CRAIGSLIST REPLY, APRIL 12, 2021, “love the sound of magaTURD whimper”

Re: “love the sound of magaTURD whimper”

The title of the bolshevik post tells enough for my reply.

Bolshevik-dick posts a picture of someone, maybe his/her/its dad and writes a cartoon caption (dem/lib reality) that claims,…wait.

Is this a newspaper article? No. Wait, is this a commentary in a credible news source, such as a newspaper? No.

This is just another hate-motivated slander against republicans, conservatives, and constitutionalists, by unsubstantiated headline cliché. It is nothing more than hate and assault from a screwed-in-the head psychopathic progressive/bolshevik backed piece of crap.

Did bolshevik-dick provide a link, a reference, a quote? Hmmm, wonder why.

When I quote Abraham Lincoln, for example, I might actually put parentheses or quotation marks around the words. I might reference an event such as the Gettysburg Address: one of the shortest and most genius speeches ever made. It starts like this, “Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth upon this continent, a new nation…”.

Do you see how I made a note that those words were not mine; that they came from another source? I might search the internet and find an actual photo of Honest Abe, and add the date.

I might add the context of the speech with the place and date and significance of both. I might add that Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War.

But, all the bolshevik dicks can add is as many as possible attempts to ridicule, insult, intimidate and add more hate.They never, NEVER add references to science, honest people, or those who have accomplished something of import. All they do is quote each others’ lies, and claim credibility with sub-standard, sub-intelligent terse headlines.

What a buffoon.

You, dear reader, remember all this in future cartoons and cartoon captions that reference nothing. If you do not check everything and get to the truth on every point, you deserve to be deceived, and the first on the bolshevik/progressive dementocrat  chopping block.

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