“This is a two part petition. Totals will be tabulated. To be completely honest, I believe the democrats, liberal media and others behind the scenes have colluded, cheated to steal the presidency. As an example, I point out that Joe Biden is not President Elect until the Electoral College makes a formal declaration. Taking something not given is theft. Call it what you want. We, the People have not conceded until all votes are counted honestly. President Trump is still president. The liberal media is not reporting the hundreds of lawsuits and challenges to the status quo, establishment politics. I have written numerous articles exposing the media’s fraud but want to give all Americans the chance to voice their opinion. I claim President Trump won, in a landslide, and that the cheating was done by innumerable agencies and people, but cheating will not take away the vote and choice of We, the People. I am openly advocating that President Trump stay in the Whitehouse, even refusing to concede to the Electoral College should the College rule Biden has won.

Vote here in this petition, for Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States of America.”

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