This is war. Ukraine will not only lose the war, but as it is prosecuted now, it is quite possible Ukraine as a country and separate identity, will not survive. My opinion is that the bolshevik/banker elitists have had this planned for at least a decade. To the elitists, slavs, including Ukrainians, are inferior.

Russia is systematically eliminating weapons and munitions as they move to depots close to the front, while the Azov battalions had, at the beginning of this war, allowance to eliminate resistance to fascist, azov, bidensky/zelensky axis of evil. For decades the azovs have been used for political assassinations for corrupt Government.

The azov battalions, under protection of media and corrupt U.S. and Ukrainian governments, have inflicted destruction on civilian targets while Russia has been careful and cautious to restrain its military.

Azov battalions were targeting Ukrainian and Russian civilians for years. When the corrupt, bolshevik/banker flip-flop media reports Russian atrocities, surely the opposite is true: Russian military was not and is not targeting civilians.

Who is targeting civilians?

I believe there were two reasons for azovs targeting Ukrainians: elimination of pockets of civilian resistance to fascist nationalism and, even more insidious, creating false flag attacks to sway world opinion against Russia.

The two most corrupt governments in the world, the Ukrainian and dementocrat U.S. governments are in collusion and using Ukrainians to bring Russia back under international, bolshevik/banker control, and they will use all forms of deception, intimidation, threats and death.

The bolshevik/banker/dementocrat plan is to expand this war and bring all nations to bear against Russia. It can only be done when foolish and lazy people accept the lies, promote hatred and then join the attack.

None of these agents, bidensky, zelensky, azovs and other western governments care for Ukrainians. They and their friends are getting rich.

Might I add, fascism and communism are basically the same things, except for one factor, but this is a topic for another commentary. Both communism and fascism are left-wing, totalitarian ideologies. The original scale was not left, democrat or democracy and right, republican or fascist.

The scale is left-wing tyranny, total government control and right wing, anarchy, no government. Constitutional Republic is the balanced middle.

The left-wing democrat, right-wing republican scale, or the left-wing democracy right-wing representation is a construct of left-wing tyranny seeking elitist totalitarian control.

Totalitarian, left-wing control, versus absolute anarchy, right wing liberty, were balanced in the middle by the founding fathers and called Constitutional Republic.

The word republic is taken from the ancient Romans, not the republican party, as left-wing extremists constantly proclaim.

The dementocrat left, communist, socialist and fascist totalitarian rule, has shifted truth by repeating for decades, many lies.

Republic is not a bad word, as dementocrats, liberals and progressives propagate ad nauseum.

The lies are so pervasive even republicans and conservatives are fooled and use the rhetoric and narratives of the lying left-wing fanatics.

I have heard shapiro, presumption-of-guilt looney-levin, goofy gorka, bone-head hannity, prager, jonbino, beck, suck bexton and cluck travis  and almost all others, even Tucker Carlson using the deceptive rhetorical words and terms of the lying left-wing bolsheviks: specifically “right-wing” and “democracy”.

Republic is not right wing.

The American Republic and republican representative self-governance is not right wing.

You, yourself, can prove or disprove this truth or claim.


Read your Bill of Rights. Compare it with the U.N. Charter, for example. Notice the origins of rights.

Like myself, you might not believe in a supreme being but an external source of rights means no man, no governing body or usurping government can take your rights. In the case of the American Constitutional Republic, the founding fathers identified the source as God: a god granting all men individual rights.


Read “The Federalist Papers for clarity of principles and histories of nations and, most important, how the American system of Republican self-governance was extrapolated and invented.


Read the preamble and Declaration of Independence. They are actually much more focused on individual independence as they are on the nation’s formation.

Do you not realize the Constitutional Republic is for you, you and your individual rights.

Do not be fooled by your own ignorance.

Not only is democracy considered by millions, self-included, to be on the totalitarian left-wing of the scale but the dementocrat oligarchy boasts their grabbing of more and ore power is democracy and that it is theirs.

In the middle, balanced republic is just one of many truths the progressive/bolshevik left-wing tyrants do not want you, and all mankind, to know. This, bye the way, un-representative “democracy”, is what the illegal and illegally installed U.S. Government has been exporting to all nations of the world.

Russia did not want war. Russia has been talking for over a decade about avoiding war as Russia has been corralled, surrounded, and compromised by western governments and forces.

Russia, the Russian people, however, have been preparing for this conflict for decades, warning the west, trying to get this truth to people of the west while western tyrannical, bolshevik/banker puppet governments have been hiding truth.

A thought of astounding importance: do you think most Russians do not know Russia is back on the gold standard?

This makes the Russian Rule the strongest currency in the world.

I reiterate my question, is it not obvious Russia did not want war?

It is not clear, due to corrupt media, that Russians want peace? The door has always been open but bidensky and other western, international banker controlled governments have closed doors to negotiations.

There exists no evidence Russia is targeting civilians. The corrupt international, bolshevik/banker media propagates that falsehood.

As bongino iterates every day on his talk show, if the media reports it, the opposite is true. But bongino is two-faced, either an agent providing the recoil of dialectic advancement, or a complete moron for not applying his daily regurgitated postulate that Putin is evil, Russia is evil and all are committing war crimes. Again, who, what corrupt, bolshevik/banker media reports these lies?

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