A critique of the discriminatory practices of facebook. I was writing and fighting moronic posts on facebook and was suspended.

As fb claims, someone questioned whether I was allowed to be on there without using my name. I was kicking ass and, as usual, not a single person, of the 20 or so, people with whom I had been conversing, backed a single claim they made. Not a single person had a refute for any point I made. The personal attacks and insults eventuated and worsened as I pressed my points and added references. The discussions revolved around the illogical, presumptuous and ignorant hatred of the dem/libs for our President.

I had been using a non-name for over a decade, and suddenly it was not ok. When democrats and liberals lose, they change the rules to make cheating legal and ethical. So, to make themselves right, they had to eliminate the real right and correct so that all they had was themselves ganging up up on indefensible people, and winning arguments they could not win with empty heads.

So, to continue the fight I thought I would go through the process to prove I was a real person, or whatever, but they wanted documentation. No way in hell those bastards are going to get anything from me.

The irony is that I was attacked personally, called all kinds of names, and threatened.

Facebook, when they suspended me, listed a number of reasons, and none of them applied to anything in my comments.

Facebook can go to hell!

My vote is they are broken up and put under constraints.

I never want government watching a particular company but Zuckerberg is such a filthy, lying piece of scum, he should be investigated, and the company should be investigated. Prosecutors should interview the millions of people against whom fb has discriminated.

Twitter did the same to me because I criticized Juan Williams. He lied and lied, and is a moron. I mentioned his words were lies and moronic, never made an attack on him being anything except a liar.

I like parler.

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