Of course Russian forces and Ukrainian forces are at war. Ukraine is defending and Russia is striking at a variety of targets, including Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine stands in the way of Russian invasion, as long as it is referred to as invasion. Occupation would be a more accurate description.

But Russia did not invade to seize Ukraine. In fact Russia intervened for a number of reasons: reasons I have already outlined and reasons the corrupt bolshevik/banker media ignores and hides.

To reiterate, the people of Donbas, predominantly Russian, have been under assault by azov battalions and the Ukrainian military for voting for independence from Europe’s most corrupt government, the Illegally installed, U.S. backed, Ukrainian government.

Russians in Donbas have called upon Russians in Russia, Vladimir Putin specifically, to protect them from attacks and violence by agents and agent forces of the corrupt Ukrainian/U.S. government.

Crimea is historically Russian, and so Russia has asked for concessions that Crimea remain Russian, no longer contested by Ukraine.

Russia is being squeezed and surrounded by NATO and U.S. bio and chemical weapons labs, operated by CIA and other governments, as intelligence reveals, preparing for attacks on Russia.

One element the corrupt, western media does not report is that as part of that squeeze on Russia, azov battalions are trained, armed and logistically directed by western, bolshevik/banker controlled governments.

It is absolutely stupid to think Russian intelligence does not know Ukrainian politics, foreign ties and collusion.

The Kievan/Rus empire and nationality has been in existence for over 1,000 years, the capitol at times actually being in Kiev.

If the Canadian and American borders were more open to each other, it might approach the deeper connection of Russia and Ukraine to each other, lending credibility to realities that it is no stretch of the imagination that Russia has innumerable spies and sources in Ukraine exposing U.S./international banker collusion to bring Russia, by force, back under international banker tyranny.

I have mentioned how Babylonian money magic entities have invaded, extorted compliance, and seized control of almost all countries by seizing control of money.

In America, as in Russia, International bankers made many attempts before finding a compliant, manipulable government that would implement loans to secret, subversive banker associations.

Imagine, as I have previously explained, you are approached by a bank representative for a loan. You are in a tough situation and could use a cash influx.

The bank, however, has parameters that seem illegal, backward and unusual to say the least but the bank representative assures you nobody will know and the bank will “help” you.

The bank tells you to print your own money, and installs itself as a money manager and manager of you and your family. You print the money, illegally, in fact, and the bank representative creates a ledger in which you are in debt to the bank for no logical reasons except that you agree to illegal, unethical, and exploitive measures, and fealty.

U.S. government debt was, over time, established the same way. The controlling institution is the privately owned FED. For all this effort by the government itself, debt to international banker associations is created from nothing.

American fealty is disconnected in reality but because Americans, like all peoples of almost all countries, believe it, they act accordingly.

As it was in America with the Organic Act of 1871, so it was in Russia, until President Putin ended external, rapacious banker control. Out of Russia, with the Russian version of privately owned FED, went crimes-against-humanity monsanto, IMF and WEF.

Russia is at war with foreign military forces that were secretly building munitions factories and preparing for Russian genocide: forces actually at war, by proxy, with Russia now, and increasing pressure and violence over the last decade.

Evidence of this reality of Russia at war more with subversive forces, and less with Ukrainian peoples, is that Russia, at war with Ukraine, would have destroyed bridges, roads, rails and executed total annihilation of infrastructure, but they have not.

Unreported by corrupt bolshevik/banker-controlled and owned media, are the realities of unknown Russian self-control and restraint.

Russian forces have made it the goal to strike and eliminate foreign invaders’ munitions and weapons moving to the front.

Russia is at war, and rightly so, with CIA, azov battalions, and Ukrainian forces that do not want to be involved in this war they see as impossible to win, and terminal to Ukraine overall.

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