Re: “John Bolton book”

Simple refutation for bolshevik-dick’s stupidity. He/she/it, and bolton, are simply

 fabricating more hearsay and rumor. Every claim and sentence in dick’s fabrication is a lie.

Liars cannot allow for one truth to be revealed because it leads to other truths. For example, America is not a democracy. We were established as a Constitutional Republic, and all democrat and liberal dogma we hear is based upon that misgiving, as well as other fallacies.

One person;’s claim is nothing in court, in legal circles, even in finding truth from a child. Bolton’s book amounts to a story a child would tell. I remember my brother would always begin his lies with, “…a guy I know…” Bolton’s book is about as intelligent and truthful as a child’s lies, except bolton claims he is the “guy” he knows.

Is the commentary more child-id stupidity from bolshevik-dick, agent provocateur extraordinaire, or is it purposeful misinformation?

Not a shred of evidence to implicate President Trump was witnessed, hence mo crime.

It is monarchy, tyranny and democracy that requires a subject to prove innocence. In our Constitutional Republic, self-governing representation, not democracy or tyranny, we are all presumed innocent.

What are democrats trying to do but trick Americans into giving up our presumed innocence, and set themselves up as absolute rulers: totalitarian maniacs.

I don’t need to read Bolton’s book to know it is hatred and lies. Bolton was not a witness to anything except rumor. Nobody in a country with individual guarantees to equality before the law is ever convicted on hearsay or rumor.

President Trump is getting America out of wars, as he promised, while Bolton is a democrat, political hit-man, If it tries to incriminate without evidence, like a bolshevik and if it demands punishment for no crimes committed or accused, like a bolshevik, it is a bolshevik. If it places party first, like a bolshevik war-monger, then it is a bolshevik war monger..

Sparta: the citizens had a statement regarding a Spartan soldier’s shield, “come back with your shield or on it.”

I invite you, dear fellow Americans to consider this: Spartans were slaves to a brutal, ruthless, society of constant war. They were constantly fighting to keep slaves, vassal states, and citizens controlled, and it cost Spartans dearly.

Bolton was rejected as a war hawk and his little ego is sore from getting spanked by the adult in the room: President Trump, and We, the People of the majority who elected him.

Yes, the majority. The democrats have cheated to win elections for at least 60 years. Who has control of vote counting mechanisms? Deep state, democrat party pals and conspirators.

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These “writers” on CL are paid, agent-morons, trying to trick you into surrendering your constitutionally guaranteed rights, as found in the only Bill of Rights in the world.


Regarding 70,000 sealed indictments and upcoming military tribunals.
The internet, youtube is so flooded with authors, writers, hosts, hostesses and sites talking about the Trump Administration invoking Martial Law and arresting thousands.
Q-anon is popular and seems to be leaking immeasurable information. From where does Q get it? Some go as far as claiming President Trump is Q.
One such site, like many others, declares numerous democrat politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as two of some 80 plus democrats targeted for arrest and detention, trial and possible execution in Guantanamo Bay.
Some of these reports are continuous updates of information that is wholly speculative: no proof or evidence that anyone has been arrested in spite of claims that some are already taken.
Much of the attention is due to an international pedophilia and child-kidnaping ring of innumerable people of position and influence, from Bill and Hillary Clinton traveling with Geoffrey Epstein to “child-rape” island on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”, to Bobby DeNiro being involved in a pedophilia ring s well. That could explain his hatred for Trump.
The news reports are innumerable implicating both Podestas, Clintons, Obamas, and approximately 70,000 international figures.
I am not going to even think of listing names. You can find enough sickening news reports, from liberal news media itself, admitting to much of the criminal and treason activities of thousands.
There is a logistical problem, however. How many children have gone missing in the United States, never to turn up? Why are there no reports on the large numbers of missing that must surely be necessitated by the large numbers of hollywood, media and political persons involved?
Well, there are scan reports but I could find no FBI records of American children missing who are never found.
But, there is something to the influx of foreign children the politicians and media fail to report. The liberal media exposed the problem in simple reports and nobody put facts together.
The first child to die in ICE custody was a seven year old girl from Guatemala.
I am often amazed at how liars reveal themselves as liars and worse, and the magical mysterious liberal media reported numerous things that should have made people angry.
A simpleton, who obviously cannot look at facts and reality with a slight degree of deductive reasoning, an AFP “writer”, Henry Morales Arana, is quite possibly the dumbest “writer” for which I have made commentary. Even I am amazed at how totally missing from reality Arana’s fraudulent “report” is.
I often state, and truly believe, that often the lying liberal left-wing extremists, who often cause innocent death, are not as stupid as they appear to be. I think Arana, like most, if not all, dem/lib media is complicit in fraud, lying, corruption, selling children and other heinous crimes. Arana and his ilk have contributed to this child’s demise.
What you and all of us should find grossly grotesque is that Arana made no gestures that the father and mother, and agents who bought custody of a child for a political end, are not even slightly considered guilty of manslaughter.
What other heinous rimes against children do invaders perpetrate and the dem/libs condone, support, sponsor and partake?
Did the filth of the lying left-wing extremist media and politicians think their lies would not and could not be turned against them?
The media tried to blame ICE in an attempt to implicate President Trump’s policies, that he inherited from Obama.
The media claimed the father, Nerv Caal, was so absolutely ignorant, he signed a document that his child was in good condition, even though translators were present, used, and he knew his daughter was unconscious. How sick can the liberal media be for trying to blame anyone but the father? But who put this father, and others, to this dangerous quest, and what incentives could motivate an ignorant foreigner, incapable of communicating in a new country, to risk the life of his child over a murderous, 3,000 mile, trek?
Where was the mother? She was still in the village where they lived and the child’s body was flown to her home town after she died. What kind of mother would let a seven year old child out of her sight for a 3,000 kilometer hike? How did a mother come to agree to this? What recruitment promises were made and by whom?
Where is “investigative reporting” by the monsters of the liberal media? How on earth can the liberal media blame ICE when there are so many variables that contributed to this child’s death, including democrat politicians and their whore, the liberal media?
Consider this bit of information, as well. The sick media reports, “…her father Nerv Caal, 29, fled with her in hopes of finding work in the US.”
Really? What did Caal flee? Was it so bad that a child needed to be dragged along and put at risk of death? Was it so bad the mother could stay, and live, and eat?
Where is reasonable investigation in this attack on innocent ICE personnel who tried to save the child? And to rub salt in OUR wounds, the liberal media, Aranna reports, Nerv is seeking asylum: a reward for killing a child.
The question begs asking, What truths of other crimes against children moving across the border, are being suppressed by the leftist media?
There is a reason President Trump has been upgrading and expanding Guantanamo Bay, and there are executive orders, Military action and reports.
In many videos, still pictures, General Mattis can be seen standing with a small detachment of Marines. Captions and commentary claim the Marines are the President’s “security” arm of the services, and that this particular picture reveals Mattis with a 1,000 marines in Guantanamo. There is nothing to substantiate that claim. For all we know the picture could be Mattis with a platoon in Hawaii. There is, however, hours of footage showing Guantanamo Bay, a very secure military Installation, and military work expanding something, like a detention center.
I am inclined, however, to give some credibility to the reality that there is a movement afoot to clean up the corruption.
The talk, the so-called proof, the evidence, overwhelming spew of information exposes a massive campaign to convince followers that a Constitutional Republic is about to be restored, President Trump leading the way. The master chess player, Trump himself, has out smarted and anticipated his opponents and enemies.
For years I have read about FEMA camps and Wallmart stores being closed and turned into detention centers, for We, the People: the masses of deplorables the dem/lib/progressive/genocidal eugenicists hate. Is it [possible all this is going to be turned against the would-be-oppressors, the democrats, progressives, internationals and globalists?
Is it possible Trump knew beforehand that the democrats were going to cheat? Did he counter that, somehow?
Is it possible President Trump knows much much more of the slaughter, and buying and selling of children than the liberal media will report?
A simple trace may be a start to discovering truth.
The priests of Moloch, mentioned in the Bible during King Solomon’s reign, were infamous for child sacrifice. The practice of child sacrifice has been with mankind since the beginning. This practice and others, such as ritual murder, continued from Babylon and other mid-east countries of old, into a region and country, wiped clean from history, Khazaria. A small elitist group of Khazarians invaded Russia and slaughtered an estimated 30,000 Russians in what has been erroneously referred to as the Russian Revolution. The Bolsheviks, Khazarians from the early 1890s, tried exporting their crime syndicates to the world. They, of course had to make many changes so as to not be identified as murderous, genocidal bolsheviks or Khazarians. Solzhenitsyn speaks of the Russian revolution bering perpetrated by people who were not Russians.
Khazarians exported their hate and genocide to Germany as Antifa and to the U.S as progressives.
Today the priests of moloch, practices passed down from one generation to the next, still exist. Is this why the progressive-bolsheviks, of the democrat party, want children brought to their custody?
Where are the children that have streamed into America, with neither parent but by “political” agent? Have all these children been placed, recorded, categorized and coddled, or have some simply disappeared, by design, lost in the numbers, poor recordings and pruposeful confusion? They who promote this confusion are they who perpetrate crimes against humanity.
I will cut this short.
Either Trump is one of them, and that is why, with so much talk and chatter (no real evidence) Pelosi and Shumer, the vilest scum in America, next to the Clintons, Obamas, creepy Pedestas, Mueller, Comey, Feinstein, Hatch, Mia Love, Romney, Cannon, Lynch, Rice, Holder, Leavitt, Bushs, Matheson, and thousands of other ravagers of humanity. The list is long, maybe 70,000 indictments long.
Or, the alternative explanation is: Trump is actually doing what the overwhelming youtube information reports.
If Schumer and Pelosi, and others, are not arrested and in Guantanamo, then there is no validity to the claims that military tribunals are being executed, unless Schumer and Pelosi are still fighting against almost all of America. One would have to wonder, if there are arrests and indictments pending, why are they not trying to escape?
On the other hand, If Trump were Q, anon, whomever, whatever, as many have opined, one could make the argument that President Trump knows Americans are in a degree of despair and grave danger should the coup be successful. We all know democrats cheated to win elections. Most do not want to consider the reality that few democrats have ever truly won more than one election. I maintain the big names that continually get re-elected, are continually cheating and may have never won an election or only their first. The mechanism to perpetuate a democrat/liberal deep state is in place and has been for decades, if not centuries.
There is no way smart Californians would elect a sub-intelligent cretin like Maxine Waters. There is no way Californians would continually re-elect Pelosi or Governor Brown; not with the obvious destruction these two have done to California. And yet, in spite of anti-representation and open, obvious, plunder and sheer stupidity, these sub-humans are elected over and over. No way!
It is quite possible a noose is hanging over the heads of many, Schumer and Pelosi included, and they have little or no choice except to try and cause chaos to turn America into a blood bath so confusion can reign providing opportunity for the guilty parties to escape or eliminate their enemies. Many report President Trump has survived at least one attempt on his life.
I opined years ago that Candidate Trump would only fight against all odds, including the “New World Order” and innumerable hosts allied against We, the People, OUR Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and OUR legally, duly elected President, if he had his own army. One can see videos of President Trump with Marine detachments, and not CIA, FBI or Secret Secret Service.
It is a well known fact democrats kill and cannibalize their own, and more easily opponents.
To save America and Americans Trump needs to win the political war. Like any and all democrats and liberals anywhere the liberal media will cannibalize itself. Surely Trump knows this and is using it against them. This means he needs only one from the dem/lib media to turn on the others, and the dominoes fall, all in favor of We, the People, our guaranteed rights and freedoms, our duly elected President, and OUR Constitutional Republic.
It is a political battle of attrition, and we will win. The “leaders”; the enemies of OUR majority are already showing their growing “crazy”, turning against the masses who want safety and security for all, at OUR borders.
How brazen and sick must Pelosi and Schumer be to lie to the extent they do, about everything? And the media goes along because they are all afraid, of something.
We will know soon enough if there is something going on behind the scenes or if, as I have stated for years, there is a lot more power in OUR Constitution that continually holds tyranny at bay.


Can republicans and conservatives not report accurately? I have been listening to talk show hosts, reporters from NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox NEWS and watched and heard numerous interviews wherein the person being interviewed cannot get the situation correct.
Trey Gowdy, good man, in my opinion, was interviewed on Fox NEWS, January 11th 2019. He was asked a question and responded that, “…the democrats have said that they will not spend a dollar, not one dollar on a physical boundary…”.
He got the reality dead-wrong. A handful of democrats have seized control of the representative process and neutralized it to serve their personal purposes. They hate reality that does not serve themselves. Democrats in general have been silenced and all republican representatives are missing in action because of a take-over by two democrats who do not, cannot possibly represent the whole democrat party.
Border walls work.
Gowdy is correct regarding one aspect, that many democrats have changed their positions on border security. Even Pelosi and Schumer are only two of many who have, in recent past, spoken in favor of a wall and border security.
Many ask, what has changed’?
Democracy undermined and killed, by design, OUR American representative process. We are seeing full-blown, anti-representative, subversive, destructive, tyrannical democracy, as it always eventuates. We are witnessing a new control of massive power, against the will of We, the People, in the hands of a few self-serving, dishonest and disingenuous politicians: Schumer and Pelosi.
What changed is that American Constitutional Representation has been murdered by two tyrannical oligarchs: Schumer and Pelosi.
Those who side with these two traitors, artists of a soft coup against We, the People, have secret hopes for the spoils that We, the People, cannot see are being taken from our hands with every lie and fabrication the two devils speak.
This take-over is an unknown event in spite of it being done right before our eyes. The media presents a distraction from a coup, by the establishment, international banker/gangster-owned media itself and nobody has identified the seizure for what it is. The deep-state, establishment media is also owned and controlled by the same entities and “people” who own and control the FED. Find a documentary and watch it, “FEDERAL RESERVE 100 years of money for nothing.”

The secret government, the deep state, as it were; the non-governmental, unelected agencies that run the country, such as the privately owned FED, are connected with institutions of “learning” and innumerable corporations. This sinister cabal works to subvert justice, democracy, constitutional republic and all the freedoms individuals have under rule of constitutional law.
These subversive institutions are training our children and youth to be violent against us. Have you seen the youtube videos of violence on America’s campuses? Somebody is initiating and executing violence. It started and was flamed somehow by someone or something. What? If it originates in leftist campuses, and videos abound of leftists attacking, then someone or “something” (an institution, perhaps) is inciting and providing battleground.
It was an army of youth in China, under Maoist communism, that slaughtered scores of millions of middle-class, working, educated Chinese. Youth were lauded for killing their own parents because they were presumed guilty being the Chinese Bourgeois class.
You can find pictures of children with guns. Tell me, elucidate us all, how children can have a deep understanding of fairness, presumption of innocence, constitutional rights and guarantees. They are manipulated to be killing machines for the subversive governments, everywhere, and this dangerous ignorance is rising in America supported and paid for by the secret government that Pelosi and Schumer represent, in totalitarian opposition to everything lawful and fair for We, the People.
433 representatives and garely a single peep from any is the result of democratic tyranny seizing control of everything, right before our eyes, and nobody sees it. 
This organized destruction and violence is no different than what saw the ends of individual freedom for the masses in communist China, Bolshevik Russia, Cambodia, and all socialist/communist/monarchial, unrepresentative countries.
Social justice warriors are becoming what they were designed to be, an army of ignorant, manipulated, paid, destruction; easily prodded and manipulated by the globalist/dem/lib/progressive agent provocateurs, such as bolshevik-dick and moo-stank.
Find them and get them before they get you and/or your friends and family.
They are inciting violence with the bolshevik-backed liberal media.
What was Ferguson Missouri except sanctioned and incited violence against decent people, while government agencies, innumerable police forces did nothing. The various police forces and agencies are considered accomplices to crimes. Where is the justice?
The hammer is coming down on somebody, because the hammer is coming down. We have been divided along incorrect demarcations.
The battle is not democrat versus republican, as the media would have America believe. The contention is leftist, marxist tyranny of democracy; power held in the hands of two mobsters, against all others, especially and specifically, We, the People.
Violence is amongst us, and the only one who can make sure it is not you, is YOU.
Find the bolshevik traitors amongst you, and stop them.
We are at war. They declared war on America 100 years ago, when they thrashed the Senate, instituted illegal federal income tax, and invaded America as bolsheviks in Federal Reserve ledgers.

Re: VA being socialized medicine. Not a chance.

Re: VA being socialized medicine. Not a chance.
Socialized medicine is universal medicine, available to all. How does the VA make medicine, treatment, available to all?
You see how it works. The dem/libs think they are superior, and should rule. They want something for nothing. They are willing to lie, cheat, steal, change vocabulary, change our language and burn America to the ground to get what they want.
Like Julius Caesar who slaughtered half of Gaul to rule the other half, just so he could say he was ruler, the dem/libs today are on a path they can’t reverse.
Moose-twang, who I believe is bolshevik-dick anyway, an agent provocateur in either persona, would do the same. He/she/it digs for the most brazen, foolish, disconnected things to make a point from a lie, and expects nobody to challenge it.
To the dem/libs unchallenged “intelligence”, whether extorted or real, is a means to wealth. Expert = high pay, and they think they have superior intellect when they actually only have droning, imposed intelligence, measured and directed to serve the masters, the progressives who are bolsheviks in disguise, organizing liberals, organizing democrats, organizing democrat voters and social “justice” puppets.
So moosey picks a silly postulate and tries to apply it to sound smart, and make a case, extended beyond logic, no doubt, but he/she/it believes he/she/it will be unchallenged.
This is why I am attacked and shut down.
This is why dem/libs always resort to ad hominem attacks. Often they are befuddled when their intelligence is challenged, and they respond only as animals would, instinctively, attacking.
Socialized anything, by definition, is a service made available to the whole social structure. Universal is a bigger name for the same, meant to impress with visions of governmental grandiose. Who wants to be grand and who wants to serve?
To claim the VA is socialized medicine, anyway, is so far-fetched, it makes moosey/bolshevik-dick sound irreversibly and distinctively disconnected from reality.
Socialized medicine, or universal medicine, is hypothetically available to all while the opposite, the VA is medicine available exclusively, for a very small segment of the population. How is that socialized or universal when it fails to meet the basic parameter of the definition?
To claim that the VA is universal or a social structure service available to all, when it serves a very specific group, is really digging a hole in a pile of nothing: welcome to liberal la-la-land.
The dystopia and disconnect from liberals, moosey/bolshevik-dick specifically, is not just illogical and delusional, it reveals a degree of whacky brain function that dem/libs revere amongst themselves, and for which many have expanded their criminal thoughts to actions, and for which many will be charged and tried. Some will face execution for treason, the disconnect has dragged them so far from reality.
Trump has control of the military, and military tribunals are already taking place. Guantanamo Bay prison camp, for prisoners of war (a broad range during time of war, including Martial Law war measures), is being expanded. War decreed by Clintpn, Obama and Bush, places moosey/boshevik-dick in the company of traitors who will actually be charged (some already have been).
We are at war. Martial law rules. That is a reality I admit I do not want to acknowledge.
The dem/libs are quite fortunate that We, the People in the balanced middle, republicans and conservatives, adhere to rule of law. This means that even in a time when we, in power, could have eradicated dem/libs from the political/representative arena, we did not. How is it that democrat voters and liberals do not know this? Is it because they do not want to acknowledge that reality because they do not want to adhere to the same principle? Talking with democrat voters, ex-democrat voters, and liberals, one surely sees this reality.
We still consider our few democrat voting friends and neighbors, as decent people, manipulated to ignorance and slavery. Dependency is slavery, and that is what moosey/boshevik-dick promotes.
This is not to say that dem/libs, the agents and manipulators; the handlers and inciters of violence, will let go. They continue to instruct and direct their agents, moosey/bolshevik-dick, to mislead Americans with the most ridiculous claims and fabrications: propaganda.
We know antifa, truly bolshevism, murder and genocide, and other groups will be preparing for social strife they plan to incite to deflect from the crimes, arrests, detentions and trials of the truly treasonous establishment subversive government: themselves.
When we hear people say, ‘the government did it’, I ask, which government? My question to that comment always shocks democrat voters and liberals. I only wish they opened doors for more questions to wake them up to real;ity.
There are numerous governments in America. I will not discuss that now.
But you, dear fellow Americans, can blame President Trump for instituting Martial Law, if you decide to fool yourselves to continue your undeserved hatred for freedom of We, your neighbors, or you can accept the reality.
President Trump walked into a Presidency that already had Martial Law invoked, thanks to the globalists preceding: Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan.
If you, dear fellow Americans do not realize that you have a president that loves this country, including you crazy, whacky democrats and democrat ideology supporters, then too bad for your ignorance, but l;ucky for your existence and freedoms. You will not be held accountable for being stupid, but you will also not be considered useless eaters and eliminated, as the previous “presidents” had planned.
Moosey/bolshevik-dick knows this, that is why he/sh/it is very good at avoiding words that spark search, study, and knowledge.
No doubt moosey/bolshevik-dick would throw his neighbors to the lions if they were conservatives and/or republicans. That is because moosey/bolshevik-dick is a psycho, recruited and paid to sow division and hatred, leading to violence. That is who, what, the bolsheviks, communists, socialists, and all democracies desire.
We, conservatives and republicans would, however, not do the same. Sure, some would, but generally speaking my defense is for my community, all included, even the whacky dem/libs who might try to shoot me in the back for their political/ravaging/plunderous gains.
Sun Tzu’s many principles are being employed by President Trump, in opposition to others using the same principles. Obviously President Trump and his allies are better.
My guess is he was recruited and knew years in advance the enemies and the plan.
The real victory is to destroy the enemy and keep the country intact. Lincoln wanted this but the democrats and corrupt politicians of the day, in the north, had him killed so they could ravage the south. The South was right.
One principle expressed The Art of War is that it is easier to destroy a country, along with the army, and rule a broken economy and people, than it is to destroy the enemy and keep the country intact. Sic, Caesar and Gaul. Who is trying to destroy America by bringing in untold numbers of competitors to the workers’ market? Who, in effect is trying to destroy the economy? Who is pro-actively elevating ideological politics above security and safety of Americans? Who sets criminals and deadly people above Americans, and advocates for more destructive practices? Destruction of this country by these ruthless ideologies, in opposition to true principles of winning the hearts and minds of any population, places those who would employ these ideologies as the enemies.
Today, right now, even as I write this, President Trump has the power to arrest and detain, without trial, scores of thousands. Moosey/bolshevik-dick, qualifies.
But, It is the people of America that make America, and to keep America strong and intact, President Trump and the military government, are restraining themselves in spite of foolish, absolutely stupid, detractors and uninformed citizens (maybe moose-twang if he/she/it is not bolshevik-dick).
Bolshevik-dick will be caught and tried, eventually, or he/she/it will make the mistake of attacking someone, like myself, and take a beating. Bolshevik-dick faces another enemy, his/her/its handler/master. Often those in power resent their subordinates, and fear assassination so they eliminate those close to themselves. Often, to cover up conspiracies, treason, an attempted coup, mid-level agents are slaughtered.
All the violence is coming from the leftists, the democrats, the liberals, and the evil progressives. It will cost them more than they can inflict. Incidentally, there are leftists amongst the republicans. Romney, Hatch, Mia Love always and is a leftist working for bolshevism and genocide of the human race. She is not ignorant of this reality, just a fool that continues to make foolish decisions with scorpions that can do nothing but sting her and her family.
For those of you who may not believe the hammer is coming down, consider one reality and check out a few youtube videos.
G.W. Bush declared war on terror. That is a fact, a reality, an irrefutable piece of relevant history. Every single one of the democrats went along with Martial Law even though no single politician warned us war declarations include Martial Law measures, although not always full institution of Martial Law.
Neither Bush nor Barry rescinded it. In fact Barry added to it, with unfettered surveillance of Americans, totally against OUR rights; rights your republican and conservative neighbors would defend, for all Americans.
We are in a State of Martial Law., now. The challenge to you, dear democrat party friends and liberals; speaking to real neighbors and citizens, not the agent provocateurs masquerading as real people, is to find and report where the War on Terror ended or was terminated, or declared won. To find such a law, and it would have to be law, passed by Congress and signed by a President, you will prove me wrong, and yourself right, and then you will need not fear or worry that the warnings I present to you, are valid.
The videos I urge you to watch are too innumerable to list.
Go to youtube and search for the letters at the GHW Bush funeral. Search Q-anon, and let the information lead you where it will.
But listen and learn. Change your mind, for once, for a moment even, and let information into your thoughts. There is always more to learn.
Find Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Look at the principles. See how they have been applied by the leaders.
Consider this: Pelosi and the democrat party are willing to fight We, the People, and OUR President, on the issue of border security. They call it the wall, but that is a simple, political machination to mislead YOU from the reality that we are being invaded by those who want to gain our, YOUR resources. Many want YOUR money and wealth, for nothing. The issue is not “a wall”. The issue is OUR security and safety. That is the political battle being waged by both sides: a principle found in The Art of War.
Pelosi and the democrats are so excessively desperate to hang on to a shred of public notoriety, because they know the hammer will fall upon them should they lose favor with their very small, disappearing, and pretentiously-larger base.
87 to 93 percent of Americans, the latest polls show, want border security yet the democrats will hang everything on their own popularity, against the will of We, the People. Is that desperation? Why?
You will find, with the right searches, that part of the wall has already been constructed. Why has dem/lib media not reported this? Why does dem/lib media deceive you so?
You will find there are over 70,000 sealed indictments, totally legal according to America’s unique Martial Law standards. You will find pictures, videos of “prison barges” moving to Guantanamo Bay, with prisoners on board: Americans arrested and charged and facing tribunals.
Did President Trump know in advance that he would need the military to safely return America to Americans? YES. Did President Trump know in advance that the judiciary had been corrupted? YES. Did President Trump know there would be assassination attempts against his life? Yes. Did President know in advance he was walking into an attempted coup by a handful who intended to rule with iron fists? YES. Did President Trump have his own security? Surely.
Does President Trump have access to all NSA, CIA, military, FBI files? Does President Trump, then, know who is conspiring with “deep state” operatives in a failed coup?
READ and learn. Read you rights in the Bill of Rights. Report back to all of us, which rights are you willing to surrender, and to whom. Not a single republican or conservative has ever asked you to surrender your rights, but that necessity of tyranny is the basic premise of all democrat party, liberal, and progressive functions: to take from you.

Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?

Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?
A million so-called claims of a million staffers resigning is equal to zero, about the real value of anything a dem/lib claims.
One name is all we ask. Can bolshevik-dick give us one name with a quote, without lying, of course?
No? Providing substance to dem/lib claims has NEVER happened.
People beware, the bolsheviks, global tyranny embedded in the democrat party, will slaughter two thirds of America to rule the other third. They work with the U.N whose outright, bold, bodacious goal is to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. That means that 14 out of every fifteen people have got to be eliminated. Bill Gates and other so-called public personalities are big advocates of global genocide.
The goal is to reduce America to less than 100 million.
Take a look around you. Watch 2 out of every three people you see, be killed, by the bolsheviks, social justice warriors, antifa and other groups of destruction. Beware!
The invading treasonous bolshevik-dick to our board, here, in Boise, is not unusual and the agent provocateur is not a warrior for justice. He/she/it is not a conscientious citizen. He/she/it is not a friend of democracy, representation or fair and decent rule of law. Bolshevik-dick is not a friend to fair treatment for all found in presumption of innocence and innocent until PROVEN guilty. The bolsheviks in America, known as progressives, would do here what they have done in other countries for centuries, presume opposition guilty of political crimes, and murder hundreds of millions.
Bolshevik-dick is one of many agent provocateurs, paid to sow hatred, fear, misinformation and flip reality so the good people of the nation are eliminated and the evil ones rule with impunity.
We are witnessing an increasingly violent and growing body of citizens whipped to near frenzied states to kill. We see it already, everywhere. We have not yet experienced the violence and destruction antifa and the subversive progressives and bolsheviks are trying to create because we are a divided nation. The division, however, is a matter of misinformation by the bolsheviks who rule the subversive entities such as the liberal/communist mainstream media, the CIA, NSA and other fascist/communist agencies. Everything in OUR government and non-governmental ruling bodies has been infiltrated and almost completely commandeered by the subversive, globalist tyrannies. America is close to a fall.
But America has a few aces in our hand and this is what keeps the antifa fascists, and the backward-progressives at bay. These enemies of We, the People; enemies of our governmental self-rule, want violence. They want to be able to send out their “justice “ warriors to kill the decent people of America. They would slaughter millions, right now, if they could.
There is a fire point where civility breaks down. The globalist bolsheviks behind the scenes are pushing countless, funded groups to action, but these groups are cautious, and rightly so. The aces, so to speak, in Americans’ hand are numerous and stronger than the globalist banker/gangsters care.
The globalists; the bolsheviks, communists and fascists (really, all the same) care not if millions of their own soldiers are killed. They have the recruitment system in place and they care as little for their followers, whom they consider useless eaters, as they care for their political enemies: also useless eaters. We re witnessing it every day: so-called social justice warriors committing crime and being allowed to to continue. They commit crime against Americans, and are allowed, helped, watched and aided by certain subversive, police forces and institutions of “justice”
All this is the definition of fascism. Antifa, is fascist.

James Tubman can’t be real. No human can be that stupid.

James Tubman can’t be real. No human can be that stupid.
I have received five emails from Tubman starting with three on December 23, 2018.
His/her/its last email, “Tell me how TRUMP is not a crook? Then we will stop posting. [three thumbs down] what are you supporting. Paid hookers lame you be long in getmo with you other buddys”
Holy retardomatic batman, tubman is a moron. Yes, Robin, only one out of three lines constitutes a sentence, and rat-brain cannot spell at a third grade level. Batman where do dem/libs find miscreants and losers like tubman? They dredge them up from sewage treatment plants, put the mess into a human mould and give them a computer. It is a campaign to sow misinformation, hatred and sheer stupidity.
Ok, for real now. Is tubman so stupid he does not know the first thing about OUR guaranteed rights, such as the right to presumption of innocence?
How does that filthy mutt expect anyone to prove their own innocence? It is an impossibility to prove a negative. Even high school morons learn a few things about critical argument, but tubman either failed or skipped class. islamabad grade school because he pooped his retarded panties too often.
This brings us to a different topic: high school composition.
Did moronicus supremius sub-intelligensicus forget to complete a sentence, or did tubby ever know?
A real sentence has a number of components: verb, noun, structure and punctuation. Tubby is missing in dem/lib la-la-land. Woohoo, smoke another arsenic laced joint, tubby.
Does dick brain tubby know what a component is? It is highly unlikely, and these morons want to rule. Did morons like tubby elect occasional cortex, that grade-school-mentality democrat who has been caught lying over and over, first day in congress, and already getting slapped down by the meanest, most corrupt skunk in the world, pelosi? Occasional claimed 70 percent income tax is a good idea. Holy hell, how stupid can dem/libs get?
Does this filthy eat, tubby, think he/she/it has something classically intelligent that will catch my attention and bring me to my knees? What light does tubby think I will see when dem/libs never show light, or reason, or logical thinking? How about a point of light, so to speak, tubby? Show me; show us all a glimmer of an intelligent thought regarding a gain dem/libs offer. Nothing, NEVER! There is no shred of intelligence or benefit to mankind dem/libs offer.
How would rat-brain feel if I leveled an attack on him/her/it that he/she/it molested children, and he/she/it is required to prove his/her/its innocence?
Show us how one proves innocence, tubby.
It is a logistical impossibility.
Maybe rat-brain can lay down the facts, without lying.
Maybe tubby can tell us how a presumption of guilt does not lead to punishment for no crimes committed?
I just leveled an accusation against tubby, and now he/she/it goes to jail.
If presumption of guilt and accusation is all it takes, why are democrats not all in jail right now? Why is tubby not on his/her/its way to jail? Is it because We, the People have a Constitution that guarantees equality before the law, and it benefits even the most insane, hate-filled mobsters, such as tubby, even in his/her/its own ignorance. If we, republicans are in power and presumption ruled, why are gems not in jail?
Tubby should be grateful for a Constitution that keeps rule of law in place and him/her/it safe.
I will get to the other emails rat-brain sent, later.
Go ahead tubby, give us some facts. How about 10 facts? Post something.
Cowards, dem/libs, pieces of rat-shit attack people because they cannot present a single point for an argument, because they are primarily lying to cheat YOU, and I, and all of America. This rat has never posted a thing. Do we expect he/she/it will give us 10 facts, 10 truths or 10 lies, presumptions, and fabrications?

Why Mitt Romney attacked President Trump

Why Mitt Romney attacked President Trump.
Mitt had very little choice. Let me explain.
Who is Mitt Romney?
What is the deep state?
The deep state is a relatively new term created to deflect from a term we are all familiar with, “the establishment” or “politics as usual”.
What is the establishment? We know the establishment as politics that do not represent We, the People.
Most people cannot identify this change as the problem because most have been classically conditioned to speak the language that the establishment, political agenda dictates. Most people do not know that America is a Constitutional Republic: first and foremost representative self-governing. Most Americans know America as a democracy where a handful get together and make laws, representation included if it suits the self-serving politicians.
America is not a political system. I doubt that even the hot-shot conservative talk show hosts understand this principle. In actuality OUR representative system of self-governance, to use the correct terminology, is not a political system but has been degraded to political democracy, as big a fraud as socialism. Socialism is not a political system either. It is a system of deception and plunder at the threat of violence.
America is not just a different name for the same thing, politics, rather politics is not a word that can be used to even remotely identify the unique self-governance of OUR Constitutional Republic.
Sadly most do speak in terms of politics, not representative government and, to our own demise it leads to misinformation that leads to wrong decisions. We do speak and communicate in terms of democracy’s distraction from the evils of democracy itself. We speak in democratic and democrat party tyranny’s terms to silence and replace a reality: that constitutional republic is vastly different from democracy, monarchy and oligarchy.
We speak in democratic and democrat party tyranny’s terms to silence and replace a reality: that constitutional republic is vastly different from democracy, monarchy and oligarchy.
Why did Mitt attack President Trump?
Make no mistake, Mitt’s attack was not for Mitt. Mitt is part of the deep state, the establishment. Mitt is as big a liar as any republican in name only and as big a liar and supporter of tyranny as any democrat.
Mitt’s corruption goes all the way back.
There were curious deaths surrounding Mitt’s Olympics in Salt Lake City.
I am tempted to give details of one such death, but dare not detract.
Mitt does speak and use the power of the establishment, tyranny promoting language of democracy. He is a democrat/liberal/progressive/bolshevik in rio fashion.
Mitt’s attack was pre-emptive. Mitt was coaxed, coached maybe, to attack just at that time out of desperation.
The establishment is desperate and using shock tactics. Mitt is just one of many. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh experienced the near-full force of the democrat bolsheviks.
If the democrats could get away with murder and assassination, they would do it to meet their ends.
It has been rumored that attempts on OUR President’s life have been made. Fortunately we are living a Martial Law state and the military is President Trump’s guard.
Has anyone noticed ho tight President Trump is with military, and how the establishment media attacks anything President Trump does with the military?
Before you go crazy; before your head explodes over the reality that Martial Law is instituted in America, and President Trump is the fault, think.
Who instituted Martial Law in America first? Was it Abraham Lincoln? Congress never rescinded.
Clinton took Martial Law in America further than any other president prior.
Linden Johnson might have done it but he had the CIA and the FBI in his pocket so he could easily assassinate the democrat party choice for president, JF Kennedy, and be surrounded by agents to protect the establishment, in conspiracy with international institutions of tyranny (banker/gangsters, as Michael Ssvage calls them).
Martial Law under G.W. Bush was augmented through the un-patriotic “Patriot Act”. That was a ll a set up to create ghosts for further presidents to chase while giving the deep state, the establishment, politics-as-usual government more authority to surveil and oppress We, the People.
George Herbert Walker was part of Kennedy’s assassination and all the deception, fraud, murder and death following through the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations is part of the bigger cabal connected with the international bolsheviks: the banker/gangsters.
Mitt is part of it all.
I know of not one person who likes or trusts or voted for Mitt.
Like McAdams, Jimmy Boy Matheson, Orrin Hatch, Cannon, Herbert, Romney cheated to get elected. He is part of the deep state which did the well-established, and never challenged cheating for him.
I have contended for years that Hillary Clinton could not have possibly attained more than 27 percent of the popular vote. I maintain the most democrats are in the same position, that the deep state cheats to elect them, and they use the tax-collecting mechanisms to pay their agents in place for decades.
I have maintained that Kennedy was one of a rare type, challenging first the democrat party, and surprisingly winning the candidacy, surprising the establishment with various proposals, laws, and executive orders to take America back to principles of Constitutional Republic, and the forces of the deep state, the establishment, had him murdered before OUR eyes, to send a message.
President Trump understood that message.
I believe that Trump has had an army at his disposal all this time, unbeknownst to the public because the deep state media does not want to raise awareness that there is a need.
Mitt is part of the international cabal.
We can analyze Mitt’s attack sentence by sentence. I often dissect the words and lies of treasonous commentary. For Mitt’s message, we can all see it was either to serve Mitt, as a narcissistic mongrel would do, or it was to fulfill Mitt’s secret desire of taking out OUR legitimate President, by tactical maneuvering, or it was a pre-emptive attempt to establish an alternative to reality.
Again, the dem/libs are very good at creating reality with on=bsessive, never-ending repetition of fraud and lies. America accepting democracy, for example, when the founding fathers despised, rejected, and openly identified it as a fraudulent form of tyranny.
I believe Mitt’s move was a move in desperation because Mitt is one of the thousands afraid to be exposed.
If Americans were to look and not listen, they would see things different.
I issue a challenge.
Turn the television off for a day. Watch absolutely nothing. No youtube either. Do not read the newspapers or listen to news on the radio.
In the evening, turn on your favorite “News” reporting station with no volume.
Have a pen and paper available as you watch your news casts.
Watch and make notes of what you see. Be totally objective. What do you see. If you decide to see what you have been conditioned to see; that is if you decide to see the worst of a President, you will fail.
This is not an exercise to distract you from a corrupt president, if it be so.
No, this exercise is for you to open your eyes and see what you have been misled to see.
Make notes. Cape it if you want, and makes note s a few times.
When you go back and watch the news with volume you will be shocked at what the news report is about.
What is “NEWS” today? Is it a narrative that deflects from obvious reality dictated by the words of someone with the power to change reality in spite of public purview? Or, is NEWS today reporting what you saw?
Mitt is a small part of this international cabal to enslave America, YOU!
But Mitt is guilty of this crime and others. Is Mitt part of an assassination plot? I would guess he is, and that is why he made drastic, apparently self-eviscerating attacks on a duly elected President.
Mitt will be rewarded, the establishment promises. He already was. He is the establishment puppet to take Utah’s republican voice out of the game.
Mitt should, and will hang, and so will his wife.
All the wives of the dirty politicians are part of the conspiracies.
My opinion is that Mitt accomplished a few things. The goal in Mitt’s open, unprovoked attack tossed too the public another attempt to discredit Presdient Trump. A hundre, a thousand, a million claims without substantiation is worthless, except to those who are easily manipulated by words that do not coincide with visible reality.
There are too many videos on youtube, for example, analyzing the envelopes the Bush’s Clintons, Obamas, and others received. There are videos showing a prison barge floating down the east coast traveling to Gitmo, a military base, used for military operations during martial law, that Presidential power and authority, granted by lawful Constitutional Law, has accessed.
Dan Bongino lays out the Meuller coup, all from liberal, establishment media articles. in a fabulous youtube vide. He wrote a book about with greater detail. Find it.
Mitt’s attack should be seen and reported as an unprovoked, hate-motivated strike. Mitt’s attack has one sinister aspect the so-called expert conservative analysts fail to see, or refuse to accept. Many conservative talk-show hosts speak profusely that dem/libs, democrats and particularly liberals, do not understand how their policies, ideals and attacks are counter-productive to their own causes.
We hear these talk-show hosts and hostesses, conservative, constitutional-oriented personalities of all sorts excuse the dem/libs with a term the dem/libs injected long ago: the just don’;t get it, or they just don’t understand.
Tyranny knows exactly what tyranny needs to do. First and foremost tyranny needs to win the political war. This means destroy truth by co-opting and suppressing reality, and it means in ejecting a new lkangaue that surrenders the soul, and body with it.
Mitt was just another arrow slung at We,. the People.
Mitt will hang. Mitt will hang with Hatch, Cannon, McAdams, Love, Matheson, and their souses. I will pull the lever.

Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”

Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”
Is that lying piece of rat-crap, bolshevik-dick musing, supposing, presuming, creating false reality through his/her/its unfettered hatred for We, the People and OUR government, including OUR legally, lawfully, duly elected President? Is that moronic hate-spewing lying piece of rat-crap trying to inject an idea that President Trump is somehow, magically, mysteriously, secretly confused? How does that bolshevik manage to jump to that sick and twisted, mentally deranged presumption with absolutely no evidence except the “wondering of a sick and hate-motivated dem/lib mind?
Does that filthy moron have any evidence for the claim he/she/it makes or is that rotten sewage-flotsam trying to create a false reality with YOU?
To what purpose would it serve anyone to believe that President Trump is confused about anything? It only serves those who lie about it by fabricating hate-motivated lies and manipulation. Lies serve only those who lie.
How does it serve the manipulators? It motivates the masses to a breaking point where violence is used against the honest, decent citizens of the country being subverted. That is the purpose, subversion, murder, slavery and genocide. The purpose for the demented lies of the tyranny-wing leftist agent provocateurs, like bolshevik-dick, and others is to manipulate you to do their dirty work so they get to live a life of oppression, luxury and leisure, at YOUR expense.
Notice the rat wonders, presumes that President Trump “…must be confused…”.
President “must be” confused? Why, because a lying,manipulative moron says so?
Bolshevik-dick is a liar when we see openly that he/she/it is attempting, right before our eyes, to make you believe President Trump is confused, despite a total, complete, absolute void of evidence.
Why does the bolshevik slug assume that particular thing and not something else? Why does that filthy democrat party/bolshevik whore not wonder why slut clinton and her treasonous host are not confused by principle?
Her words on the death of Ambassador Stevens, “At this point what does it matter?”
How about a principle that it is her job to keep our ambassadors safe?
What a perfect example of lost-from-principle that witch Clinton is.
bolshevik-dick is using tactics bolsheviks have used to enslave and murder millions for decades.
Find that filthy pig, Find that cowardly piece of rat crap for me, and I will gladly bite the bullet and beat that scum.
Oh, I just did beat that slug, again, right here.
Publius/brent/thirdoptbybrent/liberalnesreview: 3,799
Bolshevhik-dick/utardia/moo-stank: zero, 0, nada, nul, kein, zilch, ZEEEEEEEEEEERO
Lying libby losers.
Beware, my fellow citizens, sub-human scum who would manipulate YOU to violence and self-endangerment, would do worse TO you. These filthy socialist/bolshevhik monsters are not your friends, especially when they would have you hate your friends and trust those who lie to YOU.

Regarding President Trump lying to troops during address to troops at a so-called traditional address he skipped.

Regarding President Trump lying to troops during address to troops at a so-called traditional address he skipped. How is this possible except with yahoohatenews rhetoric hiding and twisting details in the “reports”.
Yahoonews simply cannot be relied upon to report truth.
I receive email notifications in my yahoo email account from daily yahoo news.
Today I received a yahoonews email with the headline, “Trump misleads troops on military pay hikes.”
When did this event occur? When did Trump address the military? Yahoo news reported it December 27th, just after his traditional Christmas address to American military personnel.
Yesterday, yahoonews sent an email with the day’s headlines, that yahoonews produces in one way or another.
Just yesterday yahoonews email headline stated, “Trump skips traditional military visit with troops.”
How did Trump address the troops when he, according to yahoo news, skipped the military address?
Which is it?
Yahoonews claims Trump is bad, baaaad, for skipping the traditional address, and Trump is bad, baaaad, for misleading troops? How could President Trump be bad for misleading troops during a traditional Christmas address when he is bad for skipping the traditional address?
Which bad is Trump, yahoonews? Maybe yahoonews is trying to portray President Trump as bad in everything he does? Why does yahoonews lie to portray our president as bad?
Does this lie, truly a blatant, hate-motivated fabrication, make yahoonews a fake news outlet, like CNN and MSNBC?
This is what I have stated all along.
I have made clear my position that yahoonews is fake news, craftily creating fake reality, trying to undermine American representative government, and cannot be trusted to relate real news without twisting it in one way or another.

Discussion with a democrat, person.

In a discussion with a democrat, person, in a matter of only a few minutes a breakdown of current events occurred. It has been my experience that democrat party and democracy supporters are unwilling to engage in rational discussion. I was mildly surprised.
The comment was made, by my friend, that Trump shut down the government.
“How did he do that”?, I asked.
She retorted, “I don’t know, he just did.”
I stated, well, the truth is the republicans in the House came up with a plan that included funding border security.
She snapped, “we don’t want his wall.”
I calmly replied, “78 percent of Americans want a wall built and 90 percent are in favor of border security and changing immigration law. That is well over a majority.”
“Well I’m one of the people and I don’t want it.”
“Doesn’t the majority rule in a democracy?”, I asked.
“Well I don’t want it and he should not have shut down the government.”
I had to ask again, “How did he, all by himself, do shut down the government, and what does that entail? Does he have the power to stop every single person from going to work? Did the TSA workers, carrying millions of Americans to and from home and work, stop working?”
“I don’t know, he just did.”
I asked, “Who says he did?”
No answer from my friend, as she stopped herself from a quick reply, thought for a moment and realized her information source was dishonest.
A bill was produced by congress that funded the wall. It did not meet with the President’s approval, OUR wishes, and it was sent back to congress where the democrats and some republicans refused to compromise. They refused to work together. They refused, totally, to even consider reading the notes President Trump made in his attempt to compromise.
The president, in effect, did not shut down anything. He did his job as a representative of a vast majority, while the government, the childish democrat politicians and some republicans for no reason other than hatred for Trump, refused to negotiate, work together, or compromise and give We, the People, what we want.
Her reply was a typical, classically conditioned dem/lib escape to a presumption attached to anyone, myself, in this instance, who talks in favor of republican, republic or conservative principles. The escape, one of many employed by those who cannot assimilate information and cannot rise above the fear invoking emotional manipulation they receive, was the fail-safe conclusion that I surely hated people and was mean, or cruel.
She tried to imply I did not see the invaders as people. In her mind that was her final judgement of myself, and then she ran away.
I had a similar discussion with a friendly acquaintance yesterday. When I simply stated the numbers do not bear out his assertions, his classically conditioned responses and assumptions, he actually stated, “I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”
Who shut down government and who shuts down discourse and “working together”?