Letter to Amanda Clarke, Associate Director NGA Office of Meeting Management


“I remember when Governor Leavitt gave Steve Young the 1,000 Points of Light Award. I recorded it. 1,000 Points of Light is Illuminati, old Babylonian mysticism,  Priests of Moloch, child sacrifice.

Is that the National Governors’ Association direction? This so-called Covid, draconian imposition, makes it seem that way.

You may think this is a jump, or stretch, or whatever, but there must surely be a reason the “association” meets behind closed doors. Who do they really work for?

Who the hell does that bastard Governor Gary Herbert think he is, shutting down people’s lives? Who told that dictator to do that, we, the people? Do you know what representation means? Never again. NEVER AGAIN.

Covid is a scam. Quo bono? Fear is a tool of those with evil intents!

Do you know who you work for?

We, the People, want the truth.

The governors, communist Chinese, and globalist bankers profit from this fraud. Is this a cabal? Are you part of it?

I want to know by what authority Herbert et al, issued his dictates. How is it that almost all governors knew what to do, the same things, to shut down our lives? Secret combinations, meetings?

Herbert lied regarding the very first Covid death. Go back and read the article in which he added his heart-felt, priests of moloch, condolences, for a man who was on his death bed for two years, was 80 years old, and suffered numerous near-death events from pneumonia and other ailments. Read the article issued by Utah Health. Are you smart enough to read between the lines or not, or do you turn a blind eye for money?

Why did Herbert have to contribute to the deception? Liars know they must lie. 

Herbert’s was a big step, a big gamble for he and the others. Never again, and we want the truth. 

Regulation, registration, denial, genocide. You are part of it. People have died as a result of this tyranny.

You are part of it. Nice smiles cover deep evil, for ignorant people.

I am not presuming you are knowledgeable regarding the evil of this twisted organization that lies to destroy, however If you are, you lose too. If you do not know the goals of this Association,  consider yourself one of the ignorant masses: one that will be discarded by your masters one day. Study history and you will know.