Re: "THE FACTS", response to an article published on Craigslist Las Vegas politics section

Re: “FACTS”.

That is just too funny. Fabrication after fabrication and nothing that can be called evidence from witnesses that witnessed nothing, and the dem/libs put on a clown show that they have something. Welcome to dem/lib la-la-land. What is on the dem/lib wish list this month, week, minute?

The clowns would be funny if we did not have a historical reference, actually many, to draw from. We draw from history, like the founding fathers who witnessed a revolutionary war. Thy were in it, with their own sacrifices, unlike our enemies in the democrat party who, with no remorse or conscience, risk others’ lives and manipulate others to action the democrat cowards shrink from. These are dangerous days. The dem/libs would slaughter all who oppose them if they could get away with it. If you do not believe that consider the attacks and calls for jail and punitive measures for no crimes committed. How many scores, if not hundreds of dem/libs have called for President Trump to be jailed, yet there is no criminal conviction, no trial to follow accusations, no formal accusations in a court of law by a prosecutor, and no real charges. Witnesses who witness nothing, a million of them, 50 million, does not add up to one single fact or accusatory reality. How stupid can dem/libs get?

But, wait, this is not a matter of stupidity. It is a matter of utter contempt for OUR representative process, such as the bolsheviks in early 20th century Russia and Europe. 

The democrat party is following the bolshevik plan quite closely. There is a connection of the progressive movement infiltrating the democrat party with backing and training from the worldwide bolshevik organization. I have found a bolshevik connection to Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House, who was not a colonel nor American. He was a bolshevik agent. But to be fair, I am still investigating and cannot cite references. We must remember, the victors write history. I have questioned Abrham Lincoln’s son’s death, while Lincoln was in the Whitehouse. Is it possible Tad was murdered? Would this explain why Abraham’s wife, Mary, went insane? Did Abraham know his days were numbered? Did he not mention that if he could keep the union together and free, “…not one slave, I would do it.”? Was he pushed, by Tad’s death to “free” the slaves of America?

I believe Abraham Lincoln had the highest motives and realized there were few things he could do. Perhaps it was a matter of negotiation. It is hard to imagine subversives in Lincoln’s administration or politicians of the day would want to fee slaves, but I am sure there was something Lincoln had to give up. Maybe he negotiated to free the slaves and it was a matter of his life for that. I am sure he knew his days were numbered. Furthermore, I do not believe he was murdered by John Wilkes Booth. The chase that ensued would be a comedy such as we would see in a cartoon, the ghost right behind the fleeing character, and never catching Booth. Lincoln wanted to treat “our American brothers with respect and care. He was murdered so the deep state of the day, whoever they were, could ravish and exploit the south under Marshall Law. 

I believe Lincoln knew the ravishment would follow but he, in his wisdom knew the greatest victory was keeping America together. I would, perhaps, argue that was not the most important goal of the day, but I was not president.

I have written at length regarding this issue. I had a website, and it was shut down by a Jamie Putnam Inscore. I have tried to get it restored and have an attorney looking into it.

Many truths have been written out of history, including who many agents influencing American representation were, and are.

The only true witnesses to the President Trump phone call with The President of Ukraine is President Trump, President Zelensky, and Mike Pompeo the Secretary of State. Pompeo confirmed what both Trump and Zelensky said.

The clowns in the democrat party want to claim someone was lying but they have not tried to question any of the three real witnesses to check for consistencies in their stories. The flip-flop, again, is that witnesses are ignored because the truth of their reports does not support democrats’ hate, while the clown parade of fake witnesses is made to be more credible that it could possibly be. The innocent suffer and are punished for the crimes democrats commit. It is satanic ritualism on a grand scale. The democrats may or may not all be satanists, but that is not the point. They worship the evil that gives them gain at others’ expense. It is their own evil, their own godhood they worship, electing themselves above others in a twisted injustice they hide in the open. Whether Satan exists or not is also irrelevant. The democrats, liberals and progressives worship the power they have, regardless of the source, and they bow to it because it gives them gain. The actual sacrifice is something one of them reject, but turn a blind eye to it because gain is their priority. There are a a number of republican politicians in this group, Mitt, Willard, Pierre Delecto, Romney is one. The evil in this fiend’s mind would be shocking. To lie and join the prosecution of evil against the innocent, such as Romney enjoins, is tantamount to preparations for genocide. Genocide has always been executed by governments; governments doing what the democrat party, a handful of republicans, and liberals and progressive bolsheviks behind the scenes. The flip-flop of innocence and guilt, treason and patriotism, is a media fabrication and characteristic of tyranny.

While democrats claim facts are forthcoming from witnesses the lies are obvious. None of the so-called democrat-produced witnesses witnessed anything, rendering their status as hearsay. Hearsay is often irritating to justices who never fail to throw hearsay out of the court, except of course where bolshevik take-overs and democrat/liberal political aims supersede justice. The second mountain of lies is that the non-witnesses paraded out by the democrat anti-representatives can claim a single fact. None of the democrat interviewees can claim they have fact when they witnessed nothing.

This is a simple principle being slaughtered, and flipped on its head by dem/libs to give themselves impunity and immunity from scrutiny.

The bolsheviks throughout history, spawned from ancient Babylon through Khazaria, have twisted morality so it is legal to punish the innocent, such as children born and yet unborn, and illegal to punish murderers. It is only beginning but this is the genocidal mania of bolshevism, tyranny and democracy.

So, the “facts” are not facts at all. At best the democrat party agents of flipping and flopping are agents of hearsay: propaganda. It is an exercise in manipulating public opinion. But why? While President Trump holds rallies that a democrat politician has never been able to match, Antifa and other agents of violence and chaos operate under the purview of the bolsheviks behind the scenes.

Bolshevik-dick, the agent of regurgitation of numerous articles, claims the “hearings were open to both sides in the congress”. That is simply not true. Adam Schiff has refused some republican party witnesses, real witnesses We, the People want. What makes a one-sided witness questioning session open to both sides?

Schiff has also silenced some questioning by republican representatives with a pre-emptive list of questions not allowed.

Imagine being charged with murder, dragged into court, and the prosecution has recruited and bribed the judge. Your attorney presents a list of witnesses that witnessed you in a different place at the same time as the crime. But the judge says no, you cannot have those witnesses testify. Welcome to un-America where you are presumed guilty and punished by a biased judiciary. Who backs such a just-us system and what is the goal of injustice against certain groups and cross-sections? Who did the bolsheviks slaughter in early 20th century Russia? Those who opposed.

The democrats have not one single witness, but they pretend their agents of the coup against America have credibility. Again, a flip flop of reality and fallacy.

Bolshevik-dick continues with the charade, “Fact – Now that the hearings are going to be public , they don’t want them public”

Who is they? This is a chaotic claim made to inject confusion. A tactic of tyranny is to create havoc, offer solutions, manage and seize control by subverting the rights of the citizenry.  It is a fallacy, a socialist lie, that rights are lost. Rights are not lost, they are transferred.. 

Furthermore, these are not hearings. That is just another big lie tyranny uses. It reduces reality to speculation while maintaining the language of justice. A hearing qualifies as a hearing when all are equal before the law. American tradition is not just family stuff, hunting rights, thanksgiving, rather much bigger and ultimately more significant.

American tradition encompasses unique American traditions such as presumption of innocence, especially rights to one’s day in court to maintain innocence. I did describe this as a day to maintain one’s presumption of innocence. It might sound odd because we have been conditioned to consider a trip to court as one’s right to prove one’s innocence. That is a flip-flop, again, of the reality of a Constitutional Republic undermined to a lowly, sub-standard of freedom, democratic tyranny.

A day in court for one accused is not, as bolshevik/globalist tyranny has tried to claim for decades, to prove one’s innocence. That term is a fabrication meant to seize the rights of the masses who have guarantees, and transfer these rights to those who accuse, specifically agents of tyranny trying to seize totalitarian control.

In congress the democrats have given themselves more rights, at the expense of the true representatives of We, the People, including the majority of democrat party representatives.

Let us look at another “fact”. Dick claims, “Fact – Every single person testifying have confirmed the whistle blowers claims”. No, not in the least.

Before we dissect and slaughter the fallacy of another dem/lib “fact”, let us look at the sub-standard grammar and communicative skills of the invading globalist, subverter of OUR representative guarantees. I do this because I want you, dear readers, to know you are dealing with sub-human morons who cannot possibly know anything they claim. It is just another arrow stuck in their heads, easily seen, witnessed by those who wonder how morons can rule. Dick uses a plural of the verb to have when referring to singular in the same sentence. From what country does dick originate, Russia?

Every single person cannot be considered to be testifying when every single person is not a witness. Every single person the democrats have dragged to yak and fabricate credibility from fraudulent speculation, is an agent of hearsay: propaganda. It is specifically democrat, bolshevik, progressive globalist/banker propaganda.

The second arrow of near-illiteracy bolshevik-dick expresses is his/her/its inability to recognize possessive grammar. Are there more than one whistle blower, as in whistle blowers, plural? Or do the claims presented by a single whistle blower belong to the whistle blower? The correct form would be a single whistle blower’s claims. More moronic, sub-human idiocy by dem/lib agents with little education, but ability to regurgitate centralized propaganda to manipulate the masses far from central government. The bolsheviks, democrats care not where violence erupts as long as congress, the oligarchy of a handful who have seized total control of OUR representative self-governing body. This is hanging seriousness for the agents who have un-represented over one hundred million Americans: Pelosi, Schumer, Romney, Schiff, Hatch, McAdams, Cannon, Feinstein, Harry Reid, Obama, Rice, Holder, the clintons, and all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men in the media.

The question you, dear readers, democrat-party supporting citizens, and republic-oriented citizens, must ask is, do we want rulership from bankers in foreign countries, when it is bad enough from pseudo-representatives closer to our homes?

The goal of democrat politicians executing this fraudulent, unjust inquiry is to transfer rule to a foreign entity, and reduce our rights in the chaos and distance. Can dick present one fact the non-witnesses have drawn from their bolshevik wish-list? Not a single fact exists in any of the fallacious testimonies.

The rest of bolshevik-dick’s claims are all terribly dishonest and manipulative. Again, what is the purpose but to manipulate the ignorant masses to violence. It is coming. Witness, for yourselves, the slaughter of decency and truth in democrat city controlled enclaves. There is a real devilish connection of feces (in the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and all democrat party controlled cities. There is a connection of the growing sacrifice, child murder (abortion and now after-birth sacrifice) to ancient Babylon and genocide. The succession of Babylonian traditions of gore, blood, filth and murder have continued throughout history but, again, history is written by the victors. The only thing standing in the way of global genocide by the bolsheviks is the American tradition of justice, rule of law, and representative self-governance.

So, without dissecting and slaughtering every claim the bolshevik agent provocateur has made, it can be said that every claim, every sentence and word bolshevik-dick has made in the “FACTS” commentary is a lie.

I can easily write that democrats, liberals and progressives, all changeling agents of bolshevik/globalist, banker/gangster tyranny lie in every thing they say and write. One lie must be covered by another lie, and the last thing evil wants or can afford is for one truth to be revealed because one truth leads to others. My favorite example is the reality that America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. What truth would this knowledge reveal, one may ask. Why did the founding fathers reject democracy? What limitations, problems and evils did the founding fathers find in the fallacy of democracy?

Now we can carry this further to hundreds and thousands of truths dem/libs have been trying to write out of history, and OUR American traditions of freedom. It is all part of a massive, murderous, global scheme to reduce the world’s population, by murder and genocide, to half a billion people, and totally enslave those the rulers identify as lesser beings.

Welcome to reality. You and I, and 15/16ths of mankind, have been marked and tagged for elimination, and the democrats are working to subvert the last vestige of rights, freedoms, and power for mankind. They are agents of devilish, slaughter, judges of moloch in black robes ruling a puppet government to gain impunity while executing the grossest evils against mankind, you and I.