Re: “Fallout from chaotic debate has Trumpworld ‘in shock’ “

This is a yahoo”news” article written by two nobodies, trying to be somebodies at the expense of millions.

If what the headline reads were true, that “Trumpworld is “in shock”, then it would not be a case of two simps trying to lie for gain, but they do not know. Do they hope people will not check? Yes. Welcome to dem/lib delusional la-la-land.

Shannon Pettypiece and Lee Ann Caldwell hit us hard with a scary headline, if it were true.

Are they the ones reporting or investigating, and if they are reporters why are they injecting conclusions without investigating? The two “reporters are talking but saying nothing. They continue to say support is falling, but cannot identify it. If they cannot see it how do they know the fall is actually happening? How do they know what the fall is or what it looks like? If they cannot identify it, even to themselves, what do they see, besides their imaginary friends?

Trump came out swinging. He knew the moronic Chris Wallace would side with Bone-head Biden.

What short-termed thinkers, dem/libs, cannot grasp is that this is a three part debate. What tactic did Joe have in the first debate for advantage in the second and third?

Wait, what, no tactic, no thought for second and third debates. I know what the tactic is, and not only did senile child-molesting Joe get drawn into a trap, so did moronic, child-molester supporting Chris Wallace get sucked in.

I wonder how Chris feels today, or does he too have no soul?

Ok, no more insults: I cannot say Biden has a bone in his mush of a head.

Inside the article we find a secondary headline, yahoo”News” headline reads, “Trumpworld ‘worried’ amid debate performance fallout”. What fallout?

Why do dem/lib “writers” put emotionally charged words in semi-quotes? Can they quote nothing, for real? You see, if they quote nothing for real, nothing is real.

I would like to know, Pettybone and Coldfair, who is worried? Can you give us a name, or is your source an imaginary friend?

What is a “Trumpworld”, bye the way?

Is there a democrat party or Biden equivalent to “Trumpworld”? Would it be  Steelegate spying world? Would it be lying-to-FISA-court-world?

Maybe it would be Biden-extorting-Ukraine-Government-to-fire-prosecutors-investigating-son-for-corruption-and-bribing-Biden-with-an-income-for-the-son-WORLD? Hmmm, did you, and the “writers” of the imaginary friend “NEWS” forget to investigate that? How could Chris Wallace, a credible news reporter, fail to report the failed credibility of Joe’s lies?

How did Joe react? Was he intelligent? President Trump presents scandals Joe instigates, and Joe says the most intelligent thing anyone could say, well anyone with a mushy bone-head. Thats a lie. Can Joe clarify, if President Trump is including sources, as he did in some instances, how and why the sources are lies? More imaginary friends, Joe?

This reminds me of that movie with Sandra Bullock in which she was an FBI agent working undercover in a Beauty Pageant.

Whenever someone got stuck, the escape was a foolish, meaningless cliché, “and world peace”? You have got to laugh. That was a funny movie, sort of.

So, world peace and Biden-corruption-world, and Hillary-and-Obama-killing-Ambassador-Stevens….world, is another cool term for dem/libs.

There is an MSNBC, More Stupid NAZI Broadcasting Corporation, film clip rolling as I begin to read the article again. A headline on top of the two” reporters” chatting, reads, “NYT: How Trump’s false voter fraud claims are used to disenfranchise voters”. What does disenfranchise mean? Do the reporters or the NYT “reporters” know? You see, an argument would be made when someone makes a claim and then gives an example with a connection to the claim and the example. No examples?

To make a claim and provide nothing to show that the claim has validity or reality, is to fabricate something from nothing. Would dem/libs, pretending to be reporter/investigators, investigating nothing, consider that dishonest fabrication a lie? Do they care? Do you? Do you like being manipulated with lies?

Do these “people” realize that to make a claim about something, anything, with nothing to show the claim is real or exists in reality, is to deceive that something actually exists. It is deception, dishonest, propaganda by liars.

Do these “reporters” in either service know and understand what journalism is?

Let me give an example. The claim is made and someone, somehow decided to add the word “false”.

Now, you might think that is nothing, that it is simple journalistic interpretation but, would you then condone the opposite?

What if biased, dishonest reporters, Pettyblew and Coldhell, added the word, true?

The second headline would read, NYT: How Trump’s true voter fraud claims are used to disenfranchise voters”.

How would democrats and liberals, progressive/bolsheviks, like it if there were a whole media conglomerate, three of them, that did the fake investigation but reported biased, hate-motivated conclusions that conclude from nothing except imagination and mysterious existentialism? How would dem/libs, Pattyflu and Cellblock like it if they were maligned across innumerable newspapers and websites, with a simple adjective added, maybe idiots, or liars? All the “reporting” taken against them from someone’s pretend sources and imaginations, expanded and expounded to degrees of impossible?

In this case, however, someone is fabricating lies and someone is opining about how things work. Am I right, though, to say that drawing conclusions from non-investigations or imaginations is dishonest? If I did it to you would you call it dishonest? Is dishonest then dishonest because it is dishonest, or are true principles, such as dishonest, subjective? If they are subjective, in your imagination, then you will get the same. Do you not understand that principle?

Take away the rights of some in this country and those same rights are gone for all, including you. This is not a silly principle or opinion. This is a practice of tyranny using whatever means and whatever bone-heads join, in ignorance, for gain.

How does Trump’s rising to expectations, translate, in those feeble, dishonest minds, to a report that a debate is disenfranchising voters? Which voters, bye the way, do the biased goons, the fake investigators reporting delusional conclusions, claim are being disenfranchised?

Are Trump voters disenfranchised? Can these morons name one? How about one name?

I am not disenfranchised. I know what he was doing. I have another article I am writing. Find it and read it if you want to know the tactic he used. Remember, clue, it is one debate, three parts, like a hockey game with three periods.

My friends who watched the debate were either excited that Trump fought and held his own against two, or they were embarrassed for lying Joe.

Oh, dang, did I add that biased word, lying? I had better stop or I will become a loser like Chris Wallace, getting beat up and dragged into a fight with a mentally-disarmed moron, Biden, backing him: makes Wallace almost as smart. Love that word.

My friends of the democrat slant would not admit they changed their minds, but they did. One could see it. I was there. But, because they are honest, to a degree, they had to admit they were disappointed by Wallace who took a loser’s side, and by Biden who needed help to lie.

So, to be an example of how to “report” truthfully and accurately, I give one more example with irrefutable evidence that dem/libs fabricate almost, if not all, their hate-filled “reports” from imaginary friends and sources. Scareeeeeeee.

The opening line of the written MSNBC (More silly NAZI Bull Crap) report reads, <b><i>“WASHINGTON — Some of President Donald Trump’s allies said after his chaotic first debate that he had squandered one of his last opportunities to change the dynamics of a race in which he has long trailed by diverting from the strategy his team had laid out, coming off as mean and angry rather than confident and in command.”</b></i>

That’s it? Who or what is Washington? Is Washington another unsourced, un-investigated but mysteriously-concluded, mystical “News” source: so credible, so accurate it is irrefutable? What person made a comment, or was it a city do it?

That is just the beginning of the deception.

“Some of President Donald Trump’s allies….”

Which ones? Give us a name? One name of someone who is a verified ally, who said anything negative? No?

One can always verify a true Trump/conservative supporter with two questions that dem/libs, progressive/bolsheviks, can never answer. Why did the founding fathers reject democracy and institute Constitutional Republic as a self-governing form of government? The second question is what rights, of the Bill of Rights are you willing to surrender to democrats and liberal rulers. I have a few other cool questions. One I particularly like is for those in favor of killing the unborn, I mean humans. Do dem/linbs worry about over over-population and execute unborn baby animals? Another time, but that is a clue.

Trump came out brawling: just my opinion. That is what Trumpworld wanted? What did dishonest-Wallace-and-Biden-world-want?

So, again, magically, mysteriously, providing no name makes the claim true? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Good-bye, in the trash can, like all dem/lib, progressive/bolshevik propaganda.

It just takes investigating 20,000 dem/lib claims (I exaggerate, maybe) to realize that everything a democrat politician, democracy-monger, liberal and progressive/eugenicist claims, is a lie. Okay, maybe only 10,000 claims. These people, for only a limited number of reasons, cannot tell truth. They have told so many lies, one truth begins the unravelling process.

Again, let us go back to my first question. Why did the founding fathers reject democracy? The first exclamation from a democrat voter or liberal is a gasp. What? America is a democracy. Well, we all know the founding documents clearly refer to America as a Constitutional Republic.

So who, what allies said those things, that were not actually said? Remember, no quotes means it was not said, therefore all that follows from that non-existent, imaginary source is nothing.

When you, dear fellow American, realize you are listening to fake news from CNN (Communist News Network-emotional manipulation), or NBC (NAZI Broadcasting Corporation), or yahoo”NEWS” (NAZI Excrement…whatever), or ABC (American BS Corporation), and others; that you are listening to non-news, you will stop wasting your time with imaginary news from imaginary sources and imaginary friends from imaginary people in mainstream media. They are monsters, your enemies, lying to you.

VERIFY! PROVE! LEARN! Identify your friends and foes. Those who lie to you are not your friends. They are using you.

READ your Constitution. READ your Bill of Rights. Ask yourself, do the search. Did Biden or Wallace speak in favor, or even allude to preserving, conserving YOUR rights? NO?

Deflect, distract, deceive, delude, distort. All tactics the dem/lib, progressive/bolshevik media liars use, against you.

Last point, regarding the first paragraph of the written article, but made by the lying losers.

The lying media, injected, with biased propaganda, that Trump is losing. This means their polls show them he is winning. Remember, liars have to lie because they have no other tactics that can present a facade and hide their prior lies. If you find my opining hard to accredit, ask yourself this, how do these un-investigating non-news “reporters” know what “…strategy…”, or anything the Trump team “had laid out”? Is that claim just a bit too much to believe, that somehow, magically they could read minds and know the strategy? What a bunch of moronic fools to think you will be fooled.

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