Snow in Hawaii, cold, tornados all over, record cold in the northeast, this global hoaxing, I mean warming, sure is cold.


Forecast northern California, massive snow storm. This global warming sure is cold.

If he is a good batter why doesn’t he bat good?

If it is global warming why is it not warm?

Cycles, it is warm everywhere else, or cold. It is cold where you are, explained as an anomaly, while it is hot everywhere else. But it is not true; not when we see California cold, the whole east coast prepping for a gripping cold spell, but don’t forget the planet is warming, everywhere else. Everywhere we see cold anomalies meaning everywhere is getting colder, not warmer.

The anomalies are truly the warm locales, not the overwhelming cold everywhere.

If the planet is warming why is it not warming?

Is “colding” warming some times? According to global hoaxing and gobbledegoop climate “science” cold is actually warm at times. Drought is monsoon rains, green is brown, life in the forests is death.

So, it is cold here, in Hawaii, and northern California, unseasonably cold, daily highs well below average daily highs, but that means that somewhere, maybe in a cave or grotto; maybe in a hut in the Andes mountains, it is surely warming, and these three places contribute so much to global hoaxing, I mean warming, that it discounts whole regions and swathes of the earth, that are undeniably colder.

Do cold anomalies contribute to averages, like warm anomalies that the global hoaxers use to claim the earth is warming?

Gobbledegoop science refuses to add data, cold days, ignored because they are “anomalies, but any data is data, well, to real science.

Anomalies are, ARE, science, but not to global hoaxing “science” and changeling weather “scientists”.

Anomalies, which should be considered part of margin of error, to climate changeling science, it is the data and the realities are excluded and ignored. The rare times climate changelings use data, it is altered. 

Change, noticing and measuring change, is science, but not to gobbledegoop weather and climate changeling science. They lie.

How convenient the paid, “specialists, the anti-scientific-methodology goons, discard what does not fit their income machines.

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