You trust politicians to represent you. Most don’t. They represent the democracy.

You trust the government to protect you, along with all Americans, but most politicians don’t care for you or most Americans.

You trusted biden to do many things. What did he do?

You trusted democrats to be democratic. They are not.

You trusted democrats to be democratic. They are.

Yes, I know I have contradicted myself, apparently, only.

Democrats being democratic is the problem, but you don’t know that because you don’t understand that democracy is not representation. Dementocrats and rinos know it. They also know it is oligarchy, but don’t let you know it.

You trust politicians to do what you want, and you think it is what they want for you, but you trust blindly.

Which government have you trusted to protect the nation? The U.S. government cannot do what it was not designed to do. The U.S. Government is not our government of The Republic of The United States of America.

The U.S. government protects the Washington D.C., dementocrat/rino oligarchy referred to as “our democracy”: theirs; the Washington D.C. politicians’ democracy.

It amazes me that no matter what I write about it always comes back to the one big lie, that democracy is representative self-governance.

America is not a democracy. Washington is a democracy, but you don’t know that because you trust.

When you consider the innovation and inventiveness of Americans you must realize we are not dumb, except in one thing: trust.

We have failed to learn our system of self-governance so in this one big, encompassing generality, we are dumb.

There is no country in the world, perhaps the entire history of the world, that established a system of self-governing representation, or representative self-governance, and there is no country in existence today that actually boasts of self-governance, including America. Self-governing representation ideals have been wiped from the minds of Americans, because we trusted.

Will we trust that our system will be restored, or do we even know it is gone?

Who will we trust to do what we should have done and should do?

The system, a thing, did not and cannot guard itself. The thing is made up of we, the people and so it is we the people that should be guarding we, the people. And we failed.

We trusted that “government”, a thing, would do this or do that for us, and it did not and does not.

We trusted that the thing would function when we, individuals, took advantage of the thing that used people to make itself bigger, but, then again, the thing is a thing. People made it do what it did and make it do what it does now.

Jophus bidensky said, to paraphrase, “…we are working on our economy…”.

Whose economy is it? He is not part of our economy.

When government controls and ravages, I mean when people of the government thing ravage and control the economy, that is, when government people ravage and control the economy outside of their government thing purview, it is not evidence that the economy is theirs.

Because they speak it does not make it true.

The economy belongs to those who contribute, not those who ravage and direct, and lie. The economy belongs, belonged, to we the people. The economy is not theirs. It is not theirs to touch, but we trusted them, and they stole it.

When people of the government contribute nothing to the economy, except money taken through processes of the thing, taken from people who actually do contribute to the economy, it can hardly be said it is theirs, but they do. We trusted people of the thing to be fair, and they are not.

Now people outside of the government thing, want people inside the government thing to fix that which is outside their knowledge and purview, and authority.

We trusted the authority of our very lives to people of the government thing, and many people want more trust given away to people of the thing.

Are you getting tired of me calling government a thing? Why do you suppose I do it?

Have you realized government is a thing, a tool to be used, and someone is using it but not you, and not for you or yours?

You, we have no control of that government thing because it is not ours. It is a thing made up of people who know what the thing is, and use it, but not to our knowledge and for their benefit and gain.

Have you realized that the thing is a tool used by a handful of users, without you knowing what they are doing, to you?

This system of ravaging the people by people through a thing that has no sense, no brain no emotional attachment to anything, is always detrimental to those who do not use and direct the thing.

Democracy does not and cannot direct the government thing, but representative government does. The U.S. government thing, tool, knows what it is, a tool directed, used and protected by people who do not want you to know that the democracy thing does not exist for you.

He who drives the car takes the whole vehicle and all passengers in it to where he wants to go. That is not representation, rather the opposite, democracy.

You trusted that government, people of government, people of government inside the thing would take government where you wanted, and where you wanted was selfish, and so people of the government vehicle consider you to be less because you are not the drivers. You do not even know what kind of vehicle it is. Do you have a class R or class D license, or neither? If you do not know these two classes of operating, you have neither.

I have much more to say on this topic but I am adapting, and hopefully this change is good. I will end my commentary at this point to let you think about my anecdotes and opinions.

If you think I might have expressed something valid then you might also think I have more to say, and you will come back.

I am not trying to bait anyone. I am adapting to criticism that my commentaries are too long. I would rather see you, the readers, the owners of the other government thing; my fellow countrymen, rise to the challenge and change yourselves, and be better stewards of our self-governing government thing; and that you would read, study and learn more, but that has not happened in 20 years, and so I, myself adjust.

I also invite you to adapt, at least to a degree, and read and learn from my other articles, 670 of them at

Wait for it, wait for it, PART 2, maybe.

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