Has anyone gone back and looked at the computers used in the space program of the 1960s? Not only are they archaic but if it is true that those computers were less technologically capable than vehicles today there is no way they could respond fast enough for a trip around the corner to the grocery store.

Have you ever watched the computer geeks at the command posts, as they worked, apparently worked? They do nothing. What are they working on? Were they using Pascal, rotunda or caveman programming?

For gawd’s sake, there is nothing they could do while a so-called space ship was in flight. How slow would those computers have been? An abacus would have been faster.

The speed of computation could not have been any faster than personal computers of the 1990s and early 2000s, slow.

Two variables to consider: how fast was data gathered while those nerds sat at those boxes, and how fast could a caveman computer translate the data and by what programs was data acquired and interpreted?

None of this superior technology was reported or presented boastfully to the public, nor did it exist.

You will find no answers because the mute, colluding corrupt media was in on the scam.

Take your first cell phone out of retire, text a few sentences, go to the internet, wait for it, wait for it….oh yeah, forgot, not 5G, or 4G, or 1G. It was bits per second, analog, not wireless or fiber.

It must have been a hell of a long telecommunications cable going from the NASA command center and following that space craft as it left orbit and wrapped around the earth a few times on its way to the moon”.

Wait! Stop! How long of a cable did they need? Where are the equations, measurements, calculations that determined the distance of earth to moon? Are there some kind of medieval models, plastic, numbers on a page, or hidden binary code in archaic computers?

How did they communicate with the space craft, radio waves? Too slow. How fast does sound travel in air? How fast does sound travel in a vacuum? How fast does radio wave travel in air? How fast in a vacuum? Does it?

I do not know, I am asking.

Has everybody forgotten? It was NASA that created space flight then and it is NASA fabricating global warming today.

I was in the labs in my university eduction. Every lab experience, every experiment, every investigation at the library into prior studies and experiments, began with an outline, description of the study and/or experiment. Every single study and experiment had a hypothesis, a mode of collection of data. Every study listed parameters for collating and interpreting data, and a means of connecting the intended data to a predetermined theory. Every study was carefully described so as to isolate a variable theorized to be the cause of observed effects.

Cause and effect was clearly identified, defined, and organized.

We have never seen a shred of any of this scientific methodology from nasa regarding global hoaxing, I mean warming, nor have we seen anything of the scientific method regarding all things related to “space” and the universe. Nothing, not a shred exists, not even in nasa lies.

Today we are bombarded with effects and solutions taken from absolutely nothing resembling cause, stimulus, data, measurements or predetermined collation methodology.

There was absolutely nothing in the aluminum foil days of the LLM of Apollo 11, 12 13. Three trips to the moon with landings, organized and directed by nerdy geeks on computers with less power than your watch today. IMPOSSIBLE!

We are being grotesquely and grossly manipulated, deceived, exploited and discarded.

NASA, IPCC, NOAH, WMO, AAAS, and others are all void of observation, cause, data, measurements, but they all offer up causes without connection to their stated and deceptive effects. There must be data, pre and post testing, isolation of a variable to test and hypothesized variable. Never do we see a control group or control data. NEVER! How is solution possible without cause? Impossible! How is adjustment for “space” travel possible without data? Impossible.


Such lies and deception. How does anybody know how long it took to make? It is all theory until we have data, a measurement comparing older measurements. That photo is probably taken in Norway, anyway.

Do you see how they lie? They show results and effects, and make claims, ignoring a pursuit of data, and then offer a political solution to a pseudo-science fabrication.

A simple cause and effect is a beginning of science but they show the effect they want and purposely, falsely claim it is the result of a cause they skim over and/or erroneously connect.

They, the goons of global hoaxing, a political cabal, claimed Greenland was losing 10 percent of its ice every year. How much is it adding when it gets cold? Do you see how totally lacking in accuracy and hence, honesty these global hoaxing goons are?

Greenlan does add ice when it is cold. Water freezes to become ice. How big of a project would it be to collect data and catalogue the expanses, valleys and mountains to determine the amount of ice now, and do the same in the future for “scientific” comparisons? This is a massive project but the goons do not even take a simple first step, one measurement.

Greenland losing 10 percent per annum? Those losers have not ever looked at 10 percent of that massive continent. Liars! Furthermore, if it took 250,000 years to make that ice, that figure certainly figures into the equation of how fast Greenland is losing ice, if it is Greenland. It should be noted that Greenland is called Greenland because in the past it was green. It is still white covered in ice. varying ice thicknesses all over the land mass? It could not be done with mere speculative guessing and absolutely no mention of a single measurement. LIARS!


I wrote when “covid” was rammed down our throats as a pandemic that covid did not exist. By definition covid did not hit pandemic proportions. There was no science, I saw it immediately like I saw the scam of global warming, renamed climate change to broaden the claimed effects without showing causes.

In both, diminishing causes and fake, disconnected effects, as media continually amplified the effects of non-existent causes, the deception was obvious.

For example, see my article about the non-existent “ozone layer”.

Fauci, faucenstein and the rulers in their U.S. Government, not our government of the Republic of the United States of America, miserably missed key elements in scientific methodology, just as the climate changelings missed key elements in global hoaxing. They did it purposely. A topic for another time.

Has anyone ever heard faucenstein or any of the “governing”/ruling class describe any of their so-called science using control groups, or a control group.

Have you, dear friend, heard faucenstein just one time mention the term, the key element of science, “control group? Change, science, cannot be seen much less measured without before and after data or observations.

One element from the very beginning, totally missing from “NEWS”, conferences, CDC, NIH and other governing bodies’ “News” and press releases. I noticed that and other things from the very beginning. The lack means the elitists, the scientific experts ruling with fear, missed science from the beginning, totally fabricating their science.

How does one have science, a measure of change, without having something to compare to? It is impossible, and the goons and liars of rule know it.

Think about this: “As a man thinks, so is he.” Aply that to the fabricated enemy and the fear with which the masses are ruled, without science even though science is the excuse.

The school yard bully watches to see who is talking about his or her ruthless oppression and assaults. He catches them one at a time, and silences them, like truth is being silenced on eff bee and other media.

Go to rumble dot calm and search, and learn scientific methodology. It is not found in just claims of science. Real science, measurement and comparison, cause and effect, exists in the methodological formulae in every aspect of your life.

Everything in life and science is comparison. For example: Is inflation eating your dollar? What is the base, the standard, the control group? It is simple and you, almost everyone uses scientific methodology every day.

Compare gasoline prices today with gasoline prices prior to biden bolsheviks seizing control of the U.S. government, and suppressing our government of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Notice the two flags of America: their gold-fringed flag of the illegitimate and illegally-installed U.S. Government and our red white and blue flag of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.



June 3rd, 2021, predicting near record temperatures for June 4th, 2021.

The “NEWS” was that tomorrow’s forecast could produce record breaking highs. Part of the forecast predicted that June 4th could also be the earliest SLC area would hit triple digit highs.  Did not happen. “They” tried to make it appear that 100 was reached but you must look at the reality.

At 5:00 PM temperatures start to drop. Seldom do temperatures rise after 5:00 PM, if ever. The temperature stayed at 98 degrees for hours, even an hour after 5:00 PM, then suddenly it bolted to 100 degrees, like it was thinking it needed to respond to a command.

If you doubt this then you have no idea what science is, partially because you have never exercised it.

Science is change. If you have not paid attention, or scrutinized past events and patterns, you will not only be oblivious to reality and science, but you will remain part of the truly, ignorant masses. Everybody gets messages on their phone about temperatures, at any given moment. From where do these arrive? Do these temperatures come from the centralized (bad sign) official source? What is the official source? Have you thought about that? No? Do you know the difference between intellect and intelligence? Do you know what deductive reason is? No? Then do not question my observations.

It is all part of global hoaxing, warming, that is not warming. Please, learn scientific methodology and find scientific methodology, even just one characteristic of it, in any of the so-called climate sites.

Go to my section of CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING and read, learn.


Wow, this global warming sure is freaking cold.

Temperatures for the last month have been 10 to 20 degrees below average. Notice I did not use that deceptive, generic, easily misinterpreted fabrication word, ‘normal’. Normal temperature is not descriptive. “Normal” in measuring anything is absolutely un-scientific.

Average temperatures; average anything, does not lie but dem/libs, regressive-progressives and bolshevik/commies do. They have to lie. To reduce a population to fearful compliance they use numerous tactics to distract, distort and deflect: tactics of deception.

How fortunate for global hoaxers that this covid-19 came along to take the news and attention off global cooling.

I wonder if the global banker/gangsters and supra-national bolshevik, would-be-tyrants knew in advance that this cooling trend would continue in a big way this year.

How fortunate for global hoaxers that this covid-19 came along to take the news attention off global cooling.

Even though it all seems too convenient for many things, all at the expense of We, the People, I would never use that scary word conspiracy. Nor would I ever invoke the second scariest term, ‘conspiracy theory’ or the scariest of all terms, ‘conspiracy-theory theorist’. The bolshevik/progressive dem/lib media is conspiracy theory theorists.

A whole month of below average temperatures will produce a very large change in average temperatures for the year. This will show, across America, that the global warming is reversed, or that it never occurred. This reversal will show that Obama did it. He made the ocean levels drop, the average temperatures cool, and pollution reverse itself. Obama stopped greenhouse gas production and the earth is now over-producing O2.

How fortunate for global hoaxers that this covid-19 came along to take the “news” attention off global cooling.

With global cooling the ocean levels will drop (they were never increasing). With global cooling the pollution, magically contributing to global “warming”, will disappear. With global cooling the arctic and antarctic ice will rejuvenate and the shrinking glaciers will grow again. They never were shrinking. I proved that in 2015.

How convenient for global hoaxers that this covid-19 came along to take the news attention off global cooling. 

With global cooling, freezing really, Greenland will once again turn white, like it should be. Then the global hoaxers can rename Greenland, Whiteland.

How fortunate for global hoaxers that this covid-19 came along to take the news attention off global cooling.

This extremely cold, far far below average temperatures of March, will do a number of things. It will drastically drop the average temperatures for March and that will drop the average temperature for the whole year.

Take any number of months, the more the better, and figure the daily averages, and then an average for the month. Do what global hoaxers don’t do, but what has been done for decades, if not centuries, and take daily readings and average those readings for the day.

Every day for the last 10 years, average daily temperatures have dropped.

Yes, every day because it is cooler in the mornings and does not reach high temperatures until 11:00 AM to noon. Temperatures cool earlier in the evenings, in Utah, and everywhere, the heat of the day does not linger like it did in the past. You would not know it because anyone can report “normal” and distort it to suit a fake increase in temperatures, or take no tests in the cool of the morning, evening and night, where drastic drop would be evident.

The extremely low daily averages of all of March, across the country, will drop the average temperatures for the whole year.

Let us take just one claim the global hoaxers make, that each succeeding year is the hottest on record. This claim can only be verified if temperatures are measured as they have been for decades, and compared. Daily average temperatures included all hours of the day but without all hours of the day in recent measuring, “normal” can be used to disfigure and main average daily temperature to be hotter. Amazing that the new method of faking daily average excludes so much, and yet they can only claim so little.

By my estimate daily average temperatures have dropped 10 degrees across the board, for every day of the year.

Global hoaxers have already distorted almost everything, so you, many of you, cannot interpret reality. That is what the liars want. But now they, pseudo scientific politicians and non-scientific writers (there are no “climate change” scientists writing anything about warming etc.); now they deflect with covid-19. They work together. The intermediate goal is chaos.

I do not claim this is a conspiracy. Each person working for this deception has his or her own gains to be made and most workers simply regurgitate without thinking what they are told.

Remember climate “people” claim the earth temperatures have increased as much as 2.1 degrees, over the last 10 years. This is an average of .21 degrees per year, according to writers, study groups, reporters, but not a single sliver of evidence by measure. It is impossible to note increase, when there is nothing with one which one can show a comparative.

It is like saying, we are now harvesting more apples this year than oranges last year, therefore….

You see, there can be no therefore, or effect, because the change cannot be shown. There could be another variable to complete the apples and oranges claim, and if there were another variable that made an actual comparison of last year’s harvest, or total volume of harvest, or how the apple and orange harvest could be shown to be related, then there may actually be a cause-and-effect that can be measured to show change of something. The missing variable, however, is not identified by the generality of “normal”. “Normal” is nothing therefore “normal” cannot be a cause or even a variable in cause-and-effect.

Ah, but this is why liars use “normal”. They do not want it known that science is discarded by their fraud. Normal is a narrow-minded approach to create a narrow pseudo comparative thus opening doors for models that completely reject unwanted data, but contain fake effects without a connection to cause. Cause is then used to generate fear and dependence, and knowledge slavery that always leads to actual slavery. The postulate, ‘the thought is father to the deed’ is correct but also means a thought placed by another can be the father  to your deed. 

The thought placed in your mind, of acquiring something for nothing; no efforts of your own, roots dependence in your mind that will cause you, yourself to create your own slavery.

So, let us take that daily average of just one month, this month of March, 2020, that had average temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below AVERAGE.

We will add a full .21 degrees for the whole year, remembering, that the “normal” is silly if not outright, preposterous in that there is no effect when causal is nonexistent “normal”. Remember also there is deceptive purpose to create dependence of knowledge and misinformation by the refusal to measure in the same ways, apples with apples or, as in this case, average daily temperatures this year with the average daily temperatures of 10 years ago and all succeeding years to date.

Ask morons bob Evans and company when they started using non-scientific terms and words such as “normal”.

Even though I say (and proof shows) there is a drop in daily average temperatures every month, taking an average daily temperature, in only one month, March 2020, and using only a part of the daily average temperature, we can see the real comparison shows a very string decrease in temperatures across all spectrum sand measurements.

Using only decreases in daily high averages, for just one month, even though there were numerous months with below average temperatures, dropping the daily average high by 10 to 20 degrees, or on average 15 degrees per day, produces a drop of 15 degrees for the month, lowering the yearly average by 1.25 degrees, considering all other months measured consistent monthly averages.

Compared with .21 yearly “increase”, the change in daily average temperatures actually drops the yearly average, drastically.

1.25 yearly average decrease

0.21 degrees increase


1.04 decrease

1.04 decrease shows a net of 1.04 degrees drop for the year, almost half of the fraudulently claimed 10 year total increase of 2.1 degrees.

It will certainly be argued that this is just here while everywhere else it is hotter. No, they have been arguing it is hotter here, and it is also colder everywhere.

And years leading up to this year have been cold, below averages.

In one real year, the actual decrease in the yearly average wipes out half the overall 10 year fake-science of “normal” increase.

I am sure the last three years will show the same, and that would drop the ten year fraudulently claimed increase in 2.1 degrees to 3.73 degrees over three years minus 2.1 degrees, equals a net of 1.65 degree drop over ten years.

One collection of data is that they are lying about how they present cause-and-effect.

Remember, this is not taking into consideration; into our equation, that daily AVERAGE temperatures have been discarded and information of how we used to measure temperatures has been altered for the express purpose of discarding cooler temperatures and creating a crisis in the minds of the uneducated masses.

I do mean uneducated. Our children were taught “common sense”. What is common sense?

It is simple science: cause and effect.

If you are riding your horse home at night, and you whip it to run faster in the dark, you increase your chance of getting knocked off by a low hanging branch. Getting knocked off a horse can be bad.

Measuring daily average temperatures for 100 years one way, and then measuring it different for the last ten years, is ant-scientific in and of itself, enough, but when it is done purposely to show the opposite of truth, it is evil. 50 years ago, 100 years ago, students taught cause and effect science, would have known the deception.

With measuring daily averages and daily high and low averages, for the last 10 years the data would show, a decrease in “global” temperatures, not an increase. This is the reality the global tyranny advocates hide from, YOU.

Average yearly temperature, 10 years ago, as the global warming caretakers claim, was 55.92 degrees.

Average yearly temperature, today, is 56.44 degrees, they also claim. That is not a 2.1 degree increase. They are deceiving us, well, you, many more ways than you think. It is meant to cause mental anguish. You sub-conscious picks it up.

But, drop the average daily temperature just one degree for every day of March 2020, and the new yearly average is 53.94 degrees. This is almost a full degree drop in yearly average temperature, in one year. That is very drastic compared to the bogus hocus-pocus drop over ten years, the global hoaxers claim. Each year the global hoaxers start with a new normal, never the average.

Now drop the temperature in March a full 10 degrees every day and the yearly average crashes because it is so low.

This is how numbers work, but don’t let global hoaxers hear you ask about daily mean: the scientific word for average. Don’t let them hear you as about yearly mean temperatures factoring in in daily means. They have to sickness of mind manifest in the audacity to call you un-scientific or dumb, or whatever suits their narrow minds and souls.

In reality there are a number of other variables, such as collecting and collating as much data as possible, say, over 100 years. Collecting and collating 100 years of temperatures is not “normal”. It is scientific methodology at work, but not subjective to political supra-national bankers’ designs.

In reality, I have not factored in the daily average temperatures for every month, including summer months, which are dropping everywhere. Again, cooler mornings compared to 10, 50 and 100 years ago, and the days cool off earlier than 10, 50, 100 years ago.

Yearly average, with just a 10 day, 10 degree drop in March, is 55.6 degrees.

This is the reality without factoring in numerous real variables that the globalists have discarded, which they go to great lengths to eliminate.

How fortunate and convenient, at this very juncture when we, across America, have experienced a drastically colder March.

You can bet there will be no more future mention of March as a coldest March on record, but they will go on from this moment as if nobody remembers March.

My disclaimer is not that I calculated this scenario with all variables. With all variables the average daily, monthly, and yearly temperatures would show a drop.

Covid-19, a media-enhanced crisis, is the deflection, distraction, and distortion of globalist, bolshevik/progressives’ manipulation of the masses.

I might add, that if one “victim” of covid-19, in Utah, was sickly for years, 80 years old, and died of “covid-19 related illness”, the same is true throughout the world where thousands have died from covid-19 related illnesses, meaning they died of other causes, and we are being lied to excessively to continue the enslavement of the world.


Truth and injustice for Michael Brown:

Without an honest search for and acceptance of truth there is no justice for Michael Brown. In reality there can be no justice for Michael Brown. The justice we seek, and the purpose of justice is to insure deterrence for future effects of the cause.

There will never be justice for the other Michael Browns to follow if effect is not attached to the correct cause. Justice is not preemptive so we cannot create justice for no crimes committed. It is a fallacy that we can create justice for the future Michael Browns, without acceptance of the cause of the effect.

This justice depends on how the people decide to see Michael Brown. If they choose to see Michael Brown as a victim who just happened to trip and rob a store: a suffering victim who accidentally initiated violence and resistance for cause of his own making; a victim who accidentally found a gun lying around in another’s holster, and decided to exempt himself from lawful constraints, then there will be no justice and no prevention for other Michael Browns.

How do we address the problem of an unauthorized hand reaching into another’s property to take a gun that belongs to a representative of OUR law, if we do not see it; if we ignore it? How can we stop the hand of the next Michael Brown from unauthorized taking of another’s property? If you do not see the reality, you will never see the just and fair results of the actual causes.

Michael Brown committed numerous crimes in the process of bringing lawful response upon himself, and others also will unless you and those in charge of justice see the reality and truth.

The truth is that Michael Brown reached where he should not have reached. Michael Brown seized upon another’s property: attempted theft. Michael Brown resisted arrest that would have executed justice in the field and delivered Brown to justice in the courts. Brown committed the crime of threatening by word and action, reaching for a weapon that showed his intent and commitment to criminal activity. Michael Brown committed the crime of assault. All these things are not the actions of a victim.

Michael Brown tried to act above the law, with a representative of the law, hired to execute the law, and Michael Brown paid for his crimes immediately and to a degree far greater than he would have, had he not committed crimes that led to other crimes, and resistance to law for accountability to his crimes.

All crimes committed were done so by Michael Brown, and he paid dearly  for his own actions, with his own demise.

Who is next?

Who is next, if reality is not addressed?

How do we stop the hand of the next Michael Brown from attempted theft, assault and murder if we do not face the facts of this case honestly?

Do we spend time and money attacking ownership and representation of the law, or do we ask questions such as why young black males die by the thousands every year? Is there something in the way they live their lives that can be changed? Why are people so distracted from the cause and effects? Why are some people trying to change things that will not make a difference for the future Michael Browns? 

I can be cruel and say that Michael Brown, a thug, thief and violent criminal got what he deserves. Michael Brown’s pain is done, gone, non existent now, but the residual pain belongs to others: others who will experience the same if the causes are not addressed. Misdirected effort addressing the wrong cause of twisted effects is the problem. For whom do the protestors and media rage now, themselves?

This event affects every American because the corrupt media and lobby groups, and black puppet masters want it that way.

We can lament the loss of another young black male to the oppressive white male, if it were true. But in spite of twisted media and exploitive politicians and public figures: political whores who twist cause to injure the innocent, most of America knows the truth but is held hostage to the cause and effect misalignment of those laying disconnected blame.

The white male, not only is not to blame, but the white male is being vilified for crimes not committed by those males.

Imaginary crimes hide the reality, and those who point twisted and maiming fingers at others are to blame: and to be blamed for the next Michael Browns.

There will be more.

What the dem/libs and black puppeteers want is for black citizens, regular working people, to not know that white America laments the loss of another young black male, another fellow American: an American first but black only to users and exploiters of mankind. Most Americans see all others as Americans first, but the exploiters and users of others’ energy and lives work to suppress that reality, for their own gain.

Even as I write this, that “white America “ laments the loss, I feel sick to my stomach that I am forced to identify color identity exists. It is that way because a very small minority of manipulative liars and exploiters who avoid; who distract and deflect from cause, want it that way.

Michael Brown, to me, and almost all Americans, was a wayward youth, who was not held accountable through various levels of criminal activity, reported as a career criminal, as he was, because unaccountability causes escalation.

Those who distract and deflect from the reality and use “race” as a tool, are partially guilty of Brown’s death, but will be more guilty of future deaths of similar circumstances.

The black puppeteers use pain, anger, and misinformation to extort black Americans to do foolish things.

Ignoring the facts; facts the Grand Jury had to accept, is the dem/lib, distraction, deflection, color-fabrication, and cause-and-effect fracture at work.

The black puppeteers and dem/libs want anger and emotion ruling the black population because it keeps them ignorant and exploitable. They want it for all Americans.

There is anger and pain in the whole of America but the black agitators, democrat politicians, and lying liberal media do not want Americas’ pain known. There is outrage in the whole of America, in the whole American society, but who is addressing the cause honestly and who is torturing and mutilating reality?

An agenda always takes people away from the truth, unless it is the agenda of discovering, knowing, and living by truth: cause and effect.

Many refute the idea that Michael Brown was acting criminally. Some claim he was driven to extremes. Was he driven to an extreme to reach for a police officer’s gun, another’s property?

Was Brown “driven” to an extreme when simple obedience to an officer of OUR law, would have changed everything? Was Brown driven to many steps in disobedience and premeditated danger to another, others, and that he magically did not know this reality?

How can anyone know what was in Brown’s mind, enough to claim he was not in the process of extricating himself from an accountability situation with the intended harm of another, and fully cognizant of the danger and destruction he planned to inflict upon another, and others. Brown had already inflicted pain and assault on another, so it was generally accepted he was quite prepared to do the same to the officer of OUR law, and others who would follow.

Brown’s demeanor and desires were then, and are today, irrefutably obvious and anyone who says otherwise is deflecting, distracting and torturing and mutilating truth.

The liberal misfits want to blame something other than themselves for Michael Brown’s death, and expect others to turn a blind eye to the truths of this case, and so many others, as they do.

Who is responsible for Michael Brown’s young demise, society? Why? Why is society blamed for so many anomalies and crimes society did not commit? Who is responsible? Brown is responsible for his own actions.

Who is responsible for the next deaths that surely will follow the disconnect of cause and effect?

Will the liberals and demented politicians who deflect and distract be held accountable for misleading Americans to disconnected results they themselves bring upon themselves? Those who distract, deflect, scourge and mutilate truth: the cause and effect they tried to blame on the innocent, are irrefutably responsible to some degree, but those they blame are not.

A tsunami just hit the coast and some look at waves as being the problem. Others claim it is underwater currents that cause big waves. Liberals protest and lobby to make big waves and underwater currents illegal. Meanwhile many see waves as a result of bigger problems: the problem of underwater ocean floor mining, that dem/libs cause. Moving earth underwater causes underwater earthquakes, which cause tsunamis, but the liberals, who actually gain by the demise of coastal areas, employment in disaster management, deflect, distract, torture and mutilate truth. Liberals blame a particular tsunami on a big wave they saw two years ago, thinking, hoping beyond rationale that the two are related. When questioned they blame a different wave, and then a different one, and then another and another, until the search for the cause is lost.

Dem/libs definitely deflect and distract from all truth because one truth leads to another. This is obvious with the crazy, unsubstantiated stories and causes dem/libs identify, whites, for example, as the cause of one American black man’s sociopathy and disconnect from cause-and-effect.

The tsunami of death that will follow will be the bloody hands of dem/libs, progressives and demon-crat politicians. If the causes can be identified honestly, and change effected, the results of deaths that will surely follow and threaten all Americans can be halted.

But death will follow because people lie for reason, and the reason unbeknownst to almost all, is that the dem/libs want the death, destruction, chaos and division they propagate, otherwise they would not knowingly lie about the causes and effects. They know. Dem/lib deflections, distractions, torture and mutilation of cause-and-effect: an actual attack on truth, is the direct cause of impending and unstoppable societal destruction.