More to follow, total dissection of “NEWS” articles and slaughter of her lies and seizures of our representative, self-governance, as established and as rule of law requires.

Who gave that bolshevik/banker whore power and authority to tax Utahns? What “kingmakers” made that bolshevik/banker slut, mendenhall mayor? Who or what gave slut-dictator mendenhall authority to write tax law?

Surcharge, as she called it, is taxation.

Who told that slut-dictator to do what she has done and what she proposes? Who does she represent? What citizen, what free person asked her to do anything she dictates?

If nobody but a handful of fake support has asked, then she does not represent we, the people. Who asked her, told her, or directed her to dictate tax? Where are her references to her sources of “science”? There are none. There is not a shred of science to global warming or any pseudo-science dementocrats claim they follow. Find a pre-test and post-test of anything the climate changelings have stated is happening: one thing. Do it for yourself, not me.

Who coached her to dictate taxation?

Who is the filthy slut, mendenhall, spreading her alien legs for now?

How many has she screwed and performed “on” to get power, wrested from YOU, us, we the people?

Where is the Salt Lake City council? Where is the Justice of the Peace? Where are the police? She broke law. Why is that whore not arrested?

Who is failing at their jobs, or are they bought and corrupted too?

Whether State Legislators agree or not with her phony climate change concerns for naturally dwindling water in the Great Salt Lake, or not, makes no difference. Where do we see OUR representatives stopping that whore?

What are those assholes doing about slut-dictator mendenhall subverting and destroying our representation?

That stinking bolshevik/banker whore gets more dangerous every day, to YOU, and authority goes along, at YOUR peril. Do State Legislators and Salt Lake City Council members not care that our rights are being thrashed and subverted? It is insurrection, you do realize, yes?

So who is she screwing, how many babies has that whore murdered, and who is coaching her?

Have that slut-dictator. Arrested and charged for treason. All of the dementocrats are colluding, whether they breathe together (conspire) or not. They are leading us to accept genocide. Lies.

What is the punishment for treason?

Stop that bolshevik/banker whore before her power to kill is increased.

Remove the dirty bitch, the salotte, slut.

Look, you can hate me for swearing and dropping myself to this level. How do I get your attention? How do I get rulers’ attention?

We will not put up with this. There is a breaking point, and the rulers know it. The mid-level rulers, slut-dictator mendenhall and others of similar governmental levels, are coached, assured and protected. Why do we not have protection from ruler dictates?

What we, justice, needs is for dementocrats close to the leaders, to take the leaders out, on dates,.

I put my life on the line every day. I get threats, I talk openly and get physical threats and have on occasion had to physically defend myself.

What would it take for someone to ambush me? I invite “leaders”, police, agents to come and “talk”. This is war and the dementocrats, deep state, and rinos are all working towards the same things. Whether they are in collusion or conspiracy, or not, they are killing us and winning.

When do we fight back?

This is my fight. I have made sacrifices, and continue in spite of increased threats and conflict. I am not military, not tough, but fight the fight I can, right here and with posters.

Slut-dictator mendenhall can expect hundreds of posters going up in her neighborhood.

Remove the bolshevik/banker-coached whore!

Remove the killer, mendenhall!

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