I can hardly wait for sleepy joe, my hero, asleep at the wheel but miraculously cognizant and aware of his surroundings (his basement, except when handlers let him out to chase sticks in the park); when he proves he is a worthy candidate for president.

The media tried to back-peddle Joe’s issues.

Why will Joe not have his ears checked for earpieces? Let me quote 1,000 politics-as-usual dem/libs, “what is he hiding”?

It was leaked (apropos word for Depends-advertisement Joe), that Joe requested a break every half hour. Why does he need a break every half hour and, why, when compared to President Trump, can Joe not stay in the fight for 30 measly minutes?

What will sneaky, sleepy Joe do when negotiating with Putin, or anyone? Will Joe run away, sneak off for a nap in the middle of strict negotiations for peace?

I am looking forward to a new presidency, however. Joe would make the world apology tour #2. Joe could visit many countries and apologize for being part of Barack’s team of adventurers who did not give money to their countries’ governments, like Barack did for Iran. How much was it, hundreds of millions, or billions, or Brazilians? Kidding.

There were many enemies of the United States that did not benefit from Barack’s good nature and support. They are mad. Joe will need to make amends to many countries, but he already has a good start, benefitting Chinese and corrupt Ukrainian governments. Of course Joe will deny and make claims of opposition, but you can check, if you have courage and a brain.

Joe will have his own apologies to make. His apology tour will require two parts: two trips to each country.

The first will be for meeting with leaders, briefly, before rushing off to the bathroom for a quick change or, luckily, making it to the commode in time.

The second part of his tour will be apologizing for the messes he created and wafted in the various leaders’ general directions.

Joe goes out twice a year: once for a good time, the second to apologize. But, will Joe remember?

We all know Joe will be the right man for the international affairs job, having been in bed with the Chinese for decades, making his son, and himself, rich.

I can hardly wait to hear reports of sleepy Joe “resetting” relations with Russia, like Hillary’s super-duper successful popamatic reset button she pulled from her kindergarten bag of children’s toys, in her childish attempt to impress an adult. Hillary, using toys and silly plastic “tools” met with an adult who had the right attitude and purpose. Hillary intended to meet and discuss, on a child’s level with another on an adult level, relations between two nations that should have dealt with a world pandemic, ISIS. You see the democrats, egomaniacal misfits and miscreants, cannot look at themselves objectively after the fact much less in preparation or predicting results. The cannot see clearly how foolish and childish they are.

I can hardly wait to see Kamala fulfill Joe’s handler’s international globalists’ banker/gangsters’ wishes, and surrender our rights to an even farther distant, unrepresentative, politics-as-usual unknown government.

Looking good, Joe.

Has anyone been around him? There is a reason he is locked in the basement. He stinks and he cannot keep his filthy hands off children.

I can hardly wait for the traveling comedy routine, international in scope, that Joe will lead to many countries. I imagine Joe’s news conferences and photo shoots will be as funny as his gaffs in America, with added variables for even more humorous situation comedy. He will be a larger, international, traveling sitcom.

Let us hope the leader of the historically-free world, does not step off the jet before the stairs are moved into place. Let us hope Joe does not thank the Chinese for contributing to his son’s wealth, when it was more the Ukrainians who put underserved money into Hunter’s bank account. Will the Chinese sever relations with America if Joe forgets where he is, while chamelion will not know China is a country.

It should be a real concern that ventriloquist-dummy Joe, and sub-intelligent, laughs-at-others’ misfortunes, Kamala, will offend leaders of nations, and their respective peoples by ignorance and dysphoria? 

Well, it is not funny, actually, laughing at a senile fool. We laugh at the morons behind the scenes who have placed poor old bonkers Joe in that horrific position.

In spite of elderly abuse by his wife and the democrat party, Joe is responsible for his own misadventures.

What would motivate someone to make such a fool of himself? Maybe lots of cash is forthcoming, from China? Maybe Joe was threatened?

I still maintain that Bernie is not down and out as a candidate for the democrat party nomination for dictator-in-chief. The democrats have the bolshevik/progressive tactic down quite well: shock and chaos. They could change the day before, cheat and then sue for the presidency. Well, with Bernie, chances for a win will be reduced. But, we know they have numerous tactics hidden from the public, and President Trump, they think.

I do still maintain that the democrats and bolshevik/progressives behind the scenes have numerous tricks up their sleeves. The biggest and best of all, distraction, sleight of hand, by providing a clear and present buffoon, and hated psychopath, while something else more insidious threads its way through politics-as-usual, facilitating unobserved electoral tampering.

Nobody, with a brain, who wages war the way war is waged, by killing truth and flip-flopping reality with fantasy, would be so dumb to engage the enemy on enemy’s terms. The democrats and liberals, not particularly genius, but directed and somewhat smart, know this simple principle. Does anyone think they are so indignant and haughty to not adjust?

The scenario could play out in numerous ways, but in all variations, the democrats have won. They, at least, believe they have everything covered. But they are not smart enough to predict much more than the manipulative media propagates, being deceived by their own egomania.

In my other articles I have expressed a belief, by studying rallies and other variables, that the democrats have, at best, 27 percent support, but appear more numerous and powerful than the general population believes or could understand. An application of scientific methodology is required to understand it all, and I explain in my commentary. Sorry, but almost nobody in our society has an understanding of scientific methodology, having all things done for them by s-called experts.

However, this dumbing down process directed at We, the People has placed democrat leaders and manipulators in the same state of misguided delusion.

Democrats have the politics-as-usual machinery in place to win elections, but they themselves, cannot learn. Adaptability has been washed from their minds too, along with the washing of vocabulary and communication.

The trick is to win but make it seem that it was close, the never-failing split down the middle, with a definite superiority.

Again, chaos and shock in reporting and follow-up polling is employed to let the machinery know where and how many votes to change.

In 2016 the democrats, the progressive machinery behind the scenes, had polling information at their disposal and knew how many republican/Trump votes to eliminate. It was too easy. The vote counting machines are deep-state, politics-as-usual operated, always connected to expanding democrat party government, covert and overt. We learned in the Clinton years that a specialist could sit in front of one of the computers and pull up votes, and change the count, and nobody could check.

The problem with the democrat/progressive machine is the democrats think they are smart. In 2016 they did not trust their own polling and believed they had the right amount of cheating already managed. They made mistakes and did not eliminate enough votes. The apparent shock was not due to surprise at losing, as much as it was surprise an failing to cheat accurately.

That, besides the reality that the democrat/liberal support is a delusion, is why the democrats lost the 2016 election. They got smart, to a degree, in the 2018 election, and added another variable, post-election discovery of votes. Six republican-won seats in California were stolen after the fact: after the count: after the election had been decided. Nobody challenged.

But, in spite of democrat party and liberal/progressive cheating, the democrats always miss something.

I wonder if President Trump does not have the cheating democrats covered.

Biden boasted he and the democrats already have 400 (or is it 600) attorneys ready to litigate the election should Biden, mysteriously lose. Surely, when contemplating fighting an enemy, as Trump surely sees the democrat machine and puppet Joe, a tactically oriented general, will recognize that the machine will distract while practical, tactical efforts occur out of public purview and, hopefully, out of Presidential knowledge.

But President Trump won the 2016 election, astonishingly: astonishing at least to those who cheated and thought they surely had the means of determining the win.

What did candidate Trump do then, what is he doing now, and what has he done for this election cycle?

Surely he can do nothing the media can identify and take to the public. If I can identify the tactics a President could use against enemies, I could say it in one term, a cliché: ‘fight fire with fire’. President Trump could only use the means that the dem/libs and progressives have built: the deep state, to beat the deep state. The deep state survives because the general populace does not know or believe it exists.

If Trump has commandeered the deep state, or infiltrated to some degree, few know it. If he has used the deep state, politics-as-usual, the deep state cannot report on itself for fear of exposure, and serious retaliation.

We can see what the establishment, politics-as-usual media is doing. They must overwhelm the public with positive messages for the deep state representative, while attacking the opposition. Two fronts of of overwhelming the public and polling, or testing to determine public perception of just about every aspect of the campaign. Polling is one part of feedback gathering and collating needed to adjust, in case the establishment needs to cut out its own cancerous elements.

I am certain President Trump has already taken measures to protect the integrity of his impending, unassailable tactics. Genius. And we may never know.

When he wins, and the democrats are speechless and cannot do what they threaten, we will know something covert must have surely happened. Another cliché to apply: the dem/libs, progressive/bolsheviks behind the scenes are already ‘beaten at their own game’.

If there is one thing the dem/libs, hampered in part by democrat political sub-intelligence, fail to learn, is that others, including President Trump, can adapt.

They key to survivability is not survival of the fittest, as the saying goes. It is survival of the adaptable.

The basic factor in controlling and fooling populations is destroying scientific methodology, which underlies and encompasses everything, even topics, issues and seemingly irrelevant things. Political science, per se, is not a course of study or discipline. Political science is science applied to politics: observing change and adapting to change. Democrats main problem is they think they are so smart they can change science and/or overpower nature.

Scientific methodology is everything, especially in political science. Cause and effect, stimulus-response, test and measure, pretest and test, isolation of variables and using control groups and collating data: all these things are part of the scientific process of observing, measuring and identifying reasons for change.

Without science, without understanding scientific processes, man is incapable of adapting.

Destroying scientific process of learning and adapting, for the general population, the outside of democracy citizenry, is the goal of international tyranny. Progressives, by controlling schools and social messages; through democrat party (politics-as-usual) and progressive/bolshevik misinformation machinery have been waging war on We, the People for decades.

By controlling all avenues of information movement, progressives behind the scenes limit it, dilute it and slash it, rendering it uninformative. The bolshevik/progressives behind the scenes control almost everything, basically, by design, and have reduced the sharing of information to a trickle so that emotion is left to exploit. This organized attack on We the People, leaves the masses fearful and incapable of adaptability: leaves the masses vulnerable, weak and unsurvivable.

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