CRAIGSLIST POST, ON OR ABOUT OCTOBER 1ST, 2020, “Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns.”

Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns.

President Donald Trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, threatening to shatter a tradition that lies at the heart of the democratic process in the US. There are serious concerns among scholars that Trump is putting America’s democracy in mortal danger. Combined with Trump’s relentless disinformation campaign, celebration of violence against journalists, and incitement of armed militias, historians and election experts warn that the president is mirroring the behavior of despots that the US generally leads the way in condemning before the world.

When asked whether he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power earlier this week, Trump suggested ballots would be thrown away.

“We’re going to have to see what happens,” Trump said when asked whether he would accept the final results of the election. “Get rid of the ballots and…there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation.” Trump has given the country myriad signs that he will not concede under any circumstances, placing the US on the precipice of a political crisis the likes of which it has never experienced before. The president has repeatedly pushed the bogus assertion that the expanded access to mail-in voting for the 2020 election — a move designed to protect vulnerable people amid a pandemic — will lead to widespread voter fraud.

Top experts on democracy have been warning for years that Trump exhibits authoritarian tendencies. But their consternation appears to have ramped up significantly as Election Day draws closer and Trump essentially signals that he plans to do whatever it takes to stay in power. The clearest parallel is that Mussolini was prime minister of a democratic coalition government from 1922-1925. During that time, he slowly chipped away at democratic institutions, insulting the press, using violence against the left, joking that he would be in office for 20 years, establishing a militia and a legislative body (the Grand Council) loyal to him. Trump has spent the past four years eroding democratic norms and institutions at an astonishing rate.

This is the way dictators come to power.


The definition of Antifa is Anti-Facist and anti right wing extremism (anti white supremacist).

Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

Italy (1922–1943) Main article: Italian Fascism. …

Germany (1933–1945) Main article: Nazism. …

Japan (1931–1945) Main article: Statism in Shōwa Japan. …

Austria (1933–1945) Main article: Austro-fascism. …

Belgium (1930s–1945) Main article:

Definition of ANTI is opposed to or the opposite of. So to people who think Antifa is bad. Please read above.

So fascism is bad and Antifa is good. Get it? Please say you do.

Thank you

Craigslist post, September 17th, 2020, Boise Idaho Politics section.

The facts about Trump’s support of the military and Veterans:
1. Trump appointed the first non-veteran to head the VA who resigned due to corruption charges.
2. Trump has redirected funds from the VA to healthcare companies which are campaign donors.
3. Trump has insulted POW’s, MIA’s, and families of war dead. He says POW/MIA’s are turncoats.
4. When Special Forces were killed in Niger, he said they were killed by “real fighters.”
5. Trump used men with sterling military careers like Flynn, McMaster, Kelley, and Mattis to gain credibility while heaping scorn, derision, and insults on them.
6. Trump stocked his cabinet with chickenhawks that never served who serve foreign commercial interests.
7. Trump received five bogus medical deferments for bone spurs and says he “is smarter” than those who served.
8. Trump says he “knows more than all our generals combined” despite not serving.
9. Trump said not getting VD in college was “his Vietnam.”
10. During 2015-16, he promised to make donations. He donated in 2018 when the press found out.
11. Trump called homeless veterans with PTSD weak. His family hasn’t served going back to his grandfather who came here to avoid military service in Germany.
12. Trump repeatedly attacked the leadership of our military and intelligence community when they have failed to endorse his assessments of hostile foreign nations.
13. Trump has repeatedly slandered our long term allies insisting he could run their governments BETTER when he has failed to live up to his promises.
14. Trump has repeatedly sought support from hostile foreign nations to undermine our allies democracy.
15. Trump has repeatedly sought support from hostile foreign nations to undermine OUR democracy.
16. Trump and Jared accepted 500 million from the same Saudi Royal family that recruited, organized, trained, equipped, and bankrolled the hijackers which killed 2,379 Americans on 911. And who still sponsor ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Pakistani ISI.
17. Trump bragged that he had the tallest building in NYC after 911.
18. Trump said he was at ground zero clearing debris and recovering bodies when he was on television bragging about having the tallest building in NYC. He was in NJ at the same time watching Muslim immigrants dancing in the streets.
19. Trump and Jared received payouts from the 911 victims fund when NONE of their property was harmed and tenancy was at a record high.
20. Trump wanted to spend millions for a military parade because he was envious of the parades his friends Kim and Putin have.
21. Trump has repeatedly defended Kim whose grandfather started the Korean War which killed 54,246 American servicemen and whose family has killed millions of their own countrymen including his own brother. Trump defended his friend Putin saying he couldn’t have shot down an airliner, invaded the Ukraine, or poisoned his rivals with radioactive waste and nerve agents.
22. Reagan, Bush SR, Clinton, Bush JR, and Obama spent many Thanksgivings and Christmases with our troops. Trump used phone calls, traffic, and golf as an excuse to not visit our troops. He made one short visit after Christmas to an airbase in 20128.
23. During the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I, he canceled a visit to Belleau wood cemetery because it was raining. He met with Putin in private instead. Reagan, Bush SR, Clinton, Bush JR, and Obama all stood in cold pouring rain multiple times to honor our war dead.
24. Trump broke the tradition of Presidents paying respect, on Veteran’s Day, at Arlington. After criticism, he showed up for 15 minutes in 2018.
25. Trump’s “Thanksgiving all” from his resort was complaining about his legal troubles.
26. Trump braggged that our military received a 10% raise (actually 2.6%). He said it was the first raise in 10 years when they received raises every year. Congress is responsible for military pay rates, not Trump.
27. Trump defunded schools on military bases for his wall.
28. Trump has asked for two huge defense budgets to “beef up our military” and “give our troops a raise” and then tried to divert funds to his wall project with zero oversight.
29. Trump continually attacks the family of a real war hero and insisted the ship bearing his name be covered to not upset him. He said it was for America’s good not his.
30. Wanted to award himself a Medal of Honor because he doesn’t qualify for one.
31. Forced West Point grads to fly back to West Point during the pandemic to hear him brag about himself.
32. Trump warmed up to Putin even after finding out Putin placed bounties on US troops.
33. trump has sabotaged the USPS to rig the election in his favor, resulting in US vets waiting weeks to receive crucial medication.
34. Worked hard to try and get Putin’s Russian back into the G8 after finding out Russia out bounties on US soldiers
35. called service members who died in WW1 losers and suckers.
36. refused to greet fallen soldiers at Dover.
37. Trump earlier in 2020 moved the flag honoring missing war veterans from a prominent position atop the White House to a less visible spot on the South Law
38. Runs ‘support our troops’ ad with Russian jet fighters and Russian troops instead of US military personnel.

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda

A new Craigslist trick to discriminate and silence those who do not propagate their agenda. I thought the democrat/liberal message was all about democracy yet CL does the opposite.
I re-posted 4 of my commentaries, one after the other, 8/27/18, in the morning when I began my daily struggle on Craigslist. I learned you can post five “posts” in rapid succession and CL does not slow you down with a “you are posting too rapidly….” message.
This is just one sad reality that I had to learn since it takes me about 25 attempts to post before CL allows one to publish. It takes about 2 hours for my comments to be published..
I was not sure about it, but I have suspected that CL sometimes not only removes my commentaries before I actually see them published, but I also wondered if CL removed the record from my home page as well. Then, this day, I watched one of my commentaries vanish before my eyes.
This day I re-submitted as many in rapid succession as I could, kept going back to my home page, and could not remember how many I had posted and why I did not see the one I thought I surely just put up. For some reason one submission did not appear on my CL homepage when it normally would have.
You know how it is, not paying attention, sometimes one hits the wrong key or link without thinking, and then wonders, ‘did I do that wrong or did something else happen’?
In this instance, I wondered.
But watching for a few seconds, suddenly, there it was. As I stared at the line representing the “post”, on my home page, it disappeared before my eyes. In matter of seconds my commentary was listed and then wiped clean of memory or record. I saw it with my own eyes
I am persistent. Some call it stubborn but stubborn is when you are wrong or lying.
Persistence often exposes many things.
Like any other day, I copied and pasted a number of commentaries I had written. Using my new and improved location, “Do dem/libs know how stupid they sound?”.
As usual when submitting five in rapid succession, my sixth commentary was refused. The problem is that stupid CL message, “You are posting too rapidly…”, came up even though one of my posts was not posted, refused by CL and removed from records.
.Well, lat is the point. I did not post too rapidly, being rejected by CL, and then shut down for “posting” too rapidly.
How can see hell be so stupid? Did the management/administration go to liberal arts, stupefying school?
Does this happen to others or just conservatives in the balanced middle. Is it the balanced middle dem/lib/progressives hate?
I hope some day CL and the other lying libs and democracy-mongers get what they give to others.
Sad that it seems they already make their millions, at our expense, and when they get caught, they make more millions lying in their books. Who pays for all that? The dumbed-down, democrat voters, few as they actually are, pay for it all, and they do it with more than just money.
It is my contention that there are more ex-democrat voters than there are democrat voters, and it is this small, diminishing group paying dearly for tyranny’s work.