March 4th, 2022, the Yahoo”NEWS” headline reads, “Russians flee, unhappy with Putin’s horrible invasion”

If yahoo said it, it is a lie.

I know nothing of Pjotr Sauer, the Moscow correspondent writing this article, but if it is yahoo, then it is full of deception, outright lies and fraud.

I have dissected yahoo”NEWS” articles for almost a whole decade now, and every article I investigate is bolshevik propaganda by yahoo and their collaborators.

Simply, put, it is probable that some people are leaving Russia, but why? There is no way yahoo”NEWS” is telling the truth about why. Yahoo is lying about something, if not the whole report.

If Russia is such a bad place, tyranny rules, how is it that people can leave? Pjotr stated quite clearly people are leaving of their own will, unimpeded, and with possessions, money and vehicles.

All you have to do is read. Read two sentences and stop. Liars lie. They have to lie, they have to lie to hide an agenda, and then they have to lie to provide reinforcement for their lies. They create their own circular argument, and pretend to be smart. The problem for liars is that they easily contradict themselves and it takes very little to get a liar to cross him or herself.

Most liars are not genius. Some have high IQs, and, with evil intents, they are diabolical. However, I did not read all of Pjotr’s ramble, I got bored with the immediate fraud and lies.

So, read two sentences, any two, and compare. That is how you catch liars who write lies.

I will not expose the lies in this article because I did not read enough, and I’m not going to because there are bigger battles to fight. If you want to be deceived, go ahead, believe the bolshevik religion as taught by yahoo”NEWS”. If you do not investigate obvious inconsistencies you remain ignorant and exploited.

I am sure to the uninitiated inconsistencies and contradictions do not jump off the page at you. It takes practice. Take one sentence and ask as many questions as you can of the sentence. Think of the dumbest questions.

My goal is not to dissect this article. My goal is to warn you and coax you to seek liberation from propaganda, manipulation, and fear.

I reiterate. Yahoo”NEWS” is propaganda. Yahoo”NEWS” lies and is surely lying about Russians fleeing Russia. The reasons for lying is not the issue. The issues are that yahoo”NEWS” is lying, what are those lies, and what is the truth? You need to expose the lies so you know. Ask the questions.

I am off to other fights.

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