Biden’s incompetence and backward execution of “withdrawal” is beyond incoherent. It is, at best, criminal negligence, in reality, crimes against humanity.

Securing a withdrawal is a function of military force.

Withdrawing Afghani “assets” is a function of the military. Military is used to secure escapes, withdrawals, safe and secure removal of civilians and native “assets”.

Biden is so stupid and incompetent he did the opposite of something that should have been easily rational, unless he and the dementocrats, progressive/bolshevik agents, wanted the results we see unfolding.

It is impossible to think Biden and his bolshevik administration could not foresee that the military is the last to leave: that the first to leave are the unarmed “assets” their families and civilians who aided in many other ways, American and allied forces.

It is impossible to think that Biden and his administration got this simple event; this simple and rational process so backwards without believing it was intentional.

Thousands have already died, tens of thousands are threatened, but biden and his bolshevik whores cannot be that stupid. They can, however, be that evil.

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