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Deaths due to starvation and bad food and water, because of dead economy

Are the dem/libs not the ones most interested in children? Are dem/libs not the party of killing infants? Are democrats not the party of feeding the hungry children? Do democrats propose to feed children cardboard?

What if China over stated the seriousness? Would that cause a world panic and destroy the American economy? Looks like the globalist/marxists and China are in the process of destroying the American economy and accomplishing their world dominance, enslaving goals.

Comparing the coronavirus, covid19, to any bubonic plague pandemic, 

6th and 7th centuries

1347 to 1351

1360 to 1363

3/xx/20, 3:30 pm: Nyc 3600 cases with 22 deaths

1918 nyc more than 90,000 afflicted, 12,000 deaths

The mortality rate 13.3 percent.

Total population approximately 5.4 million, 90,000 ill,  1.67 percent of all people afflicted.

If you had a stadium with 50,000 people, in New York in 1918, approximately 835 would be afflicted with Spanish Flu and 83.3 people would die.

First case of covid-19 in New York city was March 1st.

Which is an epidemic?

Comparatively, in a stadium of 50,000 people, in New York City, today, 20.68 would be afflicted and .12 people would die.

Today mortality rate is .061 percent

In a city of population today 8.7 million, 3600 ill, .0041 percent of the total population is afflicted

The difference is not close. The ratio is 694 to 1.

Utah as of late afternoon March 19th, 2020. Zero deaths. In a Stadium of 50,000 people, ZERO would die. In a stadium of 500,000 people, ZEEEERO would die. Is this an epidemic?

Who the hell does Governor Herbert think he is!

This is an attack on our rights. Divido et impero not only applies to dividing the prospective conquerees, it applies to dividing from attackers  and compartmentalizing attackers with attacks.

The globalists have operated for decades to enslave the world. Marxist tactics are obtuse: stop dialogue and congregating of people, and put countries into debt.

President Trump appears to be on the side of We, the People, at least from the republic-oriented and conservative perspective, but he is doing his part.

The Spanish flu was known predominantly as the three day flu because from the time that symptoms occurred to the time death or recovery occurred, for most people, the flu ran its course in three days.

How long are people suffering with coronavirus?

In Utah, it was reported that Gobert, a Utah Jazz basketball player, had the affliction. March 11th 2020 NEWS reported Rudy Gobert tested positive for covid-19. Has he died? Is he deathly ill? Of course this is anecdotal, one person, maybe a very strong individual, has tested positive. Did he turn blue and black, and die within three days like victims of Spanish Flu did? Many deaths occurred within 24 hours of signs and symptoms. Seems more like poisoning, in my opinion.

As of this moment, according to reports, there are approximately 6,500 reported cases and 109 deaths.

As of March 23, 2020, in a country of 330 million 31,500 infections, if that is what they are, is nothing. However, there are other factors and variables that should be included in this number and, especially, in the number of deaths.

As of March 23 2020, in the the United States it is reported there are 400 deaths.

Let us look at one example. I know one example is anecdotal, not statistical, but this one death in Utah reflects a lot of the same rhetoric throughout America, and exposes the fraud.

Do not be up in arms when I refer to authority and those reporting as frauds. Everybody in the human condition reports safely, to cover themselves from criticism and trouble.

A man in his 60s, in Utah is reported to have died March 23, 2020. The radio and television “NEWS” reports stated he died of coronavirus related disease.

Disease is a general term so the statement, the report starts on very shaky terms. The report added that the man died of coronavirus-related conditions. The report adds that the man has had a long history of pneumonia. It could just as easily be reported that the man died of pneumonia-related conditions, but the headline-seeking, head-hunters chose, instead, to turn the minimal condition into the major and the major condition into a mere contributor.

The man, the so-called victim, died of pneumonia, drowning in his own lungs.

But let us be even more specific. People do not die of pneumonia. People die when the heart stops pumping blood. In fact we all know the scenario of mortal difficulty people face every day. A person has brain damage, unconscious or in a coma, gone from cognition, but the heart still beats. Even when brain function is immeasurable, a heart can beat and that person is considered living, or to some, hardly living.

The man in Utah died of heart cessation.

This story, this report is doubly disturbing in that the family issued a statement. They referred to their family member as a good man, a server of others, and other things about his long-standing condition, but made no mention of coronavirus or circumstances they would want others to know for prevention.

Often hospital staff add details after the fact. I am sure if the family members of the passed man knew or had even heard he died of coronavirus, they would have been shocked and skeptical.

One thing is absolutely clear, the family made no mention of the man’s coronavirus case. I contend they did not because they had not heard he died of “coronavirus-related” conditions.

Why are we being deceived?

For perspective, let us look at malaria in the United States.

A new study published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene finds that now roughly 1,500 people are hospitalized each year in the U.S. with malaria. “We don’t know of any active transmission in the U.S. so we assume that these cases are all travelers or immigrants,” says Diana Khuu, an epidemiologist from the University of California, Los Angeles. Khuu and her colleagues analyzed national hospital admissions data from the years 2000 to 2014 and found far more malaria than they expected.”

Is it possible a significant number of so-called coronavirus cases and deaths are amongst the immigrant population? If so, why would the media not report this?

Let us look at the definition and the numbers.

By definition epidemic is, according to Merriam Webster dictionary: “affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time; excessively prevalent; contagious; characterized by very widespread growth or extent : of, relating to, or constituting an epidemic.”

“Testing positive” is not, according to definition, “affecting”.

Infections in America has reached 10,000. In a population of 330 million the ratio is one in 33,000. In a stadium of 50,000 people 1.5 people will be afflicted, but not necessarily affected. There are literally thousands of people in that same stadium with different afflictions. Are they considered epidemics? How many in a stadium of 50,000 will have the flu, or actually be “affected” by “flu” or have “flu” like conditions? Many

There will be hundreds if not thousands. How can this not be an epidemic but covid-19 is? Is it the media that has made this something out of nothing?

Italy, as of March 19th, takes the lead, over China, in regards to deaths and cases. The flu, influenza, is a poor measurement because both are considered influenza.

Ken Matthews,radio host stated, “it is amazing to look at what we have allowed to evolve, example the Mueller investigation.” 

Iran reports nothing, true to character, but estimates are

China, another tyranny with excessive inefficiency in all aspects of life and technology, reports, after three months, 

We already have modes for supporting those who lose their jobs. Why create government and industry/private sector businesses partnerships when those who lose their jobs can obtain relief.

Ken Matthews talking of abuse of power, but 


A trillion dollar stimulus Trump proposes. Other politicians trying to one up, propose more. Question what moron builds a house without knowing the price? What does a trillion dollar stimulus do?

If President Trump were to build a hotel, would he have an idea of the cost, the purposes and profit?

What happens with a trillion dollar stimulus if economy does not come back? Massive taxes?

So, did anyone calculate what needs to be done and what cost? Where is citizen input and representation? Why isTrump doing what he points out democrats do, ignore We, the People?

Why must we the people be forcibly put on the financial chopping block for financing this so-called stimulus? If dems are so adamant about making corporations pay, why not now?

What role does the FED ply? The FED under pressure has reduced interest rates, so we are told. It is a fraud. Interest is promised to be zero as long as, what? How long will interest be at 0? Who has so much money to lend? With a monthly revolving loan from the FED, a private supra-national corporation, bigger than combined nations and, a private globalist government, the very second it ends a trillion dollar loan, another trillion dollar debt is suddenly levied and interest is added and must be paid. This happens the day the fake epidemic is declared over.

But there is a problem. What if no recovery, no work, dead economy and stock market ? Another trillion dollar debt with no first amendment puts us right where international tyranny wants us, has anted us and has tried to outright transform our country, all along.

Divido et impero, divide and control can be utilized in many ways. The real tactic is unknown to most people. It is to dived tasks in a dialectic fashion as well as the now, hopefully obvious: divide tasks between agencies and entities.

Tyranny knows with registration guns are easily seized. The attack on the 2nd amendment was a distraction, that if it worked it was a bonus, and if it did not outright work, the real tactic would, and will. The real tactic is to seize NRA membership records and invade, seize and ruthlessly confiscate weapons one household at a time.. How can one citizen, who may have been vandalized and robbed, let others know when first amendment rights no longer exist? It s easy to seize records when firearms 

Easy to seize records when firearms threaten public officals’ abilities to serve the needs of a fake pandemic