Herbert should be arrested. Where is our state legislature legislating in our favor? 

Chairman herbie is not the government. He has no authority to legislate by mandate. In fact the two words do not go together. Are we a self-governing people represented by representatives, who legislate in our behalf, or has someone stolen all that and become a dictator? We shoot dictators or take them into the streets beat them, strip them and hang them. I am in favor of the latter.

This is a dreadfully serious imposition. Who is dying? I know of two suicides because of lockdown. I attribute this to lockdown, and chairman herbie must be punished. That bastard, fake representative will not relent. Don’t you all see that?

Can you just see this situation with clarity by simply comparing the two words I used earlier. Did Chairman herbie “mandate” or “legislate”?

His position, job is definitely not that of a legislator, not is it mandator. He has seized control illegally, by lying and fraud, and should be arrested and tried for treason. We need o get the facts.

If the very first covid death in Utah was a lie, how many others are? ALL! When does a liar start telling truth? A liar cannot afford to tell truth about an issue or earlier lie, ever. One truth discovered by revealing a truth involved in lies, leads to other truths, and crowds get angry and hang bastard “leaders”. We offer herbie  a quick execution for obvious treason. Of course it is not treason against government, chairman herbie is not government. It is treason against We, the People.

I have provided three pictures in this commentary.

One is a photograph of a hospital waiting room overcrowded with people waiting for medical aid. The photo looks like a real crisis.

The second photo is mass hospitalization, all beds occupied in a common, overflow room. This too is a crisis.

The third photo comes from KSL “NEWS”, an article written by Carter Williams, October 29th 2020.

The headline is the exposé, “As Utah’s COVID-19 hospitalizations soar, hospitals look at possible ‘crisis standards’ plan.”

The photo shows one nurse in a booth. Is that a crisis? Where are the scary photos of people lined up, coughing up blood? Where are the hospital parking lots full of cars? Where is this so-called epidemic? Where are the line-ups? Look at pictures of the 1918 pandemic. Do you see anything today as seen in the photos of the epidemic then? Do you see anything even remotely similar today? Where are signs on streets saying diphtheria here, or ‘Quarantine, Influenza’? There is absolutely nothing except chairman Herbie’s lies.

How many people are forcibly sedated and kept in the hospital? Is there a mandate to sedate? What do you all think chairman Herbie’s mandate is? Why are the mandates of all the governors basically the same? Collusion!

In a time of crisis one would expect a related response, correct? If a neighboring country sends an army to invade, we meet it with at least one army of our own. If a hurricane hits we meet the crisis with necessary measures: evacuation, boarding up windows etc, expanding food supplies.

If an epidemic hits we meet it with appropriate measures. Health is the main issue. We need a health program. A mandate should be issued that everybody is required to walk every day for at least 20 minutes. Gyms and recreation centers should be instructed to extend hours. Dancing, such as one might find at the clubs and bars should be encouraged. Volunteers need to be organized and organize community walking and community exercise programs. The scourge of children going hungry, also an exaggeration, should be considered but, no, chairman herbie considers a political solution give himself power. Children are fed at school. The push for augmenting resistance and immunity should be better quality food at the schools. That would be a fantastic program, but again, herbie s not interested in doing anything except shoring up his political push for bolshevik standards and operations. Hang the bastard!

Barack obama sin laden could be pressed to put his voluntary skills to work, for free, of course: his chance to “give back” to the community.

Communities should be organized to increase health. Children’s programs could be expanded to after school exercise, games, etc. Get children outdoors, to the parks, to the lakes and state parks. But no, health, strengthening immunity and resistance to “covid” or anything, is furthest thing from bolshevik Herbie’s sick and lying mind!

If the spread of disease is truly a concern store hours should be extended to lessen crowding. Working schedules should be altered so fewer people can work at the same time, by extending hours of operation.

Instead the bastard tries to force us into small compartments of time, and opportunity. Isn’t that what is done to criminals: force them into compartments where they do nothing except think about their crimes?

There are literally hundreds of measures We, the People can take to stop the spread of disease. Everything herbie does is political, the opposite.

There is absolutely no attempt by the bastard bolshevik un-representative to increase immune response, immunity, or increase the health and survivability of We, the People. In fact, chairman Herbie’s measures are killing people.

When herbie claims he has listened to the scientists he is not lying, at least in this one rare aspect. He has listened to the political scientists who know how to slowly seize control of a fearful population. It starts with a lie by authority with the help of experts colluding expert liars, Dunn and department of health officials, and the media that could not find or even attempt to create a photograph of a crisis. They created fear.

The sole photo of the lab technician, detracting and distracting us from what would pass as irrefutable evidence, is a massive fraud. We are being deceived, led by fear, to not just nice slavery, but genocide. Herbie is a ruthless politician. One who lies about the very first “covid” death in Utah, then controls deployment of needed resources to those who do not need them (children) who, in the process, takes needed resources from the elderly is either excessively stupid or planning the demise of the elderly. Even Hitler was nicer.

The resultant deaths of seniors who did not get treatment, or received the wrong treatment, is on herr herbie’s head, and he should pay.

He should be removed right now, by force, if force is necessary. The total opening up of this whole country can easily be accomplished.

I would declare Monday November 16 a new Independence Day, but probably need for this to get around the country, so will say, Monday November 23, just in time for Thanks-giving and the rest of our lives. I declare that we are now free of deceptive, tyrannical mandates. Go to hell chairman herbie!

Do you, dear fellow citizens, not realize herbie is planning to eliminate your Christmas celebrations and all celebrations thereafter? What happens next summer for Independence Day celebrations, fireworks, parties, summer vacation? If we do not stop this slow progressive advance to tyranny, Independence Day will not only be killed, but the memory of our independence and the right to celebrate freedom will be made illegal. Is that what is happening? These bastard governors are planning very sinister measures against you and I, all of us. It is already happening. The governors have taken our independence. They did it according to plans, and it slowly advances. Everything has advanced politically. Nothing has returned or advanced to make us healthier and stronger and more capable of fighting “covid”. Nothing at all. You are fooling yourselves if you think this fraud is not big bad serious.

We have seen the advance. What happens to church? This is a bolshevik attack!

The bolsheviks, Lenin and Stalin, attacked the middle class, the working “Kulaks” of Russia. The bolsheviks attacked education. It is child abuse that our children are not in school and/or associating with other children. Child abuser, bolshevik bastard chairman herbie, should be hung before more children die. He has saved no lives.

Hang the bastard bolshevik!

By fear of a handful of sorcerers and sorceresses, America is being turned into a slave camp, locked down at the whims of bastard sub-human scum, chairman herbie and his colluders of the National Governors Association. This child abuse is child sacrifice by the bolshevik priests of moloch. I don’t write this haphazardly. What is happening is happening.

Where is the Utah legislature legislating things with representative principles foremost in mind? How did the legislature become so non-existent and blind? Herbie took their powers from them: powers we gave them, not him.

Hang the bastard! RIGHT NOW!

And his wife hangs with him because she is an accomplice.

You bloody well better believe I am serious. It is either him or We, the People.

Again, that bastard stole our say in our lives and he needs to pay. The cowardly representatives and district judges who have done nothing for We, the People in opposing this bastard dictator, will all be arrested and held while we sort out who has contributed and who has not. Power like bastard herbie has, is attained by many tactics. One is threat. Herbie is a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and  making threats on others’ lives is just part of a political response that deserves a health response. Bolsheviks no only use crisis for political gain they create it, just like the lyin’ king, bastard representative, bolshevik chairman herbie Mao.

We the people are the law. When the law that we establish to represent We, the People, fails, we become the executors of the law, none other.

Hang the bastard!


What the liberal media will not reveal.

How did Pelosi and Schumer acquire power over the whole House of Representatives?

Are there not 435 Representatives that represent approximately 300 million people?

Why has the liberal media ignored the voices of dissent and opposition to these two macabre, harlequins of totalitarian power?

What has happened to the voices of the other 433 representatives whose constituents’ wishes should also be made known to the public?

This situation is truly a perfect opportunity to display the corruption of democracy.

Pelosi and Schumer represent almost nobody in the whole of America, the two vote amongst themselves, and decide for themselves what they themselves want, against almost all of America. In their own constituencies the majority wants border security, as polls show 87 to 93 percent of all Americans want money spent on border security.

President Trump is driven by his desire to honor his promise to build a wall and the power of tens of millions of Americans pushing him to do the will of the majority. Some may argue Clinton had the majority. I have written that, given the numbers that she and the democrat party drew to her rallies, compared to candidate Trump’s massive rallies, it is impossible she had over 30 percent of the popular vote. We must remember the deep state, the establishment government that represents nobody but itself, has control of the vote counting mechanisms. The counting mechanism was purposefully acquired to perpetuate non-governmental, un-representative governing, and this bureaucracy is who and what Pelosi and Schumer represent, unknown to the scores of millions of Americans.

Would it surprise you, dear fellow American, to know that the Federal Reserve is deceptively named. There is nothing Federally American about the FED. It is privately owned and dictates to Americans, interest rates and other policies. The FED is owned by international/globalist bankers, the ultra rich supra-nationals, who decide to limit American cash flow with high interest rates. It is the FED that manipulates and sends American economy into depression, recession, chaos, and war. Numerous documentaries can be found on youtube. 

This massive bureaucracy is controlled by private banking, worldwide, unrepresentative ravagers and manipulators of economies, markets, peoples and lives.

This monstrous aberrance that controls we the people is Pelosi and Schumer, and a handful of deep state agents, voting in a democratic process against ALL of America.

In a Constitutional Republic we have a representative government with one of three bodies governing by majority. Majority rule is an important aspect of self-governing but majority rule becomes tyranny when a majority can decide the demise or plunder of a different segment of the population. It is this reality that inspired the founding fathers to balance, with opposition, the tyranny of majority rule.

A Bill of Rights for individuals is only one hindrance to tyrannical, majority rule of democracy.

How have the democrats, two particularly, commandeered the House of Representatives and thus circumvented one, of only a few, hindrances to tyranny?

A Bill of Rights for individual citizens, that places god-given (or providence-given) individual rights above state, or man-granted and politics-controlled, permission is also strengthened in authority and representation by a Senate.

Originally State Legislatures appointed two Senators to represent each State. This placed enmity, by design, between centralized government and the states that more closely defended individual rights.

The principle is that States can be at odds concerning rights of the individuals, forcing states to compete for citizens that will naturally gravitate to states with stronger defense of individual rights. Economics is the gauge of individual rights.

Majority rule principle does have its place but, as the founding fathers clearly distinguished, democracy, personal involvement in decision making, is limited to small city states and populations of small cities. Democracy in America would have all voters, well over 150 million, personally vote on every law: a monstrous, logistical impossibility that the founding fathers predicted. 

Majority rule has one other place of significance. In the Presidential election it behooves a Presidential candidate to know, beforehand, the characteristics and needs of the people of each state. States’ rights and, hence, state-protected individual rights, supersede majority rule of a potential conglomerate national majority. A neglected, ignored; poorly respected and politically disenfranchised population of a state, may be the votes a candidate needs to take the majority of electoral votes. This was Hillary Clinton’s big mistake. She and her campaign made many foolish assumptions, and as a result she ignored numerous states with small electoral votes, assuming they would cast their ballots for her because of traditional voting trends. Seemingly insignificant states, that Hillary ignored and showed little care, swung to Candidate Trump.

Pelosi and Schumer have been committing treason to approximately 90 percent of their own constituents, 90 percent of all Americans, and 99.5% of representatives in the House: refusing to allow a voice to 433 of 435 representatives. How did this tyranny evolve to destroy 99.5 efficacy of the representative process? It was done by subverting the representative process. The hate-stream, establishment liberal media flip-flopped everything to convince some of the masses of Americans that two representatives could somehow speak for the majority of Americans while 433 representatives were forced to silence.

What the liberal media will not reveal, and the so-called conservatives are deaf and dumb to, is that this is NOT President Trump’s wall. The wall is OURS, and we want it built and our country secured. The hate-stream media have droned and droned that this national security belongs to ne man. The fraud and deception is astounding, but expect no less than outright hate-motivated fabrications and lies from the bolshevik-backed liberally biased, establishment media of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and others..

I have my concerns that President Trump may be seeking rule himself with executive orders, martial law and use of military tribunals. The proclamations and all-too-easily discovered leaks are everywhere on youtube. I consider only one of two possibilities.

I believe either President Trump is part of the international cabal, which explains why he has not been removed, pretending to be against the deep state/establishment politics while collecting information of those who may be constitutionally inclined, or Trump is actually doing what he appears to be doing: fighting for and saving America, being protected by what is not known to the public.

Either President Trump is part of the big deception, pretending to defend Constitutional Law, while videos, public addresses and rallies indicate he is about to suspend Constitutional Rule of Law or, he is actually in the process of arresting, charging and detaining tens of thousands of traitors to American Rule of Law, temporarily suspending rule of law.

It is a conundrum, but suspending rule of law, according to Constitutional Rule of Law, legal, as it were, may include, suspending Rule of Law for Martial Law.

We cannot know until we see the final push for justice or, as it were, what we will see unfold before as organized, dictatorial injustice.

We can only hope rule of law, and justice will prevail while we have witnessed decades of attempted totalitarian injustice to serve the political elite.

We can hope that President Trump, like George Washington, will have the integrity to surrender power to We, the People, when justice, not order, is restored.



Regarding “consensus” of global warming / “climate change” fabricators.

I went to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) website.

I have stated many times the dem/lib fabrications and pretentious “science” does not intimidate me. Spending my time fighting dummies and liars, sadly drains my time, but it must be done.

I always close with a bit of regret at being a bully to the child-ids that pretend to be scientists because all they can do is lie, and get caught.

If I could, I would kick the shit out of every single one of those lying, treasonous bastards. Oh, I do it here, every time I refute their lies, and rebuke their fraud and stupidity.

So, I looked at the one that looked the most intimidating. It claimed, Thirty-One Top Scientific Societies Speak with One Voice on Global Climate Change”.

The article starts with, <i><b>“In a consensus letter to U.S. policy-makers, a partnership of 31 leading non-partisan scientific societies…”</i></b>

A consensus letter? This is double talk. A consensus letter that describes a consensus taken from a letter of a consensus…. with no data.

There is nothing except a group of partisan frauds (always the big lie- paid for by democrat party/liberal goons that steal money from Americans and then write letters).

Without a reason or foundation for a claim, the consensus writers stated something had to be done about a something that has no reality. But did the consensus writers write the letter? Do the consensus writers exist?

The article continues with the same dodging and weaving, and avoidance of real material and data. There is no evidence if there is no data. There is no evidence if there is no measurement. There is no evidence if there is no study, or reference to a study, or a thought of a study. This whole fraudulent business of global hoaxing is a dem/lib denial of work. These buffoons, no names, simply sit around and write consensus letters based on nothing. But did they write the letter? Where are the names and references?

I read the whole article. There is not a single reference to a study or a shred, or a tittle; not even a line of notes from a study.

There is a reference to, <i><b>“…independent lines of evidence…”.</i></b>

The second paragraph is unbelievably un-scientific. What moronic scientist would spout about recommendations without a reason?

The second paragraph begins, <i><b>““Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research concludes that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver,” the collaborative said in its 28 June letter to Members of Congress.”</i></b>

There was no such letter sent to congress.

How about this overgeneralized pretense at research? Try this for clarity of how un-scientific that sentence reveals these morons truly are.

Observations throughout the world make it clear that men over 10 feet tall, are clearly on the rise. Or, Observations throughout the world make it clear that global cooling is occurring. Without a shred of evidence, or a reference to a recorded “observation”, my silly statement is as powerful and credible as the buffoons collectively pretending science. But, again, who are these societies? Did “they” actually write the letter, or the consensus?

Rigorous scientific research concludes that the greenhouse gases emitted by humans… is a lie.

What greenhouse gases do humans emit, oxygen? That is a gas emitted by a greenhouse full of plans that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Humans do not emit greenhouse gases. Greenhouses do not emit greenhouse gases.

There is no such thing as a greenhouse gas. It is not even a rational fabrication that dem/libs have fashioned that proves there is such a thing. It is all speculation, not even a theory yet because it has not been written in a hypothesis or theory: never studied. It has been modeled by politically biased (paid) and partisan frauds (paid democrat party left-wing extremists).

Then the sentence ends with, <i><b>“…the collaborative said…”.</i></b>

A consensus letter with nothing, says nothing, Scientists can say something, but there is not a single name attached. So who is saying?

Go, my fellow Americans and readers; go to a scientific journal or magazine, or site, and look at any article. Look at the references. All have references. A scientist worth anything builds as big a foundation as possible of stable, referenced, factors and variables by referencing studies and conclusions of other scientists. Some real studies have longer lists of references than the article itself. A real scientist revels in his or her connections to references and data and hence, reality. There is not even one single reference in all these bogus sites to study, science, a scientist, a scientific research or variable. There is absolutely nothing to the bogus fabrications found at AAAS, NASA, NOAA, WMO, and TCCS (The Center for Climate and Security). In all those sites I found not one single reference to a study, a scientific variable or even anomaly. The “science” is so bad, these buffoons do not even reference margin of error.

I found nothing on any of the aforementioned, bogus sites, from which a real scientist could establish a foundation for a solid control group or solid control data. Please, my fellow Americans and truth-seekers, go to these sites and find data. Without data there is no conclusions for anything. How can science promote a change when the change requires prior knowledge and desired position? There is nothing to base these bogus claims upon, except political solutions. The political solutions benefit only one class, not We, the People.

Any scientist worth an ounce of credibility surely wants his or her name attached to profound claims of science. Why is there not a single name attached? These scientists do NOT exist. They are names of weather reporters, experts in other fields that have no knowledge their names are being used to promote the words of a few lying liberal writers and fabricators.

We are talking about 5 organizations with multiples of people involved, one would think, but of 5 organizations, all we have is a report by a biased “reporter” claiming 31 organizations collaborated to produce a consensus, based on nothing. That is the REALITY of this whole global hoaxing situation.

What are all these political solutions based on? Are they observations but no measurements; observations but no pretest and post test? All this is based on observations made by nobody. There is nobody in the global hoaxing community that can be called a scientist when there is nobody in the global hoaxing community that can show a scientific reference.

Of all the consensuses, “studies”, “papers”, reports”, “collaborations”, “letters”, there is not one reference to a single measurement. There are conclusions based on absolutely nothing observable because there is nothing to be observed: nothing the dem/lib global hoaxers want made public. In all these papers, consensuses, etc., what was observed? i ask. Show us.

The paragraph ends with, “This conclusion is based on multiple independent lines of evidence and the vast body of peer-reviewed science.” What real scientist reviews a “scientific paper” by a non scientist? A fool or paid interloper, fraud. What true scientist reviews a consensus letter with no scientists attached, no references attached or included, and no data? What scientist would put his or her name to a bogus paper? A real scientist would lose credibility. It is no different than Michael Jordan being asked to review basket ball skills of local soccer sideliner, Pete Bromley, who has never played soccer or basketball in his life. Jordan would laugh. Real scientists, when asked to “review” the bogus, goofy, silly, fabricated nonsense  of statements, claims and pretentious science of NOAA, WMO, AAAS, NASA, TCCS, and other political deflections, do not even bother laughing. 

If Jordan were to critique Pete, Jordan would be a laughing stock, and so it is in the “global hoaxing community” where non-scientists, that do not exist, are written into existence by poor writers of global hoaxing fiction, and real scientists recognize absolutely nothing scientific and worthy of comment.

We must ask, to what does our silly “writer” of this “consensus letter” refer when he/she/it/“they” write, “Independent lines of evidence”? The circular argument itself is poorly constructed.

Let us start with Peer-reviewed science.

What science is peer-reviewed? The term “peer reviewed” is a dem/lib fabrication, to begin with: an attempt to garner credibility where none can possibly exist. It is two devils taping wings to each others’ backs, and both claiming the other is an angel. “Peer reviewed” is a way for bogus scientists, realistically nothing more than political agents of propaganda, to deflect from real science that dem/lib political activists are afraid will easily be refuted or proven false. “Don’t waste your time”, the dem/libs say, “looking at the water levels of the past one hundred years. We have already done that and you can trust us because we have great political (did I say that?) solutions for you to live by”. ‘Don’t look in that room, its a mess. Trust me, there is nothing to see, especially your stolen trillion dollar stimulus money, or the gold we bought with it.’ Don’t look here or there for the “lost” emails. We have already taken care of the problems, and it won’t happen again. Trust me, hillary the vampire claims.

If one were to write about results of a study, there is no credibility in the results of the study being reviewed by another of the same study. A real scientist publishes results in many sources and exposes it to review by any and all. A real scientist welcomes criticism, but not these devils of the global hoaxing “community”. They want real scientists, and exposers of dem/lib fraud, self included, silenced by political solutions.

This claim that “peer-reviewed” is some superior form of scrutiny is a fraud. It is another liberal stupidism to give themselves credibility where none is due.

Which peer reviewed Einstein’s work?

Peers don’t review others’ work.

Did Nicola Tesla review Einstein? Did Einstein review Tesla?