Again, my apologies. I whipped this off quickly with little editing, and hope it communicates accurately enough for you to understand my points. Again, I may get back to this, but for now, I have other things to do, like make a living. I wish I had help.

International banker agents invaded America.

Democracy killed millions of people in Russia. The same organization brought democracy to America, changing names but not characteristics. The same organization uses the same tactics with the same goals, democratic genocide.

Bolsheviks->socialists->progressives->liberals->progressives. This is the path international bankers have used to take-over America, infiltrating and seizing total control and using the dementocrat party

Did you see the “equation” bill gates used to show reduction of CO2?

Did you notice, in bold letters, on the left side of the formula, CO2?

Did you also notice, in smaller letters, on the right side of the equation, CO2?

How many people would or could have the intuitive capacity to notice a circular argument that says nothing, or an equation that equals itself?

Gates’ formula is a manipulative fraud and evidence that global warming is a scam, or nothing is real.

Are you afraid of CO2? Why? You breathe it every day, some days a higher concentration than other days. So what?

So, according to gates, the problem is CO2 production, or poisoning, or CO2 pollution. Is that a correct assessment?

Tell us, how CO2 on the right side of the equation contributes to the CO2 on the left side of the equation? Is that a mistake or just bad algebra?

If gates and global warming people are bad at algebra, do you trust them at science? Maybe the global warming people can show us the calculations, the measurements, the data?

Gates, in his talk, did not show anything except a bogus formula on a placard with a claim that CO2 is bad.

I may get back to that silly, sub-intelligent explanation science-retard gates propagates. No pun intended.

A thought: The bolshevik/banker-owned western media states, claims, reports in many ways, that Russia will use all weapons at her disposal to defend the motherland. The western media, corrupt bastard media of illegitimate ownership and control, is inciting fear.

On whom or what would Russia use nukes?

Would Russia use nuclear weapons against Ukraine? Why, when Russia is taking her time defeating the nothing Ukrainian army, navy and air force? Russia hammers the crap out of those who resist. How many POWs on both sides?

You can rest assured the corrupt western media is not reporting POW numbers because it opens a can of worms that Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering en masse.

If it is war, all use of weapons has a tactical purpose.

Annihilating a city across the globe when an invading force of, who knows how many, millions of troops are at the border, is as dumb as breaking a hammer for bending a nail.

But western media wants the masses to believe lies are truth and truth is lies.

If a massive army were gathered in Ukraine, would Russia nuke them or send missiles to New York?

Do you see how manipulative corrupt western bolshevik/banker media is? If a massive Ukrainian army were to gather, impossible as that is, would Russia nuke Los Angeles? Why does media claim the most backward, illogical claims of Russia?

If Russia is losing, as the backeard, flip-flop, bolshevik/banker media claims, then Russia is not going to use their limited weapons against anyone or anything except immediate threats.

I write this, report this commentary to you for reason.

Do you like being manipulated?

Who manipulates others? Narcissistic media manipulates ou to use, exploit, and eliminate YOU!

World population reduction is the goal. Media’s goal is to be the political warriors.

How easy it is for military personnel to attack a city of people who have committed suicide.

Media’s job is to prepare the way for international banker military maneuvers against docile populations.

The war in Ukraine does many things, including kill Russians, kill Ukrainians, and kill YOU by giving spoken power to ruthless, narcissistic people of world governments controlled by international bankers.

The purpose is to kill billions so nothing is out of question.

Another thought: social media is waging war on teenaged girls. Who promotes social media amongst girls?

transgender boys and men, boys and men, not girls or women, are waging war on girls and women. How many will die?

People commit suicide for the most insane and insignificant reasons so suicide in this cases not out of the realm of reality.

Who is promoting this front of the war on women, dementocrats, bolsheviks, progressives?

Who is poisoning us, attacking our women, killing babies?

Who is killing on all fronts, dementocrats or Santa Claus?

It is hard to imaging a majority of Americans are blind to dementocrat genocide and voted for it.

When running for president against President-elect Trump, my calculations, that Hillary had, at best, 27% of the popular vote, was based on numbers at rallies and other variables. My guess is that biden had about as much and has less now.

My real numbers were much much lower but regarding every variable I used I erred in favor of hillary. So, at best, 27%.

The dementocrats know all this. The bolshevik/banker media knows it as well, and that is why they lie. Furthermore, liars must keep lying and must lie about everything. One truth leads to others.

This means Americans are not as dumb as we are led to believe, but the narcissistic dementocrats and dementocrat/rino supporters are very loud, aided, of course, by the corrupt, progressive, bolshevik/banker media, and you, by your silence.

All these seemingly smaller lies and politics are not small lies or just politics. This is massive social engineering, manipulation, fear-mongering all designed to move 15/16ths of the population along numerous paths of suicide, death squads (pharmakaia, for example) and war to kill billions of people: YOU and yours!

An the dementocrats, narcissistic sociopaths, want your approval and support so they have impunity.

As a man thinketh, so are you.

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