency and fabricating numerous fallacies.

The plan is that the media posits numerous theories in advance of the reality of a democrat party landslide cheat-fest (like past elections), and then when the cheating is done the possibilities have already been presented with limited, controlled choices, and We, the People pick one. The correct multiple choice answer is not present or even in the minds of the general population, having been eliminated from discussion and overwhelmed by fallacies created by the media in advance.

Expect another surprise democrat win. From nowhere expect democ-rats to win. Even they will be surprised.

From where does this acceptance come?

Tyranny has hired, behind public purview, psychopathic citizens, such as Owens, to make an appearance to run for office. Even Owens knows that with his lies, and the mood and anger against obama and all thing associated with democrat party hegemony, it would be hopeless for him.

But there is the hidden variable. That well established, excessive hope democrat politicos have is enhanced by media so that it will appear hope and enthusiasm will have carried the democrat politicos to victory over the pre-assumed lax and deflated republicans and republic minded citizens.

Even the “republican”/”conservative” talk show hosts blast this hopelessness over the radio and throughout America. 

How many times have we heard talk show host Sean Hannity say that we get the government we deserve? How many times have we heard republican and conservative commentators and celebrities state that we (speaking of Americans in general) were so dumb to elect Obama the first time, and dumber to elect him the second term, when in fact We, did no such thing? We, Americans are not that stupid as a whole. The tyranny wing, lying left knows this.

I have written at length that the numbers do not add up to an obama win in either presidential election.

How does obama control the dissidents? The timing is at hand. The senate must be kept for democ-rats to place absolute power into obama’s control. He must be given, like Adolf Hitler, supreme power and it must come from the senate and house of representatives.

What better way to seize power than to declare marshall law because of a crisis?

All the democrat politicos know that if the elections were not rigged in favor of obama’s puppets, they would be slaughtered at the polls.. They provide the post ad hoc proof that Americans actually want totalitarian rule.

We don’t want to believe these things are connected because that would reveal a huge conspiracy. Lucky for the conspirators the word conspiracy has a presumed, laughable rejection.

There is too much inconsistency to believe all we hear from the white whorehouse and the CDC.

Viruses destruct when they come in contact with air. It is the oxygen that destroys the simple structures. However, viruses can be kept safe in the moist droplets of a sneeze so viruses can be passed in air. The CDC does not want We, the People to know this because…..?

Viruses can mutate rapidly and can be passed when one is showing no signs of sickness. If viruses, such as Herpes can go dormant for one’s entire life, viruses can do many other amazing things.

Obama himself has opened borders for airborne virus attack.

It is too late to talk of closing the borders when the virus is already in the country.

The Obama white whorehouse plan has already been executed. It began a year ago. Birders had to be broken down to manufacture a crisis. Who wants a crisis? A deadly crisis would never be instigated by a “loving” president, who watched three Americans die. Benghazi was a test run to see how apathetic Americans were. Benghazi was a test run to see if obama could get away with murder.

What We, the People, do not realize is that totalitarian government knows more about manipulating the masses, fabricating crises to be exploited, and the relationship between master and slaves. It is that conspiracy question again. Nobody could do these things to others, especially in America. Are there no pscyhos in America?

We, the People, understood that obama and the white whorehouse could finally get away with murder when we accepted murder in benghazi, but our beloved, loving savior obama.

The slave is only slave when he or she knows it.

Internment camps are not for ebola sufferers. They will be used for political resistors to democrat party totalitarian rule. Ebola is the ruse.

I am not sure if this is a case of grand deception: that ebola does not exist and few are being sickened by something else not nearly as contagious, or if ebola is as contagious and deadly as media claims, and the rulers have their inoculations and preventative measures. One thing is certain, a panic is being created for use against We, the People.

The political officer attached to the transport of the second ebola “victim” showed a blatant lie is brewing. Blatant fraud is just another gauge and proof of the master slave relationship.

Murder, elimination of tyranny’s enemies is the ultimate goal. Blatant murder can only be accomplished when blatant fraud is accepted. We, the People, have been living under a state of constant, blatant fraud for decades. The liberal media has taken a grip on belief so much that logic and reality has all but ceased to be a function of the majority of Americans’ lives. Case in point: Where is the love of the Affordable Care Act? There is a national suppression of hatred for obamacare. Connected to these polls for hatred for obamacare are polls that show hatred for obama. We are led to believe the polls show obama’s approval ratings slipping slightly below 40%. Truth is his approval rating in America was never about 45 percent. It was all fabricated.

The polls are doing the same things for all democ-rat agents of tyranny.

So when Wonnacott, never even in the debate with Jason Chafettz, surprises everyone and “wins”, it can be said, as planned in advance, that republican voters were over-confident of a win and failed to show up at the voting stations. Of course it will be a pre-executed lie, as it was in the last three elections, and the elections associated with Clinton.

Do not forget that basic fraud and deception is inimical to tyranny, specifically democrat party hegemony because acceptance of the lie precedes acceptance of other crimes, and acceptance is what holds the slave in place.

Ebola is a manufactured crisis: on that could be a real medical crisis with the elitist already inoculated and protected. It might be that this scare was planned decades ago and the securities against it are what keeps politicos lying and staying in office. There is something going on behind the scenes when Orrin Hatch, along with other dinosaurs, at 250 years old, needs to run for office. There is a bigger conspiracy than we can even imagine.