I can provide hundreds of references but you need to search and discover for yourself or your liberation and freedom are not yours.

Hire me to learn to swim for you and you don’t know how to swim, and you drown.

I will, however, provide a few references.

I have been underground, I should caution. I have seen police officers kill one of their own. I have been caught red-handed, in the open, and not seen. I have walked into the middle of a gang rape by a number of muslim boys, and totally disarmed them. I am not a citizen of their U.S. government rule. Makes me think somehow there is a god, and then I think of so many others who did not have protection (if I did), and those I know who were killed.

Leuren Moret has numerous interviews, videos and podcasts exposing the radiation poisoning, Iranian (Aryan) bloodlines that rule the world: Castros, Stalin, popes, for example.

Alfred Lambremont Webre intervviews Leuren Moret and throughout the interview gives real accounts of radiation counts in the cities of America.

eyeopeningtruth calm is loaded with information. Start reading and learning.

Question everything including all things NASA.

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