Sure, Ukraine is going to attack. With what and with whose army?

Again, apologies for a quick edit. So much to do, so much to study, research, learn and report.

Russia rests and pounds Ukrainians, Brits and Americans with giant hammers of missiles, and Ukrainians die.

I has been reported that Ukrainian losses are seven, 7, times Russian losses. It is also reported that Russia is losing this war and Russian losses are unbelievably high.

Tell us. How it is that Russia has taken land, destroyed armies, but somehow, without explanation, is losing. What happens to logic when one tries to dismiss that Russia actually holds land and hits targets and Ukraine has not been able to take anything back. Furthermore, explain Russia losing in terms of Russia taking Bakhmut. Are those words, lose and take synonyms or antonyms?

I just took you car, or I lost my car to you? Same things?

The corrupt bolshevik/banker media not only lies, they purposely sow confusion and chaos eventually ending in someone’s death.

In this case, Ukrainians’ deaths.

Reports are so varied and numerous, especially by those I and a handful of others claim, are grossly dishonest, and yet it is these source and outlets that give us the truth, they themselves try to hide with fabricated fluffy “NEWS”.

Is Russia losing the war?

Who is it, Ukraine or Russia, taking youth off the streets in Ukraine, forcing them into Ukrainian military service, and doing it because they have not lost hundreds of thousands of men?

Whose cities and installations, Ukraine or Russia, and have been bombed, destroyed and occupied by Russian forces?

It is a fistfight. One is bloodied, knocked to the ground, and cannot stand up, but magically, according to the confused and dishonest, corrupt bolshevik/banker media, the one on the ground won the fight. How much of what Russia took has Ukraine removed? Who is the ground and not able to stand up?

A point to consider is that if Russia were the one losing greater numbers, where are the Russian prisoners of ar? We know Ukrainians have killed their own who tried to surrender to Russia. 

Who is resisting Russian occupation in Donbas?

Why is the corrupt, bolshevik/banker media not reporting this? It is not happening. The corrupt bolshevik/banker media is not even trying to lie about it.

Who, Ukraine or Russia, is pounding Ukraine with a seemingly unlimited supply of missiles?

Is Ukraine preparing or is Ukraine begging for weapons? Why does Ukraine need tanks and jets? Is it because they have more than they need? What is the need of tanks and jets? Is it to sit and win or to attack, maybe?

Where are Ukraine’s armaments and munitions?

That is easy. Ukraine’s weapons, military personnel and munitions are in U.S.A., Germany, Poland, Canada, U.K. and in the mud and destroyed.

Again, with what will Ukraine launch an offensive?

You can delude yourself all you want but the real things are results of other things and show certain things. You can call these things whatever you want. A rose is a rose by any other name, and ;losing a war, losing hundreds of thousands of men, is losing a war.

When the illegal and illegally installed U.S. Government comes for your money, your livelihood and family, and you lose them all, and your life, you can call it winning too.

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