This was posted on effbee, facist-book, in response to globe theory propagators, a certain Roger Barnett, a fake profile of a fake person, I might add. This alone should give rise to a question as to why globe theory needs bots making arguments. I should further edit this and should also add visualizations. I will, one day.

Barn-bot claims, “Take note that the only variable ibetween these three images is the camera height. Perspective kills flerfspective”

Liar. Distance, acuity and distortion are variables. These are variables globetard goons try to ignore. Stop lying you lying luciferian goons.

Nobody, not a single globetard has ever once done an experiment to identify and isolate a variable that may be the cause of the appearance that the earth curves as one looks away, but it is speculative, while the horizon, a straight, flat plane, is not.

The difference is an irrefutable straight flat horizon.

With no other variables involved, compared with the speculation looking out to sea. It is like comparing an apple to a grain of sand, the irrefutably straight flat plane so bombastically destroys the curve speculation theory. But you might find that hard to believe until you inject logic and geometry.

Globe theory has not yet observed one thing to theorize the earth is a globe. They lie. They want you to jump into their dystopian flip-flop, to use you. Does your tax money go to me or nasa?

Furthermore, there are experiments done by curious people who tried to prove the earth was a globe, looking out to sea. They discovered the apparent curve is due to a number of variables, distortion and acuity being two, and the lying luciferian globetard goons know this.

For all you following this, these globetards lie and lie and lie. They use different tactics, the big one is to only present points that support their religion, often changing, or deceiving effects they claim are from causes they present. They also skip the parts where cause-and-effect should be connected. They deflect you from investigating methodology they do not have or use. It is all deception. It is faith, religious fervor, to ignore realities.

Did you all catch that? I earlier stated, ”may be the cause…”. This is the science in all of this “discussion”, my exercise of scientific methodology, an admission of a question, an unknown.

The question: why does it appear the earth curves when looking away out to sea, for example, but there is definitely no curve when looking at the greater distance, across the horizon? This would be science: science the filthy, lying luciferian slugs ignore and want you to ignore so you are an ignorant believer and subject in globetard/nasa religion.

It is simple geometry. Have you even heard a globetard use geometry? You might see some in drawings, models, cgi, but not a shred of data, however. Nothing real, lines on a page, and theorized numbers.

To wonder why the earth appears to drop, to curve downward, while it certainly does not appear to drop or curve downward across the horizon, would be true scientific methodology: something globetards try to hide from you. They know triangulation. They know it is evidence the earth is a straight, flat plane, and they try to keep it from you.

They know that if you extend your view to a point as far as you can clearly see, a wave that is 2 feet high, could block out scores of feet of a base of a building, or ship, beyond that point of view. You may think you are looking level, straight out to sea, but your focus is on the top of the water, and your line of sight is not parallel to the water because you focus on a point slightly higher than parallel, the top of the waves. You are looking down, with respect to the line from your feet to the point. No, maybe, yes? How could you know? Can you feel it? Do you just do what globetardia wants you to do, ignore geometry and believe their distractions from the reality of the situation?

It is impossible to discern a line of sight parallel to the line of reality from your feet out the same distance. You have no internal level that accurate, and you certainly have no capacity for discerning angle, perpendicular or parallel.

This study, experiment must be done with instrumentation, and it has been done. It has been proved the earth is a straight, flat plane(t).

Now the globetard goons will call on me to prove this has been done, show a reference, but that does not matter. That is how they deflect from the reality they have nothing.

I am not going to search or reference this. Simple logic, geometry, even theorized, shows many variables are not included or questioned in globe theory. In other words, there is no science, hence no conclusive proof or evidence, not even speculation, the earth is a globe.

I cannot prove globe theory negatives.

It is your responsibility to learn so you know for you.

Globetards have nothing equal or comparable. They have never proved a single theory, have never even submitted a shred of data, not a single measurement. Models and drawings of theorized measurements is not proof of anything, except deception.

Back to the geometry. You have no reference to prove or even surmise your line of sight is parallel to the water. There is no way you can do that, and the difference in the angle is so slight, it is imperceptible.

Do you understand? Looking at a point (the farthest visible wave), with a deviation of only 1 degree, then extended beyond that point another 18 miles, for example, hides a greater degree of the base of whatever you look at. How much? Well, get out your protractor, and find the angle.

The angle is nearly impossible to notice because you are looking at a point miles out to sea, and you feel stable, assuming your gaze is perpendicular to your stable stance, but you have no way of exacting 2 true perpendicular views, that could make a line of sight parallel to the water. 

Instrumentation could make the exact level adjustment, and the globetard goons know this, and that is why they deflect, distract, and try to ignore completely all realities of science, scientific methodology, especially the primary motivator to ask,: observation.

Observe the straight, flat horizon.

Even with waves and atmospheric distortion on a body of water, the straight, flat horizon can be seen, but one can easily see, looking straight out, that distortion may be the variable that makes it appear the earth curves down. Globetardia has never addressed that, or anything.

Not a single one of these goons, even tries to refute that actual, irrefutable, undeniable, scientific reality, the straight, flat horizon. They know it is evidence that the earth is a straight, flat plane(t).

Liars must know the truths so they can avoid putting a truth into the intended victims’ minds: you.

How far out to sea can you discern clearly the crest of a wave, or swell of waves, five miles, two miles? However, one could see a ship 20 miles out to sea.

A wave, just one foot above a line parallel to line of sight, YOUR line of sight that you think is parallel to the surface, but isn’t, extended another 18 miles, hides at least 9 feet, theoretically.

Do you see all the garbage and fake science, and sophistry and deception, and attacks and insults and deflections and distractions the globetards use to hide this from you?

I was a surveyor. Line of sight does not curve.

You see, it is the flip-flop of reality the globetards want. They are evil representatives, agents of deeper evil.

You will give money and allegiance, risk your life even, for enemies you believe are your friends. It truly is luciferian. Even the symbolism of nasa is luciferian. Look up the dragon and panspermia.

The liars try to diminish the simplest and primary point of real science: observation, but it is all falling apart with proper education. You, YOU yourself, need to learn, not just goofle.

Study cause and effect. Study in detail scientific methodology. Find a Masters’ Thesis online and look at the elements of it. Compare it to globe theory and nasa. The first part,, the reason for speculation of theory, OBSERVATION itself, does not exist in glonbetardia/nasa. It is all lies.

Make sure you understand, those who outright lie to you, do not like you or respect you. They lie to you to use you.

Observe the straight, flat plane of the horizon that represents the straight, flat plane(t) earth. OBSERVE!

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