Has anyone gone back and looked at the computers used in the space program of the 1960s? Not only are they archaic but if it is true that those computers were less technologically capable than vehicles today there is no way they could respond fast enough for a trip around the corner to the grocery store.

Have you ever watched the computer geeks at the command posts, as they worked, apparently worked? They do nothing. What are they working on? Were they using Pascal, rotunda or caveman programming?

For gawd’s sake, there is nothing they could do while a so-called space ship was in flight. How slow would those computers have been? An abacus would have been faster.

The speed of computation could not have been any faster than personal computers of the 1990s and early 2000s, slow.

Two variables to consider: how fast was data gathered while those nerds sat at those boxes, and how fast could a caveman computer translate the data and by what programs was data acquired and interpreted?

None of this superior technology was reported or presented boastfully to the public, nor did it exist.

You will find no answers because the mute, colluding corrupt media was in on the scam.

Take your first cell phone out of retire, text a few sentences, go to the internet, wait for it, wait for it….oh yeah, forgot, not 5G, or 4G, or 1G. It was bits per second, analog, not wireless or fiber.

It must have been a hell of a long telecommunications cable going from the NASA command center and following that space craft as it left orbit and wrapped around the earth a few times on its way to the moon”.

Wait! Stop! How long of a cable did they need? Where are the equations, measurements, calculations that determined the distance of earth to moon? Are there some kind of medieval models, plastic, numbers on a page, or hidden binary code in archaic computers?

How did they communicate with the space craft, radio waves? Too slow. How fast does sound travel in air? How fast does sound travel in a vacuum? How fast does radio wave travel in air? How fast in a vacuum? Does it?

I do not know, I am asking.

Has everybody forgotten? It was NASA that created space flight then and it is NASA fabricating global warming today.

I was in the labs in my university eduction. Every lab experience, every experiment, every investigation at the library into prior studies and experiments, began with an outline, description of the study and/or experiment. Every single study and experiment had a hypothesis, a mode of collection of data. Every study listed parameters for collating and interpreting data, and a means of connecting the intended data to a predetermined theory. Every study was carefully described so as to isolate a variable theorized to be the cause of observed effects.

Cause and effect was clearly identified, defined, and organized.

We have never seen a shred of any of this scientific methodology from nasa regarding global hoaxing, I mean warming, nor have we seen anything of the scientific method regarding all things related to “space” and the universe. Nothing, not a shred exists, not even in nasa lies.

Today we are bombarded with effects and solutions taken from absolutely nothing resembling cause, stimulus, data, measurements or predetermined collation methodology.

There was absolutely nothing in the aluminum foil days of the LLM of Apollo 11, 12 13. Three trips to the moon with landings, organized and directed by nerdy geeks on computers with less power than your watch today. IMPOSSIBLE!

We are being grotesquely and grossly manipulated, deceived, exploited and discarded.

NASA, IPCC, NOAH, WMO, AAAS, and others are all void of observation, cause, data, measurements, but they all offer up causes without connection to their stated and deceptive effects. There must be data, pre and post testing, isolation of a variable to test and hypothesized variable. Never do we see a control group or control data. NEVER! How is solution possible without cause? Impossible! How is adjustment for “space” travel possible without data? Impossible.

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