I will never drink Anheuser Busch beers again.

Nobody at Busch asked me. The fools thought to make up my mind, and change something in my life, without asking me.

The deranged Bud Lite VP of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, at Bud Light made sick and dishonest assumptions about me, male America, in general. He/she/it caused Anheuser Busch to lose money and long term customers, and he/she/it is still employed.

Heinerscheid made a video explaining his/her/its idea of inclusivity, excluding me and millions of others. He/she/it said, “…and appeals to women and to men”.

Wrong, buddy.

I could thrash the entire statement heiny-shyed made for all the self-serving dystopian, cause-and-effect mistakes he/she/it made, but watch it yourself. I give one example to prove a point and then add my disclaimer. If he/she/it is lying regarding this one thing, or maybe just interpreting reality incorrectly, then all his/her/its words are suspicious, and you should know that.

I drink beer to drink beer. I do not drink beer to get indoctrinated or socially manipulated to the same doctrines as the deranged, demented, twisted and dishonest fake females.

The low level VP, or whatever, at bud light made a number of presumptions about me and my male friends, grossly wrong, and grotesque.

Men cannot be women. I do not accept it and the fake females do not fool me.

Furthermore, males violating themselves mentally to pretend to be female, whether mutilating themselves or just dressing like females, do not get to touch me. I do not want that mental aberration affecting me in the least, and the fake females do not get to have their jollies, or fake acceptance, at my expense and, worse, at the expense of reality.

Reality of sex and sex roles is what keeps all of us secure and in stable conditions.

Do not be fooled. The propagators of deranged sex, emasculation and mutilation are not interested in trans-gender for those changing. They use this, like all social issues to destroy minds and flip-flop everything that gives you, me, all people stability and safety.

When you cannot tell a female from a male, you also cannot discern friend from foe, and your enemies want this.

The instability that dystopian sex functions force upon Americans, is not to be tolerated.

The problem with the male to female assertion, and vice versa, is more than just accepting someone’s goofy ideas.

To openly accept the sex changeling dystopia, one must become one’s own enemy. Being our own enemy, it seems, is what the evil transgender “people” want.

There is no way in hell I will submit to this destruction of reality.

Don’t touch me you deranged things.

To accept the silly, anti-science of dystopian, slef-mutilating trans sex dysfunction is to lie to myself, and undermine my own views of reality. No thank you, life is tough enough without adding mental anguish by entertaining and accepting more fantasy.

The habits associated with accepting the impossible of this issue spill over into other areas. This is why the dementeocrats and bolshevik/banker media promotes trans dysfunction. They want the luciferian flip-flop of reality for fantasy, truth for deception, good for evil, guilt for innocence, and the vice versa of it all.

Why? Control, gain and profit.

Why is bud lite propagating social dystopia?

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